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Electricity: Edison’s revenge | The Economist
USB has become ubiquitous and they're about to release a new standard allowing 10x as much power. Many things are converting from AC to DC, and cheap, easy solar panels are a perfect source for DC power.
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october 2013 by mcherm
Batteries charge quickly and retain capacity, thanks to new structure
Cool invention. Build 3D microstructure from tiny spheres; coat to make space-filling thin film. Use for batteries that charge fast like a capacitor.
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march 2011 by mcherm
Your battery gauge is lying to you (and it's not such a bad thing) - xda-developers
About batteries and 100% charged. Li-ion batteries should be plugged in frequently. It will keep them at 90% (not 100% - the charge indicator lies to you) which is best for battery life.
mobile  batteries  android  electronics  via:reddit 
december 2010 by mcherm
Is it a sin to leave your cell phone plugged in overnight?
Leaving chargers plugged in wastes so little electricity that it's not worth worrying about. Change one more bulb or skip one hot bath instead.
slate  via:HackerNews  gadgets  environment  electronics 
october 2009 by mcherm
Memristor minds: The future of artificial intelligence - tech - 08 July 2009 - New Scientist
Resister, inductor, capacitor... those are the basic tools of electronics. But theory said there was a 4th thing: the "memristor". Well, scientists have discovered how to build this 4th thing, and it has become a hot research area for scientists. They are starting to think that it's a key to how synapses work.
physics  materialsscience  hardware  science  engineering  brain  via:slashdot  electronics 
july 2009 by mcherm

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