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GitHub - Event Sourcing Microservices Example with Spring, Kubernetes, and Docker - Learn about event sourcing and CQRS and how to deploy a social network to Kubernetes using Docker Compose.
A practical microservices reference example for demonstrating the basics of CQRS and Event Sourcing with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. This tutorial walks you through getting this example up and running on Kubernetes using Docker Stacks. If you're unfamiliar with Kubernetes–no worries!–everything you need to get started is contained in this tutorial.
examples  Kubernetes  reactive-programming  Kafka  Java  Spring  event-driven  Rx  Docker  opensource  learning 
8 weeks ago by liqweed
Netflix Hollow - Java library and toolset for disseminating in-memory datasets from a single producer to many consumers for high performance read-only access
A java library and toolset for disseminating in-memory datasets from a single producer to many consumers for high performance read-only access.
Java  memory  opensource  event-driven  Netflix 
november 2018 by liqweed
Debezium - Stream changes from your databases
An open source distributed platform for change data capture. Start it up, point it at your databases, and your apps can start responding to all of the inserts, updates, and deletes that other apps commit to your databases. Debezium is durable and fast, so your apps can respond quickly and never miss an event, even when things go wrong.
event-driven  persistence  opensource  integration 
november 2018 by liqweed
Brigade - Event-driven scripting for Kubernetes.
Script simple and complex workflows using JavaScript. Chain together containers, running them in parallel or serially. Fire scripts based on times, GitHub events, Docker pushes, or any other trigger. Brigade is the tool for creating pipelines for Kubernetes. By Microsoft Azure.
Kubernetes  automation  testing  JS  opensource  cool-tools  event-driven 
october 2018 by liqweed
vlingo - Reactive Distributed DDD framework
The vlingo/platform for the JVM is a set of distributed computing tools that simplify concurrent, reactive, event-driven, and microservices architectures.
distributed  DDD  event-driven  Java  JVM  concurrency  opensource  framework  microservices 
october 2018 by liqweed
Pronghorn - Java actor based framework
A pragmatic approach to an actor based framework. It is a staged event driven single machine embedded micro-framework written in Java, designed to be garbage-free with a small memory footprint.
Java  concurrency  event-driven  performance  reactive-programming  opensource  modeling 
june 2018 by liqweed
Apache Pulsar - Distributed pub-sub messaging system
An open-source distributed pub-sub messaging system originally created at Yahoo.
messaging  opensource  event-driven  distributed 
june 2018 by liqweed
deepstream - Powerful WebSocket server that syncs realtime
A powerful websocket server that syncs realtime data between browsers, smartphones, backends and the IoT.

deepstream is an open source server inspired by concepts behind financial trading technology. It allows clients and backend services to sync data, send messages and make rpcs at very high speed and scale.
WebSockets  server  opensource  event-driven  realtime 
may 2018 by liqweed
squbs - Streaming reactive framework on top of Akka
An open source project that originated at ebay and PayPal to support large scale enterprise adoption of Akka. It powers several mission critical systems in production at both these companies. squbs provides a uniform pattern across applications with a well defined lifecycle for actors, HTTP, and streams. It provides configuration, consistent monitoring, an administration console, testing conventions, a pluggable module system, and support libraries.
Akka  streaming  event-driven  opensource  framework  application-framework  Scala  Java 
may 2018 by liqweed
awesome-ddd - Curated list of DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, and Event Storming resources
A curated list of Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event Sourcing, and Event Storming resources
DDD  curated  list  community  tools  event-driven 
april 2018 by liqweed
NGRX Router - Router Bindings and Helpers for NGRX Effects
Router bindings for NGRX Effects. It allows you to bind to route activation to fetch data along with some common route actions such as go, back, foward.

This is different from ngrx-router-store in the fact this doesn't actually add anything to your store, it just emits events.
Angular  reactive-programming  event-driven  routing  Rx  JS 
march 2018 by liqweed
Debezium - Stream changes from your databases
An open source distributed platform for change data capture. Start it up, point it at your databases, and your apps can start responding to all of the inserts, updates, and deletes that other apps commit to your databases. Debezium is durable and fast, so your apps can respond quickly and never miss an event, even when things go wrong.
streaming  database  persistence  tools  opensource  event-driven  Kafka  microservices 
march 2018 by liqweed
AxonIQ - Platform for event-driven microservices systems
Platform solving common application complexity in event-driven microservices systems.
event-driven  framework  opensource  microservices  Java 
january 2018 by liqweed
Apache OpenWhisk - Serverless, executes functions in response to events
A serverless, open source cloud platform that executes functions in response to events at any scale.
serverless  event-driven  opensource 
december 2017 by liqweed
Serverless - Serverless Application Framework
Serverless is your toolkit for deploying and operating serverless architectures. Powered by AWS Lambda and API Gateway
serverless  opensource  framework  event-driven 
december 2017 by liqweed
Eventline - IFTTT for developers
Micro-framework for routing and handling events for bots and applications. IFTTT for developers. Eventline focuses on the Router in the ERA (Event Source, Router, Action) architecture pattern, whilst providing a convention over configuration design to make it easier to integrate other systems.
bots  event-driven  opensource  integration  node.js  JS  automation  API 
september 2017 by liqweed
Webtask - Run code with an HTTP call
Run code with an HTTP call. No provisioning. No deployment.
Run server-side code for your JavaScript and native applications.
Supports Programmable Webhooks - Run code on each Stripe Payment, a GitHub Push, or any webhook, without setting up servers.

Allow your customers to extend your product using Node.js code instead of creating your own DSL.
JS  online  service  cool-tools  integration  event-driven  webhooks  API 
april 2017 by liqweed
Hazelcast Jet - High-Performance Stream Processing
In-Memory Stream and Batch Processing—Light-weight, Embeddable, Powerful.

Hazelcast Jet is a distributed computing platform for fast processing of big data sets. With Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) providing storage functionality, Hazelcast Jet performs parallel execution enabling data-intensive applications to operate in real-time. Using directed acyclic graphs (DAG) to model relationships between individual steps in the data processing pipeline, Hazelcast Jet is simple to deploy and can execute both stream and batch-based data processing applications simultaneously because it is continuously operating.
Java  streaming  event-driven  memory  opensource  distributed  embedded 
february 2017 by liqweed
Freezer - Tree data structure that emits events on updates
A tree data structure that emits events on updates, even if the modification is triggered by one of the leaves, making it easier to think in a reactive way.
JS  data-structures  opensource  event-driven  reactive-programming 
january 2017 by liqweed
es4j-graphql - GraphQL adaptor for ES4J
A Relay.js-compatible GraphQL server intended to be used with ES4J (Eventsourcing for Java) commands
Java  event-driven  GraphQL  opensource  API 
january 2017 by liqweed
Eventuate Local - Event-driven programming model for microservices
Simplifying the development of transactional microservices.

Eventuate Local is the on-premise, open source version of Eventuate, which is a platform for developing transactional business applications that use the microservice architecture. Eventuate provides an event-driven programming model for microservices that is based on event sourcing and CQRS. Eventuate Local has the same API as the SaaS version but uses a SQL database to persist events and Kafka as the publish/subscribe mechanism.
database  event-driven  messaging  opensource  clustering  modeling 
october 2016 by liqweed
Workq - Job server in Go
A job scheduling server strictly focused on simplifying job processing and streamlining coordination. It can run jobs in blocking foreground or non-blocking background mode.

Workq runs as a standalone TCP server and implements a simple, text based protocol. Clients interact with Workq over a TCP socket in a request/response model with text commands.
golang  concurrency  integration  event-driven  messaging  opensource 
august 2016 by liqweed
Siddhi - Complex Event Processing Engine
A lightweight, easy-to-use Open Source Complex Event Processing Engine (CEP) released as a Java Library under Apache Software License v2.0. Siddhi CEP processes events which are generated by various event sources, analyses them and notifies appropriate complex events according to the user specified queries.
Java  CEP  opensource  event-driven  querying 
august 2016 by liqweed
eventbus-performance - Performance comparison of a set of event bus implementations (Java)
A benchmark of some major event bus implementations for Java. The benchmark is based on lab and pips. Each benchmark is defined oblivious of the actual eventbus implementation that is being benchmarks, i.e. the results are comparable without any restrictions.
Java  messaging  event-driven  performance  comparison 
june 2016 by liqweed
MBassador - Event bus, easy to use and performant
A light-weight, high-performance message (event) bus implementation based on the publish subscribe pattern. It is designed for ease of use and aims to be feature rich and extensible while preserving resource efficiency and performance.

Features: Declarative listener definition via annotations, sync and/or async event delivery, weak-references, message filtering.
Java  event-driven  messaging  opensource  concurrency  generic-toolkit  performance 
june 2016 by liqweed
Funktion - Lambda style event driven programming model for Kubernetes
An open source event driven lambda style programming model on top of Kubernetes.

A funktion is a regular function in any programming language bound to a triggerdeployed into Kubernetes. Then Kubernetes takes care of the rest (scaling, high availability, load balancing, logging and metrics etc).
Kubernetes  event-driven  functional-programming  modeling  deployment 
june 2016 by liqweed
TrailDB - Efficient Storing & Processing Event Data
A library, implemented in C, which allows you to query series of events at blazing speed. TrailDB is also optimized for speed of development: Use its simple API with your favorite language, in your favorite environment.

TrailDB's secret sauce is data compression. It leverages predictability of time-based data to compress your data to a fraction of its original size. In contrast to traditional compression, you can query the encoded data directly, decompressing only the parts you need.
database  time  performance  streaming  event-driven  CEP 
may 2016 by liqweed
Apache Geode - Database-like consistency model, reliable distributed transaction processing
Provides a database-like consistency model, reliable transaction processing and a shared-nothing architecture to maintain very low latency performance with high concurrency processing.

Build high-speed, data-intensive applications that elastically meet performance requirements at any scale.
Take advantage of Apache Geode's unique technology that blends advanced techniques for data replication, partitioning and distributed processing.
streaming  opensource  distributed  querying  performance  big-data  clustering  event-driven 
april 2016 by liqweed
Reveno - Event Sourced/CQRS framework
Thoroughgoing high performance, durable and yet simple async transaction processing JVM based framework made to fit your domain in first place.
Java  event-driven  opensource  DDD  concurrency  modeling  application-framework 
march 2016 by liqweed
eventsrc - Scala Event Sourcing Data Persistence
A library for implementing event sourcing data persistence in your Scala project. By Atlassian.
Scala  event-driven  persistence  opensource 
march 2016 by liqweed - Event Framework for Ruby
An event library for Ruby, built on the libev event library which provides a cross-platform interface to high performance system calls.
ruby  networking  opensource  performance  event-driven 
march 2016 by liqweed
ffwd - Event & metrics fast-forwarding agent
A flexible event and metric forwarding agent. It is intended to run locally on the system and receive events and metrics through a wide set of protocols and then forward them to your database. By Spotify. By running locally, it is easily available to receive pushed data from any application or service that is running on the same system. ffwd decorates the received data with system-wide tags or attributes. By doing this, the application generating the data becomes simpler to build, maintain, and configure since it doesn't have to know where it is running. Only that ffwd is available on the loopback interface.
Ruby  opensource  event-driven  monitoring  messaging 
february 2016 by liqweed
Hoist - The Microservices Platform that talks to APIs
If this, then: code. Trigger code on events in your favorite web services.
event-driven  API  integration  online  service  automation 
october 2015 by liqweed
StackStorm - Event-driven Automation
A powerful automation tool that wires together all of your apps, services and workflows. It’s extendable, flexible, and built with love for DevOps and ChatOps.
service  automation  tools  online  opensource  API  devops  event-driven 
october 2015 by liqweed
StackStorm - Event-driven Automation
A powerful automation tool that wires together all of your apps, services and workflows. It’s extendable, flexible, and built with love for DevOps and ChatOps.
service  automation  tools  online  API  devops  event-driven  opensource 
october 2015 by liqweed
Telepat - Real Time, Open Source Data Sync
An open-source backend stack, designed to deliver information and information updates in real-time to clients, while allowing for flexible deployment and simple scaling. Telepat empowers modern apps for the real-time age.
JS  WebSockets  push  opensource  server  event-driven  backup  API 
september 2015 by liqweed
Event Store - Functional Database with Complex Event Processing in JavaScript
The open-source, functional database with Complex Event Processing in JavaScript.
event-driven  messaging  opensource  JS  node.js  CEP  database  time  distributed 
august 2015 by liqweed
Apache BookKeeper - Replicated Log Service
A replicated log service which can be used to build replicated state machines. A log contains a sequence of events which can be applied to a state machine. BookKeeper guarantees that each replica state machine will see all the same entries, in the same order.
event-driven  distributed  opensource  integration 
july 2015 by liqweed
Eventuate - Distributed, Highly-Available & Partition-Tolerant Event Sourcing
A toolkit for building distributed, highly-available and partition-tolerant event-sourced applications. It is written in Scala and built on top of Akka, a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM. Eventuate also provides an implementation of operation-based CRDTs.
Akka  event-driven  Scala  opensource  distributed  application-framework  concurrency 
march 2015 by liqweed
Otto - Enhanced Event Bus with emphasis on Android support
An event bus designed to decouple different parts of your application while still allowing them to communicate efficiently. Forked from Guava, Otto adds unique functionality to an already refined event bus as well as specializing it to the Android platform. By Square.
Java  Android  event-driven  opensource  messaging  memory 
january 2015 by liqweed
The Chronology Project - Time Series Data Suite
A suite of open source tools to help you on your data-to-answers journey. Chronology comes with everything you need to turn metrics into insights. The Chronology Project tackles three data-oriented tasks with three tools: Kronos (data collection), Metis (data analysis), and Jia (data visualization). These tools are loosely coupled and can stand alone, but they can also speak with one-another: Metis can query data in Kronos, and Jia can visualize the answers provided by Metis.
time  visualization  opensource  JS  Lucene  Cassandra  big-data  event-driven  Spark 
december 2014 by liqweed
Paperclip.js - Fast Template Engine for the DOM
Compiled templates for the Browser, and NodeJS A simple, yet powerful reactive template engine built for speed, and extensibility. Paperclip is a reactive template engine designed for the DOM. It works by compiling templates to document fragments, then clones them whenever they're needed. The result is blazing-fast rendering with very few moving parts.
template-engine  JS  opensource  dom-handling  binding  event-driven 
november 2014 by liqweed
Netflix Zeno - In-Memory Data Propagation Framework
Netflix leans heavily on the Zeno framework to manage, transport, and keep updated these gigabytes of constantly-changing data replicated across thousands of servers.
Java  memory  key-value-database  distributed  serialization  opensource  event-driven  cache 
september 2014 by liqweed
way.js - Super easy 2-way Databinding
A simple, lightweight, persistent, framework-agnostic javascript library that allows you to bind DOM elements to an in-memory datastore (with no to little JS code). A super easy two-way databinding.
JS  binding  dom-handling  event-driven  opensource 
september 2014 by liqweed
Flight - Event-Driven Web Framework by Twitter
An event-driven web framework, from Twitter. Flight is a lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework that maps behavior to DOM nodes. Twitter uses it for their web applications.
web-framework  JS  opensource  event-driven  binding 
september 2014 by liqweed
SPF (Structured Page Fragments) - Navigation & Updates of Page Sections
A lightweight framework that handles navigation and updates of page sections. Using progressive enhancement and HTML5, SPF seamlessly updates pages with server-side rendering. Only document fragments are sent, and corresponding page sections are asynchronously updated when received.
JS  opensource  dom-handling  event-driven  performance 
july 2014 by liqweed
Akka CRDT - Server-Managed CRDT Database
The goal of this project is to provide a server-managed CRDT database build on top of Akka Cluster. We plan to implement most of the known CRDTs (Conflict-free Replicated Data Types), both CvRDTs and CmRDTs (see below for the difference). It is meant to be used both from within an Akka application and as a stand-alone REST service speaking JSON.
Akka  persistence  database  event-driven  opensource  Scala  JSON 
june 2014 by liqweed
Roshi - Distributed Storage System for Time-Series Events
A large-scale CRDT set implementation for timestamped events. Implements a time-series event storage via a LWW-element-set CRDT with inline garbage collection. Roshi is a stateless, distributed layer on top of Redis and is implemented in Go. It is partition tolerant, highly available and eventually consistent. By Soundcloud.
database  cep  event-driven  opensource  redis  golang  distributed  time 
june 2014 by liqweed
InfluxDB - Open Source Time Series, Metrics & Analytics Database
An open-source distributed time series database with no external dependencies. InfluxDB is the new home for all of your metrics, events, and analytics.
database  opensource  time  analytics  NOSQL  golang  event-driven  cep 
june 2014 by liqweed
JsAction - DOM Event Delegation
A tiny event delegation library that allows decoupling the DOM nodes on which the action occurs from the JavaScript code that handles the action. By Google.
JS  dom-handling  event-driven  opensource  Google 
may 2014 by liqweed
EventHub - Open Source Event Tracking System
Enables companies to do cross devices event tracking. The events will be joined by their associated users at the server, and the server also comes with a built-in dashboard which can be used to answer the following common business questions: What is my funnel conversion rate? What is my cohorted KPI retention? Which variant in my A/B testing has higher conversion rate? Most important of all, it is free and open sourced. By Codecademy.
event-driven  statistics  analytics  dashboard  opensource  Java  JS  d3 
may 2014 by liqweed
ripple - Reactive Views Foundation
A tiny foundation for building reactive views.
JS  opensource  binding  event-driven 
march 2014 by liqweed
Snowplow - Event Data Pipeline
Track all events, across all channels. Action the data in real-time.
analytics  database  events  big-data  event-driven  BI  data-mining  time  opensource 
march 2014 by liqweed
AxonFramework - Java CQRS Framework
Framework for scalable, high performance applications. Focussed on making life easier for developers that want to create a java application based on the CQRS principles. Spring based.
DDD  Java  Spring  application-framework  event-driven  framework  messaging  opensource 
february 2014 by liqweed
Cube - Collect Timestamped Events & Derive Metrics
A system for collecting timestamped events and deriving metrics. By collecting events rather than metrics, Cube lets you compute aggregate statistics post hoc. It also enables richer analysis, such as quantiles and histograms of arbitrary event sets. Nuilt on MongoDB. By Square.
analytics  statistics  time  opensource  cep  event-driven 
december 2013 by liqweed
JdonFramework - Java Reactive Framework
A Java reactive framework that you can use to build your Domain Driven Design + CQRS + EventSourcing applications with asynchronous concurrency and higher throughput.

JdonFramework = DDD + Event Sourcing + CQRS + asynchronous + concurrency + higher throughput.
DDD  Java  concurrency  event-driven  opensource  reactive-programming 
october 2013 by liqweed
stream-lib - Library for Summarizing Data in Streams
A Java library for summarizing data in streams for which it is infeasible to store all events. More specifically, there are classes for estimating: cardinality (i.e. counting things); set membership; top-k elements and frequency. One particularly useful feature is that cardinality estimators with compatible configurations may be safely merged. These classes may be used directly in a JVM project or with the provided shell scripts and good old Unix IO redirection.
streaming  big-data  tools  event-driven  algorithms  analytics  Java  statistics 
october 2013 by liqweed
Witch.js - Minimal Data-Binding JavaScript Library
Data binding with Rivets, object observer with Watch.js. Supports models and collections with computed properties. Basic support for REST operations. Basic template engine features.
template-engine  ajax  js  event-driven  binding  opensource  REST 
september 2013 by liqweed
Mini event system for javascript.
js  event-driven  opensource  messaging 
september 2013 by liqweed
Goo.js - Canvas Drawing & Event Handling
A self-contained microlibrary intended to simplify drawing and event handling with the HTML5 canvas object.
HTML5  canvas  event-driven  graphics  js  opensource 
june 2013 by liqweed
PubSubJS - JavaScript pub/sub library
A dependency free publish/subscribe library for JavaScript. PubSubJS has synchronisation decoupling, so messages are delivered asynchronously. This helps keep your program predictable as the originator of messages will not be blocked while consumers process messages. Also supports synchronous message publication.
js  event-driven  opensource  messaging 
june 2013 by liqweed
js-signals - JavaSctipt Event Dispatcher
A Signal is similar to an Event Emitter/Dispatcher or a Pub/Sub system, the main difference is that each event type has it's own controller and doesn't rely on strings to broadcast/subscribe to events.
js  event-driven  opensource  messaging 
june 2013 by liqweed
Backbone Domo - Handle Views Attached to DOM Events
Backbone, especially Marionette, does an excellent job providing developers with intuitive constructs for encapsulating and working with DOM elements. From initializers to destructors you can track the state of your Views with ease. Unfortunately, the View does not have any notion of being inserted into the DOM.
event-driven  dom-handling  opensource  plugin  backbone 
may 2013 by liqweed
A tiny and robust PubSub implementation in the spirit of evolved from an original implementation by Daniel Lamb (of which, after refactoring and optimizing, only the method names have been kept, hence the change in the project's name).
js  event-driven  concurrency  opensource  messaging 
may 2013 by liqweed
EE - Embedded Event Processing in Clojure
A Clojure library for embedded event processing. It combines a lightweight generic event handling system, and with multiple windowed stream operations.
cep  clojure  event-driven  opensource 
april 2013 by liqweed
Stuff - REST, CQRS, EventSourcing, DCI, functional example
This sample app is an attempt at exploring if it's possible to do all of that while still keeping the code reasonably simple, and with minimal amount of libraries to help out.
websockets  CEP  functional-programming  event-driven  opensource  server  REST  examples  Java 
march 2013 by liqweed
LucidJS - Chainable Event Emitter
A chainable event emitter library. It offers several unique features such as set events, emitter piping, DOM node encapsulation, sub events, along with the usual event triggering and binding. LucidJS emitters also feature meta events that allow listening for event binding and event triggering.
reactive-programming  js  event-driven  dom-handling  opensource 
february 2013 by liqweed
Demonstrates how to implement an event-sourced web application based on the Eligosource Eventsourced library.
cep  Scala  event-driven  opensource  Akka  examples 
february 2013 by liqweed
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