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Comlink - Makes WebWorkers enjoyable
Comlink’s goal is to make WebWorkers enjoyable. Comlink removes the mental barrier of thinking about postMessage and hides the fact that you are working with workers.
JS  browser  concurrency  opensource  Google  WebSockets 
june 2018 by liqweed
deepstream - Powerful WebSocket server that syncs realtime
A powerful websocket server that syncs realtime data between browsers, smartphones, backends and the IoT.

deepstream is an open source server inspired by concepts behind financial trading technology. It allows clients and backend services to sync data, send messages and make rpcs at very high speed and scale.
WebSockets  server  opensource  event-driven  realtime 
may 2018 by liqweed
LiveGQL - GraphQL Subscription on WebSocket based on Apollo Protocol
A simple Java library in order to use GraphQL Subscription on WebSocket based on Apollo Protocol.
GraphQL  Java  WebSockets  realtime  opensource 
february 2018 by liqweed
Udash - Scala and Scala.js Reactive Web Framework
Scala and Scala.js Reactive Web Framework. A Scala framework for building beautiful and maintainable Web Applications.
Scala  JS  opensource  web-framework  WebSockets  reactive-programming 
february 2018 by liqweed
RSocket - Binary protocol for use on byte stream
A binary protocol for use on byte stream transports such as TCP, WebSockets, and Aeron.
protocol  binary  opensource  networking  streaming  websockets 
january 2018 by liqweed
Stream - API for Scalable News Feeds & Activity Streams
Build Scalable Newsfeeds & Activity Streams. Don't re-invent the wheel feed; grow without worrying about the scalability, reliability and maintenance of your feeds.
API  realtime  WebSockets  RSS  commercial  publishing  service  online 
december 2017 by liqweed
QBit - Microservices Library for Java
A reactive programming lib for building microservices - JSON, HTTP, WebSocket, and REST. QBit uses reactive programming to build elastic REST, and WebSockets based cloud friendly, web services. SOA evolved for mobile and cloud. ServiceDiscovery, Health, reactive StatService, events, Java idiomatic reactive programming for Microservices.
Java  REST  API  application-framework  framework  opensource  clustering  microservices  reactive-programming  server  RPC  WebSockets 
september 2017 by liqweed
CometD - Highly Scalable Clustered Web Messaging
a scalable WebSocket and HTTP based event and message routing bus.

CometD makes use of WebSocket and HTTP push technologies known as Comet to provide low-latency data from the server to browsers and client applications. CometD defines a transport-agnostic protocol called Bayeux, and provides libraries in Java and JavaScript that implement this protocol.

Applications can use the CometD libraries to write transport-independent applications, and CometD will take care of the transport details.
messaging  WebSockets  integration  opensource  HTTP  server  Java  distributed  JS 
july 2017 by liqweed
nats-websocket-gw - WebSocket to NATS gateway
A WebSocket gateway for NATS, usable as a backend forwebsocket-nats and elm-nats.
WebSockets  messaging  integration  opensource  golang  proxy 
june 2017 by liqweed
websocket-nats - In-browser WebSocket client for NATS
An in-browser websocket client for NATS, a lightweight, high-performance cloud native messaging system.
messaging  JS  WebSockets  opensource  client 
may 2017 by liqweed
wsta - CLI development tool for WebSocket APIs
A CLI tool written in rust for interfacing with WebSockets. wsta has the philosophy of being an easy tool to learn and thus gets out of your way to let you work your UNIX magic directly on the WebSocket traffic. The way wsta does this is to be as pipe-friendly as possible, letting you chain it into complex pipelines or bash scripts as you see fit, or just keep it simple and use it as is.
WebSockets  CLI  tools  opensource  client  Linux 
june 2016 by liqweed
Horizo - Realtime, open-source JavaScript backend
A realtime, open-source backend for JavaScript apps.

Rapidly build and deploy web or mobile apps using a simple JavaScript API. Scale your apps to millions of users without any backend code.

Built by the RethinkDB team and an open-source community, Horizon lets you build sophisticated apps with lightning speed.
JS  server  database  opensource  WebSockets  realtime  API 
june 2016 by liqweed
RxJS-DOM - HTML DOM Bindings for the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript
provides Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) bindings for HTML DOM objects to abstract over the event binding, Ajax requests, Web Sockets, Web Workers, Server-Sent Events, Geolocation and more.
JS  dom-handling  Rx  reactive-programming  functional-programming  opensource  HTML  WebSockets  AJAX 
march 2016 by liqweed - Efficiently Turn APIs into Real-time Experiences
A real-time cache proxy allowing you to poll JSON REST APIs and push updates to clients. also keeps a history of modifications that occur on the data between two pollings. This way, is able to give you the list of modifications which happened since last time you fetched the data.
API  WebSockets  online  service  streaming  realtime 
february 2016 by liqweed
node-lws - Lightweight WebSockets for Node.js
node-lws (or simply lws) is a libwebsockets wrapper for Node.js and C++. It exposes an easy to use interface much like the one available in ws. In contrast to ws, node-lws is very lightweight and scales to millions of connections where ws simply chokes due to excessive memory usage.
node.js  WebSockets  opensource  performance 
february 2016 by liqweed
ActionHero.js - Reusable, Scalable, and Quick node.js API Server
The Reusable, Scalable, and Quick node.js API Server! A multi-transport Node.JS API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks.
HTTP  server  opensource  API  REST  node.js  WebSockets 
february 2016 by liqweed - Scalable Server for Realtime Web Apps
A Scalable Server for Realtime Web Apps. Stores and syncs data in realtime. Built in node.js. Works for browsers, backend & mobile. Scales via clustering. Exceptionally fast & easy to use. Open Source and free.
JS  opensource  distributed  server  node.js  HTTP  WebSockets  messaging  integration 
february 2016 by liqweed - Scalable Server for Realtime Web Apps
A Scalable Server for Realtime Web Apps.
Stores and syncs data in realtime; Built in node.js; Works for browsers, backend & mobile; Scales via clustering; Exceptionally fast & easy to use; Open Source and free (MIT License).
node.js  server  WebSockets  cool-tools  JS  HTTP  realtime  RPC 
january 2016 by liqweed
Nchan - Flexible Pub/Sub Server for the modern web
A scalable, flexible pub/sub server for the modern web, built as a module for the Nginx web server. It can be configured as a standalone server, or as a shim between your application and tens, thousands, or millions of live su/bscribers. It can buffer messages in memory, on-disk, or via Redis. All connections are handled asynchronously and distributed among any number of worker processes. It can also scale to many nginx server instances with Redis.

Messages are published to channels with HTTP POST requests or websockets, and subscribed also through websockets, long-polling, EventSource (SSE), old-fashioned interval polling, and more. Any location can be a subscriber endpoint for up to 4 channels (a temporary limitation). Each subscriber can be optionally authenticated via a custom application url, and an events meta channel is available for debugging.
distributed  messaging  opensource  Redis  WebSockets 
december 2015 by liqweed - Application Protocol with Reactive Streams semantics
Application protocol with Reactive Streams semantics. ReactiveSocket is an application protocol providing Reactive Streams semantics over an asynchronous, binary boundary. It enables the following symmetric interaction models via async message passing over a single connection. Project maintained by Netflix.
performance  opensource  Java  reactive-programming  WebSockets  protocol  JS  Netflix  Rx  messaging  P2P  networking 
september 2015 by liqweed
Telepat - Real Time, Open Source Data Sync
An open-source backend stack, designed to deliver information and information updates in real-time to clients, while allowing for flexible deployment and simple scaling. Telepat empowers modern apps for the real-time age.
JS  WebSockets  push  opensource  server  event-driven  backup  API 
september 2015 by liqweed
wsd - cURL for WebSocket Servers
cURL for WebSocket Servers. A simple command line utility for debugging WebSocket servers.
WebSockets  opensource  tools  CLI 
july 2015 by liqweed
Zurl - HTTP & WebSocket Client Worker with ZeroMQ interface
An HTTP and WebSocket client daemon with a ZeroMQ interface. Send it a message to make an HTTP request.
HTTP  WebSockets  messaging  integration  opensource 
june 2015 by liqweed
PubNub - Build Realtime Apps & Take Websockets To The Next Level
PubNub Global Data Stream Network. Realtime Communication for IoT, Mobile, and Web.
WebSockets  service  commercial  online  mobile  realtime 
june 2015 by liqweed
Sockethub - Polyglot Messaging Service
A polyglot (speaking many different protocols and APIs) messaging service for social and other interactive messaging applications. It assists web app developers by providing server-independent, server-side functionality - which gives the application greater autonomy. It can be used as a tool for many different types of applications, large and small.
WebSockets  opensource  JS  server  messaging 
march 2015 by liqweed
SocketCluster - Scalable Realtime Environment for Node.js
An open source, multi-process environment for realtime apps and the Internet of Things (IoT). It's a free (no lock-in) alternative to commercial solutions like Firebase, Pusher and PubNub for those who need more control over their realtime data. SC can scale linearly (on a single host - tested with up to 16 cores) and horizontally (across multiple hosts). Pub/sub channels can be synced across multiple instances by hooking them into distributed message queues (AMQP, MQTT) - SC store processes provide all the hooks/events necessary.
WebSockets  node.js  opensource  server  framework  HTTP  messaging  JS  Kubernetes 
december 2014 by liqweed
MobioPush - Web Notifications
Helps webmasters to send push notifications from website to drive more traffic and sales.
WebSockets  mobile  online  service  UX 
december 2014 by liqweed - Remote Monitoring & Debugging for
Simple remote monitoring and debugging middleware for
WebSockets  node.js  opensource  JS  tools  monitoring  CLI 
november 2014 by liqweed
EmberJS WebSockets addon for Ember-CLI
Aims to be a simple and easy way to integrate with any WebSocket protocol supported backend. It has been designed to be minimalistic, flexible, and lightweight instead of forcing conventions or libraries on the developer.
Ember  WebSockets  opensource  plugin 
october 2014 by liqweed
Marilyn - client side, Socket.IO driven, Pub/Sub, model layer with a query system
A client side, Socket.IO driven, Pub/Sub, model layer with a query system similar to Mongoose.
MongoDB  WebSockets  opensource  JS  browser  database  modeling  messaging  framework  querying 
september 2014 by liqweed - Modern XMPP in the browser, with a JSON API
XMPP over Websocket, without the need to touch any XML by using JSON-like stanza objects.
XMPP  communication  JS  API  browser  opensource  WebSockets 
september 2014 by liqweed
Mojolicious - Perl Real-Time Web Framework
A next generation web framework for the Perl programming language. Back in the early days of the web, many people learned Perl because of a wonderful Perl library called CGI. It was simple enough to get started without knowing much about the language and powerful enough to keep you going, learning by doing was much fun. While most of the techniques used are outdated now, the idea behind it is not. Mojolicious is a new attempt at implementing this idea using state of the art technology.
web-framework  opensource  REST  WebSockets 
july 2014 by liqweed
Project Tyrus - Java API for WebSocket (JSR 356 ) Reference Implementation
The open source JSR 356 - Java API for WebSocket reference implementation for easy development of WebSocket applications. WebSocket protocol defined by IETF provides bi-directional communication between the server and the remote host.
JSR  Java  WebSockets  opensource 
june 2014 by liqweed
libchan - golang Channels for Networking Services
An ultra-lightweight networking library which lets network services communicate in the same way that goroutines communicate using channels: - Simple message passing - Synchronization for concurrent programming - Nesting: channels can send channels Libchan supports the following transports out of the box: In-memory Go channel, Unix socket, Raw TCP, TLS, HTTP2/SPDY, Websockets. By Docker.
golang  integration  networking  messaging  WebSockets  Docker 
june 2014 by liqweed - Integration over Redis
Allows you to communicate with servers easily from processes.
redis  WebSockets  opensource  JS  node.js 
may 2014 by liqweed
node-browserchannel - BrowserChannel Server
An implementation of a google BrowserChannel server in node.js. tldr; Its like, but it scales better and it has fewer bugs. It just does long polling. It also doesn't support websockets and doesn't support cross-domain requests out of the box. BrowserChannel is Google's version of from when they first put chat in GMail.
node.js  WebSockets  opensource  server  JS 
april 2014 by liqweed
Primus - Universal Wrapper for Real-Time Frameworks
Primus, the creator god of transformers but now also known as universal wrapper for real-time frameworks. There are a lot of real-time frameworks available for Node.js and they all have different opinions on how real-time should be done. Primus provides a common low level interface to communicate in real-time using various of real-time frameworks.
JS  node.js  WebSockets  opensource  API 
april 2014 by liqweed
EmberShare - ShareJS for Ember
An attempt to solve data persistence in an ember application, it relies on ShareJS, a battle tested operational transforms library. In addition to just data persistence, ShareJS enables collaboration so that multiple users can concurrently modify the same model/document in real-time.
Ember  persistence  opensource  WebSockets  collaboration 
april 2014 by liqweed
DataChannel.IO - Build Real Time Web Applications
A cloud real time channel of communication to exchange messages between users.
online  service  WebSockets  JS 
march 2014 by liqweed
Primus - Universal Wrapper for Real-Time Frameworks
Primus, the creator god of transformers but now also known as universal wrapper for real-time frameworks. There are a lot of real-time frameworks available for Node.js and they all have different opinions on how real-time should be done. Primus provides a common low level interface to communicate in real-time using various of real-time frameworks.
node.js  JS  modularity  WebSockets 
march 2014 by liqweed
total.js - Web Framework for Node.js
Free server framework for building Web sites and Web applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
HTTP  node.js  server  web-framework  opensource  REST  WebSockets  JS 
february 2014 by liqweed
AeroGear - Open Source Libraries for Mobile Connectivity
Provides flexible and extensible libraries to simplify mobile development across platforms and cut common repetitive infrastructure tasks. Integrate with the most exotic of endpoints.
mobile  WebSockets  opensource  Java  Android  iOS  messaging  integration  API  cross-platform 
january 2014 by liqweed
EmberSockets - (WebSockets) Integration for Ember.js (WebSockets) integrated with Ember.js' observer pattern.
ember  WebSockets  opensource  plugin 
december 2013 by liqweed
websocketd - Turn any CLI tool into a WebSocket Server
Like inetd, but for WebSockets. Turn any application that uses STDIO/STDOUT into a WebSocket server.
CLI  opensource  server  tools  sysadmin  WebSockets  utilities 
december 2013 by liqweed
ThreePin - A Node.JS & Socket.IO Test Environment
A stress-free test environment for allow you to test your websocket server code before you write the client code or on-the-job.
networking  node.js  WebSockets  opensource  testing  JS 
october 2013 by liqweed
Avatar - on top of Nashorn
Provides a JavaScript services layer zeroed in on supporting REST, WebSockets and Server-Sent Events, and a rich client side framework that assumes very minor JavaScript knowledge. The services side is focused on building data services using JavaScript, while the optional client side is entirely focused on supporting HTML5 and TSA (Thin Server Architecture).
HTTP  JS  JVM  Java  REST  VM  WebSockets  opensource  server 
september 2013 by liqweed
Talky - WebRTC Video Chat & Screen Sharing for Groups
Truly simple video chat and screen sharing for groups. No plugins. No signup or payment required. Anonymous. Peer-to-peer.
P2P  VoIP  WebSockets  browser  collaboration  communication  free  service  standards  video 
september 2013 by liqweed - Realtime HTML5 Framework
A lightweight framework for building high performance Realtime Single Page HTML5 Apps.
SPI  WebSockets  js  opensource  HTML5  web-framework 
july 2013 by liqweed
Omni - Real-Time Web Apps for Backbone.js
A framework designed to integrate with Backbone.js in order to make writing real-time web apps extremely simple. Simply define models, collections, and events on the server side, and the server will automatically feed the client with all of the information that it has permission to see. Then the client can modify any information, and if it has write permission, the server will propagate the data to all other clients who have read permission.
backbone  js  node.js  opensource  rpc  websockets 
april 2013 by liqweed
HackFlowy - Personal Information Manager, open source clone of WorkFlowy
A personal information manager – roughly, a mixture of a wiki and an outliner. HackFlowy is an open source clone of WorkFlowy, built using Backbone.js and
backbone  js  opensource  productivity  tools  websockets  wiki 
april 2013 by liqweed
Hipache - Distributed HTTP & WebSocket Proxy
A distributed proxy designed to route high volumes of HTTP and WebSocket traffic to unusually large numbers of virtual hosts, in a highly dynamic topology where backends are added and removed several times per second. It is particularly well-suited for PaaS (platform-as-a-service) and other environments that are both business-critical and multi-tenant.
node.js  websockets  HTTP  performance  js  distributed  server  Docker 
april 2013 by liqweed
Stuff - REST, CQRS, EventSourcing, DCI, functional example
This sample app is an attempt at exploring if it's possible to do all of that while still keeping the code reasonably simple, and with minimal amount of libraries to help out.
websockets  CEP  functional-programming  event-driven  opensource  server  REST  examples  Java 
march 2013 by liqweed
Tweet ping
Check out the Twitter activity in realtime. Based on Nodejs w/, Processing.js and Backbone.js
visualization  twitter  websockets  realtime  world 
january 2013 by liqweed
Simplifies the usage of the CQRS Pattern under backbone.js by providing needed infrastructure.

To use CQRS on the clientside and inside Backbone.js we will need to push events to the browser. You can achieve this via WebSockets, flash, long polling or any other technique around.
backbone  reactive-programming  opensource  plugin  websockets 
january 2013 by liqweed
holler.js - Web Real-Time Notifications
Real-time, in-app notifications for web and mobile via the command line.
node.js  opensource  websockets  js  browser 
december 2012 by liqweed
RESThub - Spring & Backbone Full Stack Framework
A stack based on Spring and Backbone.js designed to build HTML5 applications easily and efficiently. It provides tooling, libraries and documentation in order to build modular web applications with client side state, stateless server and REST webservices or Websocket communication between both.
application-framework  backbone  integration  java  mongodb  opensource  rest  spring  templates  web-framework  websockets 
december 2012 by liqweed
Firebase - A scalable real-time backend for your website
Real-time is hard. Firebase makes it the default. Firebase apps respond automatically to data changes as they occur. Data stored in Firebase is directly accessible from JavaScript on the client. This means you can build dynamic, data-driven websites without running your own databases or web servers. If needed, Firebase can play nicely with your existing backend too!
js  node.js  opensource  server  websockets  PaaS 
november 2012 by liqweed
Pomelo - Game Server based on
Fast, scalable, distributed game server framework for node.js.
games  js  node.js  opensource  server  websockets 
november 2012 by liqweed
Nettosphere - Atmosphere Framework on top of Netty Server
A Java WebSocket and HTTP server powered by the Atmosphere Framework and the Netty Framework.
Java  HTTP  WebSockets  opensource  server  networking 
september 2012 by liqweed
Derby - Full Stack JavaScript Framework
MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.
WebSockets  opensource  web-framework  SPI  js  node.js 
august 2012 by liqweed
Joint - Node.js WebSockets Framework
A Node.js WebSockets framework that takes care of configuration. The network architecture is abstracted into a few intuitive functions that facilitate seamless communication between server and client. Joint also allows functions on the server to be called like any other function on the client, and vice versa. Moreover once these connections are established, Joint provides convenient functions to help organize, search through, and keep track of them.
js  SPI  framework  server  opensource  WebSockets  node.js 
june 2012 by liqweed
Shoe - Streaming sockjs for node & the browser
Streaming sockjs for node and the browser. This is a more streaming, more unixy take on sockjs.
js  opensource  node.js  WebSockets 
june 2012 by liqweed
SocketStream - Fast, Modular Node.js Web Framework
A fast, modular Node.js web framework dedicated to building realtime single-page apps.
js  SPI  opensource  web-framework  WebSockets  node.js 
june 2012 by liqweed
Noduino – Control Arduino with Node.js, WebSockets & HTML5
A simple and flexible JavaScript and Node.js Framework for accessing basic Arduino controls from Web Applications using HTML5, Socket.IO and Node.js.
WebSockets  opensource  hardware  node.js 
june 2012 by liqweed
Hookup - Reliable Messaging on top of WebSockets
A scala based client and server for websockets based on netty and akka futures. It draws its inspiration from finagle, faye-WebSocket, ZeroMQ and Akka.

The aim of this project is to provide a WebSocket client in multiple languages an to be used in non-browser applications. This client should be reliable by making a best effort not to lose any messages and gracefully recover from disconnections.

The server should serve regular WebSocket applications but can be configured for more reliability too.
messaging  WebSockets  opensource  Scala 
june 2012 by liqweed
sockjs-netty - SockJS for Java
An implementation of SockJS for Java using JBoss Netty. It is currently not finished and not production ready. However, all transports offered by SockJS have been implemented and the issues remaining are minor.

SockJS is a browser JavaScript library that provides a WebSocket-like object. SockJS gives you a coherent, cross-browser, Javascript API which creates a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between the browser and the web server.

Under the hood SockJS tries to use native WebSockets first. If that fails it can use a variety of browser-specific transport protocols and presents them through WebSocket-like abstractions.

SockJS is intended to work for all modern browsers and in environments which don't support WebSocket protcol, for example behind restrictive corporate proxies.
standards  WebSockets  compatibility  browser  opensource  Java 
may 2012 by liqweed
SockJS - WebSockets API
A browser JavaScript library that provides a WebSocket-like object. SockJS gives you a coherent, cross-browser, Javascript API which creates a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between the browser and the web server. Under the hood SockJS tries to use native WebSockets first. If that fails it can use a variety of browser-specific transport protocols and presents them through WebSocket-like abstractions.

Intended to work for all modern browsers and in environments which don't support WebSocket protcol, for example behind restrictive corporate proxies.
API  networking  WebSockets  opensource  js 
may 2012 by liqweed
Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise. Supports a modular distributed event bus which spans the server and even penetrates into client side JavaScript for effortless 'real-time' web applications. Supports HTTP/HTTPS/WebSockets/SockJS.
embedded  WebSockets  concurrency  HTTP  server  node.js  js  Ruby  Groovy  JVM  Java  reactive-programming  cool-tools 
may 2012 by liqweed
Asynchronous I/O that doesn’t get in your way, written in D. Uses either Redis or MongoDB.
networking  WebSockets  performance  opensource  MongoDB  application-framework  web-framework 
april 2012 by liqweed
Subway - Web-Based IRC Client
A web-based IRC client with a multi-user backend and a JavaScript-heavy UI. Frontend/backend communication is done with websockets (or best available fallback where not available). The backend supports connection persistence and optional logging when the browser disconnects.
tools  Backbone  node.js  WebSockets  js  communication  opensource 
april 2012 by liqweed
tty.js - A Terminal for the Browser
A terminal for your browser, using node/express/
WebSockets  node.js  opensource  CLI  js 
february 2012 by liqweed
DNode protocol implementation in Java.
RPC  protocol  opensource  Java  messaging  WebSockets 
january 2012 by liqweed
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