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MathJax | Beautiful math in all browsers
MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers.
math  mathml  js  javascript  library  tex  latex  science  ajax  browser  mathematics  maths  opensource  typography  webdesign  webdev  rendering  equations  mathjax  equation  display  mathajax 
october 2010 by marek-saji
toxiclibs - Project Hosting on Google Code
This is a growing selection of useful classes created for mostly computational design projects, but which might be helpful for others too.
tools  programming  design  opensource  code  graphics  library  interactive  physics  libraries  geometry  toxiclibs  generative  toxi  processing  vector  sound  lib  math  3d  java  visualization  animation 
january 2010 by marek-saji

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