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LiDAR For Everyone, Hybo iLidar by hybo — Kickstarter
iLidar is the first solid-state LiDAR sensor made for ALL MAKERS from beginner to robotics developer. Overcoming the limitations of traditional LiDAR, iLidar offers cutting-edge LiDAR performance at an unbeatable price, all in one compact sensor module.
kickstarter  lidar  robots  sensors  laser 
22 days ago
Big Tech: The New Predatory Capitalism
“What has the greatest collection of humanity and IQ and financial capital been brought together to accomplish?” Galloway asked the crowd. “To save world hunger? To create greater comity of man? I don’t think so. … Their singular mission, simply put, it’s to sell another fucking Nissan.”
capitalism  amazon  twitter 
27 days ago
Estonia, the Digital Republic | The New Yorker
Its government is virtual, borderless, blockchained, and secure. Has this tiny post-Soviet nation found the way of the future?
government  technology  blockchain  estonia 
27 days ago
Why Designers Need to Start Thinking About Blockchain |
Blockchain. You’ve heard the word. Perhaps you’ve invested in a digital currency or two. But do you really know what the technology is and why it matters? It all sounds deeply technical—and it is. But it's important to understand this new tool, as it will have a big impact on our lives—radically altering how we live, work, and play.
design  blockchain  trust 
27 days ago
Google's voice-generating AI is now indistinguishable from humans — Quartz
Humans have officially given their voice to machines.

A research paper published by Google this month—which has not been peer reviewed—details a text-to-speech system called Tacotron 2, which claims near-human accuracy at imitating audio of a person speaking from text.

The system is Google’s second official generation of the technology, which consists of two deep neural networks. The first network translates the text into a spectrogram (pdf), a visual way to represent audio frequencies over time. That spectrogram is then fed into WaveNet, a system from Alphabet’s AI research lab DeepMind, which reads the chart and generates the corresponding audio elements accordingly.
google  voice  ai  mimicry 
27 days ago
The future of mobility
Long live the archetype
Movement happens in places. Global archetypes
of space enable scaled mobility services more
effectively than marketing segments.
Expectations travel the last mile
Do you think you need to be great in your
service? People expect you to move them to
destinations - not to the end of your
operating zone.
Intermodal minds set mobility
People's circumstances (and their behaviors) are
constantly shifting. Focus on fitting to mindset,
not mode of transportation.
Going for gain, leaving behind pain
Mobility companies have focused almost
singularly on solving one problem: how to get
people from point A to point B. But the science
of moving people is about so much more than
access to transportation.
Partner-play defeats platform-play
We found many mobility needs unaddressed
in the market – and it shows. Access to partner
networks, rather than vehicles, will form the
successful mobility platform of tomorrow.
fjord  mobility  volkswagen  research  report 
28 days ago
Doodly - Easily Create Whiteboard Doodle Videos In Minutes!
Generates “Doodle” videos. £52 last time I looked. Results aren’t bad and (presumably) quick to do. Hand images are not super-convincing, however.
video  online  presentation  doodle 
28 days ago
UX Spectrum | Vitamin T
Recruitment tool based on Jason Mesut’s various frameworks
recruitment  ux  design  evaluation 
28 days ago
The End of the Beginning - YouTube
Close to three quarters of all the adults on earth now have a smartphone, and most of the rest will get one in the next few years. However, the use of this connectivity is still only just beginning. Ecommerce is still only a small fraction of retail spending, and many other areas that will be transformed by software and the internet in the next decade or two have barely been touched. Global retail is perhaps $25 trillion dollars, after all.

Meanwhile, as companies address more and more of this with software and the internet, they do it in new ways. We began with models that presumed low internet penetration, low speeds, little consumer readiness and little capital. Now all of those are inverted. So, we used to do apartment listings and now Opendoor will buy your home; we used to do restaurant reviews and now you can get a hot meal delivered to your door. Tech is building different kinds of businesses, and so will take different shares of that opportunity, but more importantly change what those industries look like. Tesla isn’t interesting because of what it does to gasoline, but because of what it does to the car. Netflix changes TV, but so does Twitch.

Finally, as we think about the next decade or two, we have some new fundamental building blocks. The internet began as an open, ‘permissionless’, decentralized network, but then we got (and indeed needed) new centralised networks on top, and so we’ve spent a lot of the past decade talking about search and social. Machine learning and crypto give new and often decentralized, permissionless fundamental layers for looking at meaning, intent and preference, and for attaching value to those.
trends  BenedictEvans  ecommerce 
28 days ago
If you voted to leave the EU do you now realise the disaster that would be or do you still think it’s a good idea? - Quora
I understand why people want to be in the EU. Yet, having thought about this a lot over many years and with a 20 year professional engagement with the EU at close quarters, I have concluded it’s not for us. (I’ve described this personal journey in an answer referenced in a footnote below)[1] .

It’s not because of anything intrinsically wrong with the EU. It’s more about the fit. Issues with fit can be found in a wide range of areas but the key ones (in my view) can be distilled into two areas: regulation and trade. I briefly describe the issue with each in turn.
brexit  opinion 
5 weeks ago
The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup's metrics - 80 slide deck included! at andrewchen
The same skills needed to grow new products can be used both to evaluate new startups to invest in, and once we’ve invested; to help them grow.
marketing  startup  growth  metrics 
5 weeks ago
The Secret of Eternal Growth | IFT
Michael Liebrich
In the longer term, there is nothing in physics to stop the economy from growing forever. It’s not just that more and more of the economy will consist of services, though that is certainly the case, and more and more of them will be digitally provided by computer ‘bots’. The physical sectors of the economy will trend towards becoming entirely circular: material efficiency and recycling will improve indefinitely; the extraction of materials and production of pollution will first peak and then asymptote to zero. We will use unlimited knowledge and clean exergy from solar or nuclear power to drive endless improvements in human wellbeing and flourishing.
economics  environment  growth  circular  entropy 
5 weeks ago
The Cost of Universal Basic Income is the Net Transfer Amount, Not the Gross Price Tag
Why every estimate of UBI that simply multiplies the number of recipients by the amount received is simply wrong.
ubi  economics  tax 
6 weeks ago
Self-driving car dilemmas reveal that moral choices are not universal
When the authors analysed answers from people in the 130 countries with at least 100 respondents, they found that the nations could be divided into three groups. One contains North America and several European nations where Christianity has historically been the dominant religion; another includes countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Pakistan, with strong Confucian or Islamic traditions. A third group consists of Central and South America, as well as France and former French colonies. The first group showed a stronger preference for sacrificing older lives to save younger ones than did the second group, for example.
learning  ethics  ai  driving  trolley-problem  mit  moral-machine  morals 
6 weeks ago
A Right to Reasonable Inferences: Re-Thinking Data Protection Law in the Age of Big Data and AI by Sandra Wachter, Brent Mittelstadt :: SSRN
In this paper we argue that a new data protection right, the ‘right to reasonable inferences’, is needed to help close the accountability gap currently posed ‘high risk inferences’ , meaning inferences that are privacy invasive or reputation damaging and have low verifiability in the sense of being predictive or opinion-based. In cases where algorithms draw ‘high risk inferences’ about individuals, this right would require ex-ante justification to be given by the data controller to establish whether an inference is reasonable. This disclosure would address (1) why certain data is a relevant basis to draw inferences; (2) why these inferences are relevant for the chosen processing purpose or type of automated decision; and (3) whether the data and methods used to draw the inferences are accurate and statistically reliable.
ai  ethics  law  gdpr 
6 weeks ago
Tim Cook data privacy speech: Apple CEO calls for comprehensive data laws in America - The Verge
“Platforms and algorithms that promised to improve our lives can actually magnify our worst human tendencies,” said Cook. “Rogue actors and even governments have taken advantage of user trust to deepen divisions, incite violence, and even undermine our shared sense of what is true and what is false. This crisis is real. It is not imagined, or exaggerated, or crazy.”
privacy  apple  cook  society 
6 weeks ago
Google DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis: Three truths about AI - TechRepublic
AI will save us from ourselves
AI will lead to Nobel Prize-winning scientific breakthroughs
Deep learning is not enough to crack general AI
machinelearning  ai  hassabis  deepmind 
6 weeks ago
Cramming more components onto integrated circuits (Gordon E. Moore, 1965)
The future of integrated electronics is the future of electronics
itself. The advantages of integration will bring about a
proliferation of electronics, pushing this science into many
new areas.
moore  law  intel  technology  ICs  transistors 
6 weeks ago
Classics in the History of Psychology -- A. H. Maslow (1943) A Theory of Human Motivation
In a previous paper (13) various propositions were presented which would have to be included in any theory of human motivation that could lay claim to being definitive. These conclusions may be briefly summarized as follows:

1. The integrated wholeness of the organism must be one of the foundation stones of motivation theory.
2. The hunger drive (or any other physiological drive) was rejected as a centering point or model for a definitive theory of motivation. Any drive that is somatically based and localizable was shown to be atypical rather than typical in human motivation.

3. Such a theory should stress and center itself upon ultimate or basic goals rather than partial or superficial ones, upon ends rather than means to these ends. Such a stress would imply a more central place for unconscious than for conscious motivations.

4. There are usually available various cultural paths to the same goal. Therefore conscious, specific, local-cultural desires are not as fundamental in motivation theory as the more basic, unconscious goals.

5. Any motivated behavior, either preparatory or consummatory, must be understood to be a channel through which many basic needs may be simultaneously expressed or satisfied. Typically an act has more than one motivation.

6. Practically all organismic states are to be understood as motivated and as motivating.

7. Human needs arrange themselves in hierarchies of pre-potency. That is to say, the appearance of one need usually rests on the prior satisfaction of another, more pre-potent need. Man is a perpetually wanting animal. Also no need or drive can be treated as if it were isolated or discrete; every drive is related to the state of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of other drives.

8. Lists of drives will get us nowhere for various theoretical and practical reasons. Furthermore any classification of motivations [p. 371] must deal with the problem of levels of specificity or generalization the motives to be classified.

9. Classifications of motivations must be based upon goals rather than upon instigating drives or motivated behavior.

10. Motivation theory should be human-centered rather than animal-centered.

11. The situation or the field in which the organism reacts must be taken into account but the field alone can rarely serve as an exclusive explanation for behavior. Furthermore the field itself must be interpreted in terms of the organism. Field theory cannot be a substitute for motivation theory.

12. Not only the integration of the organism must be taken into account, but also the possibility of isolated, specific, partial or segmental reactions. It has since become necessary to add to these another affirmation.

13. Motivation theory is not synonymous with behavior theory. The motivations are only one class of determinants of behavior. While behavior is almost always motivated, it is also almost always biologically, culturally and situationally determined as well.
maslow  needs  theory  psychology 
6 weeks ago
Tweet by Eventbrite Engineers on Twitter
10/24/18, 13:23
Learn how ⁦‪@eventbrite‬⁩ made a remarkable event app with these 4 mobile navigation gestures #mobile #UI #UX #iOS #Android…
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6 weeks ago
Four ways machine learning is evolving, according to Facebook's AI engineering chief - TechRepublic
Yangqing Jia, director of engineering for Facebook's AI platform team, spoke about the changing nature of the field at the recent AI Conference presented by O'Reilly and Intel AI in London.
ai  machine  learning 
7 weeks ago
Quick & Easy HTTPS For Local Development - via @codeship | via @codeship
There is a really great modern web proxy solution called Traefik. Traefik has built in support for both Let’s Encrypt as well as integration with major cloud DNS providers like Cloudflare. So with a fairly simple configuration, Traefik can handle all the interactions with Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare for you so you only need to provide a couple values like your email address and the domains you want certs for.

Here is a minimal (fewer than 40 lines) traefik.toml configuration file that will request a SAN certificate from Let’s Encrypt for domains and and use Cloudflare for verification. It will proxy requests sent to to the host http://app:80, which in my use case is another Docker container.
development  programming  networks  https 
7 weeks ago
Mathematics with MathJS - via @codeship | via @codeship
MathJS is a very robust mathematics library that provides the capability to perform calculations in many additional math categories. It also provides unit conversion with minimal setup for custom unit types.

MathJS is the Swiss Army knife for having peace of mind when working with numbers, conversions, and mathematics in JavaScript.
javascript  library  programming  development 
7 weeks ago
Tweet by Simon Gill on Twitter
10/29/18, 10:09
With a potential $50bn (five-oh-billion) fraud in advertising... The FBI is investigating potential mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and racketeering. Good comment from ⁦‪@AdContrarian‬⁩ - How much bullshit?! A must read.…
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7 weeks ago
AI creates 3D 'digital heart' to aid patient diagnoses |
With digital twin models of a patient's heart, Siemens Healthineers is hoping its artificial intelligence (AI) tech can help predict how a heart will respond to therapy in real life. Thuy Ong reports.
health  ai  cardiac  digital  twin 
7 weeks ago
Echo Auto - The first Echo for your car
This may be the "first Echo for your car", but it’s not the first Alexa device — see competing products by Anker and Garmin. However, it’s cheap and official.
amazon  echo  alexa  voice  automotive  car 
7 weeks ago
Tweet by Scott Galloway on Twitter
10/21/18, 15:45
Varieties of emotions #emotionalintelligence
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8 weeks ago
The Chairman of Nokia on Ensuring Every Employee Has a Basic Understanding of Machine Learning — Including Him
Why not study machine learning myself and then explain what I learned to others who were struggling with the same questions? That might help them and raise the profile of machine learning in Nokia at the same time.
business  ai  roles  learning 
8 weeks ago
Magic Leap says Magicverse will connect LuminOS apps and rival devices | VentureBeat
After casually using the word “Magicverse” to describe all the apps and games tied into Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform, the company officially trademarked the name in July. Now the concept is taking another step forward at the L.E.A.P. conference today in Los Angeles: CEO Rony Abovitz today explained the company’s Magicverse concept — an initiative to create a persistent collection of Magic Leap experiences that can also be accessed by non-Magic Leap devices.
article  xr  magicleap  ar 
8 weeks ago
Netflix Is Planning a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘Black Mirror’ - Bloomberg
“The time is right for interactive TV to become a mainstream experience,” said Jim Spare, the chief operating officer of Eko, a company that produces interactive shows.

Haha. We’ll see.
netflix  interactive  games  movies  narrative 
8 weeks ago
IBM Watson Unveils Added AI Tools For Marketers, Including Weather-Related Ad Designs |
To build awareness and ultimately drive in-store visits to their restaurants, Subway leveraged Watson Advertising’s newest targeting capability -- WEATHERfx Footfall with Watson
Advertising  data  watson  ai  weather 
8 weeks ago
A Map of Every Building in America - The New York Times
RT @GaryHomewood: This is so beautiful: A Map of Every Building in America
inspiration  map 
9 weeks ago
Podcast - SingularityNET
Azeem talks about the AGI economy
Azeem  agi  AI  podcast 
9 weeks ago
This robot uses lasers to ‘listen’ to its environment | TechCrunch
Inter alia, "ubicoustics" from CMU allows devices such smart speakers to figure out where they are in a house. Interesting idea: taking professional sound effect libraries ("clean, properly labelled, well-segmented and diverse") to generate data for machine learning.
context  awareness  robots  ai 
9 weeks ago
Amazon Ditches AI Recruiting Tool That ‘Didn’t Like Women’ - The Daily Beast
Amazon has scrapped an automated recruiting tool after reportedly discovering that it didn’t like female candidates. The company tried to mechanize its talent searches by creating a computer program that gave applicants scores ranging from one to five stars, just like Amazon products. However, its models were trained to vet applicants by observing patterns in résumés submitted to the company over a 10-year period—most came from men, so the system effectively taught itself that male candidates were preferable over women.
ai  patterns  errors  recruitment  decisions 
9 weeks ago
Newco Shift | This Is How Amazon Loses
Algorithmic merchandising leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Slowly but surely, it will erode trust for all the tech giants.
amazon  optimization  algorithms  experience 
9 weeks ago
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