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SwiftCV - The only resume that you’ll ever need
SwiftCV helps you build simple yet powerful resumes and much more
The all-in-one platform powering your professional presence online. This will be the only resume that you’ll ever need.
career  online  service  publishing 
9 hours ago by liqweed
Mercury - Banking built for Startups
Makes bank accounts that help tech companies scale.
banking  money  startup  service 
10 hours ago by liqweed
UserGuiding - Onboarding & product walkthrough software
The easiest way to show how your product works. Create interactive product tours in minutes with the most non-technical friendly tool, without coding.
UX  tools  service 
11 hours ago by liqweed
Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage - Lowest Cost On Demand Storage As a Service
Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

High Performance Cloud Storage at ¼ the Price.
storage  cloud-computing  hosting  service  online 
4 days ago by liqweed
Videoblocks - Unlimited Stock Video
Get all the footage, backgrounds, and After Effects templates you need with a low-cost subscription.
video  repository  search  service  commercial 
4 days ago by liqweed
Plectica - Visual Mapping Software
Visualize & connect information so they can get on the same page—and move faster, together.
collaboration  visualization  diagrams  online  service  tools  graphs 
18 days ago by liqweed
G2 Track - Manage software spend, usage, contracts and compliance
Goodbye, wasted SaaS spend.

Manage software spend, usage, contracts and compliance -- and optimize your entire tech stack.
cloud-computing  money  online  service  commercial  startup  business 
19 days ago by liqweed
Webiny - Serverless CMS powered by GraphQL and React
Developer-friendly Serverless CMS powered by GraphQL and React.

Webiny is a serverless open source CMS.

Build websites and web applications - both large and small without all the hassle you are used to.
CMS  GraphQL  React  opensource  online  service 
25 days ago by liqweed
Mockdown - Convert hi fidelity screens to low fidelity ones
Turn high fidelity UI images into mockups.

Create low fidelity mockdowns, redact user information, use for explainer videos or concept walkthroughs.
UX  prototyping  online  service  UI  tools  graphics 
29 days ago by liqweed
QuickChart - Open Source Image Charts Replacement
Generate a Chart Image from URL.

Create static charts for embedding in email, SMS, reports, and more.
charts  online  generator  opensource  service  visualization  API 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
QuickChart - Google Image Charts alternative
a service that generates images of charts from a URL. Because these charts are simple images, they are very easy to embed in non-dynamic environments such as email, SMS, chat rooms, and so on.

The chart image generation service is available online at There is an interactive editor that allows you to adjust inputs and build images.
charts  API  opensource  online  service  visualization 
4 weeks ago by liqweed - The registry for Kubernetes Operators
A new home for the Kubernetes community to share Operators. Find an existing Operator or list your own.
Kubernetes  deployment  repository  search  service  community  curated 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
LinuxServer - Large collection of container images
We make and maintain container images for the community.
We are a group of like minded enthusiasts from across the world.
We have built and maintain the largest collection of container images on the web and at our core are the principles behind Free and Open Source Software. Our primary goal is to provide easy-to-use and streamlined Docker images with clear and concise documentation.
Docker  Linux  online  repository  service  community 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
ScaleGrid - Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB & MySQL Hosting
MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL & MongoDB Hosting. Easily deploy, monitor, backup and scale your cluster on AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, and VMWare with a few simple clicks.
database  hosting  MongoDB  RDBMS  service 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
Ko-fi - Get support from people who love your work
Get Paid by People Who Love Your Work.

Join 300,000 creators, funding their passions with a free Ko-fi Page. The friendly way to ask for support for the price of a coffee.

A free Buy Me a Coffee Button for Your Content.
money  service  freelance  opensource 
8 weeks ago by liqweed
PopSQL - Modern, collaborative SQL editor for your team
Modern, collaborative SQL editor for your team

Write queries, visualize data, and share your results.
SQL  editors  tools  IDE  querying  collaboration  data-exploration  online  service  commercial 
8 weeks ago by liqweed
CodeSandbox - Online Code Editor Tailored for Web Application Development
An online editor that helps you create web applications, from prototype to deployment.
JS  online  service  prototyping  examples  cool-tools  editors  IDE  Vue  Angular  React 
8 weeks ago by liqweed
Replicated - The modern way to ship enterprise software
Solving both sides of cloud-native 3rd-party application delivery and management. Ship and automate on-prem deployments.
on-prem  deployment  service  commercial  Kubernetes 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
Draftium - Free Website Prototyping Tool
Pick a template and customize it with our powerful editor by adding or removing pages, blocks, and elements. Get real-time feedback right on your prototype online. Make changes on the fly and get approval without delay.
webdesign  templates  prototyping  online  service 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
SoMo - Smart Group Rideshare
Ride alone or with friends and get there the best way possible.
transportation  mobile  social  maps  service 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
Weblium - AI Website Builder
Next generation website builder. Create websites with the new technology.
webdesign  online  service  prototyping  AI 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
Shots - Mobile Design Patterns Studio powered by AI
Never build from scratch again. Select one of our hand-picked mobile design patterns and transform it into responsive UI code to get your ideas up and running faster.
prototyping  online  tools  design  webdesign  service  mobile 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
ClusterScope - Discover outdated containers in your Kubernetes cluster
Discover outdated images in your cluster

Run the standard kubectl command below to extract your image names and SHAs. Submit the output and ClusterScope will analyze each 3rd-party image and provide a shareable report on how current each version is.
Kubernetes  online  service  monitoring  code-inspection  tools 
10 weeks ago by liqweed
Sheety - Turn your Google Sheet into an API
Turn any Google sheet into an API instantly, for free.
Power websites, apps, or whatever you like, all from a spreadsheet. Changes to your spreadsheet update your API in realtime. Neat.
Google  API  tools  online  service  cool-tools 
10 weeks ago by liqweed
GraphQL Inspector - Compare GraphQL schemas, validate documents, find breaking changes, find similar types, schema coverage
Bulletproof your GraphQL API.

Detects every change, finds similar or duplicated types, validates documents against a schema and looks for deprecated usage.
GraphQL  testing  code-inspection  tools  comparison  API  opensource  online  service 
11 weeks ago by liqweed
Stride - Realtime analytics-as-a-service API
Collect, process, analyze, and push event data to and from applications in real time via a dead-simple API using any language you want. Leverage the full power of SQL to manipulate, distill, and visualize your data.
analytics  big-data  realtime  BI  service  SQL  online 
december 2018 by liqweed - Remove Background from Image
100% automatically – in 5 seconds – without a single click.
graphics  service  tools  design 
december 2018 by liqweed
Gitpod - One-Click Online IDE for GitHub and other code hosting platforms
One-Click Online IDE for GitHub and other code hosting platforms. In a blink of an eye from any GitHub project, pull request, or issue to a ready-configured, fully-featured online IDE and terminal.
online  IDE  service  Git  tools  development 
december 2018 by liqweed
Rockset - Serverless search and analytics engine that makes it easy to develop data-driven apps
Rockset is a serverless search and analytics engine that makes it easy to develop data-driven apps. Simply provide Rockset read access to your data, and start building instantly. SQL on raw JSON.
big-data  analytics  search  BI  online  service  SQL  querying 
december 2018 by liqweed - Simplify Kubernetes Visibility
Intelligent monitoring and alerting for containerized applications and services. Hosted Prometheus & Grafana.
Kubernetes  service  online  monitoring 
december 2018 by liqweed
Instaclustr - Managed Platform for Open Source Technologies (Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch)
Managed Platform for Open Source Technologies. Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Lucene and Elasticsearch.
cloud-computing  service  online  hosting  Cassandra  Kafka  Lucene  Spark 
december 2018 by liqweed
Curio - Hear What Matters
Listen to exclusive journalism handpicked for you from the finest publications.
podcast  commercial  service  audio  news 
december 2018 by liqweed
Synadia - Connect Everything
A global communications system built on NGS is easy to use, secure by default, and globally available in all major cloud providers.
messaging  networking  service  communication  integration 
december 2018 by liqweed
The Google Cloud Developer's Cheat Sheet
The Google Cloud Developer's Cheat Sheet by the Google Developer Relations Team.
A list of every product in the Google Cloud family described in 4 words or less.
Google  cloud-computing  online  service  list  reference  cheatsheet 
december 2018 by liqweed
ImprovMX - Free email forwarding for domains
Set up catch-all email forwarding in seconds. No fees. No registration. No clutter.
email  free  service 
november 2018 by liqweed
Platform9 - Managed Kubernetes as a Service
Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is SaaS-managed, infrastructure-agnostic, and works across public clouds and on-premises server infrastructure.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is the industry’s only SaaS managed solution that is infrastructure agnostic, working across public clouds and on-premises server infrastructure.

SaaS managed delivery enables on boarding in minutes, without the ongoing operational overhead of 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting and orchestrating Kubernetes upgrades.
Kubernetes  service  on-prem  deployment  online  commercial 
october 2018 by liqweed
Datalore - Data analysis application
An intelligent web application for data analysis. Explore datasets, build powerful predictive models, create rich visualizations and invite colleagues to get better insights. By JetBrains.
data-exploration  collaboration  tools  editors  Python  visualization  service 
october 2018 by liqweed
Surge - Static web publishing for Front-End Developers
Simple, single-command web publishing. Publish HTML, CSS, and JS for free, without leaving the command line.
hosting  publishing  JS  service  HTML 
october 2018 by liqweed
Scalyr - Blazing-Fast Log Management & Application Monitoring
Aggregates all your server logs and metrics into a centralized system in real time.

Our powerful and blazing-fast web UI crunches terabytes of logs; most search results take less than a second.
logging  service  monitoring  search  online 
october 2018 by liqweed
Unigraph – The world's largest Knowledge Graph
Creating the infrastructure and building the web of interconnected data, a datasource at the time. Innovative approach to big data storage and retrieval combined with the best practices in evolving ontology design power the distributed Knowledge Graph of the future and its real-time data API.
dataset  API  graph-theory  GraphQL  online  service  querying 
august 2018 by liqweed
Cloudflare Stream - High quality video streaming service
High quality video streaming made easy and affordable at scale.

Cloudflare Stream is an easy-to-use, affordable, on-demand video streaming platform. Stream seamlessly integrates video storage, encoding, and a customizable player with Cloudflare’s fast, secure, and reliable global network, so that you can spend less time managing video delivery and more time building and promoting your product.
video  hosting  streaming  service  online 
august 2018 by liqweed
HackerRank - Technical Recruiting
Assess, Screen, Interview. HackerRank for Work is the leading end-to-end technical recruiting platform for hiring engineers.
interviews  hiring  online  service 
august 2018 by liqweed
Vervoe - Intelligent Hiring Platform
Make sure candidates are always being asked the right questions. Use simulations written by experts you can trust, completed by tens of thousands of candidates and endorsed by talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers.
interviews  online  service  hiring 
august 2018 by liqweed
Harness - Continuous Delivery Simplified, CI/CD for Devops
Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform that automates the entire CD process, uses machine learning to protect you when deployments fail, and equips you with enterprise-grade security every step of the way. Continuous Delivery has never been so simple.
Kubernetes  deployment  ci  online  service  devops 
august 2018 by liqweed
KintoHub - Microservices made simple
KintoBlocks make coding microservices easy for all your application needs. Build, combine, manage dependencies, auto document, CI/CD, host and scale across any language with our friendly UI.
microservices  platform  service  PaaS 
july 2018 by liqweed
NIP.IO - Wildcard DNS for any IP Address
Dead simple wildcard DNS for any IP Address.
networking  proxy  service  online 
july 2018 by liqweed
Mason - Front-end as a Service
Front-end made simple. Build, design, and deploy fully functional front-end solutions—no coding required.
GUI  service  generator 
july 2018 by liqweed
Kloudless - The Unified API Platform
Code once, integrate many. Integrate your product with Kloudless to connect it to all the integrations you need. We maintain them, so you don’t have to.
online  service  integration  API  commercial 
july 2018 by liqweed
BOLT - Integrated Testing Platform
An end-to-end testing platform making automation easier and centralized in a single DevOps pipeline.
testing  automation  web  online  service  commercial 
june 2018 by liqweed
FastQL - Smart GraphQL caching and CDN
Accelerate your GraphQL powered app and save on hosting.
Caching GraphQL queries on the edge is no easy task, which is why we built FastQL. The only CDN built specifically for GraphQL applications.
GraphQL  proxy  cache  online  service  commercial 
june 2018 by liqweed
One Identity - Identity & Access Management for the Real World
One Identity solutions eliminate the complexities and time-consuming processes often required to govern identities, manage privileged accounts and control access.
identity  authentication  online  service  commercial 
june 2018 by liqweed
Greenkeeper - Automate your npm dependency management
Automated dependency management. Get safety & consistency with real-time monitoring and automatic updates for npm dependencies.
node.js  JS  modularity  online  service  build  tools 
june 2018 by liqweed
OSF (Open Science Framework) - A scholarly commons to connect the entire research cycle
A scholarly commons to connect the entire research cycle. Simplified Scholarly Collaboration
Cloud-based management for your projects.
Structured projects

Keep all your files, data, and protocols in one centralized location. No more trawling emails to find files or scrambling to recover from lost data.
science  opensource  collaboration  hosting  service  framework 
june 2018 by liqweed
mabl - ML-driven test automation
The only ML-driven test automation service that automatically maintains tests and identifies regressions for you.
UI  testing  machine-learning  service 
june 2018 by liqweed
Flute Mail - Boost your email API with better deliverability, logs, and segments
Flute Mail plugs into your existing API provider to properly isolate segments, boost inbox rates, and safely store your transactional email data.
email  online  service  API  analytics 
june 2018 by liqweed
Whimsical Wireframes - Design better apps and websites
Generation of diagrams and flowcharts from text. Whimsical includes a rich library of configurable elements like buttons, inputs, checkboxes, and more.
prototyping  UX  online  tools  service  collaboration 
june 2018 by liqweed
Humio - Aggregate all your logs easily and affordably with Humio
Aggregate all your logs easily and affordably with Humio. Query, interact, and visualize your data instantly, on-prem or in the cloud.
logging  service  on-prem  commercial  tools 
june 2018 by liqweed
MockLab - Hosted HTTP Mocks
Super-fast hosted mocks, with a QA-friendly UI. Easily copy, paste or record stubbed HTTP responses and share with your whole team.
HTTP  test-stub  service  online  commercial 
june 2018 by liqweed - Data Science Platform
Designed by data scientists, for data scientists; cnvrg accelerates every stage of a data science project. From the work of researching exploring data through development and optimizing models.
data-exploration  platform  commercial  service  big-data  machine-learning  tools  automation 
may 2018 by liqweed
Dialogflow - Build natural and rich conversational experiences
Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, such as voice apps and chatbots, powered by AI. Connect with users on your website, mobile app, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms and devices.
bots  AI  online  service  NLP  Google 
may 2018 by liqweed
Kuoll - Loss monitoring
New e-commerce monitoring solution to prevent an online store from losses

Estimate losses from e-commerce errors.
Retain revenue and control changes.
error-handling  monitoring  commercial  commerce  service  online 
may 2018 by liqweed
Segment Personas - Build Computed Traits and Audiences
A new product built on the Segment platform. With Personas, you can take the context from every past customer conversation with you to the next.

Unify user history across devices and channels into one comprehensive profile.
analytics  commercial  service  identity 
may 2018 by liqweed
Hookdoo - Run shell scripts on your remote servers
Secure webhook invocation endpoints that can run your shell scripts by connecting to your fleet of servers via SSH.
webhooks  CLI  integration  service  online  API 
may 2018 by liqweed
Gruntwork - DevOps as a Service
Your entire infrastructure defined as code. In about a day.
We get you up and running on AWS with and you get 100% of the code.
devops  commercial  platform  opensource  Amazon  service 
may 2018 by liqweed
Mapfit - Hyper-accurate map platform
Use cutting-edge maps with seamless APIs, frameworks, and data licensing at a fraction of what competitors charge.

Mapfit powers the new standard of user experiences and defines a new level of map data. We have the highest accuracy geocoder worldwide. Addresses are doorway-accurate and include entrance definition, such as primary, secondary, parking garage, and freight docks.
maps  geolocation  online  service  commercial 
may 2018 by liqweed
Gremlin - Chaos Engineering Tools to Break Things on Purpose
Everything you need to do Chaos Engineering.

Gremlin provides a full suite of tools to safely and securely run Chaos Experiments in production.

Run proactive Chaos Experiments to verify that your system can withstand failure—and to fix it if it doesn’t.
error-handling  testing  online  service  tools  devops 
may 2018 by liqweed
StackPointCloud - Universal Managed Kubernetes Control Plane
The universal control plane for managed kubernetes.

Deploy a Kubernetes cluster to the cloud provider of your choice in 3 steps using our web-based interface.
Kubernetes  automation  tools  online  service  hosting  mesh  Docker  deployment  devops  monitoring  dashboard 
may 2018 by liqweed - JSON storage with schema validation
JSON storage bins that won't break your app. Set up a lightweight JSON endpoint in seconds, then add a schema to edit your data safely at any time.
JSON  online  collaboration  storage  examples  service  schema 
may 2018 by liqweed
Scrumpy - Beautiful Project Management Tool for Agile Teams
Scrumpy is designed for agile teams who manage multiple projects. We want you to stay focused on the important things.
Agile  project-management  online  tools  service  collaboration 
april 2018 by liqweed
Sunsama - The calendar for teams
Sunsama simplifies work by bringing your team's calendars, meetings, and projects together in one place.
collaboration  project-management  online  service  productivity  tools 
april 2018 by liqweed
Upthere - Smarter way to store everything you want
A smarter way to store everything you want. Upthere Home, the first app for Upthere, is designed to be the one home for all of your photos, videos, music, and documents. Everything is safely and privately stored directly in the Upthere cloud.
storage  photography  online  service  commercial 
april 2018 by liqweed
RealtimeBoard - Virtual Whiteboard & Remote Collaboration tool
Simple whiteboarding platform for cross-functional teams collaboration.
collaboration  tools  online  service  visualization 
april 2018 by liqweed
Spoke - Simple AI Help Desk Ticketing for Employee Support
A complete solution for every internal support team. Spoke gives the support teams in your organization a single place to manage employee requests. It has everything you need to keep employees happy and productive, including ticketing, knowledge management, and self-service powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.). All in a tightly-integrated package that sets new standards for simplicity and ease-of-use.
collaboration  tools  online  service 
april 2018 by liqweed
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