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79 Theses on Technology. For Disputation. | The Infernal Machine
Alan Jacobs has written seventy-nine theses on technology for disputation. A disputation is an old technology, a formal technique of debate and argument that took shape in medieval universities in Paris, Bologna, and Oxford in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. In its most general form, a disputation consisted of a thesis, a counter-thesis, and a string of arguments, usually buttressed by citations of Aristotle, Augustine, or the Bible.
culture  digital  history  internet  technology 
april 2015 by markogara
How the 'value trap' squeezes Windows PC makers' revenues and profits | Technology |
Analysis of the revenues and profits for the 'big five' PC manufacturers - HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus and Acer - which make more than 60% of the Windows PC - shows a multi-year squeeze on prices and profits. What next?
business  pc  technology  charlesarthur 
february 2014 by markogara
Why We Can't Solve Big Problems | MIT Technology Review
On July 21, 1969, Buzz Aldrin climbed gingerly out of Eagle, Apollo 11’s lunar module, and joined Neil Armstrong on the Sea of Tranquility. Looking up, he said, “Beautiful, beautiful, magnificent desolation.” They were alone; but their presence on the moon’s silent, gray surface was the culmination of a convulsive collective effort.
energy  engineering  future  technology  mit 
december 2013 by markogara
Thread: The quiet war in tech
The war is over what information you and I get, and what information they get.
As we get less, they get more. As we lose control, they gain it.
politics  technology 
june 2013 by markogara
Antikythera mechanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient mechanical computer designed to calculate astronomical positions. It was recovered in 1900–1901 from the Antikythera wreck, but its significance and complexity were not understood until decades later. The construction has been dated to the early 1st century BC. Technological artifacts of similar complexity and workmanship did not reappear until the 14th century, when mechanical astronomical clocks were built in Europe.
astronomy  history  technology  teaching  computers 
may 2012 by markogara
Elastic Space
Interactive design by Timo Arnall.
interface  blogs  design  mobile  technology 
january 2006 by markogara

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