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Progamming in K
Helpful article by oK author about how to program in k
apl  k  programming 
april 2019 by loganmhb
K By Example
large commented file of k snippets displaying language features
programming  k 
april 2019 by loganmhb
ZM~~ # PRinty# C with ABC! - paper.pdf
A C compiler whose compiled binary is its own readme
programming  compilers 
march 2018 by loganmhb
Jones Forth
A heavily-commented implementation of Forth in assembler.
programming  forth 
april 2017 by loganmhb
Handbook for the Dyalog implementation of APL
programming  apl 
april 2017 by loganmhb
Some Motley Bloom Tricks
Tricks for using Bloom filters.
april 2017 by loganmhb

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