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2JZ swappin' a 350z.
2JZ  350Z  engine  swap 
2 days ago
Platforma Wireframe Kit
Start your web project right with distinct prototype, easily made with Platforma’s huge layout library.
wireframes  prototyping  sketch  ux  design 
2 days ago
Tony Blair’s Ghoulish Last Decade
For of all the shady post-political careers that Western world leaders have embarked on in recent years, Blair’s is perhaps the shadiest.
uk  politics  labour  blair  corruption 
2 days ago
Luggage & Travel Accessories.
luggage  travel 
2 days ago
Utsuroi House — Hyde + Hyde Architects
Eastern and Western notions of space making unite with a home layered in personal meaning. The influence of our clients' Japanese culture and an appreciation for architecture, weaves its way into Utsroi House with balance, solitude and geometric symmetry.
house  architecture  build  design 
2 days ago
Cookie pop-ups are designed to be confusing and make you 'agree' to be tracked. This add-on automatically answers consent pop-ups for you, so you can't be manipulated. Set your preferences once, and let the technology do the rest!
extension  chrome  cookie  tracking 
2 days ago
Voter Migration by Party 2019
The key driver of the December 2019 election result was the group of voters who chose to vote differently from 2017. Using polling data, Electoral Calculus has identified and analysed these voters to see which parties they switched to and from.
labour  politics  uk  election  2019  2017  voter 
2 days ago
Lekko - Felt Instruments
This is not your standard, polished piano. It’s sampled from a small Scandinavian upright (missing the bottom octave) that has a wery warm and intimate tone. Inspired by ‘Felt’, the seminal album by Nils Frahm, it’s got that a imperfect sound I truly love. And I hope you will, too.
music  piano  sample  instrument 
2 days ago
Sushi Fusion
Traditional And Fusion Sushi In Brighton.
food  sushi  brighton  restaurant 
2 days ago
WHY ROW | The Row Room
The rowing stroke uses 84% of the Muscle Mass. From the tips of the fingers holding the handle/oars, to the balls of the feet connected to the footboard/boat, all the muscles between these two points contribute to the rowing stroke.
rowing  fitness  exercise 
2 days ago
Adolph L. Reed Jr.
In Chicago, for instance, we’ve gotten a foretaste of the new breed of foundation-hatched black communitarian voices; one of them, a smooth Harvard lawyer with impeccable do-good credentials and vacuous-to-repressive neoliberal politics, has won a state senate seat on a base mainly in the liberal foundation and development worlds.
politics  academic  opinion  comment  usa  america  left 
2 days ago
Evo V Tee - LZMFG
Katakana characters represent an aftermarket exhaust sound in Japan.
tshirt  apparel  evo 
15 days ago
High Performance Academy
Learn to build engines with confidence. Assembling your own engine can be very rewarding for any automotive enthusiast or professional. Get reliable, consistent and dependable engine building information and an easy to follow, well produced online course.
engine  build  course  tuitorial  performance 
15 days ago
Jackie Fielder - Ballotpedia
Jackie Fielder (Democratic Party) is running for election to the California State Senate to represent District 11. She is on the ballot in the general election on November 3, 2020. She advanced from the primary election on March 3, 2020.
california  senate  vote  poll  electon  2020 
15 days ago
Thread by @MillennialOfMNL
Since parasite won 4 awards today at the oscars, here's a thread of bong joon-ho films and other asian films you should watch because asian cinema is amazing
film  list  movies  asian  cinema  recommedations  top  watch 
4 weeks ago
The British Election Study
Explaining Britain's electoral behaviour for over 50 years
debate  government  election  analysis  uk  british  politics  statistics  data 
5 weeks ago
Deep-Sea Mining and the Race to the Bottom of the Ocean
He points to electric cars: the batteries for a single vehicle require 187 pounds of copper, 123 pounds of nickel, and 15 pounds each of manganese and cobalt. On a planet with 1 billion cars, the conversion to electric vehicles would require several times more metal than all existing land-based supplies—and harvesting that metal from existing sources already takes a human toll.
nature  research  environment  ocean  science  mining  deep  sea  resource  extraction 
5 weeks ago
Why the Left Is Losing
Figure 3 plots the swing to parties of the Right between the 2010 and 2019 elections by constituency. The shift of white working-class voters toward the Conservatives, as with the similar move of Midwestern blue-collar whites into Trump’s Republicans, is heavily predicted by views on immigration.
politics  left  immigration  brexit  racism  correlation  marginal 
5 weeks ago
An Unsettling New Theory: There Is No Swing Voter
What if there aren’t really American swing voters—or not enough, anyway, to pick the next president? What if it doesn’t matter much who the Democratic nominee is? What if there is no such thing as “the center,” and the party in power can govern however it wants for two years, because the results of that first midterm are going to be bad regardless?
forecasting  democracy  politics  america  usa  elections 
6 weeks ago
Petrichor House — Hyde + Hyde Architects
Located within a remote four-acre site on the wildly beautiful Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales.
house  wales  architecture  design  shingle 
6 weeks ago
Historic Ad Fraud At Uber With Kevin Frisch
Frisch discusses the largest ever fraud case, a case between Uber and its suppliers of performance marketing and advertising.
uber  advertising  fraud  display  marketing 
6 weeks ago
Urban Drivestyle / Electric bikes for work, fun and family
The vintage style all-round electric bike for fun, family & work: Takes you +1 anywhere in style.
electric  bike 
6 weeks ago
Coast Cycles
Everybody needs sometime to coast. From Singapore.
electric  bike 
6 weeks ago
Our goal is to bring to market an ebike frame design that gives you
rider position adjustability for all sized riders,
and parts mounting options for a wide variety of custom builds.
electric  bike  frame 
6 weeks ago
A lesson in the ruthlessness of the British ruling class
“The neo-liberal consensus was wrong,” he said, admittedly somewhat belatedly. This consensus was the bedrock of New Labour’s politics.
labour  politics  election  opinion  defeat  establishment  power 
6 weeks ago
Mixtape blog for music lovers.
music  mixtape  listen 
7 weeks ago
Studies from Nature
Kitagawa Utamaro’s Studies from Nature, rarely seen and never before reproduced in facsimile, are five superbly bound and illustrated books of insects, shells and birds.
book  present  nature  buy 
7 weeks ago
The Digger: The Deep Politics of Jared Leto’s Cult
It’s particularly strange when you consider that Leto claims to be a nobody from nowhere. But when you dig into his life and career, you see that this isn’t true. Leto may be the spookiest celebrity of all time, and he and his cult are the product of the aerospace/intelligence complex.
jared  leto  cult  weirdness  conspiracy 
7 weeks ago
Stocklist - - Enjoy the Drive!
Nissan 350Z GT UK 313 HR 2008 Facelift 65k
nissan  350z  car 
8 weeks ago
All the lies about Leavers
They're nostalgic, they're gullible, and they're scared of diversity — all these myths have been debunked.
brexit  politics  opinion  uk  2020  eu  european  remain  leave  vote  interesting  myth 
8 weeks ago
Elizabeth Warren’s Electoral Track Record Is Incredibly Worrying
A new look at the 2018 midterms shows that while Bernie Sanders has already won back “Obama-Trump” voters, Elizabeth Warren was decimated in exactly the kinds of places Democrats need to win in 2020.
usa  politics  presidential  election  sanders  warren  candidates 
9 weeks ago
Expedition Truck Brokers | Serious Wheel Estate
Welcome at Expedition Truck Brokers - We connect buyers and sellers of expedition trucks around the world. With 20+ years experience, the crew of Expedition Truck Brokers has gone through all cycles of dealing with large expedition trucks.
truck  overland  offroad  living  mobile  home  camper  van 
11 weeks ago
off white Color Palette
Ideas for a muted colour scheme.
white  colour  palette  design  website 
12 weeks ago
Clean Install Windows 10 - Microsoft Community
This compiles the very best install of Windows possible and is a game-changing learning experience that will make you permanently the master of your PC, because you will learn what works best while crafting a great install with your own hands. 
windows  install  recovery  operating  system  microsoft 
12 weeks ago
EVA_00 - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Unit 00, prototype EVA. Pilot: Rei Ayanami, the First Child.
evangelion  t-shirts 
12 weeks ago
Mitsubishi Delica Expansion Tank
This version of the tank also comes pre-fitted with a sensor probe that connects to the 12v Low Coolant Alarm also included in the kit, which gives an audible and visual alarm when your coolant is low, with optional push button test feature.
delica  coolant  tank  part  mitsubishi  l400 
12 weeks ago
Thule Gutter Feet 9512, 9522, 9531
Easy-to-use foot providing 20 cm roof clearance on vehicles with rain gutters.
roofrack  foot  thule  gutter  transport  delica  mitsubishi 
12 weeks ago
Rojava to Rock
Commentary on North-Eastern Syria.
rojava  blog  syria  politics 
12 weeks ago
Passerby, occasional, regular, super fan: These are the 4 types of news site visitors, according to The Atlantic
The Atlantic’s consulting/creative division, Atlantic 57, released a report that lays out the four kinds of readers The Atlantic has identified.
research  consumption  audience  website  visitor 
december 2019
Luce Irigaray
Irigaray is known for the employment of three different modes in her investigations into the nature of gender, language, and identity, they are the analytic, the essayistic, and the lyrical poetic.
women  reference  wikipedia  feminism 
december 2019
OSF | Youtube_Supply_Demand_OSF.pdf
We think this theory is incomplete, and potentially misleading. And we think thatit has rapidly gained a place in the center of the study of media and politics on YouTubebecause it implies an obvious policy solution|one which is flattering to the journalists and academics studying the phenomenon.
youtube  academic  research  paper  politics  radicalisation 
december 2019
The wonderful world of Chinese hi-fi
The best pair of $20 earbuds you’ll ever buy.
products  audio  music  listening  earphones 
december 2019
Flatpack Democracy 2.0
Over the last five years, more and more often, I have found myself stating that we have never lived in a democracy and what pretends to be one is an obscene farce.  Now no one is pretending any more.
democracy  local  grassroots  guide  book  interesting 
december 2019
How to choose the right portable SSD
The top speeds cost top dollar, but you might not need the fastest drive.
products  how  ssd  portable  review  guide 
december 2019
Final E5000 review: delicate bass cannons
Sink into the warm, bassy embrace of these delightful earphones.
products  music  earphones  listening 
december 2019
Stonehenge Skyscape
This website has been created by English Heritage to enable people around the world to experience the skies above the iconic stone circle, to learn about movements of the sun, moon and planets and to see the solar alignment at Stonehenge.
archaeology  stonehenge  skyscape 
december 2019
HOY Shizuoka .002 2018 Hybrid Bike
The Shizuoka benefits from a lighter aluminium frame than its predecessor and benefits from the clean looks of internal cable routing, designed specifically for UK bike setups.
bike  hoy  specifications  bicycle 
december 2019
Floating Bars in Excel Charts
There are numerous ways to create floating bars in an Excel chart. There are so many ways that I should write more than one post, but I’m going to cram them all into this one.
chart  excel  floating  data  visualisation 
december 2019
Lessons for the UK from Rojava: political culture, ideology, democracy
One of the biggest threats we are facing as humanity is climate change, and in order to rise to the challenge of organising against a political and economic system whose ideology and philosophy fuels climate change, we need an ideology and philosophy that coherently links together climate change with other forms of oppression.
politics  democratic  confederalism  uk  rojava  ideology  organisation 
december 2019
Why Fascism is the Wave of the Future
None of them are poor and they therefore cannot benefit from the more generous welfare payments that the moderate Left is inclined to offer. Nor are they particularly envious of the rich, and they therefore tend to be uninterested in redistribution.
fascism  1994  nineties  prediction  politics 
december 2019
The lost images of anarchist Barcelona
The exhibition offers a journey through the photographic collection of the Office of Information and Propaganda, created by the CNT-FAI in Barcelona during the Civil War with the intent of spreading revolutionary ideology in the face of fascism’s advance in Europe.
images  anarchism  history  photographs  barcelona 
december 2019
Against Economics
There is a growing feeling, among those who have the responsibility of managing large economies, that the discipline of economics is no longer fit for purpose. It is beginning to look like a science designed to solve problems that no longer exist.
economics  criticism  politics  finance  graeber 
december 2019
CrimethInc. : The Roots of Turkish Fascism : And the Threat It Poses
How did an autocratic government gain control in Turkey, forging an alliance between a once-secular nationalism and fundamentalist Islam?
turkey  fascism  politics  islam 
december 2019
Oil is the New Data
In other words, the success of Big Oil, and the production of fossil fuels, are key to winning the cloud race.
computing  environment  energy  oil  data  climate  crisis 
december 2019
By invitation: Mariana Mazzucato - Startup myths and obsessions | Schumpeter | The Economist
The focus on entrepreneurial ecosystems is symptomatic of the misplaced obsession with SMEs and startups.
startup  myth  sme  business  entrepreneur  bullshit 
december 2019
The new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising - The Correspondent
In 2018 $273bn was spent on digital ads globally. We delve into the world of clicks, banners and keywords to find out if any of it is real. What do we really know about the effectiveness of digital advertising?
marketing  economics  advertising  interesting  ebay 
december 2019
Did eBay Just Prove That Paid Search Ads Don’t Work?
Encouraged by these findings, eBay management agreed to run a controlled experiment where they shut off all Google search ads in a third of the country, while continuing to buy ads everywhere else.
ebay  search  advertising  marketing 
december 2019
Internationalist Commune
We are producing articles, photos and videos from the Revolution in Rojava. To keep up the work we need your support!
rojava  charity  support  commune 
december 2019
Japan’s 72 Microseasons |
In ancient times the Japanese divided their year into 24 periods based on classical Chinese sources. The natural world comes to life in the even more vividly named 72 subdivisions of the traditional Japanese calendar.
climate  japan  seasons  year  weather 
december 2019
MegaSphere: procedural action platformer
Play as a special ops combat unit sent to investigate why the stars around Solar System are going dark in a story-based post-cyberpunk action platformer adventure game of supermassive scale set in early 22nd century: smart guns, robots, self-reconstructing environments, and vast AIs.
game  platform 
december 2019
Thousand 4 £1000
In Britain, around 6,000 people per year are refused asylum but are not able to return home. With no right to work to support themselves, no right to rent accommodation and no access to state benefits, people become destitute. Read more about why we are needed.
brighton  charity  support  migrant  refugee 
december 2019
Elitist Britain 2019 - Explore the Data - Sutton Trust
The figure below displays the pathways taken by those in the most influential positions, through education from school to university. On the left side are the schools they attended. The flows from left to right then represent the pathways taken from those in each type of school to university, with the size of the ‘flow’ representing the size of the group.
elite  establishment  visualisation  data  society  education  network 
december 2019
Cabin Holidays | Lodge Holidays | Canopy & Stars
Cabin life is having only what you need and nothing more. No distractions, no tech, just the sound of wood chopping and that faint smoky smell drifting through a quiet clearing. Our collection of over 160 cabins in the UK and Europe has a few woodland classics plus coastal hideaways in secret coves and lodges floating on lakes. We inspect every single one to find creative, characterful creations that will have you living the cabin life in no time.
holiday  cabin  uk  stay  vacation  travel 
december 2019
Building Renovation Specialists | Forrest Rowe
Forrest Rowe are building renovation specialists
and our serivces include design, supply and installation.
building  extension  interior  exterior  home  house  design 
december 2019
Sabine Hossenfelder: Backreaction: Dark energy might not exist after all
That’s because the frequency of light from a distant source can also shift just because our galaxy moves relative to the source. More generally, both our galaxy and the source move relative to the average restframe of stuff in the universe.
astronomy  dark  matter  universe  theory  nobel 
december 2019
Smoke Without Fire: The Myth of a ‘Labour Antisemitism Crisis’
his article by Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alan Maddison features in an eBook on the ‘Labour antisemitism’ controversy edited by Jamie Stern-Weiner, forthcoming from Verso.
labour  antisemitism  politics  campaign  smear  corbyn  allegations  jewish 
november 2019
Proctor and Shaw
Proctor & Shaw are an award-winning architecture and design studio based in South London. We specialise in residential architecture from house extensions and refurbishments to large contemporary new-build homes and multi-unit developments.
architects  design  house  home  rennovation 
november 2019
Autohome - World Leader Roof Tents for vehicles
For everyone, not only for those who turned travel and outdoor life into a passion, “Maggiolina” and “Air-Camping” are an historical synonym for roof tents. An original Italian invention from 1958 (see historical information) the Autohome vehicle roof tent has been the companion of adventurers, explorers and travellers around the world for well over sixty years.
roof  tent  hardshell  camping 
november 2019
Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan
What the Amazon founder and CEO wants for his empire and himself, and what that means for the rest of us.
bezos  amazon  business 
november 2019
How to Beat Imposter Syndrome
To lose sight of this, and to attribute that feeling to some psychological shortcoming, is to internalise capitalism and to lose sight of our essential identity – and, by extension, our creativity too.
book  read  imposter  syndrome  capitalism  work 
november 2019
The 2010s Have Broken Our Sense Of Time
The rhythms of American life changed in the 2010s. How everything from TV to Trump to Instagram messed with your head just enough that time feels like it melted.
time  culture  2010  history  online  internet  pop  social 
november 2019
conversion — be old later
mitsubishi delica L400 space gear -- 1997 chamonix model
4x4 2.8L turbo diesel
short wheel base, high roof model
delica  camper  van  conversion 
november 2019
Vegetable Tagine Recipe
Tagine is a delicious sweet and spiced, North African stew, often made in a tagine pot, but it can be made in any heavy based pot with a lid.
tagine  food  recipe  cooking 
october 2019
Welcome to Tekla's Official Website | Tekla Fabrics
At Tekla we make thoughtful fabrics for your home and you. Shaped by serene architectural references to provide you tranquility and comfort.
towels  bedding  cotton  home  sheets 
october 2019
One Page Dungeon by watabou
One Page Dungeon generates small dungeon layouts for RPG adventures (Dungeons & Dragons, etc.) You can just throw all that graph paper in the recycling.
tool  generator  dungeon 
october 2019
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