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Facebook wants to own our news and communications. Here's why it has to fail.
“As a society, we tend to raise a skeptical eyebrow at nations with state-controlled media. But a world where one major entity controls the distribution of news, not just nationally but internationally, is arguably more harmful. I don't believe that Facebook as a company has nefarious intent here, but the precedent is worrying. News and information are important to democracy; informed voters are better voters. The implications of a single algorithm controlling how a population gets its news goes far beyond a web company trying to increase its market share.” By Ben Werdmüller
facebook  news  algorithms  influence  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
EFF to UN: You Need a Privacy Watchdog
“The right to privacy is one of the few civil and political rights without specialist attention from a United Nations mandate holder. Privacy is an independent right, enshrined in a variety of international human rights treaties. There is a pressing need to better articulate the content of this right as part of international human rights law and produce guides on its interpretation, particularly as modern technologies are enabling communications surveillance—and consequent interference with this right—on an unprecedented and damaging scale.” By Katitza Rodriguez on Electronic Frontier Foundation
eff  un  regulation  surveillance  corporatesurveillance  policy  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
A Year of DuckDuckGo
“The main reason I switched over in the first place was a privacy concern. Spawned from a talk by the irrepressible Aral Balkan, the notion of corporatocracy was first lodged in my brain. Google weren't just storing all my search history, but they were using it for all manner of things except for the one thing they assured me it was for; improving my searching.” By Tom Wood
indie  duckduckgo  search  indieroundup  27mar2015  privacy  tracking 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Welcome To Privacy Hell, Also Known As The Internet Of Things
“Corman and other experts agree that the FTC’s broad recommendations for IoT manufacturers—build security in at the outset, implement lifecycle monitoring, train employees in security—are on the right track. But with the industry consigned to self-regulation for now, the current growing pains of data, security, and privacy within the IoT are likely to persist.” By Lauren Zanolli on Fast Company
data  future  internetofthings  iot  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015  privacy  tracking  security  corporatesurveillance 
march 2015 by laurakalbag™™ brings a new kind of security visibility to mobile and internet connected (IoT) devices.™ is like "Anti-Virus", "Credit Watch", and "Consumer Reports" for the security of Mobile Apps and internet connected devices.
security  privacy  iot  internetofthings  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Twitter finds a way to quash offensive tweets
“[T]he feature known as "quality filtering" is intended to "remove all Tweets from your notifications timeline that contain threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content, or are sent from suspicious accounts." The feature appears as an option in Twitter's iOS app on its notifications screen, where you can turn it on or off.” by Lance Whitney on CNET
twitter  censorship  trolls  qualityfilter  filter  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
The Billionaire’s Typewriter
“In truth, Medium’s main prod­uct is not a pub­lish­ing plat­form, but the pro­mo­tion of a pub­lish­ing plat­form. This pro­mo­tion brings read­ers and writ­ers onto the site. This, in turn, gen­er­ates the us­age data that’s valu­able to ad­ver­tis­ers. Boiled down, Medium is sim­ply mar­ket­ing in the ser­vice of more mar­ket­ing. It is not a “place for ideas.” It is a place for ad­ver­tis­ers. It is, there­fore, ut­terly superfluous.” By Matthew Butterick on Practical Typography
typography  writing  medium  advertising  corporatesurveillance  convenience  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Leave Facebook if you don't want to be spied on, warns EU
“The European Commission has warned EU citizens that they should close their Facebook accounts if they want to keep information private from US security services, finding that current Safe Harbour legislation does not protect citizen’s data.” By Samuel Gibbs on The Guardian
eu  facebook  safeharbour  privacy  government  surveillance  security  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Why Mass Surveillance Can't, Won't, And Never Has Stopped A Terrorist
“[T]here is no scientific rationale for believing that adding irrelevant data about innocent people makes it easier to find a terrorist attack, and lots of evidence that it does not. You might be adding slightly more signal, but you’re also adding much more noise.” Bruce Schneier on Digg, from his book Data and Goliath
schneier  security  government  surveillance  corporatesurveillance  advertising  tracking  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Forum: Warrant Canaries and Disclosure by Design: The Real Threat to National Security Letter Gag Orders
“This Essay summarizes the legal challenges to NSL gags currently underway in the courts and recommends that future debate regarding these issues shift focus to extrajudicial measures that communications service providers are adopting unilaterally to cabin the scope of the government’s NSL gag authority. The Essay argues that these extrajudicial measures reframe the legal issues that NSLs raise and could make ongoing legal challenges to NSL gags obsolete before courts have a chance to decide them.” By Rebecca Wexler on The Yale Law Journal
gagorders  privacy  security  us  canary  canarywatch  disclosurebydesign  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
The Cost of VC Money: Reason 3: Loss of Freedom
“VCs have a goal, and your business is a means to their end. They invest their money not out of charity, nor out of some Willy Wonka dream of handing out Golden Tickets to the deserving few. They invest with a reasonable expectation of turning a profit. It’s now your job to make that happen.” By Alyssa Mazzina of Snappy
investment  venturecapital  freedom  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015  funding 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Why 99.95% Of Entrepreneurs Should Stop Wasting Time Seeking Venture Capital
“Hardly any of you will ever get VC. Actually, most of you may never see the inside of a VC’s office. So, if you want to build a major business, learn to build it without VC. That’s what most of the billion-dollar entrepreneurs did.” By Dileep Rao on Forbes
funding  investment  venturecapital  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
The Problem With Investors
“Investors want to make money selling their shares of your company. I know you’re thinking “Duh! Captain obvious! What else is new?”, but I find that this basic notion escapes many new entrepreneurs. That’s because the implications are unpleasant…” By Nick Prudent on Entrepreneur By Design
investment  venturecapital  funding  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015  bootstrapped 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
The Cost of VC Money: Reason Number 2: Loss of Control
“When an investor writes you a check, you’re selling ownership of your company. Period.” by Alyssa Mazzina of Snappy
indie  indieroundup  27mar2015  venturecapital  funding 
march 2015 by laurakalbag

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