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How the Unchecked Power of Judges Is Hurting Poor Texans – Texas Monthly
In Texas, systems for the legal defense of the poor vary by county. In many places judges assign all cases to a few lawyers who are good at being fast but not good at defending clients.
law  personal_net  via:reddit 
18 hours ago
Researcher publishes second Steam zero day after getting banned on Valve's bug bounty program | ZDNet
Valve doesn't give out bounties for security bugs that risk takeover of your machine rather than risking takeover of your steam account. they also do not seem to allow security researchers to report such bugs.
security  steam  responsibledisclosure 
20 hours ago
A White Woman Was Caught On Tape Selling Heroin, But Police Arrested A Black Woman Instead - The Appeal
She alleges (plausibly) that she had absolutely no resemblance to the woman caught on video but was arrested and had an impossibly high bail set.
police  overprosecution  law  bail  racism  via:reddit 
Sunsetting Mercurial support in Bitbucket - Bitbucket
No! The version control system that I think is best has now practically died.
versioncontrol  mercurial  via:reddit 
Read: Jeannette Ng's Campbell Award acceptance speech, in which she correctly identifies Campbell as a fascist and expresses solidarity with Hong Kong protesters / Boing Boing
Cory Doctorow on why it is okay, even a good thing, for a speaker to point out the flaws of the great leader whose name is on the award she is receiving.
CoryDoctorow  racism  ethics  scifi  via:boingboing 
This Is How Things Work Now At G/O Media
A shockingly blatant indictment of this media company's new management. Largely focuses on how new top-level management that were all white males were put in place over existing diverse leadership without even interviewing the existing leaders.
journalism  management  via:boingboing  personal_net 
Adding pink seaweed to cow feed eliminates their methane emissions / Boing Boing
Apparently, cows like to eat it and a small portion in their diet can eliminate the methane-producing gut bacteria.
science  globalwarming  via:boingboing 
Why const Doesn't Make C Code Faster — The Art of Machinery
Someone could cast away const, so the compiler can only optimize const variables in cases where it sees all uses and could have optimized anyway. As proof, sqlite runs equally fast with and without const.
programming  optimization  via:HackerNews 
3 days ago
Jesse Ruderman » Fuzzing
At least ONE person who writes a bit about fuzz testing.
testing  fuzztesting 
4 days ago
Executive Power Doesn't Mean Much - The Atlantic
The historical record shows the founders did not intend for the President to have broad unspecified powers.
law  constitutionalLaw  via:reddit 
4 days ago
J can look like APL or English
A case is made that the concise difficult to read format of J (or APL) actually works better then English language keywords.
programming  languagedesign  via:HackerNews 
4 days ago
A Beginner’s Introduction to Python Web Frameworks : Python
The current state of affairs with python web frameworks. Flask looks good for my purposes.
python  programming  webdevelopment  via:reddit 
6 days ago
Episode 931: The IT Guy Vs. The Con Artist : Planet Money : NPR
He signed up as the IT guy in a major scamming operation in order to get them arrested.
police  story  npr  via:HackerNews 
6 days ago
The Order of the JSON – Dion Almaer
The mainframe guys said the keys to the JSON maps were in the wrong order and it would take vast development effort to address the problem. Actually, they just needed to stop requiring the order within the testing tool.
bug  via:HackerNews  programming 
6 days ago
Public defenders to use generous plea deal offered to billionaire Henry Nicholas as model for future plea deal requests
Public defenders plan to request for their poor clients the same deal this billionaire got (except with the donation scaled according to their net worth).
prosecutorialdiscression  law  via:reddit 
6 days ago
Netanyahu blocks Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting Israel - Vox
At the request of Donald Trump, the prime minister of Israel reversed course to block Democratic Congresswomen (who happen to be Muslim) from visiting.
DonaldTrump  vox  politics  via:vox 
7 days ago
Ohio State seeks to trademark the word 'The'
Um... apparently at least some lawyers think you can actually trademark the word "The".
law  ip-law  trademark  trademarkabuse  via:reddit 
7 days ago
Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click | SparkToro
Google doesn't exist to send people to other sites. 50% of "searches" do NOT result in any next click. (And many others lead or other Google-owned sites.)
google  search  internet  via:HackerNews 
8 days ago
Court Sides With Prison Guards Who Forced Female Inmates To Expose Genitals During Training Exercise –
Court says it is not an illegal search for guards to order women prisoners to strip naked then pull open their body cavities while men ogle them from the adjoining room, simply for the sake of a "training exercise". (A different jury found the guards innocent of inflicting cruel and unusual punishment.)
law  prison  4thAmmendment  via:reddit 
9 days ago
Katy Perry Liable for $2.8m for Dark Horse Copy Right Infringement
A basic set of descending notes in a minor key is ruled to be a copyright violation. Hopefully the appeal will be successful.
law  ip-law  copyright  via:reddit 
10 days ago
Clever Vanity License Plate Backfires On Man, Winds Up With Tons Of Tickets | Talk Radio 105.9 - KNRS
He put "null" as his license plate, and then got all the tickets for cars that couldn't be identified.
bug  bureaucracy  law  via:HackerNews 
10 days ago
The worst sales promotion in history: Hoover's free flight fiasco
Don't offer a prize or rebate worth several times the gross sales price of your produce because people will utilize your offer and it will cost.
history  marketing  via:HackerNews 
10 days ago
The Revolt of the Feminist Law Profs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
A lengthy and detailed article on the erosion of legal principals in the prosecution of sexual crimes and those who have argued against it
law  overprosecution  feminism  via:reddit 
11 days ago
Unable to flip the bird | Baroque Potion
A strange confluence of laws: the artwork is illegal to sell, but the IRS insists it has substantial value.
law  taxes  personal_net 
12 days ago
Black Hat: GDPR privacy law exploited to reveal personal data - BBC News
He tested and found that LOTS of companies gave away information on someone else when it was asked for via GDPR channels.
security  law  via:HackerNews 
13 days ago
Banned behind bars: 20,000 books can't be read by Florida inmates
Some states, especially Florida, use unreasonable or baseless policies for banning books in prison.
prison  books  freespeech  law  via:reddit 
13 days ago
Samsung pulls own ads after ditching headphone jack - Android Authority
Ads about headphone jacks (and other iPhone flaws) that Samsung pulled after their latest release has the same flaws.
hardware  mobile  via:reddit 
13 days ago
The Costs of Reliability - LessWrong 2.0
Why are people more productive doing something for fun than doing the same thing as work? Because reliability has a cost. This is exploitable.
via:SlateStarCodex  productivity  startup  psychology 
16 days ago
U.S. Economy: Personal Bad Behavior Isn't What Causes Poverty - Bloomberg
Bloomberg Opinion: "US conservatives say poverty is the fault of the poor for doing drugs, having kids out of wedlock, and not working hard. People in Japan do all these things, yet Japan has a high poverty rate."
economics  personal_net  via:reddit 
17 days ago
Patent Application Names AI as Inventor
They decided to push the legal system. For obvious reasons, I'm sure that they will get a precedent that an AI cannot be an inventor. Also they'll get publicity.
law  ip-law  patent  ai  via:reddit 
17 days ago
Cloudflare is Terminating Service for 8Chan
I keep being impressed by Cloudflare's policies. This is no exception.
cloudflare  ethics  freespeech  via:reddit 
17 days ago
Libraries are fighting to preserve your right to borrow e-books (opinion) - CNN
Ebook publishers are trying to restrict how libraries can use ebooks even more strictly then the restrictions already in place.
law  copyright  library 
18 days ago
We could fund the transition to green energy with 10-30% of the world's fossil fuel subsidy / Boing Boing
If we spent less than 1/3 of the world's fossil fuel subsidy as a green energy subsidy the green energy would be cheaper.
economics  environment  via:boingboing 
18 days ago
Elsevier: "It's illegal to Sci-Hub." Also Elsevier: "We link to Sci-Hub all the time." / Boing Boing
Elsevier claims even linking to SciHub is illegal but they do it lots since both their researchers and their reviewers / editors are volunteers.
Elsevier  science_publishing  via:boingboing  law  copyright  Sci-Hub 
18 days ago
Here's how the deficit performed under Republican and Democratic presidents, from Reagan to Trump | PolitiFact
"Reagan took the deficit from $70 billion to $175 billion. Bush 41 took it to $300 billion. Clinton got it to zero. Bush 43 took it from zero to $1.2 trillion. Obama halved it to $600 billion. Trump’s got it back to a trillion."
politics  economics 
20 days ago
‘No One Will Hurt You,’ a SWAT Officer Promised an Hour After Houston Cops Killed a Couple Falsely Accused of Selling Heroin –
I don't know how reliable the reporting is, but this seems to indict most of the police department in a cover-up, and a couple of officers in clear murder.
police  policeabuse 
22 days ago
Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe - The New York Times
Safe deposit boxes are mostly unregulated and cases of loss caused by the bank abound.
banking  via:HackerNews  nytimes 
25 days ago
Meet Alex, the Russian Casino Hacker Who Makes Millions Targeting Slot Machines | WIRED
Wired claims this man can reverse engineer the PRNGs in slot machines and make a profit. It's illegal in the US, but not everywhere.
hacking  via:HackerNews  random  math 
26 days ago
Mathematician Solves Computer Science Conjecture in Two Pages | Quanta Magazine
For 30 years the brightest minds in computer science tried this easy-to-explain problem and failed. The proof is beautiful and incredibly short (1.5 pages written out carefully; abbreviated fits in a tweet).
math  computerscience  via:reddit 
27 days ago
Court Determines That This Duck Doesn't Look Enough Like Another Duck To Be Infringing | Techdirt
Court: if it looks vaguely like a duck, it isn't a copyright violation of the other guy's duck. This is a good example to quote in certain contexts to illustrate a point about the scope of copyright.
law  ip-law  copyright 
29 days ago
Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation – Dan Slimmon
A good idea: build a script that prints out instructions for the manual steps of a task. Then it becomes easy to automate one step at a time.
4 weeks ago
Stompie: The Mandela Way T-34 Tank – London, England - Atlas Obscura
If you ever get upset at local government, just think of this -- perhaps the best revenge possible.
funny  via:reddit 
4 weeks ago
The Village Where Every Cop Has Been Convicted of Domestic Violence — ProPublica
It could be worse... at least most places in the country don't have a police force that is entirely staffed with recently convicted criminals.
police  via:reddit  personal_net 
4 weeks ago
If this type of dark matter existed, people would be dying of unexplained ‘gunshot’ wounds | Science | AAAS
We can rule out dark matter being made of particles that interact with normal matter and have about the same energy as a bullet from a 22. Because if it existed, it would be frequent enough to show up in death statistics.
science  physics  via:HackerNews  ScientificMethod 
4 weeks ago
Lyme disease: is a solution on the way? | Science | The Guardian
Claim: Lyme disease vaccines were killed by anti-vax movement; cures not found as scientists refuse to believe the patient's symptoms are real. I'm somewhat skeptical.
via:rachel  medicine  TheGuardian 
4 weeks ago
How are heavier-than-iron elements created?
In the "bounce" when a star collapses, forms a neutron star, and rebounds. Also when two neutron stars collide.
science  physics  via:reddit 
4 weeks ago
The boy was dying. Zebrafish helped save his life - STAT
Quick research replicated the child's unique mutation in an animal model, allowing researchers to test numerous drugs and find one that was effective in time to save the child's life.
medicine  via:HackerNews  science 
4 weeks ago
Excessive fines? Florida city hits homeowners with massive penalties
Cities are imposing absurd fines on homeowners. One case: $100,000 to someone whose home had bern taken over by the bank because the grass wasn't mowed short enough.
law  via:reddit 
4 weeks ago
The First Complete Brain Wiring Diagram of Any Species Is Here
The physical structure of all 307 neurons in c-elegens (sp) has been mapped much better than it was before.
science  via:reddit 
4 weeks ago
"Digital gangsters" Facebook are frantically trying to find out who leaked thousands of internal documents
Facebook isn't happy that some journalists got internal documents. They want to make a court help them find and stop the leak.
journalism  law  facebook  via:HackerNews 
5 weeks ago
Latacora - The PGP Problem
Don't use PGP -- it was designed before the modern era in encryption and it's security sucks while it's usability is famously horrible.
cryptography  via:HackerNews  programming 
5 weeks ago
King -Man +Woman = King ? - Netherlands eScience Center
The examples they give for how awesome word2vec is are mostly lies.
NaturalLanguageProcessing  ai  via:HackerNews 
5 weeks ago
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