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Apple, IBM Partner for Healthcare Analytics - InformationWeek
IBM this week announced a partnership with Apple to further advancements in health analytics. This initiative, which complements IBM's new Watson Health unit, aims to leverage big data analytics systems and secure open data storage to bring greater insight to medical researchers.

As part of the collaboration, IBM's Health Cloud and Watson cognitive computing will harness health data that Apple customers submit to iOS apps through its ResearchKit and HealthKit platforms. The goal is to use that information to further medical research and improve customer health.
apple  ibm  healthkit  researchkit  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  tracking  medical  corporatesurveillance 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Europe is targeting Google under antitrust laws but missing the bigger picture | Technology | The Guardian
Google it today and you’ll see that the European Commission has turned up the heat in its long-running probe into anti-competitive behaviour by the web’s most popular search engine. EC competition chief, Margrethe Vestager, issued formal objections alleging that Google abuses its dominant position in the market of “general internet search”. In particular, the EC claims that Google artificially boosts its own products in returning Google comparison shopping results in its service “Google Shopping”, even if those products aren’t the best or cheapest – the “most relevant”, as the Commission puts it – for consumers.
indie  indieroundup  17apr15  eu  commission  antitrust  anticompetition  google  monopoly  search 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Facebook will bring free internet to Europe, says Mark Zuckerberg - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent
In response to a question about whether the project would be rolled out “even in Europe”, Zuckerberg said that he did.

"Yes, we want to bring everyone where there are people who need to be connected,” he wrote. “We're starting off by prioritizing the countries with the most unconnected people and by working with network operators and governments who are most excited about working with to get everyone online in their countries."
facebook  internetorg  indie  indieroundup  netneutrality  zerorated  17apr15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Statement by Commissioner Vestager on antitrust decisions concerning Google
The Commission has today sent a Statement of Objections to Google. It outlines our preliminary view that Google’s favourable treatment of its comparison shopping service, currently called "Google Shopping", is an abuse of Google’s dominant position in general internet search. Google now has 10 weeks to respond. I will carefully consider its response before deciding how to proceed.
In parallel, on the basis of an initial investigation, the Commission has also today launched a formal in-depth investigation of Google’s conduct as regards the mobile operating system Android, apps and services.
My goal is to ensure that consumers and innovative companies can benefit from a competitive environment in Europe. Where concerns are expressed about Google’s conduct that can be addressed by EU competition law, I will approach the issues in a fair and objective way, on the basis of the evidence and in accordance with our rules.
google  antitrust  anticompetition  monopoly  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  eu  commission 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Breaking up with Facebook: Untethering from the Ideological Freight of Online Surveillance - Hybrid Pedagogy
If we, as teachers, ask our students to go online to sites that have tracking technologies, then as educators we bear responsibility in teaching students critically literate practices of analysis, evaluation, explanation, interpretation, and observation in connection with digital surveillance. Why? Quite simply, we are simultaneously shaping and being shaped by the digital technologies and personalized results we see on our screens. Cookies and beacons monitor our clicks and keystrokes for web personalization and tailored recommendations, but we also only see a fraction of content on the web because of the filter bubble. With personalized advertisements and recommendations, we might turn to ask, what are we not seeing? How are we being categorized? Might this be a form of discriminatory practice?
facebook  privacy  corporatesurveillance  tracking  education  students  rsa  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  beck 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Locking the Web Open: Rethinking the World Wide Web
I believe we need a Web that is reliable, private and still fun — open enough to inspire innovation and risk-taking (at least we got the third one right!) Contrast the current Web to the internet—the network of pipes on top of which the World Wide Web sits. The internet was designed so that if any one piece goes out, it will still continue to function. The internet is a truly distributed system. What we need is a next-generation Web; a truly distributed Web that is reliable, private and fun—and I believe it’s within our reach.
openweb  distributed  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  peertopeer  internet  web  censorship  archive 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
I'm from Paraguay, South America. Our country was chosen for the campaign: "free Internet access in developing countries". TIGO, one of the biggest telcos here, negotiated a deal so you can have free Facebook access through them. We all know that the Internet is about accessing many places, etc. So I feel this campaign as a serious limitation.
facebook  tunnel  internetorg  zerorated  colonialism  indie  indieroundup  17apr15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
The most concerning element of Facebook’s potential new power - Columbia Journalism Review
What this discussion has missed is perhaps the most crucial element of Facebook’s new power: the right to chose between the free expression of ideas or to instead impose censorship when it deems content unworthy. That should worry the public, because when given that power in the past, Facebook has ruled with an iron fist.
transparency  censorship  content  media  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  facebook  twitter  timm 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
After victory for net neutrality in the US, the battle moves to Europe | Ars Technica
Following what is widely regarded as a victory for strong net neutrality in the US, the battle to maintain a level playing-field online has now moved to the European Union, with the relaunch today of the campaign site "Save the Internet: Defend Net Neutrality in Europe." Its aim is to head off an attempt by a majority of the 28 EU Member States in the Council of the European Union to derail earlier proposals to enshrine net neutrality in European law, as Ars reported last month.
netneutrality  eu  indie  indieroundup  zerorated  17apr15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Data is at the heart of search. But who has access to it? | Andreas Gal
In Germany, for example, where Google has over 95% market share, competing search engines don’t have access to adequate past search data to deliver search results that are as relevant as Google’s. And, because their search results aren’t as relevant as Google’s, it’s difficult for them to attract new users. You could call it a vicious circle.
google  search  data  anticompetition  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  firefox  gal 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
‘Google en Facebook nemen je vrijheid weg’ - Blendle
Hij heeft een passie voor het internet, en daarom is computerprogrammeurAral Balkan zo hard bezig met de strijd tegen de spyware van Google, Twitter en Facebook: ‘Zuckerberg verdient miljarden door ons te verkopen.’
aral  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  dutch 
april 2015 by laurakalbag — No More Ads?
In 2015, I believe it’s what’s wrong with YouTube and tires in to what’s wrong with United States - or Capitalism in general. I think it’s a constant reminder to people to find a demographic and pander to it, discouraging folks from attempting to provoke thought. Instead, we’re encouraged to make short, sharable videos that don’t pop the entertainment bubble with something real.
advertising  corporatesurveillance  censorship  indie  indieroundup  17apr15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Twitter Cuts Off DataSift To Step Up Its Own Big Data Business | TechCrunch
In the push for more revenue growth, Twitter has been building up its business in areas like advertising and commerce, but a move made late Friday night points to another area where the company is setting its sights: big data analytics.
twitter  datasift  corporatesurveillance  tracking  bigdata  indie  indieroundup  17apr15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag

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