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Pebble Hunting: Sim City 1000000 - Baseball ProspectusBaseball Prospectus
by Sam Miller - picking interesting outcomes from 1 million PECOTA simulations
baseball  sabermetrics  simulation 
12 days ago by maltodextrin
MLB’s era of ‘load management’ is just getting started – Orange County Register
The specifics differ from team to team, but the end result is the same: The days of the 250-inning starting pitcher, or the batter who plays all 162 games, “are gone,” said Dr. David Altchek, an orthopedic specialist with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.
november 2019 by maltodextrin
Postseason - The Baseball Gauge
All World Series games ranked by WPA, from Ben Lindbergh
baseball  worldseries  sabermetrics  baseballhistory 
october 2018 by maltodextrin
Hunter Pence's "Triple Double"
Double he hit in the 2012 NLCS where his bat impacted the ball three times
baseball  physics  hunterpence  sfgiants 
october 2018 by maltodextrin
Mark McGwire
By Jon Bois according to Grant Brisbee
funny  baseball 
august 2018 by maltodextrin
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