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Meet the lawyer taking on Uber and the rest of the on-demand economy | Fusion
“If Uber had indeed misclassified its drivers, the company’s entire business model was built on a legal mistake.”

Summary: the way that Uber and other on-demand companies treat the people who provide their services is akin to the standard trappings of employment, but it doesn’t give these people the benefits of employment. Calling themselves a “software business” shouldn’t make them exempt from treating people properly
law  uber  lawsuit  sue  indie  indieroundup  24apr15  industry  employment 
april 2015 by laurakalbag
Is democracy threatened if companies can sue countries?
“Those protesting against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the proposed new trade treaty between the European Union and the United States, are part of a growing international opposition to pacts that allow multinational companies to sue governments whose policies damage their interests.” By Michael Robinson on BBC News
TTIP  tradeagreement  eu  us  sue  indie  indieroundup  4april15 
april 2015 by laurakalbag

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