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Deep-Sea Mining and the Race to the Bottom of the Ocean
He points to electric cars: the batteries for a single vehicle require 187 pounds of copper, 123 pounds of nickel, and 15 pounds each of manganese and cobalt. On a planet with 1 billion cars, the conversion to electric vehicles would require several times more metal than all existing land-based supplies—and harvesting that metal from existing sources already takes a human toll.
nature  research  environment  ocean  science  mining  deep  sea  resource  extraction 
5 weeks ago by markhgn
N. K. Jemisin - Wikipedia
Nora K. Jemisin (born September 19, 1972) is an American science fiction and fantasy writer and a psychologist. Her fiction explores a wide variety of themes, including cultural conflict and oppression.
people  writer  author  read  science  fiction  fantasy 
august 2019 by markhgn
Kristina Buožytė
Kristina Buožytė is a Lithuanian film director, screenwriter and editor. In her early films she focused on women, explored their inner world and depicted them using fantasy elements. Her last and so far best known film Vanishing Waves (original title Aurora) is described as a hypnotic, sensual sci-fi experience.
film  movie  science  fiction  watch  director 
february 2018 by markhgn
Hyperuniformity Found In Birds, Math And Physics | Quanta Magazine
Scientists are exploring a mysterious pattern, found in birds’ eyes, boxes of marbles and other surprising places, that is neither regular nor random.
science  uniformity  underlying  randomness  hidden  order  rule  research  structure  interesting 
july 2016 by markhgn
View From Nowhere
"On the cultural ideology of Big Data. The view from nowhere that informs books like Dataclysm and much of the corporate and commercialized data science must be unmasked as a view from a very specific and familiar somewhere."
big  data  positivism  ideology  science  sociology  culture 
may 2015 by markhgn
Nudge economics: has push come to shove for a fashionable theory?
"A rival psychologist has published a book debunking the behavioural economics of Daniel Kahneman and the men behind Nudge, who, along with the authors of Freakonomics, were once the PM's pet thinkers. So how do you choose between them?"
complexity  economics  nudge  interesting  neuroscience  behavioural  thinking  popular  science 
june 2014 by markhgn
Agents or Pawns? Power Relations in William Gibson’s Bigend Trilogy
"The article explores power relations, resistance, and agency in William Gibson’s Bigend Trilogy, his three latest novels to date. It analyzes Gibson’s protagonists through Michel Foucault’s observations on power. In the Bigend Trilogy, power relations between free individuals are turned into relations of constraint by various agents, most importantly by the advertising magnate Hubertus Bigend."
william  gibson  article  book  critical  analysis  science  fiction  trilogy 
april 2014 by markhgn
"... is an autonomous drifting underwater scientific platform of 2600 tons displacement built of Sealium, a recyclable aluminium designed for marine environments."
sea  exploration  platform  ship  science  oceanography 
march 2014 by markhgn
A Genre in Crisis: On Paul Di Filippo's "Wikiworld"
"To quote Wolfe, many writers started “developing strategies to write science fiction without writing in the genre of science fiction”; they emigrated outward from the genre ghetto, and found their skills in demand once they dropped its vernacular stylings and clichés."
review  books  science  fiction  genre  article 
december 2013 by markhgn
SF and Technology as Mystification
"I think you can see what is being discussed when most people say "technology." They are politically mystifying a much bigger monster: Capitalism in its advanced, industrial phase."
joanna  russ  author  science  fiction  technology  political  economy 
october 2013 by markhgn
"Welcome to Nautilus. We are delighted you joined us. We are here to tell you about science and its endless connections to our lives. Each month we choose a single topic. And each Thursday we publish a new chapter on that topic online. Each issue combines the sciences, culture and philosophy into a single story told by the world’s leading thinkers and writers. We follow the story wherever it leads us. Read our essays, investigative reports, and blogs. Fiction, too. Take in our games, videos, and graphic stories. Stop in for a minute, or an hour. Nautilus lets science spill over its usual borders. We are science, connected."
magazine  inspiration  science  design  culture  content 
october 2013 by markhgn
Time reversal findings may open doors to the future
"Imagine a cell phone charger that recharges your phone remotely without even knowing where it is; a device that targets and destroys tumors, wherever they are in the body."
ideas  time  physics  reversal  science 
february 2013 by markhgn
Why Science Fiction Movies Drive Me Nuts
"All the artifice in the world, on tap, but exclusively reserved for the trivial and unimportant."
film  movies  science  fiction  cory  doctorow  opinion 
september 2012 by markhgn
Has science yet determined how lobsters and similar organisms achieve biological immortality?
"Certain organisms like the lobsters, clams, and tortoises, et cetera seem to experience what is known as negligible senescence, where symptoms of ageing do not appear and mortality rates do not increase with age."
ageing  biology  science 
july 2012 by markhgn
Fake meat: is science fiction on the verge of becoming fact?
"But the meat-fakers say they are on the verge of a breakthrough, that there is a real possibility that a new era of fake meat – nutritious, cheap and indistinguishable from the real thing, made either of synthesised animal tissue or derived from plant material – may be upon us."
food  ecology  science  environment  vegan  vegetarian  meat  diet 
june 2012 by markhgn
Feynman's Talk
"What I want to talk about is the problem of manipulating and controlling things on a small scale."
nanotechnology  science  richard  feynman 
october 2011 by markhgn
Innovation Starvation
"Still, I worry that our inability to match the achievements of the 1960s space program might be symptomatic of a general failure of our society to get big things done."
innovation  politics  science  author  neal  stephenson 
october 2011 by markhgn
Concepts & Prototypes: Two Next-Gen Nukes
"One nuclear plant provides the energy equivalent of 1,200 windmills or 20 square miles of solar panels."
nuclear  reactor  molten  salt  thorium  science  electricity  power 
june 2011 by markhgn
Researchers track the secret lives of feral and free-roaming house cats
"Researchers (and some cat-owners) wanted to know: What do feral and free-roaming house cats do when they're out of sight?"
cats  research  science  study  physorg 
may 2011 by markhgn
Ecstasy does not wreck the mind, study claims
"Previous research was flawed, say experts, but findings will shock those who campaign against the drug's use."
drug  research  ecstacy  prohibiiton  science  health  brain  legalisation 
february 2011 by markhgn
Tron 2 "The Most Difficult Thing I've Ever Done," Says Star
"Yeah, so I got a job as the Park Ranger in Awesome Unicornland."
satire  tron  hard  work  funny  humour  comment  science  fiction 
november 2010 by markhgn
Emotiv - Brain Computer Interface Technology
"Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction. The Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset."
brain  gadget  eeg  science  research  controller 
march 2010 by markhgn
Everywhere in a Flash: The Quantum Physics of Photosynthesis
"By hitting single molecules with quadrillionth-of-a-second laser pulses, scientists have revealed the quantum physics underlying photosynthesis, the process used by plants and bacteria to capture light’s energy at efficiencies unapproached by human engineers."
science  wired  quantum  plants  biology  physics 
february 2010 by markhgn
"For the past twelve years my research team has been using all the brain research tools at its disposal, from functional MRI to electro- and magneto-encephalography and even electrodes inserted deep in the human brain, to shed light on the brain mechanisms of consciousness."
brain  consciousness  research  neuroscience  science  to  read 
december 2009 by markhgn
Why dolphins are deep thinkers
"There is still much to learn about these flexible problem-solvers, but from the evidence so far, it seems that dolphins do indeed deserve their reputation for being highly intelligent."
science  intelligence  brain  biology  research  learning  dolphins 
november 2009 by markhgn
9 Environmental Boundaries We Don’t Want to Cross
"... according to 28 leading scientists, greenhouse gas pollution is but one of nine environmental factors critical to humanity’s future. If their boundaries are stretched too far, Earth’s environment could be catastrophically altered — and three have already been broken, with several others soon to follow."
environment  science  sustainability  climate  earth  population 
september 2009 by markhgn
The Science Fiction Writer Who Received Fan Mail From Virginia Woolf
"It's one of those literary friendships that seems unlikely on the surface, but then makes endless sense once you dig deeper: Virginia Woolf had a correspondence with Olaf Stapledon, and he inspired her to write more science fiction."
author  literature  science  fiction  speculative  writing  inspiration 
september 2009 by markhgn
Stunning Views of Glaciers From Space
"Here we have collected 13 stunning images of some of the world’s most impressive and beautiful glaciers, captured from space by astronauts and satellites."
geography  science  space  earth  image  photography  glacier  geology 
september 2009 by markhgn
Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why
"From 2001 to 2006, the percentage of new products cut from development after Phase II clinical trials, when drugs are first tested against placebo, rose by 20 percent. The failure rate in more extensive Phase III trials increased by 11 percent, mainly due to surprisingly poor showings against placebo."
health  science  psychology  drugs  research  placebo  pharmacology 
september 2009 by markhgn
IEEE Spectrum: Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens
"The human eye is a perceptual powerhouse. It can see millions of colors, adjust easily to shifting light conditions, and transmit information to the brain at a rate exceeding that of a high-speed Internet connection."
technology  future  science  interface  electronics  contact  lens 
september 2009 by markhgn
13 more things that don't make sense
"Michael Brooks presents thirteen of the most perplexing. Cracking any one of them could yield profound truths."
science  physics  list  research  interesting  article 
september 2009 by markhgn
The Status of the P Versus NP Problem
"It's one of the fundamental mathematical problems of our time, and its importance grows with the rise of powerful computers."
mathematics  complexity  science  algorithm  article 
august 2009 by markhgn
The Atlantic | April 1988 | Did the Universe Just Happen? | Wright
"There are three great philosophical questions," he begins. "What is life? What is consciousness and thinking and memory and all that? And how does the universe work?" He says that his "informational viewpoint" encompasses all three.
philosophy  physics  science 
august 2009 by markhgn
Wired 10.12: God Is the Machine
philosophy  technology  science  god  computing 
august 2009 by markhgn
Your body wasn’t built to last: a lesson from human mortality rates
"What do you think are the odds that you will die during the next year? Try to put a number to it — 1 in 100? 1 in 10,000? Whatever it is, it will be twice as large 8 years from now."
health  science  longevity  biology  law  mortality  aging  death  statistic 
august 2009 by markhgn
Is scientific publishing about to be disrupted?
"New technologies often don’t look very good in their early stages, and that means a straightup comparison of new to old is little help in recognizing impending dispruption."
publishing  science  business  economics  technology  newspaper  future 
june 2009 by markhgn
Sturgeon's Law
"Ninety percent of everything is crap."
law  sturgeon  science  speculative  fiction 
june 2009 by markhgn
The dumb, dumb world of Malcolm Gladwell
"Have you ever had the nagging sense that there's something not quite right with the adulation that follows Malcolm Gladwell."
gladwell  malcolm  pseudo  science  criticism  review  funny  marketing 
may 2009 by markhgn
Energy of the Future: Igniting a Star With Laser Light
"Using 192 separate lasers and a 400-foot-long series of amplifiers and filters, scientists at Lawrence Livermore's National Ignition Facility (NIF) hope to create a self-sustaining fusion reaction..."
fusion  physics  energy  lasers  science 
may 2009 by markhgn
Computer Program Self-Discovers Laws of Physics
"In just over a day, a powerful computer program accomplished a feat that took physicists centuries to complete: extrapolating the laws of motion from a pendulum's swings."
AI  physics  computer  science  research 
april 2009 by markhgn
The Superior Civilization
"Superorganisms such as some ant, bee, and termite colonies represent a level of organization intermediate between single organisms and the ecosystem..."
review  nature  book  science  evolution  biology  ants  superorganism 
february 2009 by markhgn
Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling new science
"Even as mega-banks topple, Juan Enriquez says the big reboot is yet to come."
technology  science  future  economics  evolution  ted 
february 2009 by markhgn
Evidence on declining fruit and vegetable nutrient composition
"... found that fertilized plants contained larger absolute amounts of minerals than the unfertilized plants, but these amounts were sufficiently diluted by the increased dry matter that all mineral concentrations declined..."
science  research  food  diet  health  agriculture  vegetables  nutrition 
february 2009 by markhgn
Cooking Has Been Both Boon and Bane for Humans
"The fundamental importance of cooking is that it provides increased sources of energy..."
science  history  wired  human  food  cooking  health  evolution 
february 2009 by markhgn
Very Short List / Great discoveries + Short, sweet e-mails + 5 Days a Week
"Very Short List is a collection of distinct, free, daily e-mails that each recommend one must–see gem a day."
list  food  science  email  recommendations  mailout  entertainment 
january 2009 by markhgn
The Science of the Future of War
"We need to limit the conditions that lead to war in the first place."
war  technology  population  wired  science  military 
november 2008 by markhgn
Foreign Policy: The List: Five Physics Lessons for Obama
"... in today’s high-tech world, many critical issues have more to do with electrons than economics."
advice  president  barack  obama  science  physics 
november 2008 by markhgn
Supercomputers Break Petaflop Barrier, Transforming Science
"A new crop of supercomputers is breaking down the petaflop speed barrier, pushing high-performance computing into a new realm that could change science more profoundly than at any time since Galileo, leading researchers say."
wired  technology  science  supercomputer  petaflop 
november 2008 by markhgn
Dr. Roundbottom: Scientist & Philosopher: Latest Dispatches
"Julius T. Roundbottom is a dedicated gentleman of science! Utilizing the latest in modern technologies, he currently researchs the native flora and fauna of City Park with a particular interest in the interaction and conflict between native species and invasive species from alternate world models."
steampunk  science  to  read 
october 2008 by markhgn
Futurismic - near-future science fiction and fact since 2001
Futurismic is a website for people interested in the future and the effects of science and technology on the present.
technology  science  sf  future  blog  article 
september 2008 by markhgn
The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete
"All models are wrong, but some are useful." So proclaimed statistician George Box 30 years ago, and he was right. But what choice did we have?
science  analytics  article  wired  technology  theory  model  data  biology  google  statistic 
june 2008 by markhgn
Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm
Wow. Great article on memory and what to do if you need to remember particular information.
memory  learning  education  software  psychology  science  languages 
april 2008 by markhgn
Nuclear Explosions since 1945
Worldmap showing where nuclear explosions have occurred.
map  history  nuclear  physics  science  atomic  explosions 
april 2008 by markhgn
TED | Talks | Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight (video)
Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor studied her own stroke as it happened.
ted  brain  science  stroke  psychology  philosophy  neuroscience 
march 2008 by markhgn
Applied Cognitive Science
How Cognitive Science Can Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations
powerpoint  cognitive  science  presentation  visualisation 
february 2008 by markhgn
Documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives.
anthropology  drugs  reference  science  health  psychology  culture  education  brain  chemistry  biology 
december 2007 by markhgn
GCP : Global Carbon Project : Homepage
Established in 2001 in recognition of the enormous scientific challenge and fundamentally critical nature of the carbon cycle for Earth sustainability.
carbon  data  environment  science  sustainability  research  climate 
october 2007 by markhgn
The Electric Cosmos
Website for the book 'The Electric Sky'.
article  physics  cosmology  space  plasma  theory  big  bang  science 
august 2007 by markhgn
Bad Science » Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science column from the Guardian and more…
Actually about bad science, not 'bad' as in Tesla coils and other good stuff.
science  blog  news  comment  criticism  alternative 
july 2007 by markhgn
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