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IngramSpark: Self-Publishing Book Company | Print & Distribute
Recommended by Karina Chapman. Australian-based printers and distributors, low cost of printing.
book  design  writing 
8 days ago by leehopkins
How to Find Your Writing Style - The Writing Cooperative
“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut… If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.” — Stephen King
writing  creativity  book  novel 
september 2019 by leehopkins
Legal Deposit frequently asked questions | National Library of Australia
depositing my works with National Library of Aust for copyright protection -- needs hardcopy rather than epub, unless epub is the only format I publish in
copyright  writing  creativity  book  novel 
august 2019 by leehopkins
Book Marketing: How To Turn Your Book Into A Podcast With AI Narration | The Creative Penn
We are on the cusp of an explosion in audio content — but human narration takes investment and AI voices are improving all the time. If having your book narrated and turned into an audiobook is not within your current budget, why not try turning it into a podcast using speech to text technology? Makoto Tokudome walks us through how to do this using free and inexpensive tools.
amazon  book  podcast  writing  creativity  polly 
august 2019 by leehopkins
useful article on protagonists and antagonist s and persuasion
creativity  writing  novel  book  persuasion 
august 2019 by leehopkins
Passive Voice: When to Use It and When to Avoid It | Writing Advice
In a passive sentence, the person or thing acted on comes first, and the actor is added at the end, introduced with the preposition “by.”
creativity  writing  novel  book  grammar 
august 2019 by leehopkins
How to Copyright a Book | LegalZoom
For US market but that would apply to me too, wouldn't it? Yes, it would. I need to copyright the book and also register it. This page tells me about both activities, but doesn't give a link for registering.
book  copyright  writing  novel 
july 2019 by leehopkins
Book Covers and Book Cover Design - Design A Creative Book Cover | 99designs
book cover design and layout specialists too. Pricey, but it's what you have to pay. Recommended by Mark Dawson
book  novel  creativity  writing  design  cover 
july 2019 by leehopkins
SERVICES - A Worded Life
Australian editor, both line/grammar and developmental (manuscript assessment). Recommended by someone in the 20books50k facebook group
editing  Editor  manuscript  writing  creativity  novel  book 
july 2019 by leehopkins
Editing Services | Rebecca Hodgkins
Editing service; doesn't look like an American; found on the 20books50k facebook group
Editor  creativity  writing  book  novel 
july 2019 by leehopkins
Revising Your Manuscript in Scrivener
I frequently get asked how to use Scrivener for revisions. Obviously, the specifics will vary depending on your approach to edits, but I’ll cover my basic system and give you some ideas which features you might find helpful.
scrivener  writing  creativity  book  novel  editing 
july 2019 by leehopkins
Publishers with free formatting options. Rated by some in the SPF community
creativity  writing  book 
june 2019 by leehopkins
a way to reach professional readers, reviewers, etc
creativity  writing  novel  book  netgalley 
june 2019 by leehopkins
Home Page : BookFunnel
must-have reader support for novelists
creativity  writing  novel  book  bookfunnel 
june 2019 by leehopkins
How a Steadfast Character Changes the World - Articles - Narrative First
Stephanie McDonald is a steadfast character. Don't try and change her.
creativity  writing  novel  book  dramatica  subtext 
june 2019 by leehopkins
Why are Australian police equipped with better pistols than the Australian military? - Quora
Discussion on Hi Powers (HP) versus Glock (which the police have). "Police agencies throughout the world, put their trust in the Glock 22, 15-round .40 calibre pistol. Weight 975grams (with loaded magazine)."
weapon  gun  pistol  firearm  crime  creativity  writing  novel  book  glock 
june 2019 by leehopkins
A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Your Book Marketing Plan Won't Work
Seasoned author on self publishing, marketing, advertising and Amazon. Because he knows of what he speaks I am paying attention.
writing  creativity  book  novel 
june 2019 by leehopkins
John Creasey - Wikipedia
An English crime and science fiction writer who wrote more than six hundred novels using twenty-eight different pseudonyms
writing  creativity  novel  book  johncreasey 
may 2019 by leehopkins
What Is a Literary Novel? | HuffPost
Most definitions of what constitutes a literary novel stress that the subject matter is strong on character and irony, with lesser emphasis on pure plot and offers more serious explorations of the human condition and is, therefore more meaningful and more philosophical.
novel  writing  creativity  book 
may 2019 by leehopkins
8 of the Best Cargo Vans to Buy This Year | Positive Solutions
Just over 10 years old, this is a popular model, and it's now available with a 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine. For tradies wanting something a bit more comfortable than standard cargo vans, the Hyundai iLoad/H350 offers a touchscreen interior and good quality materials.
novel  creativity  writing  book  van 
may 2019 by leehopkins
Mega Bestselling Book Design Package | Creativindie
This bundle of courses on self-publishing and book design will not only teach you how publishers manipulate readers into buying books, and not only give you the confidence to design and format your own books, but will even give you some starter templates you can use to skip the learning curve and make your book more professional.
creativity  novel  writing  design  book 
may 2019 by leehopkins
Writing Insights Part Three: The Revision Process
Now I’d like to discuss how to improve your rough draft to get it ready for publication.
creativity  novel  writing 
may 2019 by leehopkins
Subtext is the only app that plans your story for you. Enter the names of your characters and how you want it to end, and Subtext does the rest. US$29/month
novel  writing  app 
april 2019 by leehopkins
Local SEO for WordPress - Yoast
& Yoast Premium for USD129 -- see offer at bottom of page
yoast  web  website  writing  wordpress 
march 2019 by leehopkins
The Most Redundant Words to Delete From Your Writing
Advice on extraneous words from the Random House copy chief
writing  english  book  novel 
february 2019 by leehopkins
Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security | Deakin
A course that may be enough to take to give me the background skills for novel writing
book  novel  writing  cybercrime  hacking  university 
january 2019 by leehopkins
Here are the Biggest Fiction Bestsellers of the Last 100 Years | Literary Hub
The data below comes almost entirely from the Publisher’s Weekly lists of the biggest fiction bestsellers in the United States. Where possible, I looked at adult fiction only, but some earlier lists did not make that distinction, and for some later, combined lists, I cut out the YA and nonfiction myself to maintain relative consistency. These lists are subject to all of the flaws, faults, and inaccuracies of any best-seller lists, but they’re what we’ve got.
book  novel  writing  fiction 
december 2018 by leehopkins
How much does the average author earn publishing their book? – Creativindie
Bugger all is the answer. Maybe $5,000 if you get picked up by a traditional publisher
writing  book  novel  income  author 
december 2018 by leehopkins
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