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What's New in GWT 2.0? - Google Web Toolkit - Google Code
There's a new version of GWT out. Several nifty features, described here.
gwt  via:HackerNews 
december 2009 by mcherm
Hello world! « Gwt Smalltalk
Smalltalk in a browser (partly built).
languages  smalltalk  gwt 
september 2009 by mcherm
Reveling in Constraints - The Google Web Toolkit is an end-run around Web development obstacles - ACM Queue - Bruce Johnson, Google
An explanation of why Google Web Toolkit (GWT) was designed in the manner it was (write in Java, compile to Javascript to run in the browser). His explanation BEGINS to make some sense.
gwt  programming  javascript  google 
july 2009 by mcherm

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