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Revisiting Eyes Wide Shut 20 Years Later
July 16, 1999. That was the last day of my eighteenth year and the first day Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut was released into the world. As an…
movies  kubrick 
23 days ago
What’s that file then? How to identify unknown file types – The Eclectic Light Company
Autumn/fall must be spring cleaning time on Macs, in preparation for upgrading macOS. With all sorts of issues over 32-bit app loss and old QuickTime encodings,…
macOS  filemanager  filesystem 
23 days ago
The problem with APFS snapshots – The Eclectic Light Company
In yesterday’s article , I showed how I was able to restore a trashed APFS volume using a snapshot. The main lesson is that, while this is superbly quick and…
macOS  apfs  snapshot 
23 days ago
Revisiting the Renaissance: Aladdin Revisited
The Cadence of a Joke And there really isn’t anyone more outlandish than the Genie. As much as Aladdin may suffer from having weaker lead characters, the Genie…
movies  disney 
23 days ago
The iPhone and Apple’s Services Strategy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Editor’s Note: Stratechery was referenced in yesterday’s keynote. I had no knowledge of or awareness of this reference, and have no relationship with Apple,…
iphone11  apple  business 
29 days ago
Exploit Sellers Say There are More iPhone Hacks on the Market Than They’ve Ever Seen - VICE
Just a few days after Google revealed that sophisticated hackers —likely working for the Chinese government and who had access to a relatively large selection…
iphone  security  hacking  zerodays 
5 weeks ago
Interested in performance? Updated Signpost tools now available – The Eclectic Light Company
Before the arrival of the unified log in Sierra, you could measure the time it took to do something simply by writing a few quick entries in the log, finding…
macOS  console  performances 
5 weeks ago
Decades-Old Computer Science Conjecture Solved in Two Pages
A paper posted online this month has settled a nearly 30-year-old conjecture about the structure of the fundamental building blocks of computer circuits. This…
maths  sensitivity 
8 weeks ago
Inside Apple’s walled garden, developers take cover from Silicon Valley’s storms - The Verge
A pple’s Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) creates a convincing version of reality that can, at times, seem too good to be true. Hosted again…
apple  wwdc 
8 weeks ago
From The Depths Of Counterfeit Smartphones | Trail of Bits Blog
In an age of online second-hand retailers, marketplace exchanges, and third-party refurb shops, it’s easier than ever to save hundreds of dollars when buying a…
iphone  hacking 
9 weeks ago
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Prosperity
BAHfest Laws & Sausages SOONISH SMBC on Reddit Email Facebook Fan Club Signing in Charlottesville (Nov 17) BAHFest London (March 16) BAHFest MIT (March 31)
comics  funny  hell 
11 weeks ago
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, showing off new Apple Watch products at the company’s headquarters in 2017. When Apple announced the pending…
timcook  jeffwilliams  apple 
12 weeks ago
The German Tank Problem -
The German tank problem recounts a fascinating story of how the Allies estimated German tank production numbers during World War II. Early in the war, the…
statistics  ww2 
july 2019
Revisiting the Renaissance: Beauty and the Beast Revisited – /Film
Put Our Service to the Test Though the script and songs are full of cleverness and emotional depth, it’s the animation that does the lion’s share of the work…
disney  movies 
july 2019
Graph Theory
A paper posted online last month has disproved a 53-year-old conjecture about the best way to assign colors to the nodes of a network. The paper shows, in a…
july 2019
Hypercritical: Jony Ive
Home About Archive Contact RSS Hypercritical Jony Ive July 4, 2019 at 9:53 PM by According to any reasonable set of quantifiable measures, Jony Ive departs…
jonyive  apple  design 
july 2019
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