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The i, b, em, & strong elements
While many HTML4 elements have been brought into HTML5 essentially unchanged, several historically presentational ones have been given semantic meanings.
i  b  em  emphasis  strong  a11y  accessibility  html  html5  semantic  meaning 
february 2015 by laurakalbag
HTML5 and the myth of WAI-ARIA redundance
Only a few WAI-ARIA roles and properties duplicate those in HTML5 on @paciellogroup blog
learn-a11y  a11y  wai-aria  aria  roles  properties  html5 
january 2015 by laurakalbag
Should you use HTML5 header and footer?
by @brucel. How to use <main>, <header> and <footer>
accessibility  learn-a11y  learna11y  html5  aria  html 
may 2014 by laurakalbag

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