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The Surprising Benefits of Being an Introvert | Time
There are many misconceptions about introverts—like they’re antisocial or shy. But in many cases, being an introvert can be a major asset.
introvert  personality 
11 days ago by lightningdb
How to Make Connections That Count — Advice From a Silicon Valley Veteran (and Introvert) | First Round Review
Karen Wickre is routinely described as someone who knows everyone, even though she admits to being an introvert. Here, she shares three no-pressure networking strategies from her new book, unveiling the templates, tactics and exercises that have turned her into one of the most connected veterans of Silicon Valley.
networking  introvert 
5 weeks ago by lightningdb
How to teach a young introvert |
Fascinating ideas about education and young introverts: from @susancain
education  parenting  teaching  introvert  ideas 
september 2014 by lightningdb
Stop, Observe and Listen: Introverts Have Skills (Part 2)
Stop, Observe and Listen: Introverts Have Skills (Part 2)
june 2013 by lightningdb
Mickey Drexler: Retail Therapist - WSJ. Magazine - WSJ
By his own admission, it took Drexler a long time to perfect his noisy extrovert “man of the people” persona, which first became his trademark at Gap. “I think I became confident when I was around 40.”
introvert  business  retail  success 
june 2010 by lightningdb

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