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More On Dyslexia
A number of questions were raised following Does W3C Get Its Contrasts Wrong?. The following was orginally posted as a comment follow-up, but, since it’s rather long, I’ve re-posted it here.
colour  contrast  highcontrast  a11y  accessibility  dyslexia  scopticsensitivitysyndrome  scoptic  sensitivity  syndrome 
february 2015 by laurakalbag
Dyslexia Association
Interesting site for accessibility preferences aimed at people with dyslexia
dyslexia  a11y  accessibility  preferences  symbols 
january 2015 by laurakalbag
British Dyslexia Association Dyslexia Style Guide
This Guide is in three parts:
1. Dyslexia FriendlyText. 2. Accessible Formats. 3. Website design.
styleguide  dyslexia  cognitive  learningdifficulties  disability  a11y  accessibility 
january 2015 by laurakalbag

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