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This Dublin Block Tells the Story of the City - The New York Times
Lined with outsize Georgian buildings, Henrietta Street has been, over the years, home to both tenement squalor and aristocratic grandeur.
dublin  conservation  architecture  articles 
11 weeks ago by markogara
Joel Simon
Evolving Floor Plans is an experimental research project exploring speculative, optimized floor plan layouts. The rooms and expected flow of people are given to a genetic algorithm which attempts to optimize the layout to minimize walking time, the use of hallways, etc. The creative goal is to approach floor plan design solely from the perspective of optimization and without regard for convention, constructability, etc. The research goal is to see how a combination of explicit, implicit and emergent methods allow floor plans of high complexity to evolve. The floorplan is 'grown' from its genetic encoding using indirect methods such as graph contraction and emergent ones such as growing hallways using an ant-colony inspired algorithm.
architecture  design  generative  algorithm  adaptive 
august 2018 by markogara
Home | Losing Myself
Alzheimer's Disease is a form of dementia, one of a range of conditions that progressively degrade the synaptic connections within our brains. The condition erodes the ability to plan and to remember. It becomes gradually harder to situate yourself and to navigate your way in the world: two capacities central to the experience of architecture. We have worked for a decade, designing buildings for people with dementia. Losing Myself is a reflective report on the lessons we have learnt during this experience.
architecture  design  alzheimers 
september 2016 by markogara
Adalberto Libera's Villa Malaparte
Adalberto Libera's Villa Malaparte, Capri, 1938
architecture  house 
january 2015 by markogara
Before & After> 25 of New York City’s Most Transformative Road Diets - A/N Blog
New York City has been adjusting to its new Mayor Bill De Blasio, who took office at the beginning of the year. The new mayor has been slowly revealing his team of commissioners who will guide the city’s continued transformation. As AN has noted many times before, De Blasio’s predecessor Michael Bloomberg and his team already left a giant mark on New York’s built environment.
architecture  cities  cycling  nyc  urbanism 
february 2014 by markogara
There's a Science to Foot Traffic, and It Can Help Us Design Better Cities - Wired Science
Before there was Space Syntax the multinational company, there was space syntax, the science of how cities work. In the late 1970s, British architects Bill Hillier and Julienne Hanson hit on the idea that any space within a city – or the entire city itself – could be analyzed in terms of connectivity and movement. They reasoned that a city’s success depended largely on how easy it was for people to move about on foot.
architecture  cities  data  urbanism  china  connectivity 
january 2014 by markogara
Five Reasons To Study Architecture Through Alfred Hitchcock’s Films - Architizer
Before he started directing films in 1925, Hitchcock designed sets for films shot in the sophisticated studios in Germany. He favored oppressive and claustrophobic spaces, which were important in expressionist cinema as well as in the Kammerspielfilm, which dealt with individuals in an everyday claustrophobic environment. In addition, sophisticated special effects developed in German studios (such as the Schüfftan process, or the use of scale models) proved very important to Hitchcock, who continued using rear projections, for instance, when they were already considered outdated special effects.
film  architecture  setdesign  alfredhitchcock  space 
january 2014 by markogara
BLDGBLOG: Lightning Farm
This past winter, I had the pleasure of traveling around south Florida with Smout Allen, Kyle Buchanan, and nearly two dozen students from Unit 11 at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

While there were many, many interesting projects resulting from the trip, and from the Unit in general, there is one that I thought I'd post here, by student Farah Aliza Badaruddin, particularly for the quality of its drawings.
drawing  architecture  refs 
august 2013 by markogara
Creating Civilizations
A compendium of diagrams and text related to the notions of creating on vast scales. Works will be posted daily (5-7 times a week). For more information please read the interview by Kyle Chayka - ANIMAL Interview of Robert Strati on “Creating Civilizations"
diagrams  architecture  art  series 
july 2013 by markogara
Ancient Roman Concrete Is About to Revolutionize Modern Architecture - Businessweek
After 2,000 years, a long-lost secret behind the creation of one of the world’s most durable man-made creations ever—Roman concrete—has finally been discovered by an international team of scientists, and it may have a significant impact on how we build cities of the future.
architecture  concrete  environment  history  science 
june 2013 by markogara
Stain power. « Present&Correct
Collection of stained glass windows designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
architecture  glass  lloydwright 
february 2013 by markogara
Kirsch: A loft for children - News - Domus
Austrian studio Kirsch architecture has recently completed a nursery in Vienna, a compact two-storey building which distinguishes itself in a heterogeneous urban environment, while effectively blending in with the surroundings. The building was completed in six months, using prefabricated wood elements and concrete.
architecture  school  education  prefab  timber  austria 
september 2012 by markogara
Visualization in Architecture: Drawing Types | Blog
There has always been a connection between architecture and visualization. Not all visualization is about communicating data, sometimes visualizations show concepts. The core of what architects do is creating visuals that communicate complex concepts, processes and spaces. Over hundreds of years, architects have developed and refined different drawing types and techniques that help to communicate these ideas to people. Let’s take a look at some drawings of the Pantheon to see how they communicate.
drawings  architecture  pantheon  piranesi 
september 2012 by markogara
r e a l r e v i e w . i e
This is the blog, written by Nyder O'Leary. Once it was a pop-culture review, then it was a rambling mixture of insight, drivel and libel, now it seems to mostly focus on current affairs. Apart from when Doctor Who's on. Posts are supposed to appear weekly, but they never do. Contact me at nyder underscore o underscore leary at realreview dot ie if you'd like to offer any insights or feedback. Or chocolate.
blogs  politics  architecture  sociology 
may 2012 by markogara
Marcel Breuer Digital Archive
The Marcel Breuer Digital Archive represents a collaborative effort headed by Syracuse University Library to digitize over 30,000 drawings, photographs, letters and other materials related to the career of Marcel Breuer, one of the most influential architects and furniture designers of the twentieth century. The first phase of this NEH-funded project culminates in the headquarters complex designed for UNESCO in the mid-1950s. UNESCO represents a transitional moment between the early Bauhaus-inspired designs and the monumental, sculptural concrete buildings of his later career.
architecture  refs  drawings  sketches  marcelbreuer 
april 2012 by markogara
Brian Donovan and Timothy Hill of Donovan Hill | ArchitectureAU
Many a commentator has waxed lyrical about Donovan Hill’s work. It’s not difficult. There’s a temptation, when setting out to write about the practice, to conjure the projects visited, bit by bit, experience by experience, to walk through (in one’s mind) the houses, landscapes, public spaces and major institutional and commercial buildings and, well … spurt out a bit of purple prose. Detailed craftsmanship, enigmatic volumes, ingenious manipulations of scale … woops, there I go … and it is such good publishing fodder. But here’s the thing – it’s simply not what they’re about. Brian Donovan and Timothy Hill, the founding directors of the pluralistic practice, are the first to steer the conversation away from traditional architectural commentary stances or modes of critique. The achievements these forms seek to define are, according to the pair, simply the necessary tools of any half-decent architect, and nothing to write home about. More pressing concerns reign.
articles  architecture  donovanhill 
march 2012 by markogara
Bruno Munari: art director, 1943-1944 - From the Archive - Domus
Trained as an artist, Bruno Munari dabbled in the graphic arts, advertising and art directing world for several magazines and publications before settling as a designer. Graphic design historian Alessandro Colizzi recounts episodes from the Milanese master's early career when, from Autumn 1943 through the end of 1944, he was creative director of Domus.
domus  articles  architecture  design 
march 2012 by markogara
I am an MLA candidate, 2011, in the University of Texas at Austin. Most of my time is spent mapping the underlying structures of the world around me and exploring digital and analogue forms of representation in landscape architecture. Representation is both process and product and so I am actively exploring how hand drawing, model building, screen printing, scripting, algorithms, and digital tools etc. can be used in the design process as well as to create beautiful renderings. The aesthetics of representation are heavily explored on this site as well as the social pull graphics can have in illustrating that landscapes are socially necessary and economically viable. Plan and Section is a place to explore all of these thoughts and I would be delighted to hear from any one with a piece to say.
landscaping  architecture  drawing  illustrator  tips  articles  tutorial 
march 2012 by markogara
Ove Arup's Key Speech | Arup | A global firm of consulting engineers, designers, planners and project managers
The Key Speech is required reading for each person who joins Arup or who wants to be reminded of what we are all about, and for those who want to learn about us.
design  speech  arup  architecture  engineering 
march 2012 by markogara
Yellow Apartment Renovation / Pedro Varela & Renata Pinho | ArchDaily
The redesign of this apartment had to deal with specific issues: replace the existing floor, redesign the kitchen while keeping the laundry space, and create lots of storage space. The bathrooms and master bedroom intervention is a welcome bonus to the essential.
apartment  architecture  renovation  refs  colour  yellow 
march 2012 by markogara
Sami Rintala (born 1969) is an architect and an artist, with a long merit list after finishing his architect studies in Helsinki Finland 1999. He established architect office Casagrande & Rintala 1998, which produced a series of acknowledged architectural installations around the world during the next five years until 2003. These works combine architecture with critical thinking of society, nature and the real tasks of an architect, all within a cross-over art field using space, light, materials and human body as tools of expression.
architecture  inspiration  norway 
march 2012 by markogara
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