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Table Design Patterns On The Web — Smashing Magazine
Tables are a design pattern for displaying large amounts of data in rows and columns, and have not yet seemed to fall out of favor, so let’s take a look at how we can create tables on the web in 2019.
design  tables  css  work  smashingmagazine 
22 days ago
Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age - The New York Times
The agonies of being overweight — or running a diet company — in a culture that likes to pretend it only cares about health, not size.
weight  NYT  taffyakner  bodies  fat  fatness  dieting  dietculture  weightloss 
6 weeks ago
You Can Star In 'Hamilton' And Still Fear For Your Life As A Black Man | HuffPost
Carvens Lissaint, once homeless, now stars in one of the biggest hits in Broadway musical history. It hasn’t insulated him from racism.
hamilton  huffpo  carvenslissaint  racism  america 
6 weeks ago
Tell me of your knowledge management systems! - organization tags notes | Ask MetaFilter
Hello AskMe! Are you a fiendishly organized person who applies the same level of intensity to organizing IDEAS? Tell me your tips and tricks!

I'm the kind of person who organizes their closet by color and tracks their budget down to the cent in a massive spreadsheet. I want to apply this to MY BRAIN. I have a lot of ideas and a Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad memory, both short and long-term.

Here are some examples of scenarios I'd like to solve for:
1) I already made it to Bed, Bath, and Beyond before remembering that I have three Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons at home
2) It's Saturday night, I'm hungry, but I've forgotten all the 500 or so restaurants I've mentioned desperately wanting to try out
3) I can't easily tell you off the top of my head who my favorite visual artists are
4) It's August, and I see a bunch of cool stuff on Etsy that I'd like to give people as gifts at Christmas
5) I'm talking to my mom about politics and there's a MetaFilter comment that PERFECTLY encapsulates what I'm trying to explain, but it's not coming up via any of the keywords I'm searching for in my favorited comments
6) I have giant folders full of articles and photos I've saved from the internet and no way to easily find them by topic or theme

Hopefully you can see where I'm going with this! So: Do you use Pinterest? A bullet journal? File folders? Google Drive? Scrivener? Tiny drawers? Something even more awesome I've never even heard of? Tell me how you make it work for you!
askme  organization 
7 weeks ago
Listing to Port — Hopeful whispers
There is a bird in a tree in the mountains to the South, and the song it sings sounds like you can do this, you have this, you’ve got this; and it’s right, you know, you do. There’s a lizard that writes letters in the sand that say this too shall pass. And if you go down the back stairs at the most wonderful library in the world, the back stairs where sundry and miscellaneous books that don’t belong elsewhere find themselves, and if you take a letter from each of those books as you pass, they say sometimes things are hard but they are likely to get better; and it is not an accident that they say that. If you could talk to the dragons under the hills round here they would say something similar. There is a dragon that I know of, a great grey knarled knot of a worm, who like to sit at the cloudline and puff out perfect vapour-letters that say you are fucking amazing; they are hard to see against the grey of the clouded-up sky but you can sometimes dimly spy them floating over the city, if you squint. The rainswept trees rustle back: you are, you are, you are. There’s a place in the back of mirrors where the ghosts of long-dead stars burn and sigh and whisper, and they whisper keep fighting. And right at the end of time, if you know where to look, there’s an old blob in a quarry that is seeing with its backwards eyes and singing back through time and that song too is about the way that the pendulum swings back from bad to good, sometimes when you least expect it to. Sometimes you can hear it when the wind is from the future, and the dragon-letters are crossing the sky, and those days may not be any different to the other days but they have a fevered hopefulness to them.
tumblr  hopeful  howtobeahuman 
7 weeks ago
What are your rituals related to self-care or introspection? - practices habits routine | Ask MetaFilter
I’d like to add more structure to my life and I’m looking for ideas for little rituals or small structured practices I can start doing. Specifically I am looking for rituals related to introspection, self-care, mental health, stress reduction, relationships and new experiences. So: tell me your rituals, routines, habits and practices related to those things.

Examples of the kinds of things I’m looking for:

Making a list every night of 5 things you’re grateful for
Doing something you’ve never done before every year on your birthday
Trading answers with a friend each week on an introspective question
Sending a postcard to a particular friend every time you go on a trip, even if it’s a boring work trip to somewhere non-exciting

The more specific the better. I want things that have some kind of structure to them, so general good-for-you ideas like “I exercise” or “I journal” or “I try to be a compassionate person” are less what I’m looking for here. Give me specifics!

The genesis of this question is that I'm ending therapy soon, and I've realized that I really enjoyed having the structure of a set-aside time each week for introspection. I'd like to create some more structures that give me a regular way to check in with myself, take care of my mental health, prompt myself to do some growing and changing, and help keep my relationships in good shape.

Small rituals are especially great (although big things are fine too), and weird/unusual rituals are especially welcome!
askme  introspection  rituals  howtobeaperson 
7 weeks ago
Amy Ray’s “Holler” Gives Voice to a Rural Resistance | Bitch Media
That rural American life is generally considered synonymous with white supremacy and hyper-masculinity is nothing new. Those associations started to develop in earnest more than a century ago, when folk-music collectors and other cultural arbiters intentionally fashioned a version of Appalachia—white, simple, and masculine—that could deflect perceived cultural threats: new waves of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Black migrants from the South, and the influence of effete urban intellectuals. And though I have little patience for the nativist, masculinist swagger that continues to define much of rural culture (think coal rolling and truck nuts), there are aspects of that swagger that still hold me, and I’ve long wondered if there’s a way to keep the swagger and ditch the bullshit. In other words, can I get my country grit—including the pleasure of a woodsy, butch gaze—without cultural whitewashing and toxic masculinity?
bitchmagazine  amyray  music  gender  country  rurallife 
7 weeks ago
ADHD Is Different for Women - The Atlantic
The standard conception of the disorder is based on studies of "hyperactive young white boys." For females, it comes on later, and has different symptoms.
adhd  women  adhdinwomen  theatlantic 
7 weeks ago
Fellow #ADHD kids, what elaborate new planning/organization systems and rituals are we going to embrace enthusiastically for the first half of January?
adhd  twitter  adhdinwomen  captainawkward  thread 
7 weeks ago
The Year in Good Men | The New Yorker
This year, like the year before it, was a rough one for the reputation of the American male. Those wondering how we could achieve a more just and healthy society continued to have a hard time believing that men would be involved. This distrust was fomented, first and foremost, by the President—his bluster a cover for moral compromise, his bombast a mask for weakness—and by his henchmen, whose unjust policies often felt inseparable from their bullying maleness. It came from the continuing allegations of serial sexual assault against high-powered men like Leslie Moonves and Harvey Weinstein. The outsized self-delusions of tech moguls like Elon Musk also contributed to the sense that masculinity was in crisis. But even the men who reject such figures as models and treat women, as well as other men, with respect; who don’t believe that domination over the less powerful is their birthright; who aren’t, in the recent words of Bruce Springsteen, “locked into a 1950s sensibility of manhood”—these men, too, likely felt themselves tarnished, if only by dint of association. So, in the spirit of good will and charity, and in the interest of keeping hope alive, I’ve pored over the data and dug up a smattering of men who didn’t do so horribly this year.
2018  men  GRITTY'SNOTAMANTHOUGH  gritty  nontoxicmasculinity  newyorker  goodthings 
8 weeks ago
What Is Glitter? - The New York Times
What is glitter? The simplest answer is one that will leave you slightly unsatisfied, but at least with your confidence in comprehending basic physical properties intact. Glitter is made from glitter. Big glitter begets smaller glitter; smaller glitter gets everywhere, all glitter is impossible to remove; now never ask this question again.
glitter  nyt  caityweaver  shiny 
8 weeks ago
On Instagram, Seeing Between the (Gender) Lines - The New York Times
Social media has turned out to be the perfect tool for nonbinary people to find — and model — their unique places on the gender spectrum.
nyt  nonbinary  gendernonconforming  socialmedia  gender 
november 2018
For Women and Minorities to Get Ahead, Managers Must Assign Work Fairly
Studies, including our new research, show that women and people of color do more office housework and have less access to glamour work than white men do. If leaders are going to make a dent in their organizations’ diversity problems, they have to address this disparity. In this article, we’ll explain how the assignments gap arises, what managers can do about it, and how fixing the gap can improve the engagement and retention of talented employees.
HBR  gender  work  women  management 
november 2018
Why Women Volunteer for Tasks That Don’t Lead to Promotions
Here’s a work scenario many of us know too well: You are in a meeting and your manager brings up a project that needs to be assigned. It’s not particularly challenging work, but it’s time-consuming, unlikely to drive revenue, and probably won’t be recognized or included in your performance evaluation. As your manager describes the project and asks for a volunteer, you and your colleagues become silent and uneasy, everyone hoping that someone else will raise their hand. The wait becomes increasingly uncomfortable. Then, finally, someone speaks up: “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Our research suggests that this reluctant volunteer is more likely to be female than male. Across field and laboratory studies, we found that women volunteer for these “non-promotable” tasks more than men; that women are more frequently asked to take such tasks on; and that when asked, they are more likely to say yes.

This can have serious consequences for women. If they are disproportionately saddled with work that has little visibility or impact, it will take them much longer to advance in their careers. Our work helps explain why these gender differences occur and what managers can do to distribute this work more equitably.
work  gender  HBR 
november 2018
It's Not Always Depression - The New York Times
One innate response to this type of environment is for the child to develop chronic shame. He interprets his distress, which is caused by his emotional aloneness, as a personal flaw. He blames himself for what he is feeling and concludes that there must be something wrong with him. This all happens unconsciously. For the child, shaming himself is less terrifying than accepting that his caregivers can’t be counted on for comfort or connection.
nyt  mentalhealth  depression 
november 2018
The Curious Phenomenon of Adult Onset Loneliness
Each month Bianca Xunise invites us along on her journey exploring the many uncertain facets of millennial adulthood. This month: Making adult friends.
comics  biancaxunise  shondaland  adulting  howtobeanadult  howtobeahuman 
october 2018
12 Fitness Influencers Who Aren't A Size 2 And Don't Want To Be
"These [people] are encouraging others to confidently enter the fitness world and continue to get stronger, and that is a message that we stand behind."
fatness  health  HAES  activity  fitness  buzzfeed  inspiration 
october 2018
The (frustrating) user experience of defining your own ethnicity — UX Essay #2
Every day we design digital products and interfaces that prompt users to identify themselves using pre-defined categories provided by the system. It is part of our responsibility as designers to create mechanisms and design solutions that enable less binary, more flexible, and more inclusive denominations.
design  identity  gender  work  uxdesign 
october 2018
Designing forms for gender diversity and inclusion – UX Collective
A little question is a big deal when it comes to shaping people’s experience with your product. How do we ask people for their gender in a thoughtful and respectful way?
forms  gender  webdesign  diversity  work 
october 2018
Designing for Cognitive Differences · An A List Apart Article
Many affective and anxiety disorders qualify as disabilities, with inattention causing challenges on the web as well. Whatever the cause, inattention, anxiety, and depression can have a major impact on internet usage for users dealing with them. The unique issues presented by cognitive differences and the design considerations they require can be tricky to understand for people who have never dealt with them. Through this article, I’ll share some methods to accommodate these users’ unique needs.
accessibility  psychology  design  mentalhealth  usability  work 
october 2018
Skip User Research Unless You’re Doing It Right — Seriously
To help keep track of these insights, we should build systems that capture our knowledge and enable us to resurface it across development cycles and projects. Imagine this: “Hey Judy, remember that thing we learned 6 months ago? Research just reminded me that it is applicable in our next launch!”

That’s what we’re looking for: timeless user insights that help our product teams again and again and contribute to a curated body of knowledge about our customers’ needs, beliefs, and behaviors. Ideally, we house these insights in databases, so they can be accessed and retrieved easily by anyone for future use (but that’s another story for another time). If we only focus on speed, we lose sight of that goal.
work  research  ux  softwaredesign 
october 2018
Introducing the Horror Oscars: The 40 Best Scary Movies Since ‘Halloween’ - The Ringer
Horror movies are almost always passed over come Oscar season. It’s time to correct that sin.
movies  film  horror  towatch  movielists 
october 2018
The ultimate makeup trick for hooded & deep set eyes - Charlotta Eve
So let’s get to the visual part of it. I’m gonna teach you exactly how to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes, deep set eyes, monolids or just for eyes, that have a little of visible lid space. This trick is also a bit universal, so it works for anyone, who wants to make her/his eyes appear bigger.
makeup  eyeshadow 
october 2018
Millennials Can’t Stop Writing Fanfiction About Coffee Shops
Coffee shop AUs redefine escapism from wild fantasies about dragons and space travel to the comforting ideal of having a steady job and supportive relationships. For a generation coming of age during the Great Recession, living in a time of constant political trauma, it’s not hard to understand the appeal. There’s a widespread hunger to see warmth and happiness in fiction, embodied in what BuzzFeed called the “radical softness” of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. In the words of fanfic reader Jenne, “Modern life can be weird and terrifying, and sometimes you just want something sweet with whipped cream on top.”
fanfic  dailydot  coffeeshopAUs  howtobeahuman 
september 2018 Resources on Personal Pronouns
trans  pronouns  language  howtobeahuman  reference  gender 
september 2018
Rule Explainer: Why We Don’t Diagnose People Through The Internet – Captain Awkward
The habit of randomly and lazily assigning every instance of bad or abusive behavior to a diagnosis creates a dangerous and cruel pattern of automatically associating abusive behaviors with these diagnoses, and in some cases even defining these diagnoses according to a set of abusive behaviors. This association, not to mention the sheer amount of misinformation, increases stigma for neurodiverse people or mentally ill people, who we know are far more likely to be the targets of violent and abusive behavior than the perpetrators. This shitty shorthand makes it harder for us to seek and access treatment, speak honestly about our experiences, be believed or taken seriously when we do have problems, and generally function in the world. Stigma isolates and kills people. Assuming bad behaviors can only be the result of pathology infantilizes people and removes their agency and responsibility for their actions, while letting bad operators keep right on operating.
captainawkward  mentalhealth  internet  modding  howtobeahuman 
september 2018
Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital, brings diversity to VC
Like everything Hamilton does, the song request is equal parts self-aware and unapologetic. Hamilton knows that she stands out—she is the only black, queer woman to have ever built a venture capital firm from scratch. She also knows that she has a reputation for being direct, particularly when it comes to Silicon Valley biases, and how her own story is portrayed. (Indeed, the song is a jab at Gimlet Media, the podcast festival hosts, who devoted an entire episode of their StartUp series on her to what they saw as her sometimes counterproductive need for control.) But Hamilton exudes calm, even as she attempts, through her L.A.-based firm, Backstage Capital, the near impossible task of disrupting the way that venture investors pick winners and create wealth.
venturecapital  vc  arlanhamilton  whyweneedfeminism  startup  siliconvalley  diversity  race  queer 
september 2018
Why does Siri sound white? — a journey into Afrocentric UX
Afrocentric research was developed it’s core tenants being (1) the research impacts the community positively and (2) the community actually desires the research / project being executed. Is that not user experience?! To create what the user needs by asking them and developing an experience with the product be delightful and solve their problems. Yup, that was it. As a researcher and lover of strategy this was my spot.

I want sane people and sane technology, if the AI can understand oppressive systems it’s cool with me. But seriously, when you view social phenomena from the black experience, you become much more aware of the interlocking nature of oppression that situates blackness at the bottom of the “hierarchy.” This led me to write the article Inter[tech]tionality: Checking our Design, which is a foundational concept that drives my UX work.
work  race  ux  uxdesign  afrocentrism  medium 
september 2018
Toasts or snack bars? — designing organic notifications
How do we achieve this design goal? How do we create notifications that look and feel organic and intuitive to interact with? Here are a few things we need to be diligent about.
work  ux  uxdesign  notifications  medium  uidesign  ui 
september 2018
Resources for UX writers – The Style of Elements
I am a UX writer. But that wasn’t really a thing prior to 2015. At least, information about such a role and the people in it and how they work with others and—none of this was readily accessible to even an avid Google searcher. It still isn’t. In an effort to record my research, and also to educate the writers I train at Vimeo, I’ve decided to document my findings here.

First things first. And by things, I mean links. Here’s a brief roundup of UX-writing philosophy and tactical approaches I’ve found helpful in improving my own writing for web, mobile, and TV interfaces:
work  ux  uxwriting  medium  linkslist  toread  writing 
september 2018
Why Companies Should Add Class to Their Diversity Discussions
Despite all this, class migrants report negative workplace experiences due to their background. Class migrants report lower levels of belonging in the workplace, feel disadvantaged by lack of knowledge about the “rules of the game” in a corporate office, and are less often seen as a “good fit” due to arbitrary measures like not knowing what windsurfing is or whether brown shoes are taboo in the city.
work  class  privilege  whyweneedfeminism  HBR 
september 2018
Don’t Underestimate the Power of Women Supporting Each Other at Work
Worse than being snubbed by the woman above me was the lack of communication between women at my level. Of the 50 auditors in my class, five were women. All of us were on different client teams. At the end of my first year, I was shocked and surprised to learn that all four of the other women had quit or been fired — shocked at the outcome, and surprised because we hadn’t talked amongst ourselves enough to understand what was happening. During that year, I’d had difficult experiences with men criticizing me, commenting on my looks, or flatly saying I didn’t deserve to work there — but I had no idea that the other women were having similar challenges. We expected our performance to be judged as objectively as our clients’ books, and we didn’t realize the need to band together until it was too late. Each of us had dealt with those challenges individually, and obviously not all successfully.
work  HBR  gender  feminism  whyweneedfeminism 
september 2018
Today's College Students Aren't Who You Think They Are : NPR
One thing for sure, says Radford, is that it's probably time to coin a new phrase for nontraditional students, considering they are the new normal.
highered  NPR  university  college  students  nontraditionalstudents 
september 2018
The iconography of American Sign Language – UX Collective
An exploration of the many surprising similarities between ASL and visual iconography.
ux  iconography  asl  language  icons  americansignlanguage  medium 
september 2018
Designing for the stigma of unintended pregnancies — a UX case study
In early June, I published an article titled Designing for stigmatized communities: a framework, which served as an exploration in design thinking to help us — designers — create increasingly inclusive products. A few weeks ago, I decided to take the idea further by applying the framework to a large people problem — unintended pregnancies. Below is a case study on the work, and snapshot of the current state of the product, in an effort to open-source the work and allow anyone to collaborate on pushing it forward.
ux  uxdesign  medium  unintendedpregnancy 
september 2018
This Gorgeous Portrait Series Celebrates Older Trans And Gender-Nonconforming People
"I missed the first fifty years of my life, but I'm not missing the second fifty."
trans  gendernonconforming  buzzfeed  elders  society  queer  <3 
september 2018
Killings of black people lead to arrests less often than when victims are white - Washington Post
In the past decade, nearly 26,000 murders have gone without an arrest in major American cities.
Of those, more than 18,600 of the victims — almost three‑quarters — were black.
wapo  racism  america  murder  policebrutality  race  blacklivesmatter 
august 2018
Dinner Guest: Me Poem by Langston Hughes - Poem Hunter
I know I am
The Negro Problem
Being wined and dined,
Answering the usual questions
That come to white mind
Which seeks demurely
To Probe in polite way
The why and wherewithal
Of darkness U.S.A.--
Wondering how things got this way
In current democratic night,
Murmuring gently
Over fraises du bois,
"I'm so ashamed of being white."

The lobster is delicious,
The wine divine,
And center of attention
At the damask table, mine.
To be a Problem on
Park Avenue at eight
Is not so bad.
Solutions to the Problem,
Of course, wait.
langstonhughes  dinnerguest:me  poetry  poem  racism 
august 2018
How to use Workflow for iOS when you don't know where to start | iMore
Workflow is the most powerful app on my iPhone and iPad. I wouldn't be able to work without it, and, almost two years after its release, I'm still discovering its infinite potential.
workflow  apple  automation  apps  technology 
august 2018
Using Tarot To Work Through Trauma | Ravishly | Media Company
There were so many reasons why I felt drawn to tarot, but I think at the heart of it all, I saw them as a way back to my intuition. For a very long time, the most intuitive thing I could manage was intuiting that somewhere in me, I had intuition. I could feel the debilitating complex trauma waiting to be healed inside of me, but it had been blocked by years of gaslighting, doubt, and confusion.

Tarot is teaching me to dive deeper, to do what scares me, to realize that I have all the answers I need. Its wisdom is a big, messy spiral of challenging lessons that feed my soul if I’m awake enough to see them — just like life.
tarot  ravishly  howtobeahuman  grief  feelings 
august 2018
Billy in the Bedroom | Centsational Style
I used the basic 11” inch deep Billy with the extension on top for added height. We mimicked some things we’d done in the past, adding crown like with this set of Billys and baseboard like with these Billys and thicker trim like with these custom built-ins in our family room to make the shelves appear thicker and more substantial.
ikea  ikeahacks  billy  billybookshelf  home  homedecor  furniture 
august 2018
Removable Wallpaper - Sources for Renters | Apartment Therapy
The thought of applying wallpaper to smooth and clean walls used to make one shudder. After all, the wallpaper of yesteryear was quite permanent. Here in the 21st century, there's a lot of removable wallpaper on the market - so whether you have a short attention span or you're in a rental, you can still get in on the fun.
apartmenttherapy  removablewallpaper  wallpaper  decor  interiordesign  homedecor  home 
august 2018
The ROI of UX writing – Prototypr
Microcopy removes the barriers that make users abandon products, while at the same time encouraging them to move forward.

There are the four ways that microcopy can increase user engagement.
work  ux  uxdesign  microcopy  writing 
august 2018
Self-Care: An A To Z Guide
A more or less definitive guide to taking care of yourself.
buzzfeed  selfcare  reference 
august 2018
Sarah Waites on Twitter: "I've talked before about how diverse adult SFF gets so much less attention than diverse YA SFF. So here's a thread of diverse (AKA SFF by and/or about marginalized people) science fiction and fantasy novels aimed at adults!"
I've talked before about how diverse adult SFF gets so much less attention than diverse YA SFF.

So here's a thread of diverse (AKA SFF by and/or about marginalized people) science fiction and fantasy novels aimed at adults!
booklists  twitter  sarahwaites  sff  toread 
august 2018
Hannah Gadsby Refuses To Make Lesbianism The Butt Of The Joke
Watching Nanette made me question the way queer people tell our darkest stories, and who we’re telling them for. Namely, how often are we either sensationalizing these experiences, or else downplaying them and making jokes, worried that what we’ve gone through isn’t traumatic enough to merit more than a passing mention? Tragedy of all kinds is usually centered in the queer stories we do see, particularly in the mainstream, and not for nothing — for so many of us, our identities were formed in times of trauma. But what would it mean if the stories we told about ourselves weren’t focused on the worst things that have ever happened to us?
hannahgadsby  nanette  queerness  comedy  buzzfeed 
august 2018
Anselm Kiefer: Lot's Wife, 1989
This work by Anselm Kiefer is very reminiscent of his style. He used some very unconventional materials in this painting that was made up of "Oil paint, ash, stucco, chalk, linseed oil, polymer emulsion, salt and applied elements (e.g., copper heating coil), on canvas, attached to lead foil, on plywood panels." (The Cleveland Museum of Art). It is 11 by 14 feet and weighs 1,200 pounds. Most of this weight is from sheets of lead foil that were treated and then glued to a wooden structure underneath made of pine and plywood. On the top of the painting Kiefer poured a salt water mixture over sodium chloride that left white/yellow crystal layers. Before the canvas was mounted over a lead structure Kiefer let it age outdoors and covered it with stucco and then ash. He also burnt it with a blowtorch and on the bottom section painted over fabric and added more canvas to the corners. (The Cleveland Museum of Art). The use of these materials has allowed the painting to deteriorate and change overtime.
anselmkiefer  art  paintings  lotswife  clevelandmuseumofart 
august 2018
Lee Krasner | The Civet (1962) | Artsy
The Civet, 1962
8 × 30 in; 20.3 × 76.2 cm
Permanent collection
Indianapolis Museum of Art
leekrasner  art  indianapolismuseumofart 
august 2018
View of Houses in Delft, Known as ‘The Little Street’, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1658 - Rijksmuseum
This is an unusual painting in Vermeer’s oeuvre, and remarkable for its time as a portrait of ordinary houses. The composition is as exciting as it is balanced. The old walls with their bricks, whitewash, and cracks are almost tangible. The location is Vlamingstraat 40–42 in Delft. Vermeer’s aunt Ariaentgen Claes lived in the house at the right, with her children, from around 1645 until her death in 1670.
vermeer  art  paintings  rijksmuseum 
august 2018
Homesteading at Rock Bottom | Northwest Edible Life
What do you do when you’ve hit the rock bottom of homesteading?
farming  homesteading  howtobeahuman  mentalhealth 
august 2018
An Ode to Jonathan Van Ness - VICE
Taking a "mome" to appreciate the beachy-waved kween of 'Queer Eye.'
queereye  jvn  jonathanvanness  vice  queerness  howtobeahuman 
august 2018
Ask Polly: I Love My Friends, But I Hate Making Plans!
Of course, if a friend is in need, I’m there in a second. In some ways, this might be my problem — I’m sort of a foul-weather friend. I go above and beyond when a friend is having troubles, but when things are fine I feel like they expect that continued level of devotion from me and I can’t keep it up.

I don’t want to lose friendships. I just don’t want to have to be watering them, constantly making plans, in a state of constant social activity. I just want to exist without disappointing anybody. I want to love people but not contort myself to satisfy their arbitrary and inflated expectations of what a “social life” is.

Am I an awful person? How do I manage others’ expectations of me? Most important: How do I say no to drinks without offering an alternate date for drinks? How do I say “Can we not make this plan?” without sounding like an asshole? Or am I an asshole? Should I just accept that I’m an asshole?
askpolly  relationships  friendships  introversion  howtobeahuman 
august 2018
My Life All in One Place: Midori TN inserts
I also design insert booklets for the Midori Traveler's Notebook. All are free to download, print, bind and use.
midori  travelersnotebook  MTN  journaling  paper  stationery 
august 2018
My Life All in One Place: Make your own Midori Traveler's Notebook insert
Use a file folder and simple bookbinding to create your own Midori inserts.
paper  travelersnotebook  midori  MTN  journaling  stationery 
august 2018
The definitive guide to JavaScript Dates
work  javascript  development  dates  coding  reference 
august 2018
Supporting students in transition | UW College of Education
For one project, recent graduate Esquivel jointly created web-accessible checklists aimed at the transition phase in students’ lives as part of an effort to combat the phenomena. The lists walk students through each step they need to complete between high school graduation and their first day of college.

She said having guidelines—the transition checklist—helps students feel supported by providing information such as which forms to fill out and where to go to set up counseling appointments.
work  uw  students  highered 
august 2018
Self-Service UX: 'Cards' Dashboards Must Be Highly Consistent and Appropriately Styled - Articles - Baymard Institute
Testing revealed that a ‘Cards’ dashboard can work well for users — as long as the layout and styling meet user expectations. Otherwise, users have trouble navigating ‘Cards’ dashboards — with the end result being users find it very difficult to access account features they’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll discuss the test findings from our Accounts & Self-Service E-Commerce usability study related to the layout and styling of ‘Cards’ dashboards. In particular, we’ll discuss:

The importance of consistency when it comes to ‘Cards’ dashboards
The crucial role of ‘Cards’ headers and text
Why images, graphics, and other prominent visuals should be approached cautiously
work  ux  uxdesign  baymard  research  userresearch 
august 2018
I Was My Husband's Mother For 21 Years | Ravishly
This isn’t the only reason we got divorced, but it certainly contributed to it. Twenty-one years is a long time to care for anyone, most people but even take care of their kids that long. But to care for an adult fully capable of caring for themselves? That’s a really long time. It’s a long time to have to ask someone to take out the trash. It’s a lot of swallowed anger and pent-up resentment.
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august 2018
The Queer Art of Failing Better | Laurie Penny
People on this show are extremely sweet to one another. That is rare enough within the reality TV genre, where “reality” is usually flattened into an exaggerated Hobbesian melee of shark-eyed competition and high-stakes back-stabbing. Most reality shows replicate the ruthless dogma of the age whereby life is made up of winners and losers and the trick is to hammer the other guy into the ground before he can do the same to you. On this show, men do not compete with each other. They touch each other, a lot, and seeing that brings home just how horrifyingly rare that is in untelevised reality. They cry and admit to one other how much it hurts to be alive while a handsome stranger teaches them how to make guacamole. There are no winners on Queer Eye—just better losers.
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july 2018
July 25, 2018 Food Newsletter
Or just read Brown’s story, which is so well-told, so deeply researched, so uncannily on point in its representation of the culture and cuisine of Narnia, and so faithful in its mimicry of Bourdain’s writing voice that it is sure to charm any reader who gives it a chance. Including, as it turns out, Bourdain himself. After I sent him “No Reservations: Narnia,” he replied that, contrary to Brown’s concerns, he’d never come across the story before. “This is astonishingly well written with an attention to detail that’s frankly a bit frightening,” he said in an e-mail. “I’m both flattered and disturbed. I think I need a drink.”
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july 2018
22 Of The Best Places To Buy Wallpaper Online
Here's where to find the perfect wallpaper for your home, budget, and style.
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july 2018
10 steps for a better queer user experience – UX Collective
At SheGeeksOut, the evening’s talks lead off with a non-binary person working for OKCupid, Rowan, on the subject of how to make products more accessible for gender non-conforming and trans folks, and concluded with how to make your office spaces more welcoming for the same folks. I greatly enjoyed this talk — it’s important to feel like matters involving your community aren’t taboo or something to be discussed behind closed doors.

After listening to this talk, I’ve been steeping for a bit about queer user experiences and intentional, user friendly design. Here are some observations I’ve made from my own interactions with software, as a queer gnc woman.
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july 2018
Giving and Taking Criticism — Chappell Ellison
I firmly believe you can be a critic while being kind and open-hearted.

I don’t even care if that sounds naive.

Most people think the number one goal of a critic is to judge whether work is good or bad.

They are wrong. #imo

The number one goal of a critic should be to make things better. That’s it. None of this binary good/bad stuff. Lots of people would disagree with me on this. Like maybe these guys:

Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, film critics and former hosts of At the Movies.
Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, film critics and former hosts of At the Movies.

Criticism only succeeds when everyone wants things to be better. The moment you sniff out that a critic’s goal is not to help you make things better, BOY BYE.

How do you know if they don’t want to make things better? You know when a troll is a troll. They reveal it through their lack of curiosity about your work.
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july 2018
5 Projects to Help You Practice React
If you’re in the middle of trying to learn React, you have probably run into the “the gap.”

You have a handle on the basics: components, props, state. You’ve done a tutorial or two, and probably built a few To Do apps. Though your skills aren’t quite at the level of building a real app yet, you know enough that building more To Do apps won’t take you any further.

5 React Project Ideas
In this post I’ll show you 5 projects that will be fun to build, stretch your abilities a bit, and do not involve any todos.

The best thing you can do at this stage is to choose simple and small apps to build. Aim for quantity over quality. (here are some more ideas on how to practice React)
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july 2018
How Star Trek: The Next Generation Predicted Meme Culture
“Darmok,” the 102nd episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, is a longtime favorite among both Trekkies and linguists. Case in point: the first time I saw it wasn’t on TV but in a linguistic anthropology class at the University of Minnesota. In the episode, Picard and the Enterprise crew encounter the Children of Tama, who speak entirely in metaphors and references—a system that stumps the Trek world’s universal translator, which can only translate the literal meaning of the words.
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july 2018
It’s not always possible to love your body. And it’s not something I want to ask of anyone any longer.

I have been working instead on using language that respects and acknowledges these very real barriers and find myself feeling more at home with the concept of “body liberation.”
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july 2018
White People Are Cowards
Many of those people don’t speak out because they fear alienation more than they hate racism. For them, the fear of having someone furrow their brow in their direction outweighs their hatred of sending children to an underfunded school knowing that they don’t have an equal chance at success because of the color of their skin.

They know the reality of disproportionate police brutality, but they don’t have to worry about their children being shot in the face. Their kids receive good educations. Their kids can wear hoodies whenever they please. Little Amber and Connor’s résumés don’t get tossed in the trash because of their black-sounding names. Their children’s futures are determined only by work ethic and ability. Therefore, they stay silent on the sidelines.

That’s not evil.

That is cowardice.
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june 2018
Dear Fuck-Up: How do you live when everything sucks? | The Outline
Dear Fuck-Up,

You’ve written a lot about mistakes and I think mentioned that you’ve struggled with depression. I’ve had bouts of depression and anxiety, but they have gotten much worse over the last year or two.

I’m in therapy and I guess it helps but when the news about Anthony Bourdain broke, it was the first time that I’ve thought to myself “well shit, maybe I’m not going to make it.” I realize that sound silly because he was a celebrity and a stranger but it was the first time that particularly frightening thought popped into my brain and now I’m worried it won’t go away. I’m not even really sure I have a question here. I guess maybe just: how do you live when everything keeps getting worse?
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june 2018
Build a Backyard Edible Ecosystem | MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Use compost, yard waste, and recycled paper to construct a small permaculture ecosystem that supports your food garden.
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june 2018
Amandla Stenberg | Wonderland
Do you feel that your identities intersect in life/love/work?
Most def. Identity is transient and ever- shifting, shaped by our realities and relative to our environments. I think it’s a lens through which we navigate the world, and so it is inevitable that as I grow and change my experiences of life and love permeate the art that I make

We must be grateful for these lenses. Without them everything would be boring. What’s the tea on 2018? Is disillusionment just part of the gig?
I think it has to be. How do we avoid disillusionment in today’s day and age? A lesson I’ve been learning is to stop running from it. It is an inevitable and critical step in change and understanding, and we are experiencing one large pubescent upheaval right now. As my mother has spoken softly to me time and time again, this too shall pass. So we breathe and let it pass with the cognisance that our growth is on the way.
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june 2018
How to test accessibility of emails – Campaign Monitor Engineering
It’s no wonder people often put this type of testing in the too-hard basket. However if you start with testing with vision impairments in mind you should be able to get a good return on investment towards a more inclusive experience.
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june 2018
Latino food writer Gustavo Arellano on why Anthony Bourdain meant so much to marginalized communities.
Food writer Gustavo Arellano on why Anthony Bourdain meant so much to marginalized communities.
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june 2018
DIY Entryway Organizer - Wood and Pipe Entryway Stand
An Entryway Organizer You can Build Yourself
This entryway organizer is pretty large and by DIYing this project we were able to create a custom piece that fit our family’s needs. We saved just over $300 by making it ourselves and after two-plus years we’re still using this piece every single day.
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june 2018
Why That 'Arrested Development' Interview Is So Bad : Monkey See : NPR
It's not the worst story. Not by a mile. It may not even be Tambor's worst story. But seeing a woman so brilliant withstand repeated efforts, by people who say they love her, to recast her experiences as normal when she knew they were not? It was a lot to take.
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may 2018
How TV’s bisexual representation evolved from a joke to a vital story - Vox
I was told so many lies about what being bisexual means that it took me 27 years to come out as bisexual myself. Friends shrugged that bisexual people just couldn’t make up their minds. Family members insisted that being gay or straight was one thing, but anything in between just didn’t make sense. And in a crushing blow, my beloved escape, television, insisted over and over that someone who might like men and women was a confused joke at best, and a slutty sinner at worst.
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may 2018
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