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A riddle wrapped in a curve – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
This is a 2005 article positing a conspiracy theory that the NSA discovered a major weakness in elliptic curve cryptography.
cryptography  NSA  via:HackerNews 
august 2018 by mcherm
Exclusive: NSA encryption plan for ‘internet of things’ rejected by international body – WikiTribune
The US has pushed for certain encryption algorithms to become the new standard for internet of things. The international standards body rejected it because they suspect the NSA will attempt to insert back doors or breakable algorithms.
cryptography  security  standards  NSA  via:boingboing 
april 2018 by mcherm
Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out | Electronic Frontier Foundation
We don't need no warrants! Just let the NSA collect everything and send it to the Department of Justice! The Constitution is outdated anyway... aren't we better off run as a kingdom?
obama  security  nsa  surveillance  4thAmmendment 
january 2017 by mcherm
No One Wants to Buy Those Stolen NSA-Linked ‘Cyberweapons’ | WIRED
Someone apparently stole the NSA's list of hacks. And perhaps it's involved in a deep conspiracy about influencing the US election.
nsa  security  via:boingboing  wired 
august 2016 by mcherm
JOHN MCAFEE: NSA back door gives every US secret to enemies
I don't trust the author, but the key point (that any vulnerability will be exploited by bad guys as well as good guys) is made well.
security  via:reddit  nsa 
february 2016 by mcherm
The NSA’s SKYNET program may be killing thousands of innocent people | Ars Technica UK
The use of AI to decide who to kill is one thing -- maybe a bad thing. The use of BADLY DESIGNED AI that is known to be unreliable because of how it is built is much scarier, and that's what we're doing today.
terrorism  nsa  law  ai  ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica  ethics 
february 2016 by mcherm
How to Protect Yourself from NSA Attacks on 1024-bit DH | Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF tells us how to avoid NSA listening now that we realize they've probably broken 1024-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange for certain commonly used primes. Basically, they said use 2048 bit encryption instead.
eff  security  ssl  nsa  privacy  cryptography 
october 2015 by mcherm
How is NSA breaking so much crypto?
A reasonable sounding theory of how the NSA spies on even encrypted traffic off internet backbones.
security  cryptography  nsa  privacy  surveillance  via:reddit 
october 2015 by mcherm
Ethan Heilman — A Brief History of NSA Backdoors.
A list of known big backdoors to cryptography put in by the NSA.
via:HackerNews  security  cryptography  nsa  history 
july 2015 by mcherm
dpr » udp and me
How UDP got "invented" and some of the compromises made in TCP because they knew the network "would never get that big". Also no end-to-end crypto because the NSA said not to.
history  internet  networking  via:HackerNews  security  cryptography  nsa 
may 2015 by mcherm
Obama: No warrantless wiretaps if you elect me - CNET
As a candidate he promised no warrantless surveillance. That's not how it turned out.
politics  surveillance  nsa  obama  via:reddit 
august 2014 by mcherm
New Surveillance Whistleblower: The NSA Violates the Constitution - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic
John Napier Tye is another NSA spying whistleblower. He went through "proper channels" (and was ignored) and has broken no laws.
nsa  4thAmmendment  snowden  via:reddit 
july 2014 by mcherm
Obtained Emails Show NSA Officials Knew In Advance Of GCHQ's Plans To Destroy The Guardian's Computers | Techdirt
The NSA knew that British officials were going to march in and demand that Guardian officials destroy their computers, and they said they approved of the idea. Privately. In public, Obama said it was terrible.
snowden  nsa  freespeech  journalism  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
july 2014 by mcherm
Skating on Stilts
A blog that I (mostly) DISAGREE with, but which appears to be thoughtful and well-written.
privacy  nsa  blog  via:Techdirt 
june 2014 by mcherm
Edward Snowden responds to release of e-mail by U.S. officials - The Washington Post
Snowden: "The government lied AGAIN about releasing my correspondence with officials asking about legal issues. They actually told me that secret presidential orders supersede laws. And they keep lying repeatedly."
snowden  via:Techdirt  nsa 
may 2014 by mcherm
NBC Confirms That Snowden Did Try To Raise Concerns Internally Before Going To Journalists | Techdirt
Clear statement by NBC that they confirmed that Snowden really DID raise his issues internally before becoming a whistleblower.
techdirt  via:Techdirt  snowden  nsa  whistleblower 
may 2014 by mcherm
ongoing by Tim Bray · Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack
The IETF (they write RFCs) just declared that pervasive monitoring is a threat to the internet and that future standards need to include comments on how they address it.
privacy  surveillance  internet  RFC  nsa  snowden  via:HackerNews 
may 2014 by mcherm
The Snowden leaks; a meta-narrative - Charlie's Diary
"The NSA made the internet insecure in the first place. Now criminals can use that. And the security industrial complex will defend this and attack any attempts to make it more secure."
nsa  security  via:CharlesStross  CharlesStross 
may 2014 by mcherm
Errata Security: We may have witnessed a NSA "Shotgiant" TAO-like action
They watched as someone entered their system and extracted data using the support contract for their network switch. They suspect the americans (NSA or CIA).
nsa  security  hacking  via:HackerNews  snowden 
march 2014 by mcherm
NSA robots are 'collecting' your data, too, and they're getting away with it | Comment is free |
Re-defining "collect data" to mean "only if a human sees it" and "computers looking doesn't count" is hogwash. Computers looking DOES matter, because they run algorithms and then DO something with it (like show it to humans, but other pernicious things are also possible).
nsa  privacy  surveillance  BruceSchneier  via:reddit  TheGuardian  ai 
february 2014 by mcherm
Schneier on Security: How the NSA Attacks Tor/Firefox Users With QUANTUM and FOXACID
Bruce Schneier explains how the NSA is hacking everyone who tries to use Tor.
security  nsa  tor  BruceSchneier  via:reddit 
february 2014 by mcherm
NSA surveillance violates attorney-client privilege
An example of an actual case of the government abusing the power of surveillance of attorney-client communications.
law  snowden  nsa  surveillance  via:reddit 
february 2014 by mcherm
The terrifying surveillance case of Brandon Mayfield | Al Jazeera America
A good example of another reason for privacy even if you've done nothing wrong. Because some percentage of people will have coincidences that make them suspicious even if innocent.
snowden  nsa  surveillance  privacy  law  via:HackerNews 
february 2014 by mcherm
Almost Everything About The Bulk Collection Of Phone Data Is Illegal | Techdirt
215 allows FBI to get records relevant to an investigation. NSA program fails on "FBI", "records," "relevant" & "investigation".
nsa  politics  via:Techdirt  techdirt  law 
january 2014 by mcherm
FISA Court Waited Until After Snowden Leaks To Actually Explore If Bulk Phone Record Collection Was Legal | Techdirt Lite
For seven years the secret court never even considered the question of whether the data collection was legal.
nsa  snowden  law  via:reddit  techdirt 
january 2014 by mcherm
Obama’s Changes to Government Surveillance -
NY Times summary of Obama's approach to "reigning in" NSA surveillance.
nsa  obama  politics  surveillance  nytimes 
january 2014 by mcherm
FISA Court Judges Say They Don't Want Any Changes To How The Rubber Stamp Court Is Run | Techdirt
Apparently the FISA court judges think that any and all proposed changes are a bad idea.
nsa  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
january 2014 by mcherm
Schneier on Security: How the NSA Threatens National Security
Bruce Schneier: the NSA surveillance hasn't helped and it HAS harmed security. Here's how, with lots of links to back it up.
nsa  BruceSchneier  via:BruceSchneier  surveillance 
january 2014 by mcherm
Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower -
NY Times points out that Edward Snowden's appeal to the media (and the public) was, in truth, his only viable option for sparking change on an issue which truly was of significant public importance. They endorse forgiving his crimes and allowing him to return to the country.
nsa  snowden  nytimes  via:boingboing  whistleblower 
january 2014 by mcherm
The Daily Dot - The NSA has nearly complete backdoor access to Apple's iPhone
The NSA can do anything to an apple device (but may need physical access).
nsa  surveillance  snowden  apple  iphone  via:reddit 
december 2013 by mcherm
NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware | The Verge
Sounds like a movie plot: intercept a new laptop in the mail to install spyware.
nsa  privacy  via:reddit 
december 2013 by mcherm
Exclusive: Secret contract tied NSA and security industry pioneer
A claim (I'd need to see better evidence) that RSA accepted a bribe from the NSA to use a flawed random number generator as the default in their software.
nsa  rsa  evil  cryptography  security  via:reddit 
december 2013 by mcherm
How Americans Were Deceived About Cell Phone Location Data - Atlantic Mobile
The NSA lied to the press and to Congress by saying they weren't tracking cell phone locations. They pretended to be telling the truth by careful misleading words.
privacy  nsa  surveillance 
december 2013 by mcherm
Schneier on Security: The NSA's New Risk Analysis
Bruce Schneier explains how the NSA has a whole bag of exploits and they choose the appropriate one for a given intrusion.
security  nsa  surveillance  via:BruceSchneier  BruceSchneier 
october 2013 by mcherm
Schneier on Security: Reforming the NSA
The NSA is too powerful, and it needs to be reformed from outside.
nsa  snowden  politics  BruceSchneier  via:BruceSchneier 
october 2013 by mcherm
Former DHS Chief Privacy Officer Recounts How She Was Regularly Called A 'Terrorist' By The Intelligence Community | Techdirt
The former privacy officer for department of homeland security says that the NSA hated the idea of a privacy officer and spoke ill of her.
nsa  privacy  techdirt  via:Techdirt  snowden  personal_net 
october 2013 by mcherm
US Government Fails Honesty Standards of 12 Year Olds | Electronic Frontier Foundation
NSA lying to Congress via weasel words. Remember: Clinton never lied either (depending on what the definition of "is" is).
nsa  snowden  politics 
october 2013 by mcherm
Justice Dept. watchdog never probed judges' NSA concerns
Some judges on the secret FISA court complained that NSA lawyers had apparently lied to them and asked for an investigation. There was no investigation.
nsa  law  snowden  via:boingboing 
september 2013 by mcherm
Don't trust me: I might be a spook
"I'm not an NSA stooge, but if I were I'd claim not to be. So inspect my code to verify it for yourself."
trust  security  nsa  opensource  snowden 
september 2013 by mcherm
[Cryptography] Opening Discussion: Speculation on "BULLRUN"
What is it like when the NSA is undermining your standards committee.
nsa  via:boingboing  standards  security 
september 2013 by mcherm
The NSA’s work to make crypto worse and better
Details of how the NSA put a back door into a crypto standard. In 2006.
ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica  nsa  cryptography  security  privacy 
september 2013 by mcherm
N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption -
Based on Snowden's documents, the New York Times reports that that NSA has cracked nearly all encrypted communications on the internet, sometimes by obtaining keys, sometimes by forcing vendors to put in back doors, and sometimes by influencing standards bodies to create crackable algorithms.
nytimes  via:HackerNews  security  nsa  cryptography  privacy  snowden 
september 2013 by mcherm
To make journalism harder, slower, less secure » Pressthink
The actions surrounding Snowden's revelations have been intentionally targeted to put pressure on journalism, to make is slower and less effective because that allows the NSA to operate with more freedom. This needs to be reigned in.
journalism  snowden  via:BruceSchneier  nsa  politics 
august 2013 by mcherm
NSA admits to expansive spying using "three hop analysis" : restorethefourth
NSA admits they track suspected terrorists, people they talk to, people THEY talk to and so on. Without specific warrants beyond the first guy.
security  privacy  nsa  snowden  surveillance  via:reddit 
july 2013 by mcherm
DHS warns employees not to read leaked NSA information
Okay, so Snowden leaked some information and the newspapers are publishing it. But now government employees are being told that they may be in trouble if they view that newspaper (even accidentally) because they're leaking classified data. What?
securitystupidity  securitytheater  secrecy  snowden  nsa  via:boingboing 
july 2013 by mcherm
The Strange Story of Dual_EC_DRBG
Bruce Schneider says the NSA put a backdoor into a standard for random number generation.
cryptography  security  BruceSchneier  nsa  via:reddit 
july 2013 by mcherm
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