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Yahoo stopping all new development of YUI | Hacker News
Yahoo is ceasing development of YUI. And some commentary about it. Few things last forever in software development.
via:HackerNews  webdevelopment  webdesign  javascript  libraries  opensource  programming  softwaredevelopment  mypostings 
august 2014
Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables
A bloom filter where you can list the values as long as the number of values is small enough... then when it gets large you stop being able to until it shrinks down again.
computerscience  datastructures  probabilisticcomputing  programming 
august 2014
Magical Drug Wins EFF’s Stupid Patent of the Month | Electronic Frontier Foundation
A patent on a "cure for cancer" (some guy's unhinged ramblings). Also a bunch of examples of "do X 'on a computer'" (AFTER the Supreme Court decision clearly blocking that).
eff  via:Techdirt  patent  law  ip-law  patentabuse 
august 2014
FISA Court Twists PATRIOT Act To Pretend It's Okay To Spy On Americans Based On Their Constitutionally Protected Speech | Techdirt
This is why secret courts with no appeal process are bad. Because the judges can just decide to ignore the words of the statutes and can just decide whatever they want to.
law  rights  secrecy  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
august 2014
Quadrocopter pilot gets attacked by drone-hating woman | Ars Technica
A camera-phone video had captured the interaction, and the police were able to use that to resolve the situation reasonably.
police  surveillance  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica 
august 2014
What People Cured of Blindness See - The New Yorker
If a person blind from birth were given sight, this actual experimental evidence proves they would need to learn how to interpret the signals before they could clearly see.
vision  brain  via:HackerNews 
august 2014
Navasota officer won't face charges for fatally shooting teen |
It is difficult to prosecute a police officer. In this case, he approached in plainclothes with a gun drawn and the driver fled, getting shot and killed for it. But the officer will not be prosecuted.
police  via:boingboing  personal_net 
august 2014
Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans charged - Chicago Tribune
DNA tests prove that this police officer DID actually stick his gun in the suspect's mouth while arresting him. But the good news is that he is being prosecuted.
police  policeabuse  via:boingboing 
august 2014
DEAL: Arthur T. to Buy Market Basket in $1.5 Billion Sale - Business news -
The other cousins got 51% and ousted the CEO. The employees (and many customers) went on strike to protest that they wanted their former CEO back. After 6 weeks, they finally prevailed.
business  via:boingboing 
august 2014
How the Supreme Court Protects Bad Cops -
We have too many legal provisions (all stemming from relatively recent supreme court decisions) that insulate police, prosecutors, and the counties and cities that employ them from any consequences of intentional unconstitutional misbehavior.
nytimes  police  law  via:Techdirt 
august 2014
University of Oregon Slaps Student With Five Conduct Charges Over Four Words | Techdirt
A college discipline system does not need to follow basic legal principles. But the set of charges leveled here, for someone who said 4 words, was absolutely ridiculous, as was the standard of "proof" expected.
techdirt  via:Techdirt  freespeech  law 
august 2014
The Rise of Open Access
A special XKCD on scientific publishing.
xkcd  science  openpublishing 
august 2014
Jay Fields' Thoughts: The Case for Buying Technical Books
On the profitability of writing a technical book. Not very profitable.
publishing  writing  via:HackerNews 
august 2014
The poisoned NUL byte, 2014 edition
A specific example of how to escalate an exploit into machine takeover. Great cleverness was required. This sounds like fiction, but it isn't.
via:HackerNews  hacking  programming 
august 2014
Google Now pretends to have an accent with you : Android
Google Now can do accents, and it imitates the accent you used when talking to it! (Only when the locale is set appropriately.)
google  via:reddit 
august 2014 - Rules Questions: Can a Life Oracle with Channeling take channel energy feats?
Essay on how parallel rules should either work identically or clearly differently, not "almost the same".
pathfinder  gamedesign 
august 2014
Review Signal - Compare Web Hosting Companies
A table comparing how people recommend web hosting companies. May be biased.
webhosting  via:reddit 
august 2014
GoDaddy Responds to HostBenchmarker (I am shocked!) - Side Project Profit
A (rare?) positive experience with GoDaddy. (Which I hate and will never do business with.)
godaddy  personal_net  via:HackerNews 
august 2014
Police, lawyer release statements on student's alleged dinosaur - FOX Carolina 21
Kid writes that he used a gun to shoot a dinosaur. Is arrested. Parents say he was arrested for writing about a dinosaur (and a gun). Police say he was arrested for disorderly conduct (making a fuss about being arrested).
kidsrights  via:boingboing  freespeech 
august 2014
ACLU: First Amendment 'suspended in Ferguson' | MSNBC
The police in Ferguson are arresting people for standing on the sidewalk. The ACLU petitioned a court to stop them from doing it, but lost.
law  Ferguson  police  freespeech  ACLU  via:boingboing 
august 2014
Unwrapping the Onion: Introduction
A very right-wing religious woman and her reaction to the discovery that her husband had gender identity problems. And it worked out very, very well.
transgender  religion  via:reddit 
august 2014
Why do all code editors look the same? — Medium
A really good idea for a code editor: open new contexts as a pile of windows call rrespondong to the stack of what you ate doing.
programming  ide  via:HackerNews 
august 2014
Montclair SocioBlog: Cops vs. Man With Knife
Here we see police (in Britain) stop a man with a knife WITHOUT killing him. American cops in and near Ferguson have killed twice as many people in the past week as ALL of the police in Japan in the past 12 years!
police  via:reddit 
august 2014
A Free-Range Story — Literally. Farmers’ Kids are “Underage Labor” and Must Stop Working : Free Range Kids
In Canada, kids are told they can't work on their parent's farm as it would be child labor. It's "not safe" to have kids exposed to chickens.
freerangekids  law  kidsrights  via:FreeRangeKids 
august 2014
What is gerrymandering? - Everything you need to know about gerrymandering - Vox
Some really nice background information on gerrymandering. The example from Pennsylvania is particularly poignant.
voting  vox  local  politics 
august 2014
Licensing Boards Think Studying For A Test Is Copyright Infringement, Forbid Memorization Of Material | Techdirt
These various tests state that it is a violation of copyright law to memorize the content you view. That simply isn't true, and I would go further and suggest that it is idiotic.
law  ip-law  copyright  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
august 2014
Tim Armstrong blames “distressed babies” for AOL benefit cuts. He’s talking about my daughter.
"When the company's exec said the benefit cuts were because we had a couple of 'million dollar babies', that's my child he's talking about."
ethics  healthcare 
august 2014
How I got my startup to #1 on both Product Hunt and Hacker News by accident
He released a page listing cost of living in several cities and it kind of took off from there.
marketing  startup 
august 2014
A local public defender on the deeply dysfunctional Ferguson court system - Vox
An argument that part of the tension in Ferguson comes from the fact that a substantial portion of the town finances come from low-level fines (mostly traffic violations) mostly levied against poor black residents.
police  law  vox 
august 2014
Administration Proudly Announces That If Your 'We The People' Petition Aligns With Its Priorities, Something Might Actually Happen | Techdirt
They seem proud of the fact that this is the first time a petition on the site has led to a change in the law. But perhaps that is actually an admission of abject failure.
techdirt  via:Techdirt  politics 
august 2014
Video Killed Trust in Police Officers - The Atlantic
Interesting point: starting from Rodney King and continuing to the current protests in Ferguson, the advent of video recording is what has altered the trust in police officers.
police  socialcomputing  via:reddit 
august 2014
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll | Electronic Frontier Foundation
A particular case of how expensive patent litigation is. He settled after raising half a million dollars for legal defense because it wasn't enough and he wasn't likely to win.
law  patent  ip-law  eff  via:HackerNews 
august 2014
The study of adjective order and GSSSACPM.
There's a proper order for adjectives. Native speakers know it instinctively, but grammar experts haven't quite figured out the rules.
grammar  language  slate  via:HackerNews 
august 2014
Indiana grandmother suffers violent SWAT raid after a neighbor uses her wireless internet | Police State USA
An example of a completely unnecessary no-knock SWAT team execution of a warrant (which they pretend DID knock).
police  policeabuse  via:reddit 
august 2014
I love math and I hate the Fields Medal | mathbabe
...because of the 40 yr old limit and because it fails to account for collaboration.
math  via:reddit 
august 2014
Visions of the Past - How Far Should We Go in 'Restoring' Ancient Monuments? | The Daily Grail
Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, places like these have been collapsed, then we "restored" them. Is OUR modification of these things appropriate?
history  via:boingboing 
august 2014
How practice changes the brain and exceptions to the 10,000 hour rule - Boing Boing
The brain delays sight to synchronize it with sound; your experience is actually about 80ms delayed. Sounds and sights from beyond ~60m are too far off and don't get synched. Things requiring better timing than this (like most sports) are really about predicting well, not reacting quickly.
brain  time  via:boingboing 
august 2014
New York Governor Candidate Arrested for Recording Aggressive Arrest, Charged with "Menacing" Cops - Photography is Not a Crime: PINAC
Not only did the NYPD arrest a man for recording a video of an arrest only 2 days after the memo saying they couldn't do that, but the person they arrested is one of the candidates for governor. Really.
via:boingboing  photography  police  policeabuse 
august 2014
Ferguson Law Enforcement: An 'Occupying Force' With 'Special Rights' | Techdirt
A collection of some basic facts about the Ferguson case and what is wrong, with links.
police  techdirt  policeabuse  via:Techdirt 
august 2014
The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie - The Daily Beast
They actually charged the man for "destruction of property" for bleeding on their clothes while they beat him. And admitted in court that it was a lie... during the beating he hadn't actually gotten blood on them. Oh, and the magistrate ruled that the beating that sent him to the hospital with a concussion wasn't enough to qualify as unlawful force.
police  policeabuse  via:twitter 
august 2014
It's not just Ferguson: America's criminal justice system is racist - Vox
Includes data from the ACLU showing (with a nice diagram) just how strongly our police and justice system are biased against blacks in the US.
racism  vox 
august 2014
Al Jazeera journalists teargassed by security forces — in Ferguson, Missouri, USA - Vox
"Journalists from the Qatari news outlet Al Jazeera were attacked by state security forces today and blanketed in tear gas, as they attempted to film an ongoing protest; this is the latest in a string of attacks on journalists by security forces." -- but this is in the US, not the middle east.
police  vox 
august 2014
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