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Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal
‘Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal’

“The Chinese government blocks information on the internet about political opponents, free speech, sex, news, and academic studies…”
google  censorship  china  search  indie  radar 
august 2018 by laurakalbag
Channel 4 finds Facebook not deleting images of child abuse and racism - Business Insider
Channel 4 spoke with Roger McNamee, an early Facebook investor who has become a critic of the company over issues including the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. He said Facebook stood to benefit from extreme content.

"It's the really extreme, really dangerous form of content that attracts the most highly engaged people on the platform," he said. "Facebook understood that it was desirable to have people spend more time on site if you're going to have an advertising-based business."
facebook  content  censorship  extreme  indie  radar 
july 2018 by laurakalbag
Features | Facebook's Political Censorship
“Proof that Facebook is in collusion with governments everywhere is disheartening but not surprising.”
facebook  censorship  indie  indieroundup  notincluded  pakistan  india  turkey 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Locking the Web Open: Rethinking the World Wide Web
I believe we need a Web that is reliable, private and still fun — open enough to inspire innovation and risk-taking (at least we got the third one right!) Contrast the current Web to the internet—the network of pipes on top of which the World Wide Web sits. The internet was designed so that if any one piece goes out, it will still continue to function. The internet is a truly distributed system. What we need is a next-generation Web; a truly distributed Web that is reliable, private and fun—and I believe it’s within our reach.
openweb  distributed  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  peertopeer  internet  web  censorship  archive 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
The most concerning element of Facebook’s potential new power - Columbia Journalism Review
What this discussion has missed is perhaps the most crucial element of Facebook’s new power: the right to chose between the free expression of ideas or to instead impose censorship when it deems content unworthy. That should worry the public, because when given that power in the past, Facebook has ruled with an iron fist.
transparency  censorship  content  media  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  facebook  twitter  timm 
april 2015 by laurakalbag — No More Ads?
In 2015, I believe it’s what’s wrong with YouTube and tires in to what’s wrong with United States - or Capitalism in general. I think it’s a constant reminder to people to find a demographic and pander to it, discouraging folks from attempting to provoke thought. Instead, we’re encouraged to make short, sharable videos that don’t pop the entertainment bubble with something real.
advertising  corporatesurveillance  censorship  indie  indieroundup  17apr15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Applause from the top for Martha Lane Fox's little reforms
“Lane Fox’s analysis is one that naturally leads to liberal reformism. In her view there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the internet or more broadly in the social context in which it works. It’s just that things have got a little bit out of balance and a bit of funding and effort on the other side of the scales will soon even things out again. And yet this big tech vs. the state analysis is itself way off. The fundamental divide online, as with everywhere else, is between major institutions (whether commercial, state or charitable) and individuals.” By Adrian Short
individual  state  censorship  equality  women  access  internet  indie  indieroundup  4april15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Want to help prevent online bullying?
“While it took much longer and was much more work for Monica, this is actually how we deal with all negative comment threads. When we clearly show what is and is not acceptable, the tone does change. People who want to share thoughtful comments start to feel that theirs are welcome, and people who want to spew hatred start to realize theirs are not. It may not change people’s reactions, but it does change the sample of voices that chooses to speak up.” on TED
cyberbullying  bullying  comments  censorship  curation  trolls  women  lewinski  indie  indieroundup  4april15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Twitter finds a way to quash offensive tweets
“[T]he feature known as "quality filtering" is intended to "remove all Tweets from your notifications timeline that contain threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content, or are sent from suspicious accounts." The feature appears as an option in Twitter's iOS app on its notifications screen, where you can turn it on or off.” by Lance Whitney on CNET
twitter  censorship  trolls  qualityfilter  filter  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
WordPress in court victory over blogger censored by 'Straight Pride UK'
“After a two-year legal battle, journalist Oliver Hotham and Automattic, owners of blogging service, have emerged victorious against an attempt to use an American copyright law to shut down criticism of a short-lived pressure group call ‘Straight Pride UK’.” By Alex Hern on The Guardian
censorship  takedown  regulation  dmcatakedown  wordpress  automattic  blogging  indie  indieroundup  13mar15 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Technology should be used to create social mobility – not to spy on citizens
“Why spy? Because it’s cheaper than playing fair. Our networks have given the edge to the elites, and unless we seize the means of information, we are headed for a long age of IT-powered feudalism, where property is the exclusive domain of the super-rich, where your surveillance-supercharged Internet of Things treats you as a tenant-farmer of your life, subject to a licence agreement instead of a constitution.” By Cory Doctorow on The Guardian
censorship  surveillance  privacy  activism  government  equality  indie  indieroundup  13mar15 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Google warns sex bloggers: clean up or get out
Blogger, the company’s long-running blogging service, is cracking down on explicit material with just one month’s notice for affected users
indie  indieroundup  notincluded  google  blogger  sex  censorship 
february 2015 by laurakalbag
OpenNet Initiative - Overview of Internet Censorship
The number of states that limit access to Internet content has risen rapidly in recent years. Drawing on arguments that are often powerful and compelling such as "securing intellectual property rights," "protecting national security," "preserving cultural norms and religious values," and "shielding children from pornography and exploitation," many states are implementing extensive filtering practices to curb the perceived lawlessness of the medium.
opennet  internet  censorship  filtering  access 
january 2015 by laurakalbag

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