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Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal
‘Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal’

“The Chinese government blocks information on the internet about political opponents, free speech, sex, news, and academic studies…”
google  censorship  china  search  indie  radar 
august 2018 by laurakalbag
Google's data leak reveals flaws in making it judge and jury over our rights | Technology | The Guardian
that Google is the web’s main arbiter of information, and has immense control over how we are represented and identified digitally.
google  righttobeforgotten  eu  search  privacy  data  tracking  roundup  powles  17jul15 
july 2015 by laurakalbag
Google’s dominance faces a challenge at last. Shame it’s too late | Comment is free | The Guardian
John Naughton’s article on the antitrust case is less positive, saying that it’s too late to challenge Google’s dominance. Google already monopolises search, and has three advantages in “astonishing computing horsepower, distributed globally in huge server farms; smart algorithms; and the possession of colossal amounts of data that can be mined for machine-learning and generate further refinements in Google search.” This power means that legal challenges are unlikely to make much of an impact, or dethrone them from their position of power.
google  antitrust  monopoly  search  indie  indieroundup  24apr15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Europe is targeting Google under antitrust laws but missing the bigger picture | Technology | The Guardian
Google it today and you’ll see that the European Commission has turned up the heat in its long-running probe into anti-competitive behaviour by the web’s most popular search engine. EC competition chief, Margrethe Vestager, issued formal objections alleging that Google abuses its dominant position in the market of “general internet search”. In particular, the EC claims that Google artificially boosts its own products in returning Google comparison shopping results in its service “Google Shopping”, even if those products aren’t the best or cheapest – the “most relevant”, as the Commission puts it – for consumers.
indie  indieroundup  17apr15  eu  commission  antitrust  anticompetition  google  monopoly  search 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Data is at the heart of search. But who has access to it? | Andreas Gal
In Germany, for example, where Google has over 95% market share, competing search engines don’t have access to adequate past search data to deliver search results that are as relevant as Google’s. And, because their search results aren’t as relevant as Google’s, it’s difficult for them to attract new users. You could call it a vicious circle.
google  search  data  anticompetition  indie  indieroundup  17apr15  firefox  gal 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
A Year of DuckDuckGo
“The main reason I switched over in the first place was a privacy concern. Spawned from a talk by the irrepressible Aral Balkan, the notion of corporatocracy was first lodged in my brain. Google weren't just storing all my search history, but they were using it for all manner of things except for the one thing they assured me it was for; improving my searching.” By Tom Wood
indie  duckduckgo  search  indieroundup  27mar2015  privacy  tracking 
march 2015 by laurakalbag
The truth, according to Google
“The new algorithm draws on Google's "Knowledge Vault" -- a collection of 2.8 billion facts extracted from the Internet.

By checking pages against that database, and cross-referencing related facts, the research team believes the algorithm could assign each page a truth score. Pages with a high proportion of false claims would be bumped down in the search results.” By Ivana Kottasova on CNN Money
google  search  pagerank  truthindex  searchresults  indie  indieroundup  notincluded 
march 2015 by laurakalbag

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