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Trust Me I'm Lying
In order to maximize the number of people clicking on their stories (and thus viewing the ads on those stories), blogs exploit every flaw in human psychology they can find. Chief among these is provocation. Ryan cites a study by Berger and Milkman from 2012 which shows that content with high emotional valence spreads much faster than content which is emotionally neutral. The study compared stories on the New York Times website, and found that articles which induced anger were 34% more likely than the median article to make the top-10 most e-mailed list. Articles that induced awe also did well, being 30% more likely than the median article to make the most e-mailed list. Both anger and awe are high-arousal emotions (in a negative and positive direction, respectively). On the flip side, articles that induce low-arousal emotions, like sadness, suffer a penalty. Sad articles were 16% less likely than the median article to end up on the most e-mailed list. These facts about human psychology act as constraints on the kinds of stories blogs will write. Every story has to make people feel a “high-energy” emotion, like anger, or awe. Stories that are thoughtful, practical, useful or beautiful but melancholy fall by the wayside.
books  media  psychology  review 
august 2018 by lena
David J. Aldous reviews
Reviews of popular science probability/statistics books
books  review  statistics  probability 
march 2018 by lena
Yamaha RBX4 A2, Ken Hughes
Buy it because you play four hours a night all weekend long and this bass is light without sacrificing sustain or tone.
bass  review 
january 2011 by lena
Philosophical Overview: Lierre Keith’s Vegetarian Myth: Nostalgie de la Boue
She says that she had trouble eating seeds and nuts because she felt she was eating a plant’s “babies”. She mentions that she once contemplated becoming a breatharian
vegan  review  philosophy 
december 2010 by lena
PRAD | Index Welcome Page
Great, detailed reviews, and easy spec comparison of different monitors.
monitor  shopping  review  comparison 
april 2009 by lena
The atheist delusion | Review | Books
It is only some western Christian traditions, under the influence of Greek philosophy, which have tried to turn religion into an explanatory theory.
books  review  philosophy  religion 
march 2008 by lena
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