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In case anyone doubted there was racial bias in the U.S. judicial system. : law
After a new law set thresholds for crack sentencing (but not before) a huge spike in convictions for blacks cluster at the minimum triggering amount. A much smaller spike exists for whites.
racism  law  via:reddit 
10 weeks ago
Meet Xenobot, an Eerie New Kind of Programmable Organism | WIRED
They stuck frog shin cells and heart cells into clumps, so the layout of the clump controlled the clump's "behavior". Then used a genetic algorithm to design interesting layouts.
artificialLife  geneticalgorithm  wired  via:rachel  robots 
11 weeks ago
No, dynamic type systems are not inherently more open
Dynamic (weak types) languages are just as good at dealing with external data whose properties are only partly understood.
programming  types  via:HackerNews 
11 weeks ago
Mathematicians No Longer Stumped by the Number 3
The third-smallest integer solution to x^3+y^3+z^3=3 was large and difficult to find.
math  personal_net 
11 weeks ago
Oregon black exclusion laws - Wikipedia
It used to be illegal for a black person to be in Oregon. The last of these laws were repealed in 1926.
racism  history  via:reddit 
11 weeks ago
Hey Lore Masters- Tinder Box take 2. Leave room for players in your lore. More info in comments. : loremasters
Cool idea: specifically plan for the players to fill in some of the backstory; the example illustrates how.
GamingIdeas  via:reddit 
11 weeks ago
Is it really just sexism? An alternative argument for why women leave STEM
The problem with women in STEM careers, this author claims with some evidence, is not interest or sexism, but lack of support for a break to have children.
sexism  womenintech  via:HackerNews 
11 weeks ago
Police arrested an innocent man for murder using Google location data | Daily Mail Online
AZ police arrest a man for murder based only on his Google location plus the color and make of his car. He lost his job and can't get a new one.
privacy  gps  police  via:reddit 
11 weeks ago
Oldest material on Earth discovered - BBC News
Grains of dust embedded in a meteorite that are far older than our solar system.
science  space  via:slashdot 
11 weeks ago
The DEA seized her father’s life savings at an airport without alleging any crime occurred, lawsuit says - The Washington Post
It is an almost-suspiciously perfect case: his life savings was in cash because he survived bank runs during the depression and the government seized it with no reason whatsoever to suspect drugs or foul play.
law  police  forfeiture  via:reddit 
11 weeks ago
Impossible Requirements
"Make it so the floorboards squeak when a stranger walks in the bar, but not for a regular." Carpenter: OK.
programming  softwaredevelopment  funny  TalkIdeas  via:reddit 
11 weeks ago
Miss. Supreme Court upholds 12-year sentence of man convicted for having cellphone in jail
He apparently didn't even know there was a rule against having a cell phone (which he had because they did not take it from him when they booked him). For that he received 12 years.
law  injustice  via:reddit 
12 weeks ago
Letters of Note: Regarding your stupid complaint
"I feel that you should be aware that some asshole is signing your name to stupid letters."
law  funny 
12 weeks ago
Reality has a surprising amount of detail
Almost everything seems very simple until you dig into the details, then turns out to be much more complex than you expected. Prepare for this.
complexity  programming  philosophy  via:HackerNews 
12 weeks ago
The Church of Scientology Says Danny Masterson Stalking Suit Must Go to "Religious Arbitration" | Hollywood Reporter
Scientology says it's members signed an agreement to use arbitration, an arbitration service created by the church which follows the church's regulations not the law. They say this means their former members cannot sue them in court.
law  arbitration  via:reddit 
12 weeks ago
The MTA Is Going After an Etsy Artist Over a New York Subway Map It Didn’t Make - VICE
He made a NY subway map. The MTA filed a DMCA takedown for copyright violation: they claim he copied a map they made two years after his was first published.
law  ip-law  copyright  copyrightabuse  DMCA  via:HackerNews 
12 weeks ago
Decreasing human body temperature in the United States since the industrial revolution | eLife
A remarkable claim: normal human body temperature has dropped by more than half a degree in the past 150 years and this study claims it is real, not a measurement artifact. Perhaps due to better health and/or better heated houses.
medicine  history  science  via:HackerNews 
12 weeks ago
My world record marshmallow challenge spaghetti tower – 65 inches tall : geek
Not only does he build a spaghetti-and-tape tower to hold up a marshmallow, he analyzes the design to optimize it. Also, tape is really powerful.
engineering  via:reddit 
12 weeks ago
Appeals Court Smacks Down Patent Troll Blackbird, Orders It To Pay $363k In Attorneys Fees To Company It Sued | Techdirt
In patent abuse case, court approves ordering the patent troll to pay the legal expenses of their victim, despite an attempt to dismiss the case.
law  techdirt  via:Techdirt  patent  ip-law  patentabuse 
12 weeks ago
Kafka for Real-Time Event Processing in Serverless Environments
A (fairly light) deck from someone on Capital One about using Kafka with lambda in a serverless environment.
aws  lambda  serverless  kafka  programming  CapitalOne 
12 weeks ago
Serverless Stream Consumers — Common Pitfalls and Best Practices
Some thoughts (from a Capital One developer) on building a serverless solution to continuously consume events from a Kafka source.
CapitalOne  aws  serverless  kafka  programming 
12 weeks ago
The Cornell Note-taking System – Learning Strategies Center
Description of a system for taking notes from lecture and learning the material well.
12 weeks ago
What people get wrong about Bertrand Russell | Prospect Magazine
This article disagrees with those who claim that Bertrand Russell was brilliant at first then started to be a popularizer instead of a philosopher after which he sucked.
BertrandRussell  via:HackerNews 
12 weeks ago
SHA-1 is a Shambles
SHA-1 can be "broken" (a chosen prefix attack) for around $45,000 and dropping.
security  cryptography  via:reddit 
january 2020
A Very Unlikely Chess Game | Slate Star Codex
A text prediction ai engine can play poor but passable chess if trained on a corpus of games written in standard chess notation.
ai  chess  SlateStarCodex  via:SlateStarCodex 
january 2020
The FTC’s 2020 COPPA rules have YouTube creators scared | Ars Technica
In the interests of protecting children, the FTC threatens to prosecute individual YouTubers who don't mark their videos as being for children (which will cut the revenue and popularity). This may drive them to cease producing content that could remotely be considered interesting to kids.
ethics  youtube  kidsrights  ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica 
january 2020
Getting Started with Vue Single File Components - Travis Horn
Simple instructions on how to set up a project using the Vue JavaScript front end library.
vue  programming  javascript 
january 2020
Hello world Syscalls | Drew DeVault’s Blog
Different languages compared by counting how many system calls it makes in order to execute "Hello, world".
programming  programminglanguages  via:HackerNews 
january 2020
Oracle copied Amazon’s API—was that copyright infringement? | Ars Technica
ArsTechnica points out that Oracle has built things compatible with Amazon's S3 API. Which would be unremarkable except that Oracle is arguing in court that Google does not have the right to build things compatible with Java's API.
ArsTechnica  via:reddit  law  programming 
january 2020
Chart of the day: For every 100 girls/women….. | American Enterprise Institute - AEI
On many statistics, men and boys are performing worse than women and girls. Yet some consider it inappropriate to direct gender-specific assistance at males. An interesting ethical question.
sexism  feminism  ethics  via:HackerNews 
january 2020
Team that made gene-edited babies sentenced to prison, fined | Ars Technica
That guy who did gene editing in two human children (in violation of all bioethics rules)? He's going to jail.
ethics  science  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica 
january 2020
EU Patent Office Rejects Two Patent Applications In Which An AI Was Designated As The Inventor | Techdirt
If an AI invents something, should it receive a patent? The patent office in the EU says "No".
law  ethics  ip-law  patent  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
january 2020
Minnesota Appeals Court Nukes State's Broadly-Written Revenge Porn Law | Techdirt
Minnesota revenge porn law doesn't require that the person committing the crime be aware that the victim doesn't want it shared. Because of that, the court rules it violates the first amendment.
law  ethics  freespeech  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
january 2020
Black people in California are stopped far more often by police, major study proves | US news | The Guardian
Blacks are stopped at more than 5x the rate of whites -- and also threatened more (like guns pointed at them).
via:TheGuardian  police  racism  personal_net 
january 2020
Neomi Rao's efforts to place Trump above the law must fail.
One federal judge holds (1) Congress can't demand to see any information related to the president unless they are performing an impeachment and (2) courts cannot review anything regarding an impeachment.
slate  via:reddit  politics  law 
january 2020
I Was Google’s Head of International Relations. Here’s Why I Left.
A highly placed, long-term leader within Google speaks out about why he felt it has lost its way ethically so badly that he was forced to resign.
google  ethics  via:reddit 
january 2020
Move Over, Beetles: The New Champions of Diversity Are Parasitic Wasps | Inside Science
It is not true that there are more beatle species than anything else, because parasitic wasps outnumber the beatles.
via:HackerNews  biology  science 
january 2020
The History of Asbestos - Importing, Exporting & Worldwide Use
(1) The Romans wove napkins out of asbestos, which they cleaned by throwing them into the fire. (2) The Romans also figured out that it caused lung disease. (But they had slaves to do it.)
history  materials  via:reddit  science 
december 2019
openpyxl package — openpyxl 3.0.2 documentation
The actual package documentation for the python library I have used for reading and writing Excel files.
python  refs  programming  excel 
december 2019
A Mimic in Sheep's Clothing: An Easy, Low-Level Puzzle for Travel : DnDBehindTheScreen
A shepherd lies dead; his flock blocks the road. Turns out one of the "sheep" is a mimic.
GamingIdeas  via:reddit 
december 2019
Cloudflare Transparency Report and an Update on a Warrant Canary
Cloudflare really impresses with their thoughtful consideration and communication about choices like deplatforming.
cloudflare  censorship  freespeech  via:Techdirt 
december 2019
Kaboom: an unusual Minesweeper -
A version of minesweeper that punishes you if you don't use logic, and never punishes you if you make a forced guess.
programming  gameprogramming  via:HackerNews 
december 2019
Cheating Hangman
It changes its mind as it goes, and also has way too many "words".
onlinegame  via:HackerNews 
december 2019
LEGO Block Structures as a Sub-Kelvin Thermal Insulator | Scientific Reports
This paper in Nature discovers that off-the-shelf LEGO blocks are actually BETTER thermal insulators (at microkelvin temperatures) than the fancy materials available commercially.
science  materialsscience  via:reddit 
december 2019
NSA Backdoor Key from Lotus-Notes
Details of the key the NSA made them embed in Lotus Notes. It literally had "Big Brother" as the organization name.
security  cryptography  nsa  via:HackerNews 
december 2019
Well, That Escalated Quickly: AWS Privilege Escalation
21 different ways to do privilege escalation on AWS, with detailed notes about how each one works.
programming  security  aws  cloudcomputing  via:HackerNews 
december 2019
Spelunking | Caving - Laurel Caverns
A cave in PA that offers genuine spelunking guided trips.
local  caves 
december 2019
A tweet gave a journalist a seizure. His case brings new meaning to the idea of 'online assault.' - StamfordAdvocate
Assault via intentionally triggering a seizure by posting a tweet with flashing lights. I think it is a stretch to claim that this meets the legal requirement for "contact" in that state's assault statute.
law  disabilities 
december 2019
Why A Judge Made Uber Create An Email Address
Uber refused to provide a reasonable way for people to opt out of arbitration; a judge ordered them to allow it via email.
law  uber  arbitration  via:reddit 
december 2019
Deputy who slammed N.C. middle school student to floor is fired, charged with assault
The police abuse did not stand in this case -- the deputy is being charged with assault.
police  policeabuse  law  via:reddit 
december 2019
Google Terminated My 5 Years Old AdMob Account - Venkatramanan Ramasubramanian - Medium
Another developer who spent years developing on Google's platform and was eliminated in an instant with no explanation and no (real) chance to appeal.
google  appstore  via:reddit 
december 2019
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