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Those We’ve Lost - The New York Times
This series tells the stories of people who have died of the coronavirus.
coronavirus  obituaries  pandemic  2020 
Revolutions Per Minute | KALW
Classical & contemporary music with in-studio guests, commentary, live performances, and occasional sharing of classical vinyl.

Listen to the latest episode on KALW's Local Music Player.
sarahcahill  radio  classicalmusic  newmusic 
3 days ago
scopeArchiv - Archive plan search
Online inventory of the holdings of the State Archives of Canton Bern
switzerland  archive  genealogy  bern  anabaptists  mennonites 
3 days ago
Changes Coming in San Francisco Symphony Community Outreach | San Francisco Classical Voice
Two of the San Francisco Symphony’s many community programs are being cut back, San Francisco Classical Voice has learned. The SFS Board of Directors is said to have voted to discontinue the Community of Music Makers (CoMM) at least temporarily
sfsymphony  classicalmusic  education  sf  sanfrancisco 
3 days ago
Glimpse: A Photo Editor For Everyone
Glimpse is an open source image editor based on the GNU Image Manipulation Program. The goal is to experiment with new ideas and expand the use of free software.

Download »
opensource  graphics  editor  software 
3 days ago
Resist Phoney Encores! - BBC Sounds
New comedy from Gruff Rhys. In this programme, Gruff will attempt to understand crowd behaviour in order to free the audience from the tyranny of the artist, and free all people from all leaders.
gruffrhys  music  beatles  radio 
3 days ago
◐ Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard ◑ : Aquarium Drunkard
Alone together, floating in the ether. Radio Free AD is the culmination of 15 years of gathering and contextualizing sounds from around the globe. Expect: a continuous stream of AD selects—including loads of rare recordings not available via streaming services—specialty shows from close confidants and comrades / label highlights / artist spotlights / global guest DJ digs / interviews / listener requests & beyond. Support via Patreon. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay clean. For heads, by heads.
aquariumdrunkard  streaming  music 
4 days ago
Amid coronavirus shutdown, Bay Area’s open mikes go virtual — and reach farther than ever | Datebook
Almost overnight, COVID-19’s rapid spread around the world has put almost all elements of people’s lives — social, educational, professional — on pause or pushed them into the virtual sphere. Everything has gone online: book clubs, burlesque shows, workout classes and now, open mikes.
literature  poetry  openmike  bayarea 
4 days ago
The Coronavirus Is Deadlier Than The Flu. How Else Do They Differ? : NPR
President Trump has compared the coronavirus to the seasonal flu. NPR reporter Pien Huang speaks to host Maddie Sofia about why the coronavirus appears deadlier and more transmissible — and why it poses such a risk to our healthcare system.
coronavirus  podcast 
5 days ago
Beth Morrison Projects
This week we are featuring Song from the Uproar, a multimedia opera by Missy Mazzoli and Royce Vavrek.
opera  newmusic  classicalmusic 
5 days ago
Haircuts 101 | Wahl USA
Cutting your own hair at home might sound like a frightening proposal at first but Wahl clippers, trimmers and haircutting kits make it easy to give reliable and stylish cuts at any time. You’ve come to the right place for hairstyles, haircutting instructional videos and expert tips.
grooming  hair  2020 
5 days ago
Airline plans canceled? Read this about getting refunds - SFGate
Strategy: In the current environment, don't rush to cancel your spring break flights now. Wait until the very last minute to see whether the airline will cancel your flight before you do. That way you can ask for a refund. If you cancel before the airline does, you'll only get a flight credit.
airlines  travel  2020 
6 days ago
How East Bay grocery stores are responding to COVID-19 — Berkeleyside
Monterey Market
Monterey Market has reduced its hours; it’s now open daily from 9 a.m.-6 p.m., with a dedicated shopping hour from 8-9 a.m., for those 60 and older. The store limits the number of customers allowed inside at a time, and maintains 6-feet between people waiting in line outside. Employees at the store’s entrance clean each cart and basket before handing them over to customers, and the market provides hand sanitizer stations inside. Monterey Market maintains its full produce section, but has purchase limits on high demand items such as toilet paper (one pack of four rolls per person) and flour. Monterey Market, 1550 Hopkins St. (near California Street), Berkeley
shopping  2020  montereymarket  berkeley 
6 days ago
Promise Theory Workshop - Zoom
from 3/26/20 with Mark Burgess and Patrick Debois
promisetheory  devops  devsecops  markburgess  patrickdebois 
6 days ago
EP47 Mark Burgess on the Physics of Money - The Jim Rutt Show
Author, founder & scientist Mark Burgess talks with Jim about promise theory, the many functions of money, its network transfer & physical components, spacetime’s connection to money’s ability to store value, the role of banks, memory & debt, interest & the logic of never-ending growth, deflation & negative interest rates, micro vs macro perspectives on money, geopolitics & foreign exchange, monetary velocity & impacts of stockpiling, currency demurrage, entropy in money, trust, the emerging monetary system in China, Mark’s views on cryptocurrencies & smart contracts, how he sees the future of work & DevOps being connected to money, and more.
markburgess  promisetheory  devops  physics 
8 days ago
Disembodied States : Open Space
You may have heard that SFMOMA is reopening. In anticipation of this fast-approaching reality, Open Space has commissioned “Disembodied States” — a special nine-part Collection Rotation from artists, writers, and thinkers outside of California — as a celebration of the breadth and reach of the collection, and a nod to these last moments in which the museum exists as a hypothetical space, a space that can best be accessed through the virtual, and the imagination. We see these pieces as stand-alone works-of-art, rendered in a variety of media, and jostling in a larger, strange conversation with the collection. Welcome — please come in.
sfmoma  art 
10 days ago
How the Virus Got Out - The New York Times
The most extensive travel restrictions to stop an outbreak in human history haven’t been enough. We analyzed the movements of hundreds of millions of people to show why
coronavirus  visualization  covid19  2020 
10 days ago
Today we are switching our coverage of Donald Trump to an emergency setting - PressThink
This means our journalism will work in a different way, as we try to prevent the President from misinforming you through us."
journalism  2020 
11 days ago
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research - Our World in Data
When the doubling time of deaths* gets above 3 days, we will have begun to get past the runaway period of the pandemic.

Note the current doubling times for China (35 days) & South Korea (12 days).

*not cases, which can be underdiagnosed
coronavirus  covid19  pandemic  2020 
11 days ago
Coronavirus Act Now
This tool is built to enable political leaders to quickly make decisions in their Coronavirus response informed by best available data and modeling.
coronavirus  visualization 
12 days ago
Mini Metro
Video game - has an iOS version and a web version
12 days ago
Byte Driver by Vector Hat
A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux
The year is 1999. The self-driving cars have become self-aware and have taken over the highway. Only one person tries to drive. Her car, the Byte Driver driver, is equipped with a device of her own design, a device that can absorb the capabilities of autonomous vehicles. Her mission: to destroy the Cyber Mind, breaking the connection between the self-drivers, and bring freedom back to the road.
12 days ago
Market Hall Foods Berkeley on 4th Street
open 10am-4pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun
sandwiches available 10am-3pm
berkeley  groceries  shopping 
13 days ago
Pebble Hunting: Sim City 1000000 - Baseball ProspectusBaseball Prospectus
by Sam Miller - picking interesting outcomes from 1 million PECOTA simulations
baseball  sabermetrics  simulation 
13 days ago
Meteorological Versus Astronomical Seasons | News | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)
You may have noticed that meteorologists and climatologists define seasons differently from “regular” or astronomical spring, summer, fall, and winter. So, why do meteorological and astronomical seasons begin and end at different times? In short, it’s because the astronomical seasons are based on the position of Earth in relation to the sun, whereas the meteorological seasons are based on the annual temperature cycle.
seasons  astronomy  meteorology  calendar  solstice  equinox 
13 days ago
Cats Indoors
cats  birds  pets  wildlife  conservation 
14 days ago
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