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The Dribbblisation of Design
by @padday - a detailed look at how the design isn't aesthetics, and what it *should* be
learn-design  design  dribbble  process 
may 2014 by laurakalbag
Typekit Practice
a fantastic resource for learning about typography
design  typography  practice  theory  designtheory  learn-design 
april 2014 by laurakalbag
How people read
a great typography resource (via @matthamm)
learn-design  typography  reading 
january 2014 by laurakalbag
Best New Web Fonts of 2013
A detailed rundown of some great new web fonts by @designbyjake on the @typecastapp blog
typography  webfonts  fonts  learn-design 
january 2014 by laurakalbag
Hellish Other People
On misunderstanding creativity - @cennydd on @alistapart.
design  learn-design  process  creativity  expectation 
april 2013 by laurakalbag
Stop Stealing My Style, Bro.
"Your job is not to develop a signature style"
learn-design  style  aesthetics 
march 2013 by laurakalbag
The In-Between
basing breakpoints on content and not layouts by @markboulton
content-out  canvas  breakpoints  tweakpoints  responsive  design  learn-design 
february 2013 by laurakalbag
Designers Will Code
Do designers need to code? (via @sidebario)
learn-design  code  design 
february 2013 by laurakalbag
Traffic Snack - Fonts In Use
study of the use of Sable and it's clever variations (via @sidebarIO)
typography  branding  learn-design 
january 2013 by laurakalbag
Check My Colours
an accessibility validator for colour contrast via @jagohimself
validator  learn-a11y  colour  contrast  learn-design 
january 2013 by laurakalbag
Abstractions After The Fact
a wise post about the balance of designing with style guides and systems, by @markboulton
designsystem  styleguide  pattern  patternlibrary  learn-design  graphicdesign  layout 
january 2013 by laurakalbag
Type Twins
a promising little typography pairing resource from @_dte
learn-design  typography  pairs  typekit 
january 2013 by laurakalbag
The Overflow Pattern
A smart pattern for content in responsive designs by @brad_frost
overflow  pattern  responsive  design  learn-design  designpattern  content 
january 2013 by laurakalbag
In search of the perfect radius on Radesign
Incredible depth on working out the optimal border radius
learn-design  visualdesign  graphics  radius  border 
january 2013 by laurakalbag
Responsive Design for Apps — Part 1
Exploring the unknowns in designing for responsiveness and touch
learn-design  touch  responsive 
january 2013 by laurakalbag

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