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Mapping Human Movement - Nature Graphics
We recently published a special issue exploring the intersection of science and human migration. Researchers warn that misleading reports about the size of flows into Europe and United States are creating unjustified fears about refugees. That is compromising efforts to manage the humanitarian crisis faced by people fleeing war-torn countries. The numbers show that the vast majority of refugees from Africa and Asia sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Only small proportion chose a long and often perilous journey to Europe.

We set out to tell this story visually. Although the original brief for this project included a map as a main element, we ultimately took a different visualization approach. During an ideation session, we used hand drawn sketches (second image, above) to discuss graphic elements and composition, including refugee flows, locations, historical data and changes in migration.
dataviz  sankey  advice 
26 days ago
Sears | MetaFilter
"All this talk of their failing business model reminded me of something. It's not that the model is failing so much as a lack of vision to develop a new model."
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27 days ago
This Dublin Block Tells the Story of the City - The New York Times
Lined with outsize Georgian buildings, Henrietta Street has been, over the years, home to both tenement squalor and aristocratic grandeur.
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7 weeks ago
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