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Wanted: The ‘perfect babysitter.’ Must pass AI scan for respect and attitude. - The Washington Post
Some AI experts believe that systems like these have the potential to supercharge the biases of age or racial profiling, including flagging words or images from certain groups more often than others. They also worry that Predictim could coerce young babysitters into handing over intimate data just to get a job.
ai  bias  children  profiling  surveillancecapitalism  indie  radar 
november 2018 by laurakalbag
Hello Barbie: Hang on, this Wi-Fi doll records your child's voice?
Toymaker Mattel has unveiled a high-tech Barbie that will listen to your child, record its words, send them over the internet for processing, and talk back to your kid. It will email you, as a parent, highlights of your youngster's conversations with the toy. What could possibly go wrong?
data  tracking  privacy  corporatesurveillance  toy  children  indie  indieroundup  notincluded 
february 2015 by laurakalbag

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