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Happy 21st Century! - Charlie's Diary
Shorter version is: there will be much dying: even more so than during the worst conflicts of the 20th century. But rather than conventional wars ("nation vs nation") it'll be "us vs them", where "us" and "them" will be defined by whichever dehumanized enemy your network filter bubble points you at—Orwell was ahead of the game with the Two Minute Hate, something with which all of us who use social media are now uncomfortably, intimately, familiar.
future  dystopia  algorithms  ai  politics 
june 2018 by laurakalbag
Welcome To Privacy Hell, Also Known As The Internet Of Things
“Corman and other experts agree that the FTC’s broad recommendations for IoT manufacturers—build security in at the outset, implement lifecycle monitoring, train employees in security—are on the right track. But with the industry consigned to self-regulation for now, the current growing pains of data, security, and privacy within the IoT are likely to persist.” By Lauren Zanolli on Fast Company
data  future  internetofthings  iot  indie  indieroundup  27mar2015  privacy  tracking  security  corporatesurveillance 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
Data ownership in an undercompensated world
“3 problems - 1. Income Inequality, 2. Misaligned Profit-User Incentives, 3. Corporate-Government Surveillance” Jeremiah Lee's fantastic talk from SXSW
privacy  indie  indieroundup  data  ownership  20mar15  future  corporatesurveillance 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
The Total Annihilation of Life as We Know It - @douglashaddow
data  privacy  internet  future  indie  ownership  digitalserfdom  indieroundup  13feb2014 
february 2015 by laurakalbag

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