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10 facts about infidelity |
via Pocket - 10 facts about infidelity Love isn’t so much an emotion, says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, as it is a brain system, one of three that’s related to mating and reproduction. It’s those other two systems that explain why human beings are capable of infidelity even as we so highly value love.
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4 weeks ago by mannieschumpert
The Machine Stops | The New Yorker
via Pocket - The Machine Stops My favorite aunt, Auntie Len, when she was in her eighties, told me that she had not had too much difficulty adjusting to all the things that were new in her lifetime—jet planes, space travel, plastics, and so on—but that she could not accustom herself to the disappearance of the old.
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8 weeks ago by mannieschumpert
No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime - The Atlantic
via Pocket - No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime At first glance, the hagfish—a sinuous, tubular animal with pink-grey skin and a paddle-shaped tail—looks very much like an eel. Naturalists can tell the two apart because hagfish, unlike other fish, lack backbones (and, also, jaws). For everyone else, there’s an even easier method.
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12 weeks ago by mannieschumpert
Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life | CBC News
via Pocket - Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life Canadian researchers have discovered a new kind of organism that's so different from other living things that it doesn't fit into the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, or any other kingdom used to classify known organisms.
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november 2018 by mannieschumpert
via Pocket - The Viruses That Made Us Human The rise of the mammals may be feel like a familiar tale, but there’s a twist you likely don’t know about: If it wasn’t for a virus, it might not have happened at all.
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october 2018 by mannieschumpert
People who deeply grasp the pain or happiness of others also process music differently in the brain - SMU Research
via Pocket - People who deeply grasp the pain or happiness of others also process music differently in the brain Higher empathy people appear to process music like a pleasurable proxy for a human encounter — in the brain regions for reward, social awareness and regulation of social emotions.
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july 2018 by mannieschumpert
Climate Change Can Be Reversed by Turning Air Into Gasoline - The Atlantic
via Pocket - Climate Change Can Be Stopped by Turning Air Into Gasoline A Harvard professor says his company should be able to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, at industrial scales, by 2021.
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june 2018 by mannieschumpert
Brain Activity of Transgender People Reveals a Way to End Gender Dysphoria | Inverse
via Pocket - Brain Scans of Transgender Youth Could Put an End to Gender Dysphoria Approximately 1.4 million Americans are transgender. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, polling demonstrates that 21 percent of Americans think that this population has a mental illness, and 39 percent think being transgender is a choice.
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may 2018 by mannieschumpert
Physics - Focus: Barium Ion Detector for Next-Generation Neutrino Studies
via Pocket - Focus: Barium Ion Detector for Next-Generation Neutrino Studies To find out whether the neutrino is its own antiparticle, experimentalists need to observe extremely rare decays, occurring perhaps once per year.
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april 2018 by mannieschumpert
The great nutrient collapse
via Pocket - The great nutrient collapse The atmosphere is literally changing the food we eat, for the worse. And almost nobody is paying attention. Irakli Loladze is a mathematician by training, but he was in a biology lab when he encountered the puzzle that would change his life. It was in 1998, and Loladze was studying for his Ph.D.
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october 2017 by mannieschumpert
China Shatters "Spooky Action at a Distance" Record, Preps for Quantum Internet - Scientific American
via Pocket - China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet In a landmark study, a team of Chinese scientists using an experimental satellite has tested quantum entanglement over unprecedented distances, beaming entangled pairs of photons to three ground stations across China—each separated by more than 1,200 kilometers.
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june 2017 by mannieschumpert

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