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'No Fiat 500 techno!': why electronic music in Cork is popping off | Music | The Guardian
A crop of hyper-imaginative producers like Lighght, Ellll and those on the Flood label all emanate from Ireland’s ‘rebel city’ – but can it hold on to them?
music  ireland  article  guardian 
8 weeks ago by markogara
The 20 best potato recipes | Food | The Guardian
Lancashire hotpot, fisherman’s pie, Jane Grigson’s shepherd’s pie: few foods comfort like an old-school potato dish. Luxuriate in these: Rory O’Connell’s roasties, Jeremy Lee’s proper chips and Simon Hopkinson’s sublime saffron mash. Brilliant winter warmers for January days. A little further afield we present Meera Sodha’s saag aloo, Giorgio Locatelli’s gnocchi and Fuchsia Dunlop’s potato slivers with chilli and Sichuan pepper. Potatoes have the ability to heal, I think, whether they’re the Quality Chop House’s signature confit or in Anja Dunk’s heartbreak soup. It uniquely nourishes us, the humble spud, never more than here in our 20 best potato recipes.
recipes  potato  guardian 
9 weeks ago by markogara
How 'placemaking' is tearing apart social housing communities | Nye Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
It’s gentrification by any other name, helping councils to force out tenants and decimate public housing.
essay  guardian  politics  socialhousing  cities  government 
may 2019 by markogara
What next for photography in the age of Instagram? | Art and design | The Guardian
In our image-propelled social media era, some photographers fear for the future of the art, while others are galvanised by it. As technology increasingly shapes how we see and share the world, how is photography changing in response?
articles  photography  instagram  guardian 
may 2019 by markogara
The limits of reason: Philip Pullman on why we believe in magic | Books | The Guardian
The world of magic defies rational explanation, but beware dismissing it as nonsense. Like religious experience and poetry, it is a crucial aspect of being human, writes the Dark Materials author.
articles  guardian 
may 2019 by markogara
Make your mark: the enduring joy of drawing | Art and design | The Guardian
From the Lascaux caves to the notepad doodle, we have always been drawn to draw. On the eve of the UK’s first art fair dedicated to drawing, we celebrate the freest and first of all art forms.
articles  guardian  art  drawing 
april 2019 by markogara
The Aldi effect: how one discount supermarket transformed the way Britain shops | Business | The Guardian
When Aldi arrived in Britain, Tesco and Sainsbury’s were sure they had nothing to worry about. Three decades later, they know better.
business  supermarkets  aldi  articles  guardian  longread 
march 2019 by markogara
Big Other: Surveillance Capitalism and the Prospects of an Information Civilization by Shoshana Zuboff :: SSRN
This article describes an emergent logic of accumulation in the networked sphere, ‘surveillance capitalism,’ and considers its implications for ‘information civilization.’ Google is to surveillance capitalism what General Motors was to managerial capitalism. Therefore the institutionalizing practices and operational assumptions of Google Inc. are the primary lens for this analysis as they are rendered in two recent articles authored by Google Chief Economist Hal Varian. Varian asserts four uses that follow from computer-mediated transactions: ‘data extraction and analysis,’ ‘new contractual forms due to better monitoring,’ ‘personalization and customization,’ and ‘continuous experiments.’ An examination of the nature and consequences of these uses sheds light on the implicit logic of surveillance capitalism and the global architecture of computer mediation upon which it depends. This architecture produces a distributed and largely uncontested new expression of power that I christen: ‘Big Other.’ It is constituted by unexpected and often illegible mechanisms of extraction, commodification, and control that effectively exile persons from their own behavior while producing new markets of behavioral prediction and modification. Surveillance capitalism challenges democratic norms and departs in key ways from the centuries long evolution of market capitalism.
technology  google  facebook  advertising  guardian  shoshanazuboff 
january 2019 by markogara
Shoshana Zuboff: Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism
Governmental control is nothing compared to what Google is up to. The company is creating a wholly new genus of capitalism, a systemic coherent new logic of accumulation we should call surveillance capitalism. Is there nothing we can do?
technology  google  facebook  advertising  guardian  shoshanazuboff 
january 2019 by markogara
'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism | Technology | The Guardian
Shoshana Zuboff’s new book is a chilling exposé of the business model that underpins the digital world. Observer tech columnist John Naughton explains the importance of Zuboff’s work and asks the author 10 key questions
articles  technology  google  facebook  advertising  guardian  shoshanazuboff 
january 2019 by markogara
Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away | World news | The Observer
Low-lying south Florida, at the front line of climate change in the US, will be swallowed as sea levels rise. Astonishingly, the population is growing, house prices are rising and building goes on. The problem is the city is run by climate change deniers
climate  politics  florida  guardian 
july 2014 by markogara
Guardian beta · The container model and blended content – a new approach to how we present content on the Guardian
The container model and blended content – a new approach to how we present content on the Guardian
design  guardian  ia 
june 2014 by markogara
The resilience of neoliberal urbanism | openDemocracy
Resilience, the latest urban policy and think tank buzzword extolled upon the world's urban dwellers, operates as an insidious alias to dispossession and territorial stigmatisation.
guardian  politics  urbanism  cities  futurism 
january 2014 by markogara
Ten rules for writing fiction (Pt.2) | Books |
Inspired by Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing, our survey of established authors' tips for successful authorship continues.
guardian  tips  writing  writers  articles 
august 2013 by markogara
Ten rules for writing fiction (Pt.1) | Books |
Get an accountant, abstain from sex and similes, cut, rewrite, then cut and rewrite again – if all else fails, pray. Inspired by Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing, we asked authors for their personal dos and don'ts.
guardian  tips  writing  writers  articles 
august 2013 by markogara
Going round in circles: the New York subway map redesigned | News |
After redesigning the iconic London underground tube map last year using concentric circles, Dr Max Roberts has now taken the same approach to the New York subway. Explore the design and join the discussion.
data  mapping  guardian 
august 2013 by markogara
Damien Hirst's butterflies: distressing but weirdly uplifting | Environment | The Guardian
Patrick Barkham loves watching butterflies zip along the hedgerows. So how would he feel seeing them live and die as exhibits in Damien Hirst's Tate Modern retrospective?
art  damienhirst  guardian  articles  butterflies 
june 2013 by markogara
Hans Rosling: the man who's making data cool | Claire Provost | Global development |
Instead of static bar charts and histograms, Rosling, professor of global health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, has used a combination of toy bricks, cardboard boxes, teacups and vibrant, animated data visualisations to breathe life into statistics on health, wealth and population. With comic timing and a flair for the unusual, Rosling's style has undoubtedly helped make data cool.
data  guardian 
june 2013 by markogara
Population growth and climate change explained by Hans Rosling – video | Global development |
Let me show you the world, says Swedish academic Han Rosling as he demonstrates the dynamics of population growth, child mortality and carbon dioxide emissions. The challenge for the world is to get everyone out of extreme poverty and get the richest people to use less fossil fuels so that everyone can share their energy levels, he says
data  video  guardian 
june 2013 by markogara
Is it better to use recycled paper or FSC-certified paper? | Environment | The Observer
Is it better to use recycled paper or FSC-certified paper? There seem to be so many kinds of environmentally friendly paper to choose from. So which part of the production process is it best to encourage: regenerating forests or recycling paper?
paper  eco  recycle  guardian 
april 2013 by markogara
Banking Blog | Joris Luyendijk | Comment is free |
A former compliance officer has offered his insights – ask him a question in the thread below, or tell us your experience of high-frequency trades and any other element of the business
finance  guardian  blogs 
january 2013 by markogara
New Oracle deal with Cabinet Office will save £75m | Guardian Government Computing | Guardian Professional
Savings should come from a more vanilla approach to software procurement and all parts of government paying the same price for Oracle products, says Cabinet Office
guardian  it  publicsector  government 
march 2012 by markogara
The forgotten story of 17th November 1993 | Rob Smyth | Football |
The final night of the old World Cup qualifying system was a sensory overload of drama that included death, 'murder', illegal aliens – and Jack Charlton almost chinning Tony Cascarino
football  guardian 
february 2012 by markogara

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