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Did Goldman Sachs Overstep in Criminally Charging Its Ex-Programmer? | Vanity Fair
A detailed article about a programmer who was prosecuted for things that were barely crimes because his former employer was upset and the FBI didn't understand computers
overprosecution  via:reddit  security  opensource  programming  law  ip-law  tradesecret 
august 2013
Headius: On Languages, VMs, Optimization, and the Way of the World
If the types of values (not variables) are static, dynamic optimization can be pretty good. Some languages do this, others don't.
via:HackerNews  virtualmachine  programming  languagedesign 
august 2013
Defcon 21: The White Hat's Dilemma - Google Drive
Ethics of computer security: better think it through before it happens.
programming  softwaredevelopment  ethics  hacking  security  via:HackerNews 
august 2013
Frosted Glass Effects — Why I switched to Android after all these years › Andreas Goeldi
Remember how windows vista had no improvements but frosted-glass title bars? Well the new IOS has lots of frosted glass, and Android is where all the innovation is.
personal_net  mobile  android  via:HackerNews 
august 2013
OAuth of Fealty - Facebook's APIs - Ian Bogost
Why Facebook's APIs are so bad: they don't really care about the developers and, as a result, the APIs are poorly designed and worst of all they change constantly.
api  APIDesign  facebook  via:HackerNews  programming 
august 2013
Mail from the (Velvet) Cybercrime Underground — Krebs on Security
A new attack vector: order drugs to be delivered to your enemy and call in a police report for the same day. Undermined in this case because the victim knew they were doing it.
security  bitcoin  drugs 
august 2013
Interesting codes of conduct. : rpg
A paladin's code of conduct from someone obsessed with the fact that he's nobility.
GamingIdeas  via:reddit  personal_net 
august 2013
Identical Droplets in the DigitalOcean: Regenerate your Ubuntu SSH Host Keys now! | MissingM
A security issue reported and fixed: virtual machines need different signatures for key generation.
security  ssh  via:HackerNews  virtualization 
july 2013
Zero Tolerance Policies Put Students In The Hands Of Bad Cops | Techdirt Lite
Police in schools and zero tolerance don't mix. Several cases including a student murdered by a police officer because hu shoved another student.
police  policeabuse  zerotolerance  kidsrights  via:boingboing  techdirt 
july 2013
Want To Burglarize A House With Impunity, Then Nickle-And-Dime The Restitution? It Helps To Be A Bank. | Popehat
The bank got the address wrong when foreclosing and burglarized the home. Now they say they won't pay for what's claimed without receipts. Apparently they have legal immunity also(?!).
law  banking  via:boingboing 
july 2013
Thirteen Sigma in a Chess Tournament | Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP
Statistical analysis shows an entire chess tournament was faked.
math  chess  probability  security 
july 2013
A Race to Save the Orange by Altering Its DNA -
Genetically modified oranges may be the only way for the tree to survive a bacterium.
plants  via:HackerNews  biology 
july 2013
Scientist banned from revealing codes used to start luxury cars
They found how to unlock luxury card and the court prohibited them from publishing even a redacted version.
security  law  censorship  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
The Science of Winning Poker
Recently 10x people started playing poker. Game theory analysis for when to bluff got better. Except every example given in the article was known for thousands of years.
via:HackerNews  math  games  poker  gametheory 
july 2013
Why the Opus Codec Matters - Even if You Don't Care About Audio
A new audio codec that is apparently really good for transmitting audio over an IP network and at the same time is free to use.
standards  audio  via:reddit 
july 2013
Obama Promises Disappear from Web - Sunlight Foundation Blog
Obama took down the web page showing his pre-election promises. Is that because he made promises to protect whistleblowers?
politics  obama  snowden  whistleblower  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
Why I cancelled my teched talks « Greg Young's Blog
Doing a REALLY bad job of running a conference -- to the extent that speakers refuse to participate.
microsoft  via:HackerNews  personal_net 
july 2013
If you get caught selling Bitcoin hardware on eBay, Paypal will "sever business relationships with you".. read: : Bitcoin
PayPal says that they will cut you off if you sell bitcoin mining hardware. I really don't understand why.
bitcoin  paypal  evil  via:reddit 
july 2013
An MVP is not a Cheaper Product, It’s about Smart Learning | Steve Blank
When trying out a minimal viable product, cheat. EG: don't build a drone, just carry the camera around. THEN you can find out if people will PAY you for the data (and WHICH of the data points they'll actually pay for).
startup  business  agile  softwaredevelopment  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
Victory Lap for Ask Patents - Joel on Software
Stack-overflow's "Ask Patents" kills a patent, and Joel Spolsky says he did it and it only took 15 minutes because so many software patents are really badly written (on purpose, since it's advantageous).
law  ip-law  patent  patentabuse  JoelSpolsky  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold -
An odd tale of banks, commodity markets, and slow and balky warehouses.
nytimes  personal_net  banking  monopoly  via:reddit 
july 2013
3D printing will explode in 2014, thanks to the expiration of key patents – Quartz
This one may NOT be a case of patent abuse, it may just be a case of patents holding back progress.
3Dprinting  law  ip-law  patent  patentabuse  via:reddit 
july 2013
The Blog of Helios: Hacker News Folks Get Long Overdue Thanks.....
He needed immediate surgery to live. Doctors donated time, but he still needed $50,000. HN helped raise it.
politics  socialcomputing  HackerNews  via:HackerNews  healthcare 
july 2013
The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science | Mother Jones
Some actual scientific studies about why people do or don't believe things including scientific studies. There is a very strong bias in the way the brain interprets even proportedly objective information.
rationalism  science  brain  ScientificMethod  politics  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
NSA admits to expansive spying using "three hop analysis" : restorethefourth
NSA admits they track suspected terrorists, people they talk to, people THEY talk to and so on. Without specific warrants beyond the first guy.
security  privacy  nsa  snowden  surveillance  via:reddit 
july 2013
Trinity College experiment succeeds after 69 years - RTÉ News
The slowest experiment ever: is "pitch" a liquid? (Answer: yes. But it's rather viscous.)
july 2013
What is an 83(b) election? : Startup Company Lawyer
If I ever get stock or options, ask about this and understand it. NO DELAYS ALLOWED!!!
startup  taxes 
july 2013
Angela Corey’s Checkered Past | National Review Online
I'm not sure how good the source is, but even if this is a bit biased, it's still quite damning.
law  overprosecution  evil  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
Floating-Point Determinism | Random ASCII
A really good analysis of floating point weirdness focused around the question of what is necessary to make floating point calculations repeatable, even on a different architecture. And it's a lot more complex than I would have thought.
programming  via:reddit  floatingpoint 
july 2013
DHS warns employees not to read leaked NSA information
Okay, so Snowden leaked some information and the newspapers are publishing it. But now government employees are being told that they may be in trouble if they view that newspaper (even accidentally) because they're leaking classified data. What?
securitystupidity  securitytheater  secrecy  snowden  nsa  via:boingboing 
july 2013
Malware Hidden Inside JPG EXIF Headers | Sucuri Blog
Hiding data for malware inside comment fields within a JPEG file.
security  jpeg  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
Babe Ruth and Feature Lists — Bringing the Donuts — Medium
Sometimes one feature is VASTLY more important than every other feature put together. Be sure you know when that's the case.
softwaredevelopment  requirements  via:JoshuaPorter 
july 2013
You are not your labels | David R. MacIver
Using labels (like "gay", or "bi" or "dislexic"). They're useful as shorthand, but avoid defining your own identity with them because sometimes labels don't fit exactly and you don't want that to be a threat to your own identity.
ethics  language  gayrights  DavidMacIver  via:DavidMacIver 
july 2013
Do Things that Don't Scale
Early on, nearly every startup needs to gain traction by doing something incredibly well. Usually it's something that won't scale, like amazing customer service directly from CEO. That's fine... it doesn't need to scale at first.
startup  paulgraham  via:HackerNews 
july 2013
Assessing Racial Profiling More Credibly | RAND
Study claims racial profiling in traffic stops is not actually biased against blacks. I have some skepticism but data is better than no data.
race  science  police  via:reddit 
july 2013
HP Keeps Installing Secret Backdoors in Enterprise Storage
Really, really bad. Avoid doing business with any company this incompetent and incapable of learning from previous mistakes.
security  HP 
july 2013
I understood gender discrimination once I added “Mr.” to my resume and landed a job – Quartz
His first name is "Kim". He was getting no responses to his resume added the word Mr in front of his name, and after that got many responses.
discrimination  gender  hiring 
july 2013
Soares wins tug with city jurist - Times Union
Okay, I suppose this is a case of underprosecution. The DA thought that the protesters had not committed any crimes and he refused to prosecute. The judge tried to order him to present a case but on appeal the DA won the right to refuse to prosecute.
law  via:reddit 
july 2013
A virtual 'Lolita' on the hunt for paedophiles
A chatbot which is trained to detect and catch pedophiles.
ai  pedophile  via:reddit 
july 2013
Ireland Travels
A blog and website for mom's trip to Ireland.
personal  travel 
july 2013
PNG Rotate Trick
Turn it sideways if it has a lot of vertical lines.
png  via:reddit  personal_net 
july 2013
game theory - A non-losing strategy for tic-tac-toe $times$ tic-tac-toe - Mathematics Stack Exchange
Tic-Tac-Toe x2: put up 9 tic-tac-toe games. Each player must play on the board corresponding the the previous player's cell location, unless that game is won/lost/drawn in which case they may play anywhere. You win by winning a line of games.
math  game 
july 2013
On Git's Shortcomings
A list of some of Git's problems.
via:reddit  git  versioncontrol 
july 2013
Primecoin: The Cryptocurrency Whose Mining is Actually Useful | Bitcoin MagazineBitcoin Magazine
A bit coin competitor that attempts to do something useful with its proof of work; namely find prime numbers in certain patterns.
via:HackerNews  bitcoin  math 
july 2013
US agency baffled by modern technology, destroys mice to get rid of viruses | Ars Technica
One of the computers had a virus on it. So they destroyed millions of dollars worth of equipment.
securitystupidity  ArsTechnica  via:reddit 
july 2013
Game Programming Patterns / Optimizing Patterns / Spatial Partition
Some data structures for storing objects in games that help track their physical location.
gameprogramming  gamasutra  datastructures  programming 
july 2013
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