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Four cents to deanonymize: Companies reverse hashed email addresses
Lots of folks pass around lists of hashes of email addresses. These aren't secure because only a few billion email addresses exist and all can be hashed cheaply. Use salt (unless your goal is uniqueness testing, in which case don't share the list).
security  cryptography  email  via:boingboing 
april 2018 by mcherm
Google Will Stop Reading Your Emails for Gmail Ads - Bloomberg
Google will no longer scan the contents of your emails. Apparently this new policy was pushed by the folks who run the Google Cloud division.
google  privacy  email  via:reddit 
june 2017 by mcherm
forwarding emails with Route 53 (not a mail server) : aws
Someone else asking the same question I had: if I use AWS's Route 53 as my DNS server, how can I set up email forwarding? The answer they give is more-or-less "you can't".
aws  email  research 
january 2016 by mcherm
amazon web services - Using AWS for Email Address Forwarding - Stack Overflow
Useful information on how to let Amazon's Route 53 control access to my blog domain, but at the same time continue to forward emails to gmail.
blogging  aws  dns  email  hosting 
october 2015 by mcherm
Mailinator(tm) Blog: How to get banned - not that I did this
He got sites trying to ban mailinator to ban gmail and others too.
hacking  email  via:reddit 
august 2015 by mcherm
Information overload? Time to relax then | Technology | The Guardian
Instead of trying to consume every tweet/story/email, read what you can, ignore the rest, and count on repeats to ensure you don't miss important stuff.
socialcomputing  twitter  email  CoryDoctorow  via:CoryDoctorow  TheGuardian 
october 2014 by mcherm
Keeping an email address secret won't hide it from spambots | Technology |
Cory Doctorow keeps his email address public and relies on spam filtering instead of trying to keep it secret.
email  CoryDoctorow  via:CoryDoctorow 
october 2014 by mcherm
[messaging] Modern anti-spam and E2E crypto
A detailed explanation of how Google has managed spam on gMail over history and why, all the way up to the current day.
spam  email  google  gmail  blogworthy 
september 2014 by mcherm
Google Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours | copyrighteous
Google either sends OR receives just over half of this guy's correspondence (less if you count advertising mail directly from companies). So running his own email server isn't actually keeping much of his email private.
google  privacy  email 
may 2014 by mcherm
Lavabit shut down
A company offering email with privacy shot down suddenly saying the US government had ordered them to do something they couldn't say what.
email  security  privacy  surveillance 
august 2013 by mcherm
How a Google Headhunter's E-Mail Unraveled a Massive Net Security Hole | Threat Level |
Some guy was checking whether an email purportedly from Google was a fraud and discovered they were using key-lengths for signing messages that were now within range of being hacked. So he did, and Google (and several other big companies) then fixed it.
security  google  email  wired  via:HackerNews 
october 2012 by mcherm
Gmvault: gmail backup
A tool that claims to be able to take an incremental backup of your entire gmail history and also can restore it to gmail. REALLY important if you are worried about the danger of being cut off by Google someday (because they don't like how you use AdSense or because of a real names violation on G+).
gmail  email  google  backup  useful  todo 
may 2012 by mcherm
Rumors of the Death Of Email Is Greatly Exaggerated : The Codist
Email is important because it is asynchronous. Everything else isn't as good. (I would add one more advantage not mentioned in the article: it is ubiquitous; everyone can use email).
email  socialcomputing  via:theCodist 
december 2011 by mcherm
Hey Google, thanks for making my daughter cry. - Rich Warren
Not offering email accounts for children is unfortunate, but it is a reasonable choice. Offering them, then suddenly deciding it's a bad idea and locking up the account and providing no way to get back the messages, that is a bad policy. Google does not understand customer service.
google  evil  kidsrights  email  cloudcomputing  via:HackerNews 
december 2011 by mcherm
Google made my son cry [Legends of the Sun Pig - Martin Sutherland's Blog]
He signed his son up for a gmail account years ago. His son uses it to communicate with grandma. Google discovered he is under 13 and locked the account; they will soon delete it without even providing a way for him to save the messages.
google  kids  kidsrights  email  law 
july 2011 by mcherm
Hacker News | Ask HN: What should my email address be?
I post on my choice of email address and give advice to others on the same.
mypostings  email  via:HackerNews 
june 2011 by mcherm
Should I Change My Password?
Site that searches several databases of usernames/emails known to have been leaked.
useful  email  security 
june 2011 by mcherm
peepmail - samy kamkar
Site that finds people's work email adresses.
useful  email  privacy  via:reddit 
april 2011 by mcherm
Keeping an email address secret won't hide it from spambots | Technology |
Cory Doctorow agrees with me: there's no sense trying to keep your email address secret.
security  spam  email  via:CoryDoctorow  CoryDoctorow 
january 2011 by mcherm
Software reviews by Maddy: Texas company says it owns patent to spam filtering, sues Google, Apple, Yahoo, Dell, AOL, IBM, 30 others
They appear to have a patent on figuring out who an email is from by any means that involves referring to any data not in the email itself. Like looking something up elsewhere based on data in the email. This is wrong.
patentabuse  via:reddit  personal_net  email 
july 2010 by mcherm
Coding Horror: So You'd Like to Send Some Email (Through Code)
Jeff Atwood explains what you need to do if you want to make sure that the email your machine is generating and sending will actually arrive without being classified as spam.
email  spam  via:CodingHorror  JeffAtwood 
april 2010 by mcherm
Social Networking vs Email
He claims that social networking (twitter, facebook, etc) has already surpassed email as a communications tool.
web  facebook  email  twitter  via:HackerNews 
april 2010 by mcherm — What problems does Google Wave solve?
A summary I strongly agree with of what Google Wave is really about.
wae  email  socialcomputing  via:HackerNews 
october 2009 by mcherm
The Email Event Horizon » Shtetl-Optimized
There comes a point when even if you spend 100% of your time answering email, you still have more emails by the end of the day than you started with.
socialcomputing  email 
april 2009 by mcherm
Gmail kinda saves us from ourselves with Undo Send feature - Ars Technica
Gmail provides a "undo send" button for their email. It just waits 5 sec to actually send. I think all email programs should work this way, except it should be a 5 min delay not 5 sec, and there should be a "send-immediately" button for when you're in a rush.
gmail  email  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica 
march 2009 by mcherm
Fairpoint Pledges To Violate Net Neutrality | Slashdot
Verizon is selling their ISP business in 3 states. Fairpoint, who is buying it, plans to make money by being their customers' email portal. If the customer wants to use Yahoo or MSN for email (they don't mention gmail) then they can do so through a page from Fairpoint. This is evil and dangerous. We must NOT allow ISPs to be monopolies, particularly if they are also allowed to exercise direct control over the data flowing through their pipes.
netneutrality  via:slashdot  verizon  evil  internet  email 
december 2008 by mcherm - The World's Longest Alphabetical Email Address
A site specializing the in offering absurdly long email addresses. Yes, you CAN find everything on the internet.
funny  email  internet 
december 2008 by mcherm
Ditch Your Old E-mail Addresses - Wired How-To Wiki
Nice writeup on how to forward your old email addresses to a common (modern) email account.
email  via:aedelsohn 
december 2008 by mcherm
The case of the 500-mile email
This is a classic: the story of an email server that wouldn't send mail over 500 miles. It's a fantastic bug.
funny  internet  history  email  stories  bug 
november 2008 by mcherm
Programmatically updating Outlook's address book options with a command line tool | Exploding Coder
Shawn Poulson (from ING) shows us how to configure Outlook's search order for an entire enterprise.
email  friends  outlook 
october 2008 by mcherm
Emailing and Texting with Scala & lift
How to send email and phone texts using a Scala application framework.
scala  email  texting  programming 
august 2008 by mcherm
How to email blog posts from Outlook :
My blog entry on how to send HTML emails from Outlook.
mypostings  myblog  outlook  email 
april 2008 by mcherm
HTML Mail with Microsoft Outlook
Some notes that helped me send HTML email in Outlook. For better info, see my blog entry.
outlook  Microsoft  html  email 
april 2008 by mcherm
Getting Lookout to run on Outlook 2007 again - Joel on Software
Joel tells us about a search tool for Outlook and why we should use it.
Microsoft  outlook  email  search 
january 2008 by mcherm
Blog about html emails
Blog with lots of info about sending html emails.
webdesign  personal_net  email 
january 2007 by mcherm
deadfake - free, easy and anonymous email service.
Site allowing one to easily send email with a spurious from address.
useful  email  security  anonyminity 
september 2006 by mcherm

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