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How Tutanota replaced Google’s FCM with their own notification system | Hacker News
Explains how they built push notifications for Android without relying on Google.
opensource  mobile  android  programming 
september 2018 by mcherm
Need help choosing a file explorer - androidapps
A recommendation for a file explorer tool for use on Android.
personal_net  android  via:reddit 
june 2018 by mcherm
Why your Push Notifications never see the light of day
Many android manufacturers are altering the OS to block push notifications (except for major apps which they whitelist) whenever the app is not running.
mobiledevelopment  android  via:reddit 
october 2017 by mcherm
Android Oreo's Security Improvements Will Have a Lasting Impact | WIRED
The next version of Android continues to make many small security improvements.
security  mobile  android  wired  via:reddit 
september 2017 by mcherm
Android devices can be fatally hacked by malicious Wi-Fi networks | Ars Technica
You know that second CPU for running the radio antenna? It can have vulnerabilities too.
security  mobile  android  ArsTechnica  via:boingboing 
april 2017 by mcherm
PSA: Enable Scroll Anchoring in Google Chrome to Prevent Annoying Page Jumps
How to reduce page-jumps-around problems using a hidden Android Chrome setting.
android  browser  via:reddit 
june 2016 by mcherm
Police are filing warrants for Android’s vast store of location data | The Verge
Some law enforcement agencies are now subpoenaing location history from Google.
law  privacy  android  google  via:reddit  4thAmmendment 
june 2016 by mcherm
Why I switched to Android after 7 years of iOS
Apple's walled-garden is really beginning to chafe for this author, who would rather be building powerful web apps. And making them look EXACTLY like a native app.
android  webdevelopment  mobile  ios  appstore  apple  via:HackerNews 
march 2016 by mcherm
Link your phone to Google - Search Help
This is away to set alarms and reminders on the phone from a browser as well as send Google Maps from a browser to your phone.
android  google  via:reddit 
august 2015 by mcherm
I don't need your permission!
The need for certain android permissions can be avoided by using intents to let a system app handle it.
APIDesign  android  programming 
december 2014 by mcherm
An inspiring Haskell story: the green screen of FP
They got Haskell working (with a graphics library) on Android.
android  haskell  via:HackerNews 
august 2014 by mcherm
About a month ago, my Galaxy S4 caught on fire. Samsung told me that they would replace it. They have ignored me completely since then. : Android
Guy has problem w/ Samsung phone, can't get Samsung to help but remains classy -- no name calling, just looking for help. HTC writes in: "thanks for keeping it polite, have a free HTC phone so long as you give the Samsung to charity if you ever get it". Awesome! Plus 2 points for HTC.
mobile  android  hardware  customerservice  via:reddit 
july 2014 by mcherm
iOS first – a flawed strategy that startups have used for years – here’s why » Cole Street
Startups usually build for ios first. But it's not actually hard to support a range of screen sizes and devices, there are 2x as many androids in the US (and more elsewhere) and the app store income is catching up.
mobiledevelopment  mobile  android  ios  via:HackerNews 
july 2014 by mcherm
XPrivacy 2.0.21 [STABLE] The ultimate privacy manager [20140514] - xda-developers
Just what I wanted! It protects privacy by lying to apps to say there are no contacts (or whatever). And it only requires root to install.
android  privacy  todo  via:reddit 
may 2014 by mcherm
Your Android phone viewed illegal porn. To unlock it, pay a $300 fine | Ars Technica
This is what it takes to create a malicious app on Android. It's a lot of work and it's not all that malicious. I think this is actually a triumph of the Android OS.
security  android  via:HackerNews  ArsTechnica 
may 2014 by mcherm
The Fallacy Of Android-First | TechCrunch
Platform fragmentation is a problem so build for iOS first, not android first.
android  ios  mobiledevelopment  via:HackerNews 
april 2014 by mcherm
How to Create Your Own Customized Version of Android with Xposed
A framework for adding "ROM tweaks" to the Android OS. Requires a rooted phone. DOES include the option to block certain information from apps.
android  via:reddit  todo 
february 2014 by mcherm
Mobile-First Is Old News. Think Platform-First. | LinkedIn
Some useful suggestions for developing mobile apps. Also mentions that mobile has already won!
android  ios  mobile  via:HackerNews 
january 2014 by mcherm
Android ROMs, the easy way: Testing the new CyanogenMod Installer | Ars Technica
The new CyanogenMod installer works, but Cyanogen may not work on your phone, and it's very hard to back out.
cyanogenmod  android  ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica 
november 2013 by mcherm
Cerberus anti-theft - an exploit allowing you to access any device
I may have just lost all respect for Cerberus. This is an unacceptable design failure, not just a bug.
security  android 
august 2013 by mcherm
Android random number flaw implicated in Bitcoin thefts | Naked Security
There's a flaw in the implementation of SecureRandom on Android. One (of many) of the results is insecure bitcoin wallets that allow money to be stolen.
bitcoin  security  via:HackerNews  cryptography  android 
august 2013 by mcherm
Frosted Glass Effects — Why I switched to Android after all these years › Andreas Goeldi
Remember how windows vista had no improvements but frosted-glass title bars? Well the new IOS has lots of frosted glass, and Android is where all the innovation is.
personal_net  mobile  android  via:HackerNews 
august 2013 by mcherm
Code Identity and the Android Master Key Bug | Obsessed
Android has a major security flaw. Google has known for 5 months and hasn't said anything. Hard part (I assume): this is slightly tricky to fix but nearly impossible to get onto all the phones that don't get OS updates.
google  android  security  via:boingboing 
july 2013 by mcherm
Motorola Is Listening - Projects - Beneath the Waves
Motorola added software to their phones to capture stuff like your social account logins and pass that information to Motorola.
mobile  surveillance  via:HackerNews  android  security 
july 2013 by mcherm
Best QR Code Scanners for Androids | Top Draw
The only actual useful review I found of QR Code readers. I'll add one fact: QR Droid also has a "privacy" version with fewer permissions (and fewer capabilities) - that's nice to see.
android  apps  personal_net 
january 2013 by mcherm
My app is getting 1-star ratings from another dev : Android
The sordid tale of a scummy app developer who opened 20+ google accounts so he could give his app 5* ratings and give every competing app 1* ratings. Also my post to Google saying that they need customer service.
google  appstore  android  via:reddit  mypostings  blogworthy 
january 2013 by mcherm
Replicant 4.0 SDK release | Replicant project
Google added terms to the Android SDK that make it no longer "free software". Here is someone offering a version of the API that is not subject to those restrictions.
android  androiddev  google  via:slashdot 
january 2013 by mcherm
Android users outraged over Motorola's broken promise | Mobile - CNET News
Motorola promised os upgrades for its Android phones for 18 months. This drove sales. Then they reniged on this promise.
mobile  google  motorola  evil  android 
october 2012 by mcherm
Android security apps overview
A VERY thorough and unbiased review of security apps for Android.
security  android  androidapp 
august 2012 by mcherm
Nexus One: Full Update Guide - CyanogenMod Wiki
Installation instructions for cyanogen on my (first) phone.
android  nexusone  cyanogen 
may 2012 by mcherm
Groklaw - Day 23, From the Courtroom: Oracle v. Google Trial - Jury: No Patent Infringement ~pj Updated 2Xs
Google wins (nearly everything) in the lawsuit from Oracle over the right to base Android on Java.
law  ip-law  patent  android  google  oracle 
may 2012 by mcherm
Zero-Permission Android Applications - Leviathan Security Group
Without any permissions, and Android app can read the SD card and a unique device ID, and it can smuggle data out of the app by launching browsers (invisibly in the background) with query parameters.
security  android 
april 2012 by mcherm
HTCdev - Unlock Bootloader
HTC has followed through on their promise to allow unlocking of bootloaders on their phones. This is a good thing for consumer rights!
security  mobile  htc  privacy  operatingsystem  android  firstsale  via:HackerNews 
december 2011 by mcherm
DEFCON 18: Not the Permissions You Are Looking For (PDF)
A bunch of exploits for Android. Up to and including root.
security  android  via:slashdot 
december 2011 by mcherm
Andrew Munn - Google+ - Follow up to “Android graphics true facts”, or The Reason…
Why is iOS "smooth" while Android's UI is "laggy"? Because in iOS the rendering is done in a dedicated real-time priority thread, while in Android it is done in a normal-priority user thread. A few other things too.
via:reddit  threading  programming  performance  mobile  android 
december 2011 by mcherm
William Edwards, Coder
I have huge sympathy for this guy: project cancelled; can't contribute the ideas to the competing project because it's closed source (sort of).
android  programming  personal_net  opensource  via:HackerNews 
november 2011 by mcherm
Parallel Realities: Using the AlarmManager for updating Android Widgets
Useful example of how to use the AlarmManager to schedule updates to a widget. Useful if you need updates more than once per 30 min or if you need to disable updates while asleep.
programming  android 
october 2011 by mcherm
Platform Versions - Pie Chart
A pie chart showing how prevalent each version of Android is.
android  refs  mobile 
october 2011 by mcherm
Virtual Phones
VMWare says they'll make a phone with two virtual OS'es on it (both Android). One for personal use and one for work.
phone  vmware  virtualization  security  android  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica 
september 2011 by mcherm
Chart showing who is suing who in the mobile patent wars
As of August 2011, everyone is suing everyone else over mobile phone patents. Here is a diagram.
via:HackerNews  mobile  patent  ip-law  law  patentabuse  android 
august 2011 by mcherm
New hacking method can listen to you type! - AndroidPIT
Using the accelerometer they can tell what letters are being typed.
android  security  via:reddit 
august 2011 by mcherm
The enemy of my enemy - Cringely on technology
Big coalition of everyone but Google teamed up to buy some mobile phone patents in order to put android out of business.
android  google  personal_net  via:cringely 
july 2011 by mcherm
HTC says they won't lock their bootloaders | Facebook
Perhaps pressure from alpha geeks is actually worth something.
android  hardware  via:reddit 
may 2011 by mcherm
iOS vs. Android from the Trenches - Bump Dev Blog
The team from "bump" compares developing for Android to developing for iOS. Android is more "forward looking" and can integrate apps nicely. But you can't do pixel-perfect placement and you can't get nice performance for things like animations.
mobiledevelopment  programming  android  apple  via:HackerNews 
may 2011 by mcherm
Lifehacker's Guide to Rooting Android
How to get Root on most android phones.
android  security 
may 2011 by mcherm
Google Phone Gallery
Google's page describing android phones.
android  google  hardware 
april 2011 by mcherm
Android & Amir: Android Gestures
Useful information about gesture detection in the android OS.
programming  android 
april 2011 by mcherm
FOSS Patents: Google is patently too weak to protect Android
Google doesn't have enough patents to force cross-licensing agreements. So Android will have patent problems. My opinion? Only software patent reform can save the system.
law  ip-law  patent  patentabuse  android  google  via:HackerNews 
january 2011 by mcherm
Amazon details pricing, approval process for Android app portal
Amazon will open an app store for android. With weird stuff like them evaluating apps like Apple does and Amazon setting the price (not the developer).
appstore  amazon  android  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica  personal_net 
january 2011 by mcherm
Hacker changes the way people with colour blindness see the world
Guy builds an app that supersaturates images from the camera in different ways, for use by the colorblind.
android  colorblind  medicine 
december 2010 by mcherm
Your battery gauge is lying to you (and it's not such a bad thing) - xda-developers
About batteries and 100% charged. Li-ion batteries should be plugged in frequently. It will keep them at 90% (not 100% - the charge indicator lies to you) which is best for battery life.
mobile  batteries  android  electronics  via:reddit 
december 2010 by mcherm
Call Me Fishmeal.: “Curated” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Secure”
Android apps are actually SAFER despite (or BECAUSE) they aren't audited carefully by someone like iPhone apps are.
personal_net  security  via:WilShipley  WilShipley  android  appstore 
november 2010 by mcherm
Newest Google Android Cell Phone Contains Unexpected ‘Feature’ -- A Malicious Root Kit. |
T-Mobile has hardware in their latest phone to re-install their OS version if you try jailbreaking. That's a bad thing, in case you didn't know.
via:boingboing  mobile  security  android  evil  t-mobile 
october 2010 by mcherm
iPhone Games: Censorship Ratings In Australia? | Android Games
Australia censors games (by rating them) and they just realized that means they need to censor iPhone and Android apps. Think about how that will work... it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a game reviewed.
censorship  australia  iphone  android 
august 2010 by mcherm
Mobile Atlas Creator
I haven't looked at it. Someone says this can be used to create offline maps for Android.
maps  android  via:slashdot 
august 2010 by mcherm
Other Android Languages · ongoing by Tim Bray
What would it take to be able to write Android apps in languages other than Java?
android  programming  java  python  via:HackerNews 
july 2010 by mcherm
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