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These gaffes expose British politics’ real issue with race
“Racism is not about politeness, it is about power”
march 2019 by laurakalbag
Don’t look now: why you should be worried about machines reading your emotions | Technology | The Guardian
But it is precisely this type of algorithmic judgment based on markers like ethnicity that worries Whittaker most about emotion detection technology, suggesting a future of automated physiognomy. In fact, there are already companies offering predictions for how likely someone is to become a terrorist or pedophile, as well as researchers claiming to have algorithms that can detect sexuality from the face alone.

Several studies have also recently shown that facial recognition technologies reproduce biases that are more likely to harm minority communities.
algorithms  facialrecognition  emotion  machinelearning  surveillance  racism 
march 2019 by laurakalbag
To My Fellow White Others -
The white Other still benefits from white supremacy. We face discrimination, trauma, pain, violence, exclusion, but it is not the goal of our societal structures. It is more often a product of it.
feminism  intersectionality  trans  racism  otherness  women 
february 2019 by laurakalbag
Pax Dickinson: Business Insider CTO forced out for sexist, racist tweets.
“Yesterday, some people read these tweets, retweeted them, and wrote stories about them. “I've been expecting this to happen for a long time,” Dickinson tweeted as the opposition kicked into gear. “With me, they don't just disagree. It quickly morphs into trying to threaten my job.” Today Dickinson is no longer the CTO of Business Insider.” By Amanda Hess on Slate
sexism  racism  diversity  technology  industry  indie  indieroundup  notincluded 
march 2015 by laurakalbag

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