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EMAIL - MFM: Keep calm and carry on... at home on your couch
I’ve asked myself: if I had eight to nine months where I more or less had to stay home and everything else in my life was cancelled, including socializing, what would I do with that time?
2 days ago
Who Is Dan Lok? And How Did He Make All His Money? Find Out Now.
I failed at 13 business ventures before I experienced success. I was backed into a corner, I had no way out, and I knew that I had to make it work. If you are in debt, I encourage you to focus on wealth creation, so that you can wipe out your debt in a shorter period of time. The biggest determining factor that allowed me to transform my life from being in debt to achieving success was when I found my first mentor. That was the million dollar year of my life.

The first reason is because people have unrealistic expectations. They see someone who has achieved the success that they desire, but they don’t acknowledge the years of effort that it took for that person to get to where they are today.

They jump into something, try it out for three months, and give up when things get tough, and then they jump into the next thing. I think that is what leads to disappointment and failure. These people tend to come from a place of desperation, instead of abundance.

Money is a by-product value of money creation. When you try to chase it, it doesn't come to you. However, if you are more at ease, and are focused on delivering value, money comes. The second reason is mindset. If you want to be successful in life, you need the right mindset.

I don't care how smart you are or how good your products are, if you don't have the right mindset, you won’t get far. You also need a solid skill set. If you cannot communicate, teach, blog, market, sell, and deliver your ideas to the marketplace, you won't be successful.

The only thing that I would have changed is starting all of those crazy businesses because I went into them with the wrong intent – out of desperation – which is what most people do. I always tell people that, before they start any business venture, they should ask themselves, “Why you and why now?”

What qualifies you to be in the space that you desire to be in? If I didn't get so wrapped up in the get rich quick mentality, I would have been able to invest more time in learning from my mentor and further develop my skills.

I think the whole concept of working so hard on something in order to just get away from it in the end, doesn't make sense. It's not an integrative approach to life. It's like saying, “I'm going to be a strong, healthy athlete, but when I win the gold medal, I'm not going to exercise anymore”, versus the whole concept of, “This is just what I do. I'm constantly growing, learning and contributing.”

Instead of aiming for financial freedom, I always tell people to aim for financial confidence. That is knowing that you could lose everything today, but still feel secure in your own skills. It's knowing that, if you hit rock bottom, you could still make it back to the top. That is true security.

Look at the people who are on the Forbes 500 list. Think about what they do. All of them could have retired a long time ago, but they don't, because they don't desire financial freedom or 4-hour workweeks. Rather, they are always thinking about how they can improve, become more, and impact society through their work.
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2 days ago
Want More Confidence? Go To Bed 1 Hour Earlier
Low Willpower Leads To High Consumption At Night
There are different views of willpower, but the most common perspective is that it relates to your energy and decision-making.

The more decisions you’ve made, the less energy you have (hence, the term “decision-fatigue”).

Making decisions is taxing. Every decision, even opening your phone and replying to a text message, exhausts your energy.

At the end of the day, you’re fried. You’ve made a lot of decisions—big and small—and you just want to chill-out.

But there’s a problem: You’re exhausted. And therefore, whatever you do will probably not be ultimately good for you.

When exhausted, your desire is to consume.

When exhausted, you don’t adequately weigh the outcomes of your behaviors. Therefore, you’re more likely to make low-quality choices.

You consume low-quality media.

You consume low-quality food.
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2 days ago
Work and the Deep Life - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
If you subscribe to deep career thinking, by contrast, you focus intensely on training high-value skills, like an athlete looking to maintain an edge. Skills not only provide you security (effort, relatively speaking, is abundant, while there’s always a demand for value-producing expertise), but they can be used as leverage to gain more autonomy, or increase your sense of impact, or provide that powerful feeling of fulfillment found only in mastery: all of which will make your work more satisfying.

Those who lead a deep life, however, also tend to seek ways to boost the meaning they derive from their work. Both dedicated teachers and career military professionals, for example, are known to cultivate well-justified structures of deep meaning around their craft. (I admire both these groups immensely.) While those engaged in purely intellectual pursuits, like professors and writers, often seek inspiring physical environments in which to work.

This is the deep approach to work: Master a useful craft, use this mastery to shape your working life in a way that’s both secure and satisfying, then look to build structures around your efforts that further amplify their meaning.

I only wish this was as easy to do as it was to explain…
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2 days ago
How This 23-Year-Old Makes Six Figures From Her Online Business - And Helps Others Do The Same
I was telling myself I was a six-figure business owner before I even had the money in the bank. I believed so deeply that it would happen for me, and because of that, I was able to step into the mindset of a six-figure business owner and take action like they would. When I made investments, hired team members, or made any major decisions around my business, I always asked myself: what would a six-figure business owner do? To me, the answer meant never accepting anything less than everything I want.


I had no clue how I was going to make it work, but I did know that failure was not an option.

I briefly entertained the idea of law school, but gave up on it when I realized I didn’t have a driving passion for any of those options - it was just my ego searching for something that others would approve of, as opposed to honoring what I really wanted.

What excited me was the idea of visiting foreign cities and acquiring passport stamps. I knew that if I decided to go down one of these paths, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel until much later on in life. I had to find another way.

For me, that meant making a lot of money at a young age, working with what I loved, having a large platform to impact others, and doing it in a way that allowed me to sleep in, work in my yoga pants, and hang out in Bali. That wish was not a fairytale or pipe dream… because it came true.

Philipp: Almost any business can be moved to an online model, so instead of trying to find an idea for a business that would “work” online, get clarity on what it is that you actually want to do and who are the people you want to serve.

When I arrived in Bali, I got my first online gig writing social media posts for $12/hour. My first month, I made $5k by doing social media management and a bunch of other odd jobs. My strategy was to build up my base of testimonials and referrals as quickly as possible, so I took free and low-paying jobs in exchange for testimonials. I leveraged that community to secure +$1k/month contracts for social media management, which quickly became +$2.6k/month contracts. My social media management clients began asking me for broader business consulting, so I moved into full-time business coaching. By my fourth month, I made $20K.

Jumping to premium pricing and having a support team in place to outsource work allowed me to scale my business really quickly. Before I knew it, I was running a multiple-six-figure business helping others create successful online businesses through private coaching, private retreats in Bali, group programs, courses, and group mastermind experiences where other business owners can collaborate and exchange ideas. After a little more than a year, I began having $60K months.

I attribute the jump start of my success to my decision to invest in a business coach: I paid $3600 for six weeks of coaching and from there, I was able to hit my first five-figure month. Investing in support and information was a big part of my ability to scale to six-figures so quickly.

What got me through the rough patches was a mindset shift, as well as a commitment to action
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3 days ago
Grit, Grinds, and Living the Low Stress Life - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
This distinction highlights the central message of the grit philosophy: maintain a small number of things that you return to, and do hard work on, again and again, over a long period of time. Choose things that actually interest you, but don’t obsess over choosing the perfect things — as perfect goals, like perfect majors, probably don’t exist. Keep this hard work quarantined to a reasonable number of focused hours each day, and harness the rest of the time to recharge, relax, and, in general, enjoy life. Or, to put it in a more familar wording: Do Less. Do Better. Know Why.
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4 days ago
On the Value of Hard Focus - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
School work, like any work that requires demanding thinking, is tiring. After a grace period of maybe 20 – 30 minutes, your mind starts to disengage. In the red book, I compare the sensation to a weight descending inside your skull. Your energy fades and you begin to experience a desperate craving for novel stimulation. Nothing in the world seems more tempting than to go seek such stimulation — to check your e-mail, or sift through your Facebook feed like a hyper-extroverted gold prospector.

Hard Focus

To succeed as a student (or a novelist) you have to fight that feeling and keep working. I call this ability hard focus.

Our student from above probably lacks hard focus muscles. She has no training in keeping her concentration locked even after resistance builds. And because of this, she’s collapsing well short of the finish line in the mental marathons she needs to run as an upper-level student.

Fortunately, as Marukami explained, this deficiency can be remedied in the same way that a runner builds his endurance: you have to try to push yourself, each day, a little farther than is comfortable. Over time, your threshold raises.

My Marathon Training

Consider my own example. I’m in the middle of a challenge that might scare most students in my position: I’m writing a doctoral dissertation and a book simultaneously. (Literally: my thesis and manuscript are due within a week of each other.)

This requires, on average, 4 – 6 hours of hard focus (split about evenly between the two projects) per day, five days per week.

I could not have pulled this off five years ago. But in the intervening half decade, I’ve been pushing hard to expand my hard focus capacity. As my graduate student experience progressed, I systematically increased the amount of time I would force myself to work continuously without a break to seek unrelated stimulation. This culminated in my current schedule in which I write for 2 – 3 hours, take a break for lunch, e-mail, and exercise, and then work on my thesis for 2 – 3 hours, before finishing for the day.
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4 days ago
Focus Hard. In Reasonable Bursts. One Day at a Time. - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
I found writing my thesis to be similar to writing my books. It’s an exercise in grit: You have to apply hard focus, almost every day, over a long period time.

To me, this is the definition of what I call hard work. The important point, however, is that the regular blocks of hard focus that comprise hard work do not have to be excessively long. That is, there’s nothing painful or unsustainable about hard work. With only a few exceptions, for example, I was easily able to maintain my fixed 9 to 5:30 schedule while writing my thesis.

By contrast, the work schedule described by the anonymous grad student from above meets the definition of what I call hard to do work. Working 14 hours a day, with no break, for months on end, is very hard to do! It exhausts you. It’s painful. It’s impossible to sustain.

I’m increasingly convinced that a lot of student stress is caused by a failure to recognize the difference between these two work types. Students feel that big projects should be hard, so hard to do work habits seem a natural fit.

I am hoping that by explicitly describing the alternative of doing plain hard work, I can help convince you that the hard to do strategy is a terrible way to tackle large academic challenges. I urge you to take blogs like Dissertation Hell off your reading list, and instead remember the following hard work mantra:

Focus hard. In reasonable bursts. One day at a time.
cal-newport  work  work-habits 
4 days ago
How dopamine drives brain activity | MIT News
Using their new technique, the MIT team found that dopamine appears to exert significant effects in two regions of the brain’s cortex, including the motor cortex.

“There has been a lot of work on the immediate cellular consequences of dopamine release, but here what we’re looking at are the consequences of what dopamine is doing on a more brain-wide level,” says Alan Jasanoff, an MIT professor of biological engineering, brain and cognitive sciences, and nuclear science and engineering. Jasanoff is also an associate member of MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the senior author of the study.

The MIT team found that in addition to the motor cortex, the remote brain area most affected by dopamine is the insular cortex. This region is critical for many cognitive functions related to perception of the body’s internal states, including physical and emotional states.
5 days ago
Ross Johnson - 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Sales Consistently On...
3️⃣ You don’t feel worthy of success

When you start a business, you can be hard on yourself and feel like you don’t deserve success - or simply aren’t capable.

It shows up in the form of charging low prices that are way too low, getting objections during sales calls, and not asking for what you want.

Without showing up fully and confidently pursuing what you want, it’s hard to get it!

Mindset and inner work is at least 50% of the journey in entrepreneurship, you have to move past all fears and limiting beliefs on your journey to 6 and 7-figures.
mindset-success  mindset  business  success  life-advice  mental-barriers 
5 days ago
On Productivity, Part 3 - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
My philosophy for achieving this goal can be reduced to three simple rules:

Do fewer things.
Do them better.
Know why you’re doing them.
All of the important advice on this site circles back to these same three themes.
life-advice  success  cal-newport 
5 days ago
EMAIL: This week’s market recap: Mood swings and market resiliency-
APRIL 3, 2020:

A hard reality

The White House gave a grim warning that the next two weeks could be difficult for the U.S. as the virus spreads, sparking a 4.4% S&P 500 selloff on Wednesday.

After weeks of social distancing and shutdowns, economic impact is becoming clearer. Ten million people have filed for unemployment in the past two weeks, and U.S. consumers are nervous about their futures.

What to watch next

It's too soon to tell if stock bulls or bears will win in the near-term.

We could see a "V-shaped" economic trajectory (quick dip, quick recovery) or a "U-shaped" trajectory (quick dip, slower recovery). In our view, we haven't seen the worst of economic downturn yet.
5 days ago
Portfolio school: Get better clients | Seth's Blog
If you’re looking for a gig or if you’re hoping for a new client…

It’s easy to get stuck waiting. The alternative is not to wait.

More time spent fretting isn’t going to help.

The alternative is to dig in and build your portfolio.

A portfolio that includes three things:

ONE: What are you good at? You can dramatically increase your skillset (including your attitude about the work you do) in just a few days of focused effort.

TWO: What have you done? You can actually do work, real work, volunteer work, spec work, digital work and you can do it right now.

THREE: How have you expressed 1 and 2? When we look at your portfolio, what do we see?

You are not your resume. Your prospects are based on the work you’ve done and the way you do it.

When you do a good job on your skills, your work history and your expression, you’re more likely to get better clients.

Getting better clients is super simple and really difficult. The current environment makes it even harder, which means we need to be prepared for a longer, more difficult process ahead.

The benefit of better clients is pretty clear: They challenge you to do better work, they talk about you and your work, they pay on time, they want you to do work you’re proud of and they’re motivated to do more than most people expect.
seth-godin  freelancing  work 
8 days ago
Motherf*cking Monday #24: How to be Alone | Mark Manson
1. The Need for Social Accountability – Entering the third week of quarantine, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning. For the first time since my mid-20s, I’m regularly getting out of bed and skipping straight to lunch each day.

I’ve been putting off work until the evening and sometimes even at night. And then sometimes the next day…or even two days later…or sometimes not at all. 

The problem is that there’s just so much damn time to do it…

Whereas before I had meetings, calls, appointments, and interviews every day. I had nights out with friends, dinners with family, and concerts to get to by a certain time. When you’ve always got a place to be, that means you’ve always got a clear idea of how much time you have to get everything else done. And when you know how much time you have to get everything else done, you then feel social pressure to make sure it gets done.

But remove those appointments, meetings, happy hours, and dinners, and suddenly, there’s no reason to get anything done before the evening. In fact, there’s no reason to get half of this stuff done today rather than tomorrow… so let’s do it tomorrow! Or at 3 AM when an unexpected jolt of motivation strikes.

Why not? No one’s ever going to notice.

Basically, it feels like I’m in college all over again. And my 36-year-old bones aren’t handling it so well.

This whole experience has convinced me that social accountability—i.e., the shame of not being somewhere when you say you’ll be there or not doing something when you say you’ll do it—is the only thing standing between us and chaos. For the first time in probably three years, I look at my calendar for the coming week and entire days are empty. On the one hand, that sounds wonderful. Sweet, sweet video game time. On the other hand, I have no idea what is going to get done or not get done and that terrifies me.
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9 days ago
The Deep Benefits of Learning Hard Things - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
“When you put yourself in a situation where you really suck at something, it’s really good for you, it’s good to suck at things and try to get better at them…when you learn how to do something you suck at it first, you have to concentrate at getting better, that thing of getting better translates to other aspects of your life…if you can get good at learning how to play the piano you can get good at archery…there’s a thing in there of learning how to learn.”

This is an idea I’ve come across repeatedly during the research I’ve conducted for my various books. There’s something incredibly valuable in the deeply frustrating yet rewarding pursuit of mastering something hard. As Rogan correctly notes, when you practice the art of practicing, the skill can be applied widely . It’s why spending time to learn the piano, or archery, or chess, or hobby electronics can be more than a high quality alternative to the numbing blandness of passive information consumption, it can also make it easier later when you decide at work you need to master a complex new mathematical model or supply chain system.

There is, of course, also a psychological benefit to learning and then practicing a skilled craft, especially during otherwise chaotic times. As Rogan notes earlier in the interview: “you focus, then you execute, and if you do it properly, there’s a meditative aspect to it.”
learning  cal-newport  life-advice  habits 
9 days ago
The Polymath Advantage: People Who Have “Multiple Skills” Are More Likely to be Successful
If you want something extraordinary [in life], you have two paths:
1. Become the best at one specific thing.
2. Become very good (top 25%) at two or more things.
The first strategy is difficult to the point of near impossibility. Few people will ever play in the NBA or make a platinum album. I don’t recommend anyone even try.
The second strategy is fairly easy. Everyone has at least a few areas in which they could be in the top 25% with some effort. In my case, I can draw better than most people, but I’m hardly an artist. And I’m not any funnier than the average standup comedian who never makes it big, but I’m funnier than most people. The magic is that few people can draw well and write jokes. It’s the combination of the two that makes what I do so rare. And when you add in my business background, suddenly I had a topic that few cartoonists could hope to understand without living it.
skills  success  life-advice  career  work 
11 days ago
From the Archives: On Quiet Creativity - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
What does stands in the way of creative breakthroughs — I’m increasingly convinced — is lack of time spent walking quietly with your thoughts, working and re-working your understanding of a concept in search of new layers of meaning.”
cal-newport  life-advice  deep-work  cell-phone-use 
12 days ago
Tips for Working At Home Without Burning Out | Forge
Time works differently at home
If you think about your workday at the office, there’s a lot of wasted time. You’re visiting coworkers’ desks, hanging out in the common area, or goofing around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked Instagram during the workday and seen my non-remote colleagues enjoying someone’s birthday by spending three hours at lunch.
So don’t feel bad about the 30 minutes you spent browsing the internet or searching for the perfect chair. You waste the same amount of time at the office. You just feel more guilty about it now.
First, think about how much work you usually do while you’re at work. Do you file two reports? Do you write one article? Do you finish four spreadsheets? Figure out what your typical output looks like, then set that as your goal for the day.
Worry about tasks done, instead of time sitting at your desk. You may well find that you can finish things faster from home. If that’s the case, don’t feel compelled to be in front of your computer all the time so you don’t get “caught” living your life.

Take back your commute time
Start your day at the same time as when you’d usually show up at the office — not when you usually start your commute. If you’d typically get in at 9, then don’t even dare open your computer for work until 9.
The benefit of working from home is that the two hours or so you spend waking up, getting dressed, and traveling to an office aren’t necessary anymore. But you can — and should — still take the time to take care of yourself and get set up for the day. Have a nice cup of coffee. Exercise. Have morning sex. Whatever.

Many freelancers swear by a midday walk or exercise session, which can be a vital reset. And when it’s 5 p.m. or when I’m finished with my tasks for the day, I commit to the physical act of closing my computer.
Then I leave it alone. I make sure I’m present with my family. I cook dinner, we all sit at the table and eat, and then we play a board game or watch a movie. I make sure to spend my evenings doing something that feels like home.
working-from-home  work  productivity  work-habits 
12 days ago
Thoughts On Notebooks - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
I’ve been using Moleskine notebooks since 2004, when I bought my first at the MIT bookstore. As I discuss in Digital Minimalism, high quality paper notebooks like Moleskines have historically played an important role in self-development because they provide a method to structure your interior life.

Thoughts, concerns, ideas, aspirations: these flow constantly through our consciousness. Ink on paper puts a stake in the ground that you can cling to amidst this turmoil, enabling you to build some scaffolding on which to organize these musings, while the persistent nature of the medium allows you to witness an evolution of this structure as you fill more pages over time.

This hard work of self-reflection is slow. It generates no “likes” and it doesn’t instantaneously banish boredom. No one else will read your notes and applaud your virtue or wit, and your future self will likely cringe at what you record now.

But without these efforts you’re adrift: pushed by whims, manipulated by attention economy contraptions, taking one step backwards for each step forward in your attempts to build a deep life.
journal  cal-newport  life-advice 
13 days ago
An Explanation of How Coronavirus Damages Your Body
The virus has not caused too much damage yet, but corona is now going to release a real beast on you: your own immune system. The immune system, while there to protect you, can actually be pretty dangerous to yourself and needs tight regulation. And as immune cells pour into the lungs to fight the virus, corona infects some of them and creates confusion. Cells have neither ears nor eyes — they communicate mostly via tiny information proteins called cytokines — nearly every important immune reaction is controlled by them. Corona causes infected immune cells to overreact and yell bloody murder. In a sense, it puts the immune system into a fighting frenzy and sends way more soldiers than it should, wasting its resources and causing damage.
13 days ago
EMAIL - Love in the time of quarantine
I know, that sounds nutso-balls. But one thing I’ve long pointed out is that it is often difficult to consider our personal values without getting some distance from them. That is, when you’re caught up with work all day, your kids, running errands and keeping up with friends, you simply lose the time and mental capacity for healthy reflection on the trajectory your life is on and whether you want it there or not.

Typically, the way we get that perspective is by eliminating distraction and noise. Getting away on vacation, taking a retreat, going hiking, or even just spending an afternoon with a good book. These can be ways to get the mental space necessary to reflect on what in your life really matters to you.

Another way isolation helps grant one perspective is that you are often surprised by what you miss and what you do not. Sometimes you miss people and activities dearly that you always took for granted and the things you thought were such an integral part of your life, you end up not missing them at all.

So, in these coming weeks when we’re all home--assuming you’re not trying to divorce your significant other--take this time to reflect on the commitments in your life and whether they are worth your time or not.

We are in the period of deep financial and existential stress. But many of these things that have been forcefully removed from your life, you may eventually find that you were better off without them all along.
coronavirus  life-advice  mark-manson 
16 days ago
Marriott CEO says coronavirus is ‘like nothing we’ve ever seen,’ cuts his salary to $0
Marriott (MAR) CEO Arne Sorenson became one of several company chief executives that he will not be taking a salary for the rest of the year, responding to the fallout from the coronavirus. 

“In terms of our business, COVID-19 is like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” Sorenson said. “For a company that’s 92 years old, that’s borne witness to the Great Depression, World War II, and many other economic and global crises, that’s saying something.”

The leader of the world's largest hotel company added: “I will not be taking any salary for the balance of 2020 and my executive team will be taking a 50% cut in pay.”
leadership  CEO  recession  coronavirus 
16 days ago
This was the fastest 30% stock market decline ever
Twenty-two days.

That’s all it took for the S&P 500 to fall 30% from its record high, the fastest drop of this magnitude in history.
coronavirus  recession 
16 days ago
Delta Airlines said it would take the unprecedented step of cutting flights by 70% after its monthly revenue has plunged by almost $2 billion.
United Airlines will cut 85% of international flights and 42% of flights across the U.S. and Canada.
Virgin Atlantic has asked staff to take 8 weeks unpaid leave.
Air Canada will suspend the majority of its international and U.S. trans-border flights by March 31.
Scandinavian airline SAS announced it is temporarily letting go of 90% of its workforce — roughly 10,000 employees — due to the coronavirus's impact on international air travel.
Hotel companies that had already previously slashed room rates are now heavily cutting staff numbers.
The beleaguered $38 billion cruise ship industry has also committed to an “unprecedented shutdown.”
GE also said it's cutting 10% of jobs in its aviation unit as air travel is hit by the pandemic. The company is also furloughing some workers and cutting executive pay.
16 days ago
Details from Tom Brady's free agency meeting with Buccaneers | NBC Sports Boston
The conversation lasted about 90 minutes. Brady did a lot of the talking. In fact, the Bucs had gone in with a detailed plan and under the firm belief that they would have to make an aggressive sales pitch to have any chance of landing the six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Instead, Brady interviewed Licht and Arians as much as they asked questions of him.

His preparation, as usual, was next level. He knew all about Arians’ offense and was eager to operate it. He could recite, by position, the list of the Bucs’ offensive weapons. He was intrigued by the notion of having two Pro Bowl receivers, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. He didn’t ask about them as players. He wanted to know, “Are they good guys?’’

Brady had just one request after signing with Bucs
Brady, according to Stroud, approached his meeting with the Buccaneers exactly how one would expect. His focus was solely on winning, and that giant chip on his shoulder is still there even after so many years of success.

It felt like Brady was recruiting the Bucs, and the 42-year-old spoke with a teenager’s enthusiasm.

He spoke a lot about winning, and it was obvious to Licht and Arians that Brady’s competitiveness burns white hot, and the three-time league MVP still thinks he has something to prove. Maybe to Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Maybe just to himself.

The Bucs appeared to check all the boxes. When they hung up the phone, Licht and Arians looked at each other incredulously, as if to say, 'Wow, this is really happening.'"
tom-brady  tom-brady-leaving-NE 
16 days ago
Football Morning In America: Sean Payton With Coronavirus; Tom Brady Is a Buccaneer
One other PFF note that will interest Arians: the majority of Winston’s completions last year came on throws that were between 10 and 20 yards downfield, and over the past five seasons, PFF’s top-rated quarterback on such throws is Tom Brady.

By the end of February, the Bucs had prioritized their top three quarterbacks, in order:

tom-brady  tom-brady-leaving-NE 
16 days ago
Tom Brady had just one request after signing with Tampa Bay Buccaneers | NBC Sports Boston
Brady never asked for control of the offense. He knew that [Bruce] Arians, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen and special assistant Tom Moore would collaborate with him on game plans. He didn’t ask for any specific players to join him. He didn’t even ask to wear No. 12, which for the moment belongs to [Chris] Godwin.

In fact, there was only one request Brady had after he had signed: He wanted the phone numbers of all his new Bucs teammates
tom-brady  tom-brady-leaving-NE  leadership 
17 days ago
Tom Brady proposed identical packages to Buccaneers, Chargers - ProFootballTalk
Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brady essentially proposed the financial terms and other items he requested to the Buccaneers and the Chargers, and both teams agreed. (It’s possible he presented the same terms to other teams; ultimately, it came down to the Bucs and Chargers.)

Brady requested payment “in the $30 million range” for each of the next two years. He did not make grandiose requests that have been suggested elsewhere, including items like personnel authority and control over the development and implementation of the offense.

Ultimately, Brady chose the Buccaneers for a variety of reasons, both business and professional. The climate is equivalent, so that wasn’t a factor. The state income taxes were; in California, they’re 13.3 percent and in Florida they’re 0.0.
17 days ago
Building a Career that Matters - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
“As I spent time with Pardis,” I wrote, “I recognized that her happiness comes from the fact that she built her career on a clear and compelling mission — something that not only gives meaning to her work but provides the energy needed to embrace life beyond the lab.”  The question I then tackled is how one finds the type of mission that sustains Pardis Sabeti.

My answer spans four chapters, but here’s the main idea: it’s very difficult to identify a truly impactful and satisfying mission until you master useful skills. As I argued, cribbing a term from the systems biologist Stuart Kauffman, the really interesting missions, like Pardis Sabeti using cutting-edge algorithm theory to cure old diseases, are usually found in the adjacent possible — the space just beyond the cutting-edge of the relevant skills.

The conclusion is that if you want to do something truly useful with your professional life, don’t start by figuring out your “mission.” Instead, identify some potentially useful-looking skills, then push yourself to the cutting edge with a single-minded intensity. It’s only then, once you’ve mastered the foundational abilities, that you’ll be able to find that spot in the adjacent possible where the meaningful mission lurks, waiting for its champion.
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Peter King: Tom Brady's Agent Couldn't Get More Than 2 Teams Interested in QB | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
“I think Don Yee, being the good agent that he is, tried to get other teams interested, and couldn't. Maybe some other teams did get interested at some point, but I know that all the usual suspects, they called and they tried to get interest in Tom. Maybe some of them did and talked to them. Apparently Tennessee was interested all along in keeping Ryan Tannehill. Indianapolis all along seemed not to be interested in Brady, and some of the other ones, I think we talked about it awhile ago -- Jon Gruden at the scouting combine basically made it pretty clear (the Raiders) would not be chasing Brady and they would not be inflating the bid for Brady.

"I think some of this had to do with, and let me put it to you this way, somebody with a team that I called about two weeks ago and just asked, ‘Are you guys interested or not interested?' This guy said, ‘Some people in our building are interested, the problem is others are trying to talk them out of it because a year from now we might be in a really difficult situation at quarterback because we took a one or two-year shot at Tom Brady.' I think that really made it difficult. That really kind of made it more difficult than you would think."
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(1) High-Ticket B2B Growth for SaaS, Agencies, and Consultants
But mindset isn't enough. Tactics and strategies matter.

Because I firmly believe that anyone can build a great business when the economy is booming.

But when things get tough? Only the strong survive.

It's like a wartime general, versus a peacetime general.

It's not so hard leading an army when there's no one to fight.

Activity #1: Do MORE business development

No one wants to spend money right now.

People are pulling their ad spend.

They're hiding.

You know what this means for you?


There are no competitors right now fighting for market share.

So sell more. Make more calls. Email more people. Share more content, across more channels. Send more DM's on Linkedin.

Don't forget, just 3 weeks ago, the economy was thriving.

People had money, and wanted to spend it.

They had problems, that they needed your help to solve.

Those things haven't changed.

Double down on business development. All those revenue-generating activities?

More of that!

And you know why I know? This month has been the best month in my company's history.

Whereas everyone is pulling back and selling less, I'm attacking, and I'm up over 200% from last month.

That's not an accident.

Adjust, and get creative.
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On Craft and the Human Condition - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
As I then elaborate, there’s something about mastery that resonates with the human condition. When we observe someone successfully apply a hard-won skill — an athlete, a writer, a leader, an adventurer, a musician —  we become rapt, our admiration unmistakable. We also, crucially, tend to feel a moment of inspiration in which we experience a compulsion to pursue something noteworthy ourselves.

I take such intuitions seriously, as they tend to point us toward the things we deeply need. The conclusion here being that the incremental but upward road to mastery — whether it’s in some professional endeavor or hobby — is fundamental. A quick tap on a glowing screen can conveniently banish boredom in the moment. To instead redirect that instinct toward your equivalent of Furrer’s blacksmith hammer, however, can be transcendent.
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EMAIL - Weekend Briefing No. 319
I had a friend of a friend (we met her years ago when we
first moved to NY) who venmoed me 25 dollars out of blue with a comment. The
comment said “thank you for working hard to help people when they
need it most.  Nurses are the real heroes of the medical world! Hope
this helps a little to get whatever you need to stay healthy and strong. Praying for
you all.” It really took me by surprise and moved me greatly. – Brooke
Hames (Nurse)
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Traffic And Funnels
After 2 weeks of doing cold calls, going door to door with extremely sweaty armpits (I had hyperhidrosis), and giving out business cards, I got my first client in which was a Mexican restaurant with very few customers.

The owner didn’t speak english so I had to sell in spanish (I sucked at this) and I pitched him at $750 per month on my services but he talked me down on the price to $250 and I said yes (once again, I had no idea what I was doing).

He ended up paying me a $100 deposit to start and the other $150 at the end of the month. He took full control of the conversation and he decided how much he would pay me and when he would pay me.

Anyways, the moral of this story is.. Nothing will be perfect… EVER. You need to be willing to do anything and everything to find success.

People are too worried about ‘waiting’ for the perfect opportunity. “I don’t have money for a website, I don’t have money for advertising, I don’t know how to deliver results, I don’t know how to sell.”

All of these are simply excuses. If you truly want something, you will go above and beyond to find the resources necessary. Whether it’s creating a free site on word press, getting clients door to door, practicing how to run ads on your first client, or spending hours reading books and watching videos on sales.

For me to be at a point where I’m constantly closing high ticket clients and thinking of where I started, I wouldn’t change a thing. I proved to myself how desperation can make people work at unimaginable levels just to make 1 thing click.

If you are debating whether or not you should start… JUST DO IT. Don’t keep thinking about it for the next 6-12 months because by the time you’re done thinking… People have already moved on to the next thing. 👊🏼
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Tom Brady officially signs contract with Buccaneers -
"Tom is the most successful quarterback in the history of our league, but what makes him so special is his ability to make those around him better," Arians said. "I have had the privilege to work with some of the best passers in our game, and the characteristics they all possessed were the ability to lead and get the best out of their teammates. Tom is no different. He is a proven winner who will provide the leadership, accountability and work ethic necessary to lead us to our goal of winning another championship."
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Ian Rapoport on Twitter: "In the end, the market for FA Tom Brady: — The #Bucs and #Chargers with offers. — The #Patriots waiting to see if he wanted to return (he said goodbye instead). — The #Raiders and #49ers briefly considering, but never makin
In the end, the market for FA Tom Brady:
— The #Bucs and #Chargers with offers.
— The #Patriots waiting to see if he wanted to return (he said goodbye instead).
— The #Raiders and #49ers briefly considering, but never making an offer.
— The #Titans going all in on Ryan Tannehill.
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Ian Rapoport on Twitter: "The #Patriots likely would have done this contract, though Tom Brady never came to them with his desire to return. So there was no offer from NE. In the end, only the #Bucs and the #Chargers made offers. The #Raiders sat it out,
The #Patriots likely would have done this contract, though Tom Brady never came to them with his desire to return. So there was no offer from NE. In the end, only the #Bucs and the #Chargers made offers. The #Raiders sat it out, as well, never offering Brady a deal.
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The Daily Habit That Completely Boosted My Productivity
I didn’t feel that my problem was that serious. But I did know that I had a problem.

So I instituted one tiny change: I no longer allow myself to check my phone until I’ve finished my writing and executed some of the other key markers of my morning routine like journaling, meditation, and stretching. In practice, that amounts to not looking at my phone for the first 1.5-2 hours of my day.

It was really hard at first. Like an addict, I’d find myself making excuses to sneak a peak. But after the first week or so, I began to find this digital detox a relief.

Postponing my phone time had two other benefits. First, I’m an extrovert, so I love being connected to the world through social media. But – much like my rules about dessert – the joy of checking my phone is now all the greater for putting it off. Second, my writing time
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How to Finally Achieve Your Goals in 2020, According to Science
But to maintain long-term commitment, you need to actually like the work.
Research shows that “intrinsic motivation”, the desire to undertake a complex task or routine because it’s satisfying, is by far the best driver of long-term performance, persistence, and success.
So here’s the crucial piece of the puzzle:
To ensure progress in goal-oriented tasks, you need to foster “intrinsic motivation”. The work required to achieve your goals should excite you because it’s fulfilling and inherently rewarding.

Knowing how to structure a task in the right way, so it “flicks your motivation switches”, is essential. It’s also important to adopt the right practices alongside a task. Both these strategies make up the all-important skill of “self-motivation”.

For now, here are some of my favourite tips for boosting intrinsic motivation:
- Set “mastery” goals and not just “performance” goals: Mastery goals, which boost performance and motivation, are geared towards increasing competence. “Reach 20 new customers per month,” and, “Write 1000 words a day,” are mastery goals. “Make $3000/month,” and “Lose 50 lbs so people will compliment me” are performance goals.

- Foster a sense of progress: Research shows that a “sense of progress” is an essential part of maintaining interest in a task. Regularly expose yourself (weekly or even daily) to positive results associated with your work.

- Challenge negative self-talk: Often, negative chatter is responsible for feelings of inertia in relation to a task. Challenge the most common culprits.
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Starting Your Day Three Hours Earlier Than Everyone Else - AskMen
In episode one, he explained the rationale between starting the day three hours before most other people: “If you wake up whenever you want and you slept for 10 hours and you’re lazy getting out of bed, then I believe that affects your whole life in a negative way.”

“I won’t say that it’s the be-all and end-all, but it definitely has an impact and it definitely affects the other things in your life if you have that discipline in the morning. It will help you across the board. Getting out of bed is like the foundation of the discipline and I think it carries over into everything else.”

“From 4.30am ‘til 7.30, those are three hours when the brain is extremely focused and nobody dares to call you at that time,” he explains. “I get to the gym and listen to an audio book at 5am. The average audio book is seven hours long, so you’re basically reading two books a week, and you’ve trained seven days, and then you join everyone for breakfast.”

“The reason everyone who does it bonds online is that if you can maintain that discipline then it’s the most mentally arduous thing you have to do all day. Even if I’ve been out for a drink, I make myself get up and train through it – you feel like you’re reclaiming your life back.”


This morning, I woke up earlier than I have done in the last five years, bar one time when I needed to get to an airport. I slipped out of bed, took a screenshot of my phone to prove I was awake at 4:40am, uploaded it to Twitter with the relevant hashtags (#0445club, #getafterit, #disciplineequalsfreedom) and put the kettle on while trying not to wake up my partner or stub my toes in the dark.

As I edit this piece, it’s still dark outside, the Today programme has just started on Radio 4, and bar the low rumbling of the boiler, the building I live in is unusually silent. I’ve already cleared my inbox, had breakfast, done some exercise and I’m about to start my online French lessons. Once it starts to get light I’ll go running, have a shower, take out the recycling, sort my monthly accounts out and phone my bank to do some paperwork that I’ve been meaning to sort out for the last month. By this point, it should be about 9.01am and I’ll have an entire working day ahead of me. There’s a distinct risk that I’ll have so much time to fill that I’ll start dismantling electrical items, Alan Partridge-style.
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How I conquered 4 am. - Neel Suresh Sus - Medium
Shifting one’s sleep schedule is hard. That’s why jetlag sucks! Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not enjoying the initial mornings. It’s not a sign that you’re “not a morning person”, it just means you haven’t adapted yet. It took 2 — 3 weeks for it to get “easy” for me to get up. The key for me was not rushing feeling good about it.
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Until You Have Better Work Habits, Productivity Apps Are Useless
Want to improve how you work? Build better routines.
Cut the distractions, find your flow and stick to a few apps that actually help you move the needle.
You need to get YOU organized first to make the most of any tool that helps with work.
An app doesn’t “get” you productive or “make” you more productive.
A set of productivity tools augments and enhances your productivity.
We easily forget that it isn’t the tool that makes us productive.
But our approach that gets the work done.
To improve how you work, start reviewing your work processes.
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Become a Schedule Superhero in 8 Steps - More Remarkable - Medium
The Zen master smiled and said that they should discuss the matter over a cup of tea. When the tea was served the master poured his visitor a cup. He poured and he poured and the tea rose to the rim and began to spill over the table and finally onto the robes of the wealthy man. Finally the visitor shouted, “Enough. You are spilling the tea all over. Can’t you see the cup is full?”
The master stopped pouring and smiled at his guest. “You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty. Come back to me with an empty mind.”
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Rams are in Todd Gurley trade talks - ProFootballTalk
For the Rams, it’s a deal they surely regret — and there’s likely no good way out of the corner into which the Rams have painted themselves.
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Global recession already here, say top economists | Financial Times
The world economy has fallen into recession, suffering from a “wicked cocktail” of coronavirus and the dramatic action to limit its spread, according to four former IMF chief economists.

As the virus has spread from China to the rest of the world, economists no longer feel they have to wait for data to confirm the world is in recession, even though official forecasts remain more optimistic.
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Flattening the Coronavirus Curve Is Not Enough | The MIT Press Reader
lattening the Curve is not enough and very costly
By now you have already heard about the main response to the pandemic which is to flatten the curve. That is described nicely in a diagram like the one below, from Vox. The idea is that we reduce the rate of infection through the population which spreads out the time of the pandemic but, most critically, the number of sick at any one time. The rationale for this is that it is very costly to have a high number of sick people at one time. This goes for providing essential economic services but, as this diagram shows, it is really all about health care system capacity. As Italy has shown us, people die essentially because they cannot get hospital-level care. If the infection rate is too high, health care capacity becomes quickly overwhelmed and doctors have to engage in triage, a word which now means choosing who will live and who will die.
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Facebook giving away $100 million to help small businesses during coronavirus - Axios
Facebook says it's giving away $100 million to help 30,000 small businesses in over 30 countries during the coronavirus, according to a Facebook post from COO Sheryl Sandberg.
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Boeing calls for $60 billion lifeline for U.S. aerospace industry - Reuters
Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe subsequently said the company “supports a minimum of $60 billion in access to public and private liquidity, including loan guarantees, for the aerospace manufacturing industry.”

Boeing declined to say how much of that would be for the planemaker versus loan guarantees for its suppliers; it was also unclear if U.S. banks would loan any of the more than $60 billion without government backing.

The U.S. planemaker has told lawmakers it needs significant government support to meet liquidity needs and it cannot raise that in current market conditions, the people said.

Boeing confirmed Monday it was in talks with the administration about short-term support, while U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday the U.S. government would provide support. Boeing has noted that typically 70% of its revenue flows to its 17,000 suppliers and has told lawmakers that without significant assistance the entire U.S. aviation manufacturing sector could collapse.

“This will be one of the most important ways for airlines, airports, suppliers and manufacturers to bridge to recovery. Funds would support the health of the broader aviation industry, because much of any liquidity support to Boeing will be used for payments to suppliers to maintain the health of the supply chain,” Johndroe said.
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COVID-19: The immune system can fight back
Dr Thevarajan said that current estimates show more than 80 per cent of COVID-19 cases are mild-to-moderate, and understanding the immune response in these mild cases is very important research.
21 days ago
German CDU leadership contender Merz has coronavirus - Reuters
Friedrich Merz, one of the most likely candidates to take over the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU), said on Tuesday in a tweet that he had tested positive for coronavirus.
21 days ago
The Deep Life: Some Notes - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
Those who embrace the deep life often push some of these efforts to a place that seems radical to outsiders, but it’s exactly in this extremeness that they find the deep satisfaction. A life focused intensely on the things that really matter — even if it’s riddled with ups and downs — trumps a comfortable life that unfolds with haphazard numbness or excessive narcissism.

The tricky part in cultivating a deep life, of course, is figuring out what things matter. This will differ between different people. I strive to divide my focused attention among four categories:

community (family, friends, etc.),
craft (work and quality leisure),
constitution (health), and
contemplation (matters of the soul).
In each of these areas I keep striving to identify the big swings — the actions or commitments that will make the most difference — while clearing out the detritus that gets in the way (this latter goal giving rise to my obsession with productivity). They all interact: constitution enables better craft, while contemplation, as it so often does, provides a template for basically everything that’s important. Sometimes I’m more successful in these efforts than others. I’m better at it now than when I was at 25, and think I’ll be even better when I’m 45.

So there it is: a short summary of the underlying philosophy that gives rise to so much that I end up writing about, from the zen valedictorian, to career capital, to deep work, to the importance of digital minimalism. You’re only granted so much energy to expend in a lifetime. You’re almost certainly best off focusing it as intensely as you can on the targets that seem to really move the needle.
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EMAIL - New from Tim — "Predicting Hospital Capacity: Why to Act Early, How to Think About Lag Time, and a Model You Can Use," Jack Kornfield Interview, and Comfort Challenge #5
I think it is unhelpful when people in the public eye hide the fact that they also struggle, and it puts them on this illusory pedestal that I think is ultimately self-defeating. Instead, I want to share with you that no matter how much Stoic philosophy I read, no matter how often I meditate, there are times when I struggle, and this week is one of them.
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Aaron Schatz 🏈 on Twitter: "Remember that the Tampa Bay defense is likely to regress a bit due to just natural defensive inconsistency + the Plexiglass Principle. Went from 32nd to 5th in DVOA last year. Not expected to regress: those wide receivers" /
Remember that the Tampa Bay defense is likely to regress a bit due to just natural defensive inconsistency + the Plexiglass Principle. Went from 32nd to 5th in DVOA last year.
Not expected to regress: those wide receivers
tom-brady-leaving-NE  Bucs-2020-offseason 
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Warren Sharp on Twitter: "Imagine that? Every single RB that made over $4M per year (pre-2019) is GONE from the team that gave them the deal or a pay cut, save Gurley: • Devonta Freeman -> cut • Dion Lewis -> cut • David Johnson -> traded
Imagine that?

Every single RB that made over $4M per year (pre-2019) is GONE from the team that gave them the deal or a pay cut, save Gurley:

• Devonta Freeman -> cut
• Dion Lewis -> cut
• David Johnson -> traded
• Jerick McKinnon -> pay cut
• Lamar Miller -> not re-signed
21 days ago
Adam Schefter on Twitter: "Tampa is the expected landing spot for Tom Brady barring anything unforeseen, sources tell me and @JeffDarlington. There's no signing date or announcement officially set up, but Brady is expected to be a Buccaneer." / Twitter
Tampa is the expected landing spot for Tom Brady barring anything unforeseen, sources tell me and

There's no signing date or announcement officially set up, but Brady is expected to be a Buccaneer.
22 days ago
Albert Breer on Twitter: "I've mentioned this a bunch the last few months, I would not overlook No. 4. He has a son who lives there. His family will settle there. And I don't fly private, but I'd imagine if you do, Tampa-NYC is manageable on, say, a day o
I've mentioned this a bunch the last few months, I would not overlook No. 4. He has a son who lives there. His family will settle there.

And I don't fly private, but I'd imagine if you do, Tampa-NYC is manageable on, say, a day off.
22 days ago
Jeff Darlington on Twitter: "1. A collaborative coach. 2. An underrated roster stocked with weapons on offense and a trending defense. 3. Warm weather. 4. Proximity to NYC. The Bucs check the boxes." / Twitter
1. A collaborative coach.

2. An underrated roster stocked with weapons on offense and a trending defense.

3. Warm weather.

4. Proximity to NYC.

The Bucs check the boxes.
22 days ago
Ian Rapoport on Twitter: "To add to @JimTrotter_NFL’s report on Tom Brady and the #Chargers, family considerations were a huge part of Brady’s looming decision — more so than scheme or personnel. Tampa, the only other known suitor, is closer to the
To add to
’s report on Tom Brady and the #Chargers, family considerations were a huge part of Brady’s looming decision — more so than scheme or personnel. Tampa, the only other known suitor, is closer to the NE and in the same time zone.
22 days ago
Deep Habits: The Importance of Planning Every Minute of Your Work Day - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
I call this planning method time blocking. I take time blocking seriously, dedicating ten to twenty minutes every evening to building my schedule for the next day. During this planning process I consult my task lists and calendars, as well as my weekly and quarterly planning notes. My goal is to make sure progress is being made on the right things at the right  pace for the relevant deadlines.

This type of planning, to me, is like a chess game, with blocks of work getting spread and sorted in such a way that projects big and small all seem to click into completion with (just enough) time to spare.

Sometimes people ask why I bother with such a detailed level of planning. My answer is simple: it generates a massive amount of productivity. A 40 hour time-blocked work week, I estimate, produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure.

but the best knowledge workers view their time like the best investors view their capital, as a resource to wield for maximum returns.
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22 days ago
Starbucks to offer employees 20 therapy sessions a year
All Starbucks employees in the U.S. and each of their eligible family members will be able to access up to 20 therapy sessions a year, as part of a sweeping expansion of the Seattle-based company’s mental health benefits.

“Partners were saying that there’s more we could do as a company to help them around the topic of mental health and well being,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson told Fast Company. “As a leadership team, we said, ‘Let’s figure out what we can do.’ ”
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22 days ago
China economy: Millions lose jobs as unemployment spikes from COVID-19
Roughly 5 million people in China lost their jobs amid the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the first two months of this year, according to data published Monday.

China’s official, but highly doubted, urban unemployment rate jumped in February to 6.2%, its highest on record, the National Bureau of Statistics said. That’s up from 5.3% in January and 5.2% in December.

“It’s pretty meaningful, as over 5 million more workers lost (a) job in the past two months,” Larry Hu, chief China economist at Macquarie, said in an email.
coronavirus  China 
22 days ago
My productivity app is a single .txt file
Prerequisite: A calendar. The one outside tool I use is an online calendar, and I put everything on this calendar, even things that aren't actually for a fixed time like "make a coffee table at the workshop" or "figure out how to recruit new PhD students" — I'll schedule them on a date when I want to think about it. That way all my future plans and schedule are together, and not a bunch of lists I have to keep track of.

Making the Daily List: Every night before I go to bed, I take all the items on my calendar for the next day and append it to the end of the text file as a daily todo list, so I know exactly what I'm doing when I wake up. This list contains scheduled tasks (2pm meeting with Madonna, 4pm office hours), errands (sign a form, return a book), and work items (review a paper, prepare a presentation). It also lets me think about whether I've got the right amount of work for a day.

Anything I don't want to do tomorrow, I'll shuffle back into my calendar on later dates. After 12 years of doing this, I've gotten pretty good at estimating what I can finish in a day. Here's an example with names replaced so you can see what it looks like when I move a day's schedule from my calendar.

As a Record: That daily todo list is where I also take notes, so it's a to do list that turns into a what done list. The best thing about these daily lists is I keep them all in a single text file separated by dates, so I have a record of everything I have ever done and when I did it.

My current file was created almost 7 years ago when I started my current job. It serves as a research notebook, and as meeting minutes. I have 37,773 handwritten lines in one file now, documenting everything I have done as a professor, and nearly every person I have met with, along with notes about what we discussed or ideas I had. Here's what my list looks like at the end of the day, representing work accomplished.

Email: Email is obviously a part of my workflow. Everyone has all sorts of productivity advice about handling it, but I find a simple flagging system is sufficient — flag Red if it's something I need to deal with, flag Orange if I need to deal with it eventually but requires some thinking or someone else to handle it, and flag Yellow for emails I send that I am waiting on a reply for, so I know to follow up later. I'll flag emails as they come in, whenever it's convenient.

So my daily routine looks like
- look at the daily todo list I wrote last night to find out what I'm doing today
- do scheduled things on that list during the day
- when I have free (unscheduled) time, do the floating tasks on my list and work on Red-flagged emails

at the end of the day:
- do a quick review of Orange/Yellow emails to see if they need any handling
- copy the next day's calendar items to the bottom of the text file
productivity  calendar  to-do-list  email 
22 days ago
Text File Time Blocking - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
As longtime readers know, I’m a big advocate of time blocking as a productivity method. Running your day from a to-do list (or, God forbid, an email inbox) leads to sub-optimal returns on the energy invested. The superior method is to give every minute of your workday a job by actually blocking off your time and assigning specific work to the blocks. In my experience, a serious commitment to time blocking can roughly double your results

I love the simplicity of this digital implementation and its use of of post-hoc annotation. It helps emphasize the reality that if you want to get more important things done, you don’t need high tech software or complex systems. The right strategy implemented in a low-friction manner can be more than enough.
cal-newport  time  productivity  calendar 
22 days ago
Another black Monday as coronavirus response upends Wall Street - Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street suffered its biggest drop since the crash of 1987 on Monday after unprecedented steps taken by the Federal Reserve, lawmakers and the White House to slow the spread and blunt the economic hit of the coronavirus failed to restore order to markets.
22 days ago
Tucker Boynton on Twitter: "Playoff wins among QBs all-time: 30- Tom Brady 29- 28- 27- 26- 25- 24- 23- 22- 21- 20- 19- 18- 17- 16- Joe Montana 15- 14- Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Peyton Manning 13- Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger 12- 11- Troy Aikman, Roge
Playoff wins among QBs all-time:

30- Tom Brady
16- Joe Montana
14- Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Peyton Manning
13- Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger
11- Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach
10- Joe Flacco, Aaron Roders
22 days ago
Darrelle Revis on Twitter: "Practice against Tom Brady everyday was like playing on the 92’ Dream Team. He brought that much intensity to the practice field. Which ever team he lands I’m sure he will continue his legacy of playing a great brand of foo
Practice against Tom Brady everyday was like playing on the 92’ Dream Team. He brought that much intensity to the practice field. Which ever team he lands I’m sure he will continue his legacy of playing a great brand of football. #TB12
22 days ago
Tom Brady, now leaving Patriots, apparently has 2 demands for any team that wants him in 2020 NFL free agency -
According to Dianna Russini of ESPN, Brady has two big "wants" that he'll be looking for in his new team. 

"Some of the things Brady wants: Control over roster [and] he wants to be part of making decisions on the play calling," Russini said this week on ESPN's "Get Up."
22 days ago
NBC Sports Boston on Twitter: ""I was actually told that they were part of the DeAndre Hopkins discussions over the past couple of weeks." @AlbertBreer says the Patriots were involved in trade talks for DeAndre Hopkins before he was traded to the Cardinal
"I was actually told that they were part of the DeAndre Hopkins discussions over the past couple of weeks."

says the Patriots were involved in trade talks for DeAndre Hopkins before he was traded to the Cardinals
22 days ago
Patriots owner Robert Kraft reacts to Tom Brady leaving New England | NBC Sports Boston
I asked Kraft if he was disappointed that the Patriots did not get deeper into negotations with Brady.

"It's not about that," said Kraft. "This is big picture. I just don't think he was going to be happy staying in our system at this point."
22 days ago
Why did Tom Brady walk away from Patriots, Bill Belichick after 20 years? | NBC Sports Boston
The Patriots made very clear to Brady over the past few years that they weren’t in it with him for the long haul anymore.

They made it clear before the 2018 season when — instead of the extension he’d been trying to extract — he was given some incentives to hit in order to sweeten his salary.

At the time, a source texted me, “Remember, this is a club that would not pull the thorn out of the lion’s paw if presented with the situation.”

He didn’t hit any of those incentives.

Before the 2019 season, it took Brady seriously considering walking out of training camp before the Patriots gave him a raise and agreed to remove the franchise tag for 2020.

“Year-to-year! Year-to-year! Everybody wants to be year-to-year!”

That was the buff-and-shine put on the lack of a deal taking Brady through to the end of his career.

No, the Patriots wanted to be year-to-year. Brady — in asking to have the tag off the table — was only leveling the playing field by making it so that he had the same control over his future the Patriots had been exercising.

If the ride weren’t over, if Bill Belichick wasn’t ambivalent about re-upping with Brady for his 43-year-old season, there would have been an offer made over the past two months since the season ended.

There would have been more than just one phone conversation. There wouldn’t have been an intimation that the first move in negotiations needed to be made by Brady.

The door for Brady was left wide open. He just walked through it.

Doing that — leaving the door open — is Belichick’s right. Further, that fiscal responsibility is his duty. It’s a large part of why the team has been able to go on and on and on at the top of the league. They never got themselves over a financial barrel with one player the way so many other teams have.

That raise the Patriots gave Brady last August actually flew in the face of their economic philosophy because it threw $13.5M worth of dead money forward into the 2020 season.

Philosophical differences. That’s why Tom Brady’s not a Patriot anymore.


I do think the timing of Brady’s announcement is telling. He waited to make sure an offer would crystallize — and it did with Tampa Bay and the Chargers.

And then — with no offer and no effort from the Patriots — he could tell them that enough was enough. He was not going to go back hat-in-hand at the end of the week and ask if New England wanted to match.

The Patriots had their time. Their silence spoke volumes.

Watching this unfold over weeks, months and years, it became hard at times to comprehend the emotional distance Belichick almost always maintained from Brady.

We’d get press conference odes to Brandon Bolden and verbal bouquets thrown to Patrick Chung or Devin McCourty and on down the line. Brady? Shrugs. Generalities. “Tom always does a good job. Always prepared. Like a lot of our players.”

That wasn’t just at the podium. You could see during their NFL 100 appearance together on NFL Network that Brady still looked to Belichick for validation 20 years on.

That Brady recalled what Belichick told him in a limo the day after Super Bowl 36 — “Tom, just want to let you know you had a pretty good year” — illustrated what that relationship was like.

It is what it is and Brady managed OK. But for a person who appreciates positivity and optimism, one could see where Brady would over the years wonder if his coach could throw him a frickin’ bone.

Their relationship was akin to those hug-free, father-son relationships from the 1950s where the kid is never sure if his dad truly loves him. Only later does the kid find out how much he really meant to the old man.
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Tom E. Curran on Twitter: "In the end, a tangible effort by the Patriots to keep Tom Brady in New England never happened. No negotiation. Just the intimation that it was on Brady to say what he wanted. For Brady, that stance spoke volumes." / Twitter
In the end, a tangible effort by the Patriots to keep Tom Brady in New England never happened. No negotiation. Just the intimation that it was on Brady to say what he wanted. For Brady, that stance spoke volumes.
22 days ago
Tom Brady Always Knew He Might Leave New England - Sports Illustrated
I don’t remember exactly when the conversation happened, but it was at some point around when the Patriots played San Francisco in 2012, and after the deal for the 49ers’ new stadium was done. It was in the New England locker room, on a weekday, and I mentioned to Tom Brady a conversation I’d had with someone else about Candlestick Park, where his dad was once a season-ticket holder.

You realize you’ll retire never having played there?

By weird happenstance, he hadn’t before. The NFL’s 2002 realignment and scheduling formula changes made it so Brady didn’t play his hometown team until his sixth year, 2005. That one was at Gillette. The Patriots then visited Candlestick in 2008, the year Brady lost to a torn ACL. And by the time they go back, in 2016, Levi’s Stadium would be finished and Candlestick would be gone. It was something, in the moment, I don’t think he’d considered.

He fired back: Well, I’ll probably get traded to the Rams or something and play there.

That September, one of his best friends on the team, and a captain on the Patriots’ first Super Bowl team, Lawyer Milloy, was unceremoniously dumped just days before the season opener, after Milloy refused to take a pay cut. People around Brady would always tell you that one stuck with him.

But my sense is that he was unlike most of the few athletes who have reached the level that he has. He never assumed he was entitled to finish his career where he started.

In fact, there were times, like the one I explained above, when it seemed like he assumed that, like Montana or his old buddy Milloy, that wouldn’t happen. And maybe that’s why it ended like it did on Tuesday morning, with simple posts on Instagram and Twitter.
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