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Fugitive on run for 17 years found living in cave by a drone - BBC News
It is no longer possible to escape from the world anywhere on the planet.
law  via:HackerNews  personal_net 
september 2019
U.S. Judges Admit Enhanced Interrogation Is Torture | Boston Review
For 11 years now the person for whom the "torture memo" was written has been in court. No decision of any sort has yet been made.
law  torture  via:reddit 
september 2019
Ismael Lopez, undocumented immigrant killed by police, lacks constitutional protection, city argues - The Washington Post
After police burst in the wrong home and murdered him, Mississippi claims illegal immigrants HAVE no right against illegal search or seizure.
law  via:reddit  4thAmmendment  immigration  washingtonpost 
september 2019
What do executives do, anyway? - apenwarr
A top executive at a big company shouldn't make decisions. They should just insist their subordinates decide together then endorse the outcome, all while defining the culture.
management  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
How America Lost Its Religion - The Atlantic
Starting suddenly right around 1970 "none" became a growing religious affiliation. This author speculates the political Christian right was a cause.
sociology  via:reddit  religion  TheAtlantic 
september 2019
WeWork and Counterfeit Capitalism
WeWork was always a kind of a scam with a terrible CEO and it was funded by Jamie Diamond & others. Only the need to disclose to go public punctured the bubble. This happens a lot.
business  startup  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
How did MS-DOS decide that two seconds was the amount of time to keep the floppy disk cache valid? | The Old New Thing
They couldn't swap disks quite as fast as 2 seconds so they decided they could trust the cash as long as the disc have been read within the past two seconds.
history  hardware  via:reddit 
september 2019
Forward-Backward Induction | Brilliant Math & Science Wiki
An unusual induction: base case is any positive number. Induction is P(k) => P(k*2) and P(k) => P(k-1).
math  via:reddit 
september 2019
Harleysville teen invents spotted lanternfly trap | KYW
This kid invented a spotted lantern fly trap that is significantly more effective than those the state environmental agency gives out.
invention  kids  environment  via:rachel  local 
september 2019
By my scoring, over half the items in the generic conspiracist scale are literally true – DePonySum
He is literally right: except the stuff about aliens, most everything in this list of conspiratory thinking has actually happened at least once.
sociology  via:reddit  philosophy 
september 2019
FAIR Act: House passes a bill to ban mandatory arbitration - Vox
The house actually passed a bill against mandatory arbitration!
law  arbitration  via:reddit 
september 2019
Kindness Is the Trait College Students Want Most in a Mate | Time
Cross cultural survey on expressed mate preferences: kindness is #1; #2 for men is looks, #2 for women is ability to provide; beyond that it varies by culture.
sociology  dating  via:reddit  science  psychology  EvolutionaryPsycology 
september 2019
Who needs qubits? Factoring algorithm run on a probabilistic computer | Ars Technica
Circuits that flip randomly (here called "p-bits") might provide an alternative form of computing. The article said nothing about an algorithmic analysis.
probabilisticcomputing  physics  hardware  ArsTechnica  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
United States Files Civil Lawsuit Against Edward Snowden | USAO-EDVA | Department of Justice
The US sues Edward Snowden claiming he didn't get his book reviewed by the CIA before releasing it so they want 100% of the profits.
law  ethics  snowden  via:reddit 
september 2019
You Can't Keep Your Relatives' Skulls - The Atlantic
In all 50 US states it is illegal to convert the head of a corpse into a skeleton.
law  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
An important quantum algorithm may actually be a property of nature - MIT Technology Review
Grovner's algorithm does a search in sqrt(N) using a quantum computer. Electrons may find flaws in some crystal surfaces that efficiently. Also, an optimal Grovner search among 4 alternatives takes 1 step; among 20 alternatives takes 3 steps. Does this explain 4 bases, 20 amino acids in DNA? (Probably not.)
physics  quantummechanics  quantumcomputing  quantum  biology  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
The creator of varnish says he has a better data structure for heaps which optimizes for page faults. In general, all algorithms should be optimized for page faults not comparisons.
datastructures  programming  algorithms  performance  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
statistics - Cosmic Rays: what is the probability they will affect a program? - Stack Overflow
A somewhat useful beginning of an answer to the question "What's the rate of error on computers just due to physical errors?".
programming  probabilisticcomputing  probability 
september 2019
Online LaTeX Equation Editor - create, integrate and download
A website to enter LaTeX math equations and get back GIF images.
math  blogging  useful  LaTeX 
september 2019
Your $220 million to the ALS bucket challenge made a difference - Business Insider
Remember the "Ice Bucket Challenge"? The money it raised funded research that actually made meaningful progress on ALS.
science  socialcomputing  upliftingnews  medicine  via:reddit 
september 2019
Now Open! - Queen & Rook (Board Game Cafe in Philly)
A nearly opened board game Cafe in Philly. That's in addition to "Thirsty Dice" and "Basement Board Game Cafe"
local  boardgames  via:reddit 
september 2019
GM experiment may have strengthened wild mosquitoes
They released a strain of modified mosquitoes with a gene that was deadly so they would die out. It didn't work and they mixed with the general population of mosquitoes.
genetics  geneticmodification  science  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
Why I Failed to Flip My Classroom - RETHINK Math Teacher
He wanted to have kids watch lecture videos the day before then do the practice in class. But his low income students didn't have internet or said they didn't to get out of work.
teaching  via:reddit 
september 2019
US-Canada Border Slash – United States / Canada - Atlas Obscura
The average American taxpayer pays half a cent a year to maintain a narrow clear-cut through the forest marking the border between the US and Canada.
via:reddit  geography 
september 2019
States Hit Electric Vehicle Owners With High Fees - Consumer Reports
Many states actually charge MORE for electric vehicles to use the road than they do for gasoline cars.
environment  evil  via:reddit 
september 2019
A Breakthrough for A.I. Technology: Passing an 8th-Grade Science Test - The New York Times
AI can now pass an 8th grade science test (if you take out all the questions that have pictures or diagrams).
ai  nytimes  via:reddit 
september 2019
The transgender student at the active shooter drill
They held an active shooter drill, but couldn't decide whether the transgender student should large with the girls or the boys so they simply kept her outside of the shelter. Fortunately, a year later the county has established protocols for transgender students.
gayrights  transgender  securitytheater  via:reddit 
september 2019
The World Wastes Tons of Food. A Grocery ‘Happy Hour’ Is One Answer. - The New York Times
What a brilliant idea! Right before their expiration, put a huge discount on food and use it to bring in extra customers at that hour.
economics  business  via:HackerNews  nytimes 
september 2019
The surprising cleverness of modern compilers – Daniel Lemire's blog
This c compiler recognizes a fairly complex program and compiles it down to a single specialized machine language instruction.
programming  compiler 
september 2019
It’s not wrong that "🤦🏼‍♂️".length == 7
How should a language measure the length of a string? Count UTF-8 units? Count UTF-16 units? UTF-32? Grapheme clusters?
via:reddit  languagedesign  unicode  programming 
september 2019
The origin of Time-Turners in HPMOR.
How the time turners were invented in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.
HPMOR  timetravel  via:reddit 
september 2019
Reframing Superintelligence | Slate Star Codex
AI may not be as dangerous as many have feared because it might be just a set of special purpose tools.
ScottAlexander  SlateStarCodex  via:SlateStarCodex  ai 
september 2019
Jessop v. City of Fresno PDF - QI granted to officers who stole property while executing a search warrant : law
9th circuit says that qualified immunity protects officers who simply stole money while executing a warrant; one concurring judge seems to claim that would be 100% legal even without QI.
law  4thAmmendment  qualifiedimmunity  via:reddit 
september 2019
Why doesn't anyone weep for Docker? - TechRepublic
Docker is losing in the market to Kubernetes. "No one is sad for Docker because they never developed a community of contributors to their product."
opensource  programming  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
Apple has copied some of the most popular apps in the App Store for its iPhone, iPad and other software updates - The Washington Post
I understand the app developers are losing income when Apple adds similar features to the OS, but I'm not so sure there's anything wrong with it.
appstore  via:HackerNews 
september 2019
Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science
The publicly available (copyright violating) repository of scientific papers.
reference  science  law  ip-law  copyright  useful 
september 2019
Alabama man who served 36 years of life sentence for $50 robbery to be freed | US news | The Guardian
Three-strikes law blew up one robbery (resulting in probation) followed by another in which $50 was stolen and no one was hurt into a life sentence.
prison  overprosecution  via:TheGuardian  TheGuardian 
august 2019
Child pornography charge upheld against teen for texting friends a graphic video of herself - The Washington Post
Here the Maryland Supreme Court finds a girl guilty of producing pornography for taking a video of herself.
sexoffenders  law  via:reddit 
august 2019
The Amazon Is on Fire, but Earth Has Plenty of Oxygen - The Atlantic
Photosynthesis binds hydrogens on carbon chains leaving oxygen. But breaking down the carbon chains always re-consumes the same oxygen. Burn every living thing and we'd still have ~20% oxygen in the air -- it is balanced by buried carbon chains.
science  via:reddit  TheAtlantic 
august 2019
Your Pa$$word doesn't matter - Microsoft Tech Community - 731984
Choosing good passwords doesn't even matter. If the attacker does not download the password file then they only get to try a few guesses before they're blocked. If they do download the password file high speed cracker hardware is cheap.
security  via:reddit 
august 2019
Exclusive: Fake-branded bars slip dirty gold into world markets - Reuters
Gold isn't completely fungible. People with gold that is mined in restricted places or is proceeds of crime are forging bars complete with fake serial numbers.
banking  forgery  via:HackerNews 
august 2019
Harvard Student Says He Was Barred From U.S. Over His Friends’ Social Media Posts - The New York Times
He says immigration denied his visa because he had friends on Facebook who had posted anti-American slogans although he had not posted forwarded or even "liked" those statements.
immigration  law  nytimes  via:reddit  DonaldTrump  freespeech 
august 2019
Delegated Inheritance
This is part 3 of a 5-part series analyzing inheritance in language design. It makes the case for a particular alternative which boils down to interfaces and composition plus some syntax sugar.
languagedesign  programming  via:reddit 
august 2019
Things I Learnt from a Senior Software Engineer | Neil Kakkar
I definitely want to save this, but haven't finished reading it yet.
todo  programming  via:HackerNews 
august 2019
Moscow's blockchain voting system cracked a month before election | ZDNet
In case you needed it, here is yet another example of why voting should not be performed on cutting edge technology.
blockchain  ethereum  voting  via:HackerNews  security 
august 2019
Writing system software: code comments. - <antirez>
This is perhaps the definitive guide to classify different types of comments in code, and analyze why they are useful and whether they are.
programming  refs  via:NeilKakkar  bookClub 
august 2019
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