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Bruce Springsteen on Mental Health, Springsteen on Broadway, His Father and His Career
For more than fifty years, he’s traveled deep into the heart of America. But with his new Netflix special—a film of his intense, powerful one-man show on Broadway—Bruce Springsteen reveals that his bravest journey has been wrestling with his own mental health.
bruce-springsteen  esquire  mental-health 
14 hours ago
Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Convert You - WSJ
Newly remarried, the Goop CEO is living her best life—and believes she can help you live yours better, too
gwyneth-paltrow  wsj 
14 hours ago
Inside the sad, expensive failure of Google+
"Vic was just this constant bug in Larry's ear: 'Facebook is going to kill us. Facebook is going to kill us,'" says a former Google executive. "I am pretty sure Vic managed to frighten Larry into action. And voila: Google+ was born."
google_plus  mashable 
14 hours ago
Fortnite Is so Much More Than a Game – Great Escape – Medium
Teens have always created their own spaces to experiment, socialize, and indulge idle curiosity

fortnite  medium 
Be the Villain ◆ 24 ways
As a framework for creating resilient solutions to problems, Inclusive Design is incredible. However, the aimless idealistic aspirations many of its newer practitioners default to can oftentimes run into trouble. Without outlining concrete, actionable outcomes that are then vetted by the people you intend to serve, there is the potential to do more harm than good.
24ways  inclusive-design 
Who Do Designers Really Work For – Thinking Design by Adobe – Medium
And your job, the glorious job you signed up for when you said you wanted to be a designer, is to support all of these people. Make sure none of these incredible voices get lost. And to fight against those who see that brilliant cacophony as a bug and not the greatest feature of all time.
You are our protection against monsters.
6 days ago
What Does Data Science Mean For You? — Postlight — Digital product studio
How your business can benefit from a strong data science team, and how to build one.
data-science  vicki-boykis  postlight 
6 days ago
RPO football, explained by 12 coaches: The run/pass option’s future -
Here’s a free coaching clinic on where it came from, how hard it is to stop, and what’s next.
sbnation  rpo 
7 days ago
Why the high school triple option is still alive and well -
“It’s not as hard to put in as it is to stop,” says one advocate coach.
sbnation  option 
7 days ago
Army vs. Navy: Football’s most fascinating 12-month chess match -
How do you prepare for a team that looks like you and runs the same triple option offense, knowing it’s also doing the same?
army-navy  sbnation  option 
7 days ago
Bigger Than Basketball: LeBron James Leaves His Mark with the I Promise School
Though it just opened in July, I Promise is already fulfilling the vision LeBron James had for the sort of place that could have been life-altering for him during his own tumultuous upbringing.
LeBron-james  ryan-jones  slam 
7 days ago
Untangling the Complicated Legacy of Warren Zevon - The Ringer
The late singer-songwriter has been gone for 15 years, but his life and career still aren’t any easier to make sense of: He was as gifted, haunted, and destructive as any musician from his generation.
warren-zevon  the-ringer  steve-hyden 
7 days ago
Amazon is Showing Healthcare is the Next Big Thing for Machine Learning
Amazon will save Healthcare industry $Billions via machine learning algo that extracts key data from patient records — it’s an EMR revolution by AI.
amazon  ehr  healthcare  patient-experience  medium 
8 days ago
How Can I Be a UX Strategist?
Is there a place for someone like me — someone who enjoys design thinking and business strategy? Is that a career and, if so, how do I get started? As it turns out, there is a role for that called “UX strategy.” Think of it as “UX design + business strategy = UX strategy.”
ux-strategy  fresh-tilled-soil 
9 days ago
The Enormous Life of Anthony Bourdain, According to Those Who Knew Him Best | GQ
The enormous life of Anthony Bourdain, according to those who knew him best.
gq  anthony-bourdain  drew-magary 
9 days ago
Why Hospitals Should Let You Sleep - The New York Times
Frequent disruptions are more than just annoying for patients. They can also cause harm.
health  nytimes 
10 days ago
How to Survive a Midlife Crisis: Drugs, Dance Music, and Free Love
I ditched my wife and kids to party in the woods with 250 sex-positive millennials

12 days ago
4 Tips for Structuring Design Case Studies – UX Planet
Each case study should tell a compelling story of how you took on a design challenge. How did you solved a problem for your customers, business or organization?
case-study  portfolio  medium 
12 days ago
How to Nail a Whiteboard Design Challenge – Eleanor McKenna – Medium
Like any other interview question, practicing the whiteboard design challenges will pay off. Get comfortable with solving a couple of sample problems, talk through your solution and remember to summarise your proposal at the end. With these 10 steps, you will be well on your way to nailing your next design challenge.
whiteboard  medium  interview 
12 days ago
Penn State football: Christian Hackenberg, Nittany Lions relive 2013 Wisconsin upset, Bill O’Brien’s last game | Centre Daily Times
Five years ago to the day, Penn State pulled off its biggest upset in more than three decades. One that sent a sometimes overlooked leader out on a high note, one that reminded college football what the Nittany Lions were capable of.
penn-state  centre-daily-times 
13 days ago
Watch The Last Waltz This Week - MTV
the-last-waltz  hanif-abdurraqib  mtv 
13 days ago
Sex, Beer, and Coding: Inside Facebook’s Wild Early Days in Palo Alto | WIRED
Mark Zuckerberg and his cofounders moved from Harvard to Palo Alto, California, in March 2004. The whole enterprise began as something of a lark.
facebook  wired  mark-zuckerberg 
14 days ago
Who should own client financial data, T3 panel asks | Financial Planning
Consolidated account statements are one issue, said Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion Advisor Services, an asset management solution based in Omaha, Nebraska. Assets not directly managed by the advisor are included in performance reports, asset allocation software and client vaults, both as a convenience and as a way for the advisor to see a client’s full financial picture. This outside account data is most easily gathered using account aggregation software like ByAllAccounts, Yodlee and Quovo.
16 days ago
You Can Do Anything: Must Every Kids' Movie Reinforce the Cult of Self-Esteem? - The Atlantic
Encouraging kids is fine, but films like Planes and Turbo take their messages to an extreme. Parents should turn to 1969's A Boy Named Charlie Brown for a reality check.
the-atlantic  parenting 
16 days ago
Report: VA turns to Apple to develop patient-facing mobile EHR | MobiHealthNews
According to emails reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, the technology could help patients find care centers near them and share medical test results.
mobilehealthnews  ehr 
16 days ago
Gemma Hartley on how to talk about about emotional labor
Research shows that women perform more emotional labor than men at home and at work. In her new book, Fed-Up, Gemma Hartley shares why women have had enough, and how productive conversations can help even out the load.
fastco  emotional-labor 
24 days ago
How to evaluate a designer with a design exercise – GV Library
It’s simple in concept: You’re going to set up a well-scoped design problem and ask a candidate to solve it on the spot. It can take anywhere from 15–40 minutes depending on depth and complexity. It’s such a good technique because there’s no faking (like showing portfolio work from a big team effort) and when moderated well, it can simulate working together.
But crafting a good design problem is the hard part.
google  hiring  interview  design  medium 
24 days ago
How Netflix works: the (hugely simplified) complex stuff that happens every time you hit Play
What isn’t as simple is what goes into running Netflix, a service that streams around 250 million hours of video per day to around 98 million paying subscribers in 190 countries. At this scale, providing quality entertainment in a matter of a few seconds to every user is no joke. And as much as it means building top-notch infrastructure at a scale no other Internet service has done before, it also means that a lot of participants in the experience have to be negotiated with and kept ...
netflix  medium  devops 
24 days ago
What Started the California Fires? Experts Track the Blazes’ Origins - The New York Times
In searching for the cause of the wildfire, investigators will look at things that were touched by the flames but not destroyed.
california  wildfires  nytimes 
27 days ago
How Google Photos Became a Perfect Jukebox for Our Memories
Crucially, Photos would lean on Google’s famed AI to address what it saw as the key problem of the smartphone era — the fact that we all take photos but rarely look at them.
medium  google-photos 
27 days ago
How To Pay Attention – re:form – Medium
I started to make an informal list of “how to pay attention” strategies — my own, those that students suggested, and others that I’ve read about or otherwise encountered here and there. To my delight, this list grew into something more than I’d anticipated, and started to take on the feel of something between a set of New Year’s resolutions, and a manifesto.
attention  medium 
27 days ago
American Curmudgeon: On Jeff Tweedy - The Ringer
Let’s Go is a warts-and-all addiction memoir, but luckily it is much more than that, too. It’s also a genuinely moving ode to his wife and two sons (one of whom, Spencer, is the drummer in his side project Tweedy), and an impassioned and often quite funny firsthand account of a music geek’s coming of age within the Our Band Could Be Your Life canon—at one point, D. Boon sells Tweedy a Minutemen T-shirt; later, he watches the Replacements from a “kiddie corral” at an all-ages club with a floor that almost collapses under the enthusiasm. It is also a welcome invitation to consider Wilco as something stranger, deeper, and more barbed than what they now seem to be in our collective consciousness: the hipster ambassadors of “dad rock,” fronted by a guy who has had several walk-on (amble-on?) roles in Portlandia. Wilco is not (quite) that band. Because, do not forget, that Wilco is also a band helmed by a guy who once touched the same dollar bills as D. Boon and who almost died falling through the floor at a Replacements gig.
wilco  jeff-tweedy  the-ringer 
27 days ago
The Music That Made Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy | Pitchfork
For nearly three decades, barely a year has gone by without some sort of Tweedy venture—a Wilco LP or tour, or a record by one of his several side projects, or a Mavis Staples album that he produced. He’s made cameos in “Portlandia” and “Parks and Recreation.” He’s started a label and a music festival. He’s tried being a TV weatherman. He’s covered the Black Eyed Peas. This month, Tweedy is expanding his repertoire even further with two things he’s never done before: a memoir called Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back) and Warm, his first-ever solo album of original songs. Both live up to his wise, weary, deadpan reputation.
jeff-tweedy  pitchfork 
27 days ago
The Real ‘Dear Prudence’ on Meeting Beatles in India – Rolling Stone
Prudence Farrow (far left) — seen here with the Beatles, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and others in March, 1968 — recalls her interactions with the Fab Four in her memoir, 'Dear Prudence.'
prudence-farrow  rolling-stone  the-beetles  the-white-album 
27 days ago
Nationalize Amazon | The Outline
Is this a realistic demand? Perhaps not yet, but that’s the point.
amazon  the-outline 
27 days ago
How The Beatles Made 'The White Album' : All Songs Considered : NPR
Today we've got a conversation with the man who produced this 100-plus song celebration, Giles Martin, whose father, George Martin, produced "The White Album" back in '68 (along with most everything else The Beatles ever made). In this interview with Giles Martin, you'll hear some of the early demos, outtakes and remixes. But he begins by describing the process of making of the "The White Album," how it turned out to be a much-less planned and much more organic process than ever, and how that frustrated George Martin.
the-white-album  the-beetles  giles-martin  npr 
27 days ago
Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis
Facebook has gone on the attack as one scandal after another — Russian meddling, data sharing, hate speech — has led to a congressional and consumer backlash.
facebook  nytimes 
29 days ago
Shonda Rhimes: A Heartfelt Review of Michelle Obama's Memoir 'Becoming'
Michelle Obama invited Shonda to a roundtable to discuss her new memoir. "It went quickly, the conversation we had that day. But it was a vivid and visceral afternoon, a table full of women having a shared experience."
shonda-rhimes  michelle-obama  obama 
29 days ago
Three Feet From God: An Oral History of Nirvana ‘Unplugged’ - The Ringer
Twenty-five years after the historic performance that became the band’s best-selling final album, we talked to producers, directors, musicians, and fans present for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s greatest performance
nirvana  the-ringer  unplugged 
29 days ago
GoPuff to create 500+ jobs as part of $4M investment to build new Phila. HQ & 10 Pa. warehouses - Philadelphia Business Journal
The search for a new headquarters has ended for goPuff, the fast-growing Philadelphia-based on-demand delivery service. The company has a $4 million investment plan comprising a new headquarters, 10 warehouses across Pennsylvania and over 500 new jobs.
gopuff  pbj 
4 weeks ago
Young People Are Having Less Sex - The Atlantic
Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession.
the-atlantic  sex 
4 weeks ago
How the Fleece Vest Became the New Corporate Uniform - WSJ
A focus of a snarky Instagram account, the uninspired gray fleece vest is an inescapable presence in cubicles around the country. So how did this ho-hum uniform overtake the suit as the corporate outfit of choice?
4 weeks ago
Five Tips for Creating a Fantastic UX Résumé – Jessica Ivins – Medium
The first thing our students learn about résumés at Center Centre is this: The primary goal of a résumé is to get you a job interview.
medium  jessica-ivins  resume 
5 weeks ago
Why Doctors Hate Their Computers | The New Yorker
Digitization promises to make medical care easier and more efficient. But are screens coming between doctors and patients?
atoll-gawande  new-yorker 
5 weeks ago
State College, PA - Penn State Football & Being Elite: When No Moorhead is Less -
After a string of three losses in five games that has extended Penn State’s losing streak to the Big Ten East’s Big Three — Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State — to 0-5, that belief is being challenged, if not in the locker room then among Nittany Nation.
penn-state  poorman  james-franklin 
5 weeks ago
The Best Continuous Discovery Teams Cultivate These Mindsets - Product Talk
Last week, I was in Cleveland for the Industry Product Conference. I spoke about the three mindsets that help a team find success as a continuous discovery team. You can view the video or read my slides and the full script below. Enjoy!
product  discovery 
5 weeks ago
Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process | Roman Pichler
Developing a successful product is not down to luck or trying hard enough. Instead, product success starts with making the right strategic decisions. But as product people, we are often so preoccupied with the tactics—be it dealing with an urgent support request or writing new user stories—that we sometimes no longer see the wood for the trees. In the worst case, we neglect the strategic work and end up with an unsuccessful product. To avoid this pitfall, you should establish an effective product strategy process, as I discuss in this article.
product-strategy  roadmap 
5 weeks ago
This Simple Yet Powerful Weekly Planning Routine Puts You in Control
Adopt this systematic method to make progress every week towards your biggest, most important goals
5 weeks ago
It’s Okay to Not Want a Promotion – Power Trip – Medium
This is a thing about ambition: It takes a lot of personal strength to be surrounded by people who are all reaching for the same brass ring and not think that you should be reaching for it too — regardless of whether you really like brass, or rings.
career  medium 
5 weeks ago
What’s All This About Journaling? - The New York Times
One of the more effective acts of self-care is also, happily, one of the cheapest.
journaling  nytimes 
5 weeks ago
Why open office design makes you less productive – The Startup – Medium
Though the hype associated with open office spaces may make another day at the office seem a lot more appealing, the reality of these transparent offices — in terms of employee interaction and productivity — is a lot less clear.
5 weeks ago
Designing Experiences To Improve Mental Health — Smashing Magazine
Designing apps for mental health is one area where UX designers can have a huge impact. In this article, we’ll look at the issues with current apps, and guidelines to ensure UX practitioners are using clinically proven methods for improving mental health treatment.
mental-health  smashingmagazine  madpow  ux 
6 weeks ago
Sweden's Riksbank Gets Serious About the Idea of a Digital Currency | Fortune
The adoption of an e-krona—at first as a complement to physical cash—could ensure the public still has access to central bank money, and it could also avoid a situation where the private sector has to “take all the responsibility for ensuring that payments function in crisis situations,” the Swedish central bank said.
sweden  krona  digital-currency  fintech 
6 weeks ago
This Thermometer Tells Your Temperature, Then Tells Firms Where to Advertise
Most of what we do — the websites we visit, the places we go, the TV shows we watch, the products we buy — has become fair game for advertisers. Now, thanks to internet-connected devices in the home like smart thermometers, ads we see may be determined by something even more personal: our health.
nytimes  connected-health 
6 weeks ago
An Engineer's Formula for Software Estimation – Bonnie Eisenman
Software estimation is one of those tasks that can feel like a distraction from the “real” work of engineering. In practice, though, I’ve found that making reasonable estimates for engineering tasks is a really useful - if mysterious - skill.
6 weeks ago
How You Can Raise Robot-Proof Children - WSJ
There will still be jobs in the future. Just make sure your child is ready for them.
7 weeks ago
The House Springsteen Built: An Oral History of the Stone Pony - The New York Times
Since it opened in 1974, the club, the Stone Pony, has been the beating heart of Asbury Park, a beacon for musicians and fans alike. But its survival, much like that of its host city, has been a constant battle, a story of resilience and revival, of sold-out shows and shuttered windows.

Here is the renowned club’s history, as told by the owners, musicians, staff and fans who have called its dark black interior and low-slung stage home.
bruce-springsteen  nytimes  stone-pony 
8 weeks ago
Trapped by the ‘Walmart of Heroin’ - The New York Times
A Philadelphia neighborhood is the largest open-air narcotics market for heroin on the East Coast. Addicts come from all over, and many never leave.
nytimes  heroin  philadelphia  kensington 
9 weeks ago
The Battle for the Home – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
If the first stage of competition in consumer technology was the race to be the computer users went to (won by Microsoft and the PC), and the second was to be the computer users carried with them (won by Apple in terms of profits, and Google in terms of marketshare), the outlines of the current battle came sharply into focus over the last month: what company will win the race to be the computer within which users live?
stratechery  home  alexa 
9 weeks ago
The Secret to a Happy Workplace: Ron Friedman Q+A - Steelcase
There’s a strong business case for creating a great workplace and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
workplace  ron-friedman  steelcase 
9 weeks ago
Best Practices For Mobile Form Design – Smashing Magazine – Medium
Forms are just a means to an end. Users should be able to complete them quickly and without confusion. In this article, you’ll learn practical techniques that will help you design an effective form.
forms  mobile  smashing_magazine 
9 weeks ago
[no title]
By focusing on only having the core feature that the majority of the users needed, they narrowed down to a very specific niche, acquiring early adopters that were eager to share the app (following the Diffusion of Innovations).
medium  simplicity  minimalism  productivity 
9 weeks ago
Why the Founder of Headspace Wakes Up at 5 a.m.
Puddicombe talked to Medium about how he balances his own health and wellness with the daily duties of being an active father and entrepreneur.
headspace  medium  meditation 
9 weeks ago
How to be Strategic – Julie Zhuo – Medium
a good strategy is a set of actions that is credible, coherent and focused on overcoming the biggest hurdle(s) in achieving a particular objective.
strategy  medium  julie-zhou 
9 weeks ago
Hiring for Fit – Chelsea Troy
What does it mean for a hiring candidate to be a good fit?

We often lean on an unfortunate proxy answer: “Is this candidate like the hiring manager?“
9 weeks ago
James Franklin controls the chaos to find a winning formula at Penn State – The Athletic
“He’ll talk to the president of the university and he’ll talk to the person who cuts the grass, and they’re all important in his eyes,”
the-atlantic  penn-state  james-franklin 
10 weeks ago
Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think (Taming the Mammoth) - Wait But Why
humans evolved an over-the-top obsession with what others thought of them—a craving for social approval and admiration, and a paralyzing fear of being disliked.
10 weeks ago
XOXO Made Me Rethink Life Online - Digg
"It's not a festival" Andy Baio says, before abruptly correcting himself– "it is a festival," he concedes. I can sense that most of the two thousand or so people Baio's addressing from the coliseum stage understand what he's getting at.
xoxo  digg 
11 weeks ago
The man who brought us the lithium-ion battery at the age of 57 has an idea for a new one at 92 — Quartz
Unlike the transistor, the lithium-ion battery has not won a Nobel Prize. But many people think it should. The lithium-ion battery gave the transistor reach. Without it, we would not have smartphones, tablets or laptops, including the device you are reading at this very moment. There would be no Apple. No Samsung. No Tesla.
batteries  qz 
11 weeks ago
Opinion | Motherhood in the Age of Fear - The New York Times
Women are being harassed and even arrested for making perfectly rational parenting decisions.
parenting  nytimes 
12 weeks ago
How New York Got Screwed Out of the Internet of the Future | WIRED
New York was supposed to be a model for big-city high-speed internet. Here’s how it became a cautionary tale for uneven connectivity.
fios  New-York-city  wired 
12 weeks ago
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