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My history with Forth & stack machines
A wonderful tale about all the power of Forth (an assembly language you can use; you can redefine the language itself) and all the dangers (you almost can't implement MD5 because it uses 32 bit quantities and we only support 18 bits).
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august 2014 by mcherm
My history with Forth & stack machines
The language Forth sounds incredibly powerful for its simplicity: you can adjust the language as you go. But it only REALLY works if you adjust the hardware, the language, and the problem to be solved all simultaneously, which may require superhuman abilities.
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september 2011 by mcherm
Jones Forth
A truly minimal version of FORTH written in assembly. An example of literate programming, the massive comments contain a few bits of code among them, and they manage to explain exactly what is going on. An excellent introduction to assembly OR to Forth.
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october 2007 by mcherm

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