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Banned behind bars: 20,000 books can't be read by Florida inmates
Some states, especially Florida, use unreasonable or baseless policies for banning books in prison.
prison  books  freespeech  law  via:reddit 
10 weeks ago by mcherm
If Sapiens were a blog post | Neil Kakkar
A quick summary of the book Sapiens (which I'm currently reading for book club).
books  todo 
july 2019 by mcherm
The comments of a truly avid reader
I understand this person. I was once like this person.
books  stories  via:reddit 
april 2018 by mcherm
What Does It Take To Be A “Bestselling Author”? $3 and 5 Minutes. | Observer
Amazon updates their bestseller lists in tiny increments like 5 minutes and allows self-published books. So you can be a number one best selling author (in some category) for about $3.
amazon  advertising  books  publishing  via:reddit 
march 2018 by mcherm
A new program in New York is severely restricting the books available to people in prison – ThinkProgress
This new policy (already in use in a couple of prisons) says almost no books will be permitted in prison, only 53 books (plus some coloring books)! That is EVIL!
prison  books  evil  via:reddit 
january 2018 by mcherm
Wooden Shoe Books & Records - Home
A bookstore (and more) in Philadelphia which is collectively owned and operated and are strong promoters of anarchist practices.
local  books  anarchist  via:boingboing 
february 2016 by mcherm
CMAP #2: How Books Are Made - Charlie's Diary
About what value the publisher adds after a manuscript has been written.
publishing  writing  books  CharlesStross  via:CharlesStross 
december 2013 by mcherm
Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming | Books |
Gaiman on libraries and the importance of reading. "The Chinese asked US innovators and found they'd all read SciFi when young." "I worry that in the 21st century people misunderstand the purpose of libraries."
fiction  libraries  NeilGaiman  via:TheGuardian  books 
october 2013 by mcherm
How Paperbacks Transformed the Way Americans Read - Mental Floss
The invention of the paperback book, at one tenth the cost of a hardback book, completely revolutionized the book market.
innovation  startup  via:HackerNews  books 
august 2012 by mcherm
The Man Who Took on Amazon and Saved a Bookstore - Forbes
He made a local bookstore survive (thrive?) by printing in-store on demand.
books  publishing  amazon  via:HackerNews 
may 2012 by mcherm
How Bots Seized Control of My Pricing Strategy
Bots got in a pricing war selling discounted "used" versions of his book. Then Amazon decided to drop the price because of all the used versions. Now he can't control the price at all.
amazon  books  via:HackerNews  pricing 
february 2012 by mcherm
Version Control by Example – book by Eric Sink
A _GOOD_ book on how distributed version control systems work and why they’re different from (and better than) the preceding generation of version control. I helped edit this (barely) but mostly I just think it’s a good book. It also hawks Eric’s new product… but that’s OK and it is NOT just advertising.
EricSink  versioncontrol  subversion  git  mercurial  programming  softwaredevelopment  via:EricSink  dvcs  books 
september 2011 by mcherm
The Architecture of Open Source Applications
A whole book teaching software architecture by reviewing the architecture of actual open source projects.
programming  architecture  books  reference  toread  via:HackerNews  opensource 
august 2011 by mcherm
Teaching Logic to an 11 year old? : math
recommended books for teaching logic 2 kids
teaching  math  books 
june 2011 by mcherm
Books for Ben?: Ned Batchelder
Book recommendations for a 13-yr-old who likes fantasy, especially darker stuff.
mypostings  books 
june 2011 by mcherm
Why Preserve Books? The New Physical Archive of the Internet Archive | Internet Archive Blogs
The guys behind "" (the backup of the internet) are now branching out into saving physical books.
books  via:boingboing 
june 2011 by mcherm
Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies
Runaway pricing algorithms send a book price into the stratosphere.
funny  amazon  books  pricing  via:boingboing 
april 2011 by mcherm
Real Business - How I got a blank book to the top of the Amazon charts
Yes, he wrote a gag book with 200 blank pages, self-published it, and managed to get it up to #44 on Amazon's sales ranking.
books  marketing  amazon  funny  publishing  writing  via:HackerNews 
april 2011 by mcherm
HarperCollins Puts 26 Loan Cap on Ebook Circulations
Publisher says libraries can only lend eBooks 26 times before they must re-purchase them, because after all, that's how long physical books last. Bullshit!
law  ip-law  copyright  library  ebooks  books  via:reddit 
march 2011 by mcherm
Middle-earth according to Mordor - Laura Miller -
A parody of Lord of the Rings from the viewpoint of Sauron's side.
tolkien  books  via:HackerNews  onlinebooks  salon 
february 2011 by mcherm
The Internet Problem: when an abundance of choice becomes an issue | Technology |
Cory Doctorow talks about how it's now possible to do so many special things in publishing because of the internet. Now he has the problem of deciding WHICH things to do, when previously it was impossible to do any of them. Stuff like creating the book on demand and incorporating user proofreading.
books  publishing  CoryDoctorow  via:CoryDoctorow 
january 2011 by mcherm
Your time is up, publishers. Book piracy is about to arrive on a massive scale – Telegraph Blogs
Pirated books are now available. Publishers: get ready to change your business model.
piracy  books 
october 2010 by mcherm
RUSHKOFF: Why I Left My Publisher in Order to Publish a Book | ARTHUR MAGAZINE
He thinks the publishing industry adds too much cost and if you omit them books cost 1/2 as much and pay authors 2x as much. (But no more advances.)
books  ebooks  publishing  via:BruceEckel 
october 2010 by mcherm
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Chapter 1: A Day of Very Low Probability, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Starts out as "What if Harry Potter thought like a scientist?". Ends up as a worthwhile piece of fiction in its own right.
books  onlinebooks  skepticism 
august 2010 by mcherm
Stevey's Home Page - Ten Challenges 
Some excellent books to read for a true programmer (or better yet, a computer scientist). Just to give a hint, it starts out with Godel, Escher, Bach. He (Steve Yegge) has written other top-10-book lists before, but this is the top 10 list of HARD books.
via:HackerNews  yegge  books  programming  computerscience  toread 
february 2010 by mcherm
Menifee USD pulls dictionaries due to explicit word
A school bans Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary because it has a definition of "oral sex".
via:FreeRangeKids  censorship  books  education  kidsrights 
january 2010 by mcherm
Even Amazon can't keep its EULA story straight Boing Boing
Amazon says they don't sell eBooks, they license them with limited rights. And they do this of their own volition, not because publishers insisted.
amazon  ip-law  law  shrinkwrap  books  ebooks  copyright  CoryDoctorow  via:boingboing  eula 
january 2010 by mcherm
Creating Living Books: A Defense Against 'Piracy'? | Techdirt
Interesting thoughts about piracy of books. Unknown authors benefit more from the publicity than they lose from piracy. Successful authors might consider using a "subscription" model: buy the genuine e-book and get regular updates of extras from the author.
books  writing  publishing  socialcomputing  via:Techdirt  copyright  ip-law 
december 2009 by mcherm
Local Bookstores, Social Hubs, and Mutualization « Clay Shirky
In reality, online bookstores are BETTER than local bookstores. Efforts to save the local bookstore should focus on the ancillary benefits like being a cool place to hang out.
books  clayshirky  publishing  via:ClayShirky 
november 2009 by mcherm
Amazon's Orwellian deletion of Kindle books - Boing Boing
Cory Doctorow writes an essay about Amazon's deletion of 1984 from the Kindle that makes all the right points.
amazon  kindle  DRM  copyright  law  ip-law  ebooks  books  evil  blogworthy  via:boingboing  CoryDoctorow 
july 2009 by mcherm
Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others - Pogue’s Posts Blog -
Amazon decided that a book had been incorrectly authorized. So they deleted it off of all Kindles to which it had been sold. (They refunded the money.) This is a MAJOR flaw: the customers retroactively lost a product they had purchased. It's a risk to the consumer. Oh, and it couldn't have happened to a more appropriate book: George Orwell's 1984.
amazon  kindle  DRM  copyright  law  ip-law  ebooks  books  evil  blogworthy  via:HackerNews 
july 2009 by mcherm
John Green: Author of An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska
Authors should take a greater percentage of royalties and a smaller advance.
books  publishing  via:boingboing 
july 2009 by mcherm
Daniel Kalder on US measures to ban children's books | Books |
In the name of protecting kids from lead poisoning, the US government has now banned the selling of old children's books. They have also issued guidance to Libraries suggesting that they cordon off the section containing old books.
censorship  books  library  via:FreeRangeKids  evil  insane 
june 2009 by mcherm
Did Random House’s free online book releases affect sales? » Bloggasm
Some evaluation of whether releasing free online copies of books helps or harms the sales. Research shows perhaps helps some.
books  onlinebooks  via:boingboing 
may 2009 by mcherm
Lisa Shearin
An author whose books I have read.
personal_net  books  fantasy 
may 2009 by mcherm
Legally Speaking: The Dead Souls of the Google Booksearch Settlement - O'Reilly Radar
A settlement with the Authors' Guild (representing 8,000 authors) may grant Google near ownership of all books. This author claims no one else could ever get an equivalent deal. (I'm not sure I agree with that... what about precedence?)
law  ip-law  copyright  google  monopoly  books  publishing  via:boingboing 
april 2009 by mcherm
Google Claims Orphan Books, Raising Alarm in Academia -
Does the settlement Google made with the Author's guild mean that they now "own" all "orphan copyrighted" books?
via:slashdot  google  books  copyright  ip-law  law 
april 2009 by mcherm
Reimagining Programming Book Covers — Global Nerdy
Computer programming books, re-envisioned with sexy high-fantasy art on the covers.
funny  programming  books  fantasy  art 
december 2008 by mcherm
More on the sad state of print publishing for developers
Observation: magazines on backyard poultry survive just fine. The very _last_ magazine on programming and computers looks like it might go under. Computer people just don't use paper anymore (I'm not sure that's true, but it's one possible explanation).
writing  books  publishing  via:EricSink  EricSink 
october 2008 by mcherm
acherm | LibraryThing | Catalog your books online
This is Alex's catalog of the books he owns. It's only a couple of thousand...
friends  AlexChermside  books 
september 2008 by mcherm
Remember that guy who tried to get Google to listen to his idea? Here's what it was: a service to describe the pacing and such of books and make recommendations.
books  useful 
july 2008 by mcherm
The Patry Copyright Blog: First Sale Victory in Vernor
Read the quoted piece at the bottom. This is why the doctrine of first sale is so important -- that corporations not be able to restrict copyrighted materials to licensing only (and continued control) rather than sale.
books  law  ip-law  copyright  WilliamPatry 
may 2008 by mcherm
He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work) - New York Times
"Author" wrote a program to generate books automatically and now sells them (print on demand) on Amazon. It's basically a big Google search in published form.
ai  books  philosophy  via:boingboing 
april 2008 by mcherm
Book Piracy at The Furrygoat Experience
Author complains his book was pirated, and later posted to Google book without his permission. He's giving up on writing books -- he'll stick to blogging from now on.
copyright  ip-law  p2p  piracy  books  blogging 
april 2008 by mcherm
Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Locked Up: Why Your Books Are No Longer Yours
Article about the legal implications of e-book retailers calling it a "lease" not a "purchase".
copyright  law  ip-law  kindle  books  onlinebooks  via:boingboing 
march 2008 by mcherm > Graphics Programming Black Book by Michael Abrash
A book on optimization (down to assembly, particularly focused on graphics) that's available as a free PDF. It's old (486 code) but quite well written. See, for instance, the chapter on linked lists.
assembly  programming  optimization  books  graphics  gameprogramming 
february 2008 by mcherm
Real World Haskell
A book on Haskell. I started reading it and provided some feedback... perhaps I should read more!
programming  books  onlinebooks  haskell  mypostings  todo 
january 2008 by mcherm Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device: Kindle Store
Amazon is now selling a reader device. It's based on "electronic paper" (excellent resolution). It has some flaws, though, primarily that it costs $400.
hardware  amazon  books  onlinebooks 
november 2007 by mcherm
Seussian Latin Extensions
Dr. Seuss' "On Beyond Zebra" is assigned some unicode values. Is this real?
typography  language  funny  books  unicode  via:boingboing 
october 2007 by mcherm
JohnsonChapter4.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Very nice chapter from a Java programming book. May be worth buying the book itself! Among other things, it has an excellent writeup of MY beliefs on use of checked exceptions.
exceptions  java  programming  articles/programming  books  onlinebooks 
october 2007 by mcherm
Locus Online Features: Cory Doctorow: Free(konomic) E-books
Collected empirical evidence that freely posting books online improves sales.
writing  copyright  books  via:boingboing 
september 2007 by mcherm
Fiction Liberation Front--The Goods
A scifi author who has put his books online.
scifi  fiction  books  onlinebooks 
july 2007 by mcherm
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