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Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age - The New York Times
The agonies of being overweight — or running a diet company — in a culture that likes to pretend it only cares about health, not size.
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5 weeks ago by laurenipsum
12 Fitness Influencers Who Aren't A Size 2 And Don't Want To Be
"These [people] are encouraging others to confidently enter the fitness world and continue to get stronger, and that is a message that we stand behind."
fatness  health  HAES  activity  fitness  buzzfeed  inspiration 
october 2018 by laurenipsum
I'm Fat and I Don't Want to Assimilate into Diet Culture (And No, I'm Not Sorry) - Everyday Feminism
I made a decision not so long ago that I was going to stop dieting and stop hating myself and stop weight cycling and to choose me, rather than some culture of adherence that seeks to reduce me to a reproductive hole who straightens my hair so I can get a job I hate, come home and blow a husband I loathe, and make dinner for children I didn’t want to have.
everydayfeminism  fat  fatness  weight  bodies  whyweneedfeminism 
january 2018 by laurenipsum
On weight loss surgery & the unbearable thinness of being.
In the face of all that, we made a radical decision: we decided to like each other, and we decided to like ourselves. We became two of the few fat people who no longer feared our own skin. There was such reckless joy in our time together, such fearlessness in our hearts. We learned of our thirst for understanding only as we slaked it.

This was when I learned to love and admire bright and shining fat people, the ones who vibrated with joy, who refused to reject their bodies as character flaws or moral failings. The ones who resisted diet talk, the conscientious objectors to bemoaning their thunder thighs and bingo wings, their rolling bellies and wide hips. The ones who wore clothing that was bright and tight, or billowing and dark — whatever they felt like wearing. The ones who happily, loudly loved their size. The ones we were becoming.
fat  fatness 
june 2017 by laurenipsum
BADD 2010: The Total Erasure of Partial Disability | fat fu
I know a lot of fat people are going to disagree with me about this, and that’s fine. But you go where I’m going if you believe, as I do, that access matters in assessing “ability” just as much as functionality. In many cases, “you can’t do X if you have Y type of body” becomes QED if it’s too much trouble for them to give you a frigging chair that fits your tush, or they decide you have the “wrong” body to sell X type of product or service. But if it’s hard for you to think in terms of partial disability, it’s perfectly understandable. It’s something that really does not get a lot of airtime in this world. In almost every conversation that exists out there, it’s assumed that the participants are all (currently) fully abled, and if we’re lucky, PWD will be considered at all, if they have a visible and permanent disability.
fatness  ability  disability  erasure 
june 2017 by laurenipsum
The Gender Non-Conformity of My Fatness
This wasn’t the first time a stranger in a public space directly or indirectly expressed confusion about my gender. It won’t be the last.
fat  gender  gendernonconforming  fatness  bodies  everydayfeminism 
april 2017 by laurenipsum

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