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The Quietus | Features | Anniversary | The God Machine's Scenes From The Second Storey Revisited 25 Years On
The God Machine were a total anomaly, says our man in San Francisco, Ned Raggett, both entirely of their time while simultaneously being out there on their own.
music  article  godmachine  quietus 
2 days ago by markogara
'No Fiat 500 techno!': why electronic music in Cork is popping off | Music | The Guardian
A crop of hyper-imaginative producers like Lighght, Ellll and those on the Flood label all emanate from Ireland’s ‘rebel city’ – but can it hold on to them?
music  ireland  article  guardian 
8 weeks ago by markogara
Should you replace Hadoop with your laptop? · Vicki Boykis
This talk is not meant to discourage you from pursuing distributed, NoSQL systems, but to get you to think about tradeoffs. Every technical choice is a tradeoff for another one, and it’s important to understand what you’re keeping and giving up in each scenario.
bigdata  article  hadoop 
october 2019 by markogara
Advice For New and Junior Data Scientists – Robert Chang – Medium
If the intended audience of my previous post was for aspiring data scientists and people who are completely new to the field, then this article is for people who are already in the field but are just starting out. My goal is to not only use this post as a reminder to myself about the important things that I have learned, but also to inspire others as they embark onto their DS careers!
learning  article  advice  medium 
may 2019 by markogara
XGBoost Algorithm – Towards Data Science
XGBoost algorithm was developed as a research project at the University of Washington. Tianqi Chen and Carlos Guestrin presented their paper at SIGKDD Conference in 2016 and caught the Machine Learning world by fire. Since its introduction, this algorithm has not only been credited with winning numerous Kaggle competitions but also for being the driving force under the hood for several cutting-edge industry applications.
article  xgboost  dataanalytics  datascience  algorithm 
may 2019 by markogara
The Fab 50 - Ireland’s 50 best places to stay in 2019
The Fab 50 isn’t about the usual suspects. It’s about places that are at the top of their game now — rather than trading on former glories. It favours award-winners, exciting new arrivals and properties that continue to evolve and improve (be it a clever refurb, or a cool new menu). It changes from year to year, and purposefully leaves room for the unsung heroes of Irish hospitality. These are places we believe will define and inspire the Irish short break in 2019 — from Ireland’s sole carbon-neutral hotel to its next-gen B&Bs, stunning city penthouses and cosy cabins in the woods.
article  travel  ireland  hotels 
march 2019 by markogara
The 12 Best Games For The Nintendo Switch
Since the Switch came out, Nintendo has managed to maintain a solid ratio of good games on their system. At this point there’s a healthy selection of fantastic Switch games to choose from. As with all of our Bests lists, we’ll continue updating this one as long as people keep putting out new Switch games. Each game we add will need to replace an existing entry. This list in particular got really good relatively quickly, so expect it to become even better as more and more games come out.
article  games  nintendoswitch  list  kotaku 
february 2019 by markogara
The best Nintendo Switch games - Polygon
What follows is a living list of the Nintendo Switch games we recommend everyone play or watch, in reverse-chronological order. We’ll be updating this page as we come across excellent new games. If you’ve just purchased a Switch, this is a guide to start your collection. And if you’ve already played through Nintendo’s suite of first-party hits, this list should help you find the next game to check out.
article  games  nintendoswitch  list  polygon 
february 2019 by markogara
The Art of Bullet Journaling and the Improved To-Do List - The New York Times
In his new book, “The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future,” Carroll goes back to basics, explaining the practice and his reasoning behind each element, which include an index or table of contents, a future log for upcoming events or tasks, and daily and monthly logs for more granular planning. One can create custom collections, blank pages that can take any form, even just a simple list. “It’s not about how your journal looks, it’s about how it makes you feel and how effective it is,” writes Carroll in “The Bullet Journal Method.”
notebook  journal  notes  productivity  bulletjournal  nytimes  article 
december 2018 by markogara
The Yoda of Silicon Valley - The New York Times
Donald Knuth, master of algorithms, reflects on 50 years of his opus-in-progress, “The Art of Computer Programming.”
article  nytimes  programming  donaldknuth  c  computing 
december 2018 by markogara
How Airbnb Democratizes Data Science With Data University
Data is essential to us at Airbnb. We characterize data as the voice of our users at scale. Thus, data science plays the role of an interpreter — we use data and statistics to understand our users and translate it to a voice that people or machines can understand. We leverage these quantitative insights, paired together with qualitative insights (e.g. in-person user research) to make the best possible decisions for both the business and our community of hosts and guests.
datascience  bigdata  article  medium  airbnb  tools  opensource  learning 
july 2018 by markogara
Questions to Ask Yourself When Reading About Design +
What gets written on the Internet about the design of apps, web sites, icons, identity systems and digital experiences of all kinds is almost always written by people who are professional designers first and foremost. We don’t have a class (or even a sub-class) of writers who are actively engaged and uncompromised in thinking about what makes for good design and why.
design  writing  advice  subtraction  khoivinh  article 
september 2017 by markogara
Otl Aicher's Isny – modernism in a medieval town - Creative Review
A new exhibition and book from studio dn&co tells the remarkable story of a project by the German designer that aimed to convey the attractions of a small town in southern Germany through pictograms.
otlaicher  isny  graphicdesign  creativereview  article 
september 2017 by markogara
Misty Mountains – Adventures In Mapping
Applying mist and fog effects to satellite imagery.
article  tutorial  maps  rendering  data 
october 2016 by markogara
A comprehensive guide to cognitive biases — Quartz
I’ve spent many years referencing Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases whenever I have a hunch that a certain type of thinking is an official bias but I can’t recall the name or details. But despite trying to absorb the information of this page many times over the years, very little of it seems to stick.
Article  Quartz  Research  CognitiveBias  Bias 
september 2016 by markogara
A Big Article About Wee Things - ProPublica
And that's what this post is about: wee things. Specifically, the wee things that we see as part of graphics, maps, visualizations (wee things in space) as well as the wee things we experience as part of interactions, navigation, and usability (wee things in time). This means everything from sequences of small graphics that help us make comparisons, to tiny locator maps that help orient us within a larger graphic, to navigation icons that give hints about how we should make our way around a page.
article  design  data  interface  software  inspiration 
october 2014 by markogara

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