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Empathy as Faux Ethics - EPIC
This model has several dangers. It sets up a framework in which empathy becomes a way to further separate the ones who design (professionally) from those who do not (I am deliberately avoiding labels such as “designers” and “users”). It assumes that “The Designer” possesses a unique ability to access to the psyche of “The Other.” It’s no wonder that design is so often viewed as a self-aggrandizing profession. The model also assumes that the insight acquired by empathizing gives The Designer sufficient understanding to define and resolve The Other’s problems—even the world’s problems.
design  empathy  othering  colonialdesign  ethics  ethicaldesign  edm  fauxethics 
june 2018 by laurakalbag
The Anatomy of Change – Mule Design Studio – Medium
“Without an explicit commitment to inclusivity that is manifested in norms and processes, any biases of the founding team or leadership are magnified. Without a process, interpersonal issues are treated as personal problems and there is no explicit standard to refer to when a member of an underrepresented group is treated unfairly, or bullied, or just plain ignored.”
ethics  bias  diversity  inclusion  edm  ethicaldesign  meetings  leadership  process 
june 2018 by laurakalbag
Confab 2018 Lightning Talks on Vimeo
- Make clear commitments to anti-oppression
- Avoid superficial diversity
- Treat marginalized experiences as a user context
- Remember: “nothing about us without us”
marchaegrair  ethicaldesign  ethics  edm  diversity  inclusion 
june 2018 by laurakalbag
Tech ethics, who are they good for? – Doteveryone – Medium
Subject-less statements are too imprecise to truly be called “principles” or “ethics”. If they are to be useful, and can be taken seriously, we need to know both who they will be good for and who they will harm.
ethics  edm  principles  ethicaldesign 
june 2018 by laurakalbag

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