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Darling | macOS translation layer for Linux
like wine but for macos - GUI support is poor
macos  sofware  opensource 
3 days ago
In late 1986 and early 1987 an ad hoc group of Smalltalk implementors got together to see if they could agree on a design for the next major version of Smalltalk, after Smalltalk-80. The intent was that what they agreed upon would feed into an IEEE standardization process. That process never got off the ground but the proposals from 1987 were available to the ANSI X3J20 effort that started in 1993.
smalltalk  history  programming 
3 days ago
Cronopete is a Linux clone of Time Machine, the backup utility for Mac from Apple. It aims to mimic it as closely as possible.
linux  software  opensource  useful  backups 
5 days ago
U.S. Lags in Coronavirus Testing After Slow Response to Outbreak - The New York Times
testing response positive & negative tests over time. showing we just didn't bother to test.
pandemic  health 
10 days ago
Schedule breaks to talk with your co-workers. Join a 10 min
video chat room. It'll feel just like a hallway convo!
remoteworking  saas 
10 days ago
Allows your coworkers/clients to talk to you anytime while you're available.

think "office hours" with a camera
remoteworking  saas 
10 days ago
tylerhall/DefaultApp: A highly-opinionated Xcode project template to build a new macOS app with.
has a main window, preferences window, and about window (all blank) to get you started quickly.
macos  swift  programming  useful  opensource 
13 days ago
international association of professional gyroplane (autogyro) training
autogyro  education 
16 days ago
various flight plan related services / tools
flying  webapp 
16 days ago
MinIO | Enterprise Grade, High Performance Object Storage
Open Source, S3 Compatible, Enterprise Hardened and Really, Really Fast - s3 API compatible - is an open source clone.
s3  database  opensource  programming  golang 
16 days ago
Cloud Data Management (4 Stages for Informed Companies)
We call it Cloud Data Management (4 Stages for Informed Companies), and today we’ve launched it as an open, free book on our community education site - discusses data management & organization best practices.
book  ebook  database 
16 days ago
Why the Second Wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu Was So Deadly - HISTORY
Only decades later were scientists able explain the phenomenon now known as “cytokine explosion.” When the human body is being attacked by a virus, the immune system sends messenger proteins called cytokines to promote helpful inflammation. But some strains of the flu, particularly the H1N1 strain responsible for the Spanish flu outbreak, can trigger a dangerous immune overreaction in healthy individuals. In those cases, the body is overloaded with cytokines leading to severe inflammation and the fatal buildup of fluid in the lungs.
pandemic  health 
16 days ago
atsaki/termeter: Visualize data in the terminal
graph data coming in via STDIN in real time
docs are kinda crappy
cli  graphing  opensource  golang 
18 days ago
5apps Deploy – HTML5 app deployment and hosting | 5apps
Professional HTML5 app deployment

5apps Deploy is a turn-key deployment and hosting platform for client-side web apps.
18 days ago
Slash — The ultimate get-things-done app
The ultimate get-things-done app. $3.50/mo

actually looks pretty cool, supports Pomodoro, and has nice graphs.
todolist  productivity  software  macos  saas 
19 days ago
dgraph-io/dgraph: Fast, Distributed Graph DB
Dgraph is a horizontally scalable and distributed graph database, providing ACID transactions, consistent replication and linearizable reads. It's built from ground up to perform for a rich set of queries. Being a native graph database, it tightly controls how the data is arranged on disk to optimize for query performance and throughput, reducing disk seeks and network calls in a cluster.
programming  database  nosql  graphql 
19 days ago
Use Text Mapper to Create Random Maps and Hex Describe to Create Random Campaigns | Troy Press
Use Text Mapper to Create Random Maps and Hex Describe to Create Random Campaigns
d&d  mapping 
21 days ago
Hexagonal Grids
how to work with hexagonal coordinates.
programming  mapping 
21 days ago
IBM/kui: A hybrid command-line/UI development experience for cloud-native development
Kui offers a new development experience for building cloud-native applications. By combining the power of familiar CLIs with visualizations in high-impact areas, Kui enables you to manipulate complex JSON and YAML data models, integrate disparate tooling, and provides quick access to aggregate views of operational data.
json  yaml  cli  programming  tool  useful 
23 days ago
Spur Tiny Houses
Welcome to Spur, Texas. The nation's first 'tiny' house friendly town.
25 days ago
The Gold Standard
list of nonprofits held to higher standard
charity  climatechange  environment 
25 days ago
LibraryBox is an open source, portable digital file distribution tool based on inexpensive hardware that enables delivery of educational, healthcare, and other vital information to individuals off the grid.
distributed  memex  offlineapplications  localfirst 
25 days ago
Magi Carta by C.R. Brandon (eBook) - Lulu
~600 OGL old school D&D spells converted to TFT style.
d&d  tft 
27 days ago
Bern the White House — Home
Bernie Sanders Punk style t-shirts
politics  t-shirts 
28 days ago
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are cutting-edge websites that behave like native apps. They're installable, fast, work offline, and open in their own native window.

Pep turns your existing website into a PWA with one line of code.
pwa  opensource  misc  webdevelopment 
28 days ago
The Forest Spirits of Today Are Computers - Issue 82: Panpsychism - Nautilus
The Forest Spirits of Today Are Computers
We’ve made an artificially panpsychic world, where technology and nature are one.
misc  blog 
28 days ago
Microlite74 - RetroRoleplaying
The goal of Microlite74 games is to recreate the style and feel of that very first (“0e”) fantasy roleplaying game published back in 1974 without giving up all of the clearer mechanics of modern D20-based versions
games  rpg 
29 days ago
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