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The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup's metrics - 80 slide deck included! at andrewchen
The same skills needed to grow new products can be used both to evaluate new startups to invest in, and once we’ve invested; to help them grow.
marketing  startup  growth  metrics 
november 2018 by lorenzowood
Buddy Media
Facebook Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Power Tools for Facebook
facebook  socialmedia  marketing  social  advertising  media  widgets 
may 2011 by lorenzowood
South Bank University asks: What's the point of marketing?
LONDON - New research has emerged from London South Bank University that questions the long-term impact of marketing on consumer purchasing.

The report's analysis of sectors such as cat food, coffee and painkillers revealed that over six years, the market shares of most brands remained almost unchanged.

Charles Graham, the author of the study, said: "We were very surprised by these results. Proving the effectiveness of any marketing activity is key, but this study seems to indicate that marketing does very little to change consumer behaviour."
marketing  futility  article  research 
may 2010 by lorenzowood
Sulake Web Store
Buy the Global Habbo Youth Survey etc.
IP  marketing  report 
june 2009 by lorenzowood
Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics
Guest Post by Eric Ries. The only metrics that entrepreneurs should invest energy in collecting are those that help them make decisions. Unfortunately, the majority of data available in off-the-shelf analytics packages are what I call Vanity Metrics. They might make you feel good, but they don’t offer clear guidance for what to do.
social  business  marketing  analytics  metrics  entrepreneurship  testing 
may 2009 by lorenzowood
Mike Arauz: A New Business Model for Digital Agencies
Launch a creative idea per week per team of 5 people. Do this on a retainer. All because nobody really knows what will work.
business  model  agency  digital  marketing 
may 2009 by lorenzowood
Voucher Codes
Everyone loves a deal. Exclusive Discount Codes and Discount Vouchers.
business  marketing  vouchers  discount  savings  shopping  coupons 
march 2009 by lorenzowood
Internet Marketing Strategy, Web 2.0 Consulting- A San Diego Digital Marketing Agency
At dt, we design online businesses. We work with maverick companies, Web 2.0 startups and business entrepreneurs that have amazing ideas. We combine our talents, innovation, with Internet and business strategy to turn those ideas into real opportunities.
marketing  agency  2.0  business  entrepreneurship  web2.0  design 
november 2007 by lorenzowood

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